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  1. Sitting around a fire, you and a bunch of Kingdom Hearts characters are sitting there, eating s'mores, and Sora pipes up, "Hey, let's tell stories!" Who would you think would be telling the best campfire story, one to shake you to your core?
  2. We all love Kingdom Hearts, otherwise we wouldn't be here! But all video games had to start from somewhere, and most games started off in arcades! Which arcade game from the "older days" is your favorite; one game that you can't help but run to when you get to an arcade?
  3. The Mario Maker 2 direct is about to happen in a few hours, give or take. What are you looking forward to the most when you tune in?
  4. Since we saw that trailer, we really just can't get enough of how beautiful everything looks. Aerith looks like an actual goddess (there's a joke in there somewhere but I'm not clever enough to make it), Cloud looks as amazing as ever, Barret looks like he's ready to kick ass, and oh man, Sephiroth's back sure looks great! But alas, we're missing many characters from that trailer. Who are you excited to see in the new graphics?
  5. Kingdom Hearts is known for its vast worlds (Disney or not), and each one has something different. Which one would you most like to visit? Note: Not all can be listed because there are loads of worlds, so if you don't see one that's listed, let us know down in the comments below.
  6. Hey guys! Recently, Disney announced that they're planning to release three new Star Wars movies after this current saga is over! What do you think might be interesting to see in them? Or, another question, who would you like to see them be about?
  7. KHUX has a heck load of Keyblades that you can obtain over playing the games. However, while people have favorite blades that they think look cool, sometimes that's not the Keyblade that you use the most. (For example, I love the look of a fully evolved Starlight but I use Olympia more often.) Which Keyblade in KHUX do you like to use the most for when you're out slaying Heartless?
  8. Good afternoon everyone! As we were eating pizza at D&D today, I had a poll revelation today, and was curious about you guys as well. What do you guys like putting on your pizzas? I personally love a meat pizza with pepperoni and sausage and ham and bacon on it. This quiz is multiple choice, so don't be afraid to pick multiple answers this time!
  9. ...DID HE? Oh wow, that's kinda embarrassing on our part, we're sorry! We had only heard the name, and the entire social media team was sure that that was it. That's...embarrassing. Don't worry, another poll will be up in a few hours.
  10. New DLC just got announced at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra! We have a name, or at least a working title, called ReMind. They haven't given us a lot of information about it, but there are a few speculations on who it's most likely going to be about. Who do you think it's most likely to be about? If we don't have who you think it's gonna be about listed, tell us who, and why!
  11. Happy Easter, everyone, and I hope you're having a good spring so far! What are you guys doing for Easter this year?
  12. In recent light of Joker's moveset being released recently, we wanna ask you guys: Who is your favorite Phantom Thief? (We debated on putting Goro in here, but we overall came to the fact that he really isn't a Phantom Thief. If you wanna debate as to why he should be considered one, let us know!)
  13. You should go back and watch them. They're...something else, for sure! They really and honestly represent peek 2007 KH fandom, I believe. Oh God. Dan I feel so old now. I watched these all the time when I was a wee bab.
  14. Oh, wow! I had no idea this was here, and even after all this time, this topic is still kicking! That's really cool! Here is a photo of me from not too long ago. This is back in January, and honestly, I haven't changed my look much, so this is still pretty accurate.
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