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  1. This is actually pretty cool. I think bringing back old assets from the original beta and early concept trailers is a really cool idea not even because "haha sexual" but just the fact about it being an early design wise
  2. game central station progrss walls and flooring now finished
  3. I'll post it here once I work on more tomorrow!
  4. I just basically have to focus on one end, and then copy and paste it to the others haha planning to do a huge glass window roof for the middle though that I gotta do by hand
  5. built one window area, and pasted it 3 other times, etc haha since all of it is perfectly symmetrical it helps heaps
  6. Thankfully copy paste programs exist, haha they speed them up Built only one outlet gate, copied and pasted it until I got 4, then pasted the 4 to make one corner, copied that, pasted that to finish the shape
  7. I think overall it's taken me just under 7 hours to get where I am
  8. thanks! I'm planning on finishing that entire area tomorrow night going to do this area next and have it seamlessly connect to Niceland I think
  9. Mine's a bit taller and thinner than it should be though
  10. honestly I just used this and built based off what I saw 😛
  11. Building KHUX's Game Central Station in Minecraft Here's my progress of about 7 hours over the course of 2 days Third pic is just with shaders, just loved the godrays look
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