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  1. The afk thing would be really cool if say you could lock your screen while you're walking around and it auto fought and collected for you That way you could pay attention to walking but also like, play the game too
  2. Hopefully that ended up in your benefit haha
  3. It becomes tricky when you get UX style power creep and if you don't have specific medals or high level ones then it gets hard to progress even in the story But by that same token, the spending money in any mobile game is strictly a choice and while hard, you can totally F2P so many of them And as Lite said If it gets people moving like Pogo then hey that's a huge win
  4. Been following Tn-shi for a good while now but good lordy almighty they have improved so so so much I strongly recommend their music cause their chords and drops are melting good https://youtube.com/@tn-shi?si=pBXGw9lexJa6fLcS
  5. Ooooo your detail on the staff and coat is just Amazing!! I look forward to future Nipah Key Arts in official KH games
  6. It's not really rocket science except for Ubisoft
  7. Example: in an electronics store in Tokyo Xanadu, Falcom out in promos/sample footage for Trails of Cold Steel and stuff So it's like in world but not too tacky
  8. The only time I could see this working is like on a billboard or poster in FFXV or Wall Market
  9. Happy Thanksgiving fellow US folk!
  10. Trails in the Sky is also getting its soundtracks on vinyl
  11. i wish there were more tracks but hey 6 is great still
  12. and he said it's gonna be on bandcamp
  13. DAZ https://fxtwitter.com/fareastrecordin/status/1727018200825802879 https://fxtwitter.com/fareastrecordin/status/1727018200825802879
  14. it was an amazing movie felt like a proper return to form
  15. without getting too much into the other channels land, yeah pretty much
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