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  1. it's way too expensive there order it off another site
  2. I personally would NEVER order anything off the Square Enix store
  3. I did get them for a deal from a friend lol
  4. I paid $500 for everything B2s for KH go for a lot
  5. That's not the Sora you think it is lol It's the final sora design but with no textures for his clothes That screenshot was testing the final model in a room based environment they were testing, which also was eventually cut for not making sense story wise. Alice was a huge prominent staple for the original build/story
  6. Neat stuff I got recently Tgs ultimania booklet, chain of memories Tshirt and a kh2 E3 demo booth lightbox sign Well as well as a square press kh2 holiday postcard and an ad for tomy figures from 2002
  7. Love how Nomura has stated multiple times that Sora's just a regular kid
  8. The demyx is mom one falls apart when why bother sending luxu to watch the no name when hes there too, and then there's 0 rebuttal
  9. Lowkey yearn for a Walt Disney cameo he wasn't allowed to be in the first one why not now
  10. "Sora/Demyx is MoM" are the 2 worst theories that the fanbase has come up with, with 0 evidence to back either of them up
  11. People actually believe that sora's mom? who would like that one lol
  12. I feel old for playing it when it came out now haha
  13. it's okay I haven't touched any of the KH games in years now haha
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