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  1. The best part about 100 acre wood in kh1/kh2 is that the minigames are based on actual episodes of the cartoon. Lumpy's introduction in kh3 felt very out of place as if they wanted to shoehorn in a new character for the sake of keeping up with the show, but they gave him no relation to the story or the minigames to justify his inclusion.
  2. Or just make every box monochrome
  3. Super Luigi bros already did this in NES Remix 2
  4. But doesn't maleficent use one in ux to time travel? Could it be separate from the one in radiant garden?
  5. This server has been connected, tied to the website
  6. Hey if I want to post normal art (not fan art) where would that go?
  7. I think that decision reshaped the series' identity
  8. Oh yeah 1 had more puzzles and awful platforming
  9. I'm not a fan of the Disney worlds and the level design, and as a casual fan, that's the only reason I put 3 above this game The only revisited worlds in 2 I like are hollow bastion/radiant garden and halloween town
  10. Wait, 4th anniversary... Doesn't Nomura usually make art each year?
  11. Yeah You never enter the coliseum It's just some labyrinth
  12. The only thing I remember was the 5 second "battle" with cloud and herc
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