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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Yea no problem, I'm very into beta stuff and my buddy's been teaching me a lot, since he has a lot of developmental stuff for the series As for the title, not sure. I know that they always wanted it to be about hearts in general My friend said they went back and forth with a few titles and such and even similar ones to Kingdom Hearts, before settling on that "Kingdom of Hearts" yes that was a conceptual title. lol The Kingdom part is completely inspired by Disney's Animal Kingdom, even using the same font for the original concept
  2. Yea my buddy has a few of these from the board room Also that initial screenshot you did post is a real screenshot It was a test shot of the unfinished model in the engine it's not the beta design, though just an unfinished Sora model of his final design The stained glass he's standing on is also real too, it's the scrapped and original Alice platform Before they removed it of course, and used the "sleeping" princesses as they are now. Alice was awake, and so was Jasmine So you got a glimpse of beta KH haha @moon☁
  3. Here's the pitch document for the game So if anyone tells you that Sora, Riku, Kairi, and The Heartless aren't Disney characters you can prove it by showing the official document proving it LOL
  4. I'd suspect that the concept art was real, but yea the gameplay images weren't
  5. My friend has lots of developmental documents, he doesn't think it's legit because a lot of the dates don't like up, neither does the development of the document or the images in it for some of it Ah alright, just for more clarification, he says "Nobody has it, that's why I find it suspicious. The images randomly appeared online from a random sale then disappeared forever. Most likely because some of it's fake. I suspect it was actually real, then added onto with fake images" So I was a bit wrong there haha
  6. My buddy has the actual physical document But he thinks is weird since many things contradict each other on it
  7. Okay so the picture is "allegedly" legitimate. It was from a design document that was "supposedly" to Disney for it, but has things that don't match up as beta and final designs in it before the final design was drawn year wise and other things I found out from a friend
  8. I do not think that is an official picture, but what's the source on it
  9. I think I 100%'d the original except the boss rush thing that was it
  10. Thank you @Inçendyne ❤️
  11. Most recent stuff here as well
  12. we're doing it for our kh2 recreation project
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