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  1. Pretty sure you can turn the music off
  2. Ones that aren't worth anything Just a certificate really I don't really care for it right to be upset tbh
  3. Tho I do my best to not use their actual site I had to for a few things and had bad experiences each time
  4. My wallet is a fan of their merch but I'm not a fan of 90% of their games it's so weird lol
  5. Surprisingly I'm not a huge fan of squares games lol I just like kh, and twewy(original) and I'm just getting into FF7R
  6. Honestly I don't really touch their titles outside ff7 and Kh so I wouldn't know None of their other titles grasp my interest
  7. Only issue is squares PC ports are ass The ff7r one wasn't that good
  8. They originally said 3 month on PS5 at first original so it's probably pushed back
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