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  1. Indeed! You see, this is the reason why I didn't want to provide my interpretation first. Yours seems to be the most common (I've heard other people expressing it in the comments of the video I posted) and it totally makes sense, I can easily see this plot point being brought back in a future game. But the impression I got from this scene was the exact opposite I think that Luxu was the only one among the Foretellers who was never granted a Keyblade of his own (which may be the reason why he was never granted a Mask and his own Union) and he only temporarily carried No Name which wasn't his at all, just like Sora originally carried the Keyblade that was meant for Riku for a bit. The difference between him and Sora is that, later on, the Keyblade DID chose Sora while Luxu never got the chance to prove himself worthy of No Name... until the epilogue of KH3, that is. And even that is up to debate, if you ask me. I personally don't feel that Luxu thinks that the Foretellers were "weak" for turning against each other (he too took an active part in it, provoking Ava) and probably considers it a necessary evil. In order to carry on the Master's plan, whatever it may be, the established order had to fall apart and Luxu had to leave his companions behind (In Back Cover, he asks MoM if he really needs to go alone, clearly wishing he didn't have to). What I'm saying is that, in Sora, he sees not his opposite but someone who is extremely similar to him. Someone "unworthy" who became important thanks to the part he was allowed to play in the bigger picture, assisting those that were actually chosen. Hence why, when defeated, he is aware that the only reason why Sora could beat him was that in that moment he didn't have neither his Keyblade nor his old companions by his side. And now... ooh boy, how the tides have changed!
  2. I think they will change his personality a bit, while keeping all the sass ? After all, he openly admits in the secret reports that he was playing the part of a 'fool' but even when we had no idea who he really was there were moments in which Xigbar showed he had a kinder side (I love that he acts almost as Roxas and Demyx's grumpy uncle in Days XD) that now can be easily traced back to his original self, as the bashful and polite apprentice we saw in Back Cover. After all, a similar thing is probably going to happen to Marluxia and Larxene that will most likely get on the side of good once after being 2 of the most cruel members of the organization for so long. Luxu calls the Foretellers his companions and seems to be sincerely devoted to the cause, whatever MoM's plan will end up being. I honestly don't see him going against his Master's plan unless it turns out to be something so sick and insane that not even Luxu can stomach it. Ava surely couldn't :< In the end, I just think it would be really cool if Sora's enemies could rely on their own version of the Power of Friendship™ for once! Give the Foretellers the ultimate anime power! XD
  3. I was replaying DDD and when this scene came up I couldn't help but notice that Sora's 'friendship speech' triggers a really strong reaction in Xigbar (Luxu). He heard our protagonist say stuff like this multiple times in the past but something in this particular statement really gets to him for some reason. I have a couple of theories about why this may be, but I'd like to hear yours first in order not to influence your answers with my own speculation. (Time stamp is: 6:46) What do you guys think?!
  4. I've come to appreciate series that don't shove romance into their plots. Fanfictions and fanarts are great tho ;D
  5. Blue Rays are bigger than you think. To the point that most companies don't even remove unused/cut stuff from them because there's so much space in there it's just more convenient to leave it in. Disc space limitations are in the past, and with day one patches now being the norm the problem doesn't subsist at all.
  6. Oh well, in the next saga we'll get the Original Keyblade Master back... makes me really wonder what tricks will the foretellers use. With someone like MoM as their teacher, I can only imagine really weird and outlandish magic and combat moves which would make for a good contrast with their relatively mild and collected personalities. I also wonder if their animal masks will have some significance at all. It would be pretty dope if each of them could summon a spirit pet like our KHUX does to help them in battle.
  7. Aww! Yeah, TNBC was a really special movie for me, and still is. And I think they made the best out of it in the KH games where it was featured so no complains! It gave us Halloween Sora and some of the sweetest dialogue in the series imho! Thanks!
  8. I feel like Ludor is the one that sounds the best. They could even pass it as a clever twist on Ludos which in latin means "games" since his theme are playing cards and die.
  9. I have a thing for scholar-type characters which explains my fascination with the Ansem reports and all that concerns the research on the nature of the heart... I guess we could call it the science of Kingdom Hearts =P Those books are so weird and kinda out of place in KH1, considering that everything else is Disney-related or connected to Xehanort/ATW's experiments. The titles don't seem to have any meaning which makes it even more puzzling to me. I was expecting some FF references, maybe, the names of iconic summons or something on that line but nope, it's just a bunch of random letters. I guess we'll never know.
  10. Indeed! Back when Back Cover was released, I took part in the speculation about what the original names of the Foretellers could've been and I still really enjoy the idea of them being referenced by those seven books.
  11. What a coincidence! I've been using this username on all my KH-related accounts (and UX) for a few years now. It is a quite obscure KH1 reference. Thank you!
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