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    Lavaheadat100 got a reaction from SweetYetSalty in GAME NOVELS Kingdom Hearts III Vol. 3 Remind Me Again now available on Amazon Japan and Square Enix E-Store for ¥1,320 (about $12.00)   
    Same here! Planning to pre order the second book around early June so, I don't have to wait long and get it when the price on Amazon is lowered. 
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    Lavaheadat100 got a reaction from ocean's rage in Aqua's story "A Piece of Cake", Terra's story "Dark and Void", and Ventus' story "Fragments of the World": Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations   
    I believe these short stories for Aqua, Terra, and Ven were in the Birth by Sleep light novel since I have seen Aqua's story in the Birth by Sleep light novel.
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    Lavaheadat100 reacted to Movies798 in Which Kingdom Hearts Heroine is your favorite?   
    I love all of them. Here's my list of favorite Heroines in the Kingdom Hearts series.
    1.) Xion
    2.) Aqua
    3.) Kairi
    4.) Namine
    5.) Ava
    6.) Skuld
    7.) Invi
    8.) Strelitzia
    9.) Olette
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    Lavaheadat100 reacted to Enturax in Which Kingdom Hearts Heroine is your favorite?   
    1. Namine - she is the most wholesome and helpful one, without ever fighting or owning a Keyblade. Also, I like her simple, feminine design - it's beautiful.
    2. Xion - I just like stuff and people related to the melancholic themes, and anything related to Roxas and TT is exactly that. Plus, I find shy gals with problems extra interesting, sometimes heartmelting, lol.
    3. Aqua - she is the coolest/hottest one when it comes to her looks. Her abilities are pretty unique too. But her persoanlity is just... boring to me. I respect her for what she does, and having more people like her IRL would surely be great, though.
    4. Kairi - she is too inconsistent, and being THIS "cutesy" makes me take her less seriously as a warrior. At least when it comes taking on more serious threats than a typical Heartlesses.
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    Lavaheadat100 reacted to Mykaila Shakespeare in Which Kingdom Hearts theme song is your favorite?   
    That’s a tough one ROFL If we go by as they are, probably Sanctuary (Passion technically ROFL).  However, I still find Simple and Clean Ray of Hope to be the favorite. I also enjoy Face My Fears 👍🏻
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