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  1. Absolutely not a rock lol I know imperial tech when I see it
  2. That couldn't just be anything that IS an ATST foot.
  3. They're cool fanmade ones! Mine are both OLD and official haha ones harder to get than the other, for just silly cards
  4. I raise you these cards! Or these 😅
  5. Also this footage is being discarded anyway lol So don't expect the next trailer to look similar cause they're switching to UE5
  6. just concept hud they threw in it's why nothing's being selected it's just...there
  7. ..no it's not the same hud but it's the same thing they did
  8. no I'm just saying it's edited in post, not actually there in engine and that for kh3's promotional stuff they did the same
  9. They did the same thing for kh3 trailers tho, put a fake hud in the trailers
  10. cause it's not the actual hud haha it's just thrown in over the video in post
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