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  1. Not just with Game Central Station, but also with Tron since that was included twice in the series. Well, the two movies in each game anyways with the orignal film being in Kingdom Hearts 3 and the second, Tron Legacy in Dream Drop Distance. I think the back story behind this whole data plot in the series originally came from Tron, but not only did Tron Legacy came out, but a few years later, so did Wreck-It Ralph, which most likely made them expand this whole data-verse plot that involves the characters creating entire worlds and characters from data. But most of the time, the characters that are made entirely of data grow their own hearts and live by themselves which is like becoming independent people like we've seen with Tron and with the Wreck-It Ralph characters.
  2. I know, it's pretty frustrating. But, I guess the main reason is because it takes time for game developers to translate the updates from Japanese to English Yeah. Well, the main story would close pretty soon, but for the actual game itself, not really.
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