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  1. I can agree, it's obviously supposed to be grand, but I literally couldn't tell it was DB the first time it played until I heard the main part of it
  2. Tbh the word didn't even pop into my head 😭 thank you tho
  3. I'm begging it to be like Genshin (which I don't play) but to wear it's on almost all platforms
  4. Incoming Missing Link X when Missing Link is done
  5. Ever since Streletzia was shown in thr trailer, I've been 100x more excited and interested in Lauriams character. He has been such a great character and I want to see more of his good side. I mostly want to see him have to rescue his Sister.
  6. Right I'm just happy they're all happy and hanging out together with H,P,O. )
  7. I honestly don't see Sea Salt doing very much? Maybe as they've done, letting the HB Ansem team scan brains, memories, hearts, etc. But unless as @Snakeskin94_1642611873 says, if MoM firetrucks with them, Roxas and co. will definitely firetruck with MoM back.
  8. Hate to be that guy but you meant Series S|X, not One S 😆
  9. And plus we're getting the end of DR and Missing Link as well
  10. 2 years '-' Fragmentary Passage legit exists and people forget it does.
  11. Ahh Regarding that Sigurd is in it, must mean we may see more UX characters And I can NEVER get over that trailer music oml It's just too good It's just too good
  12. I could have sworn I was in a stream where the streamer deciphered that it was Luxu lol
  13. Oh shit thats right, I forgot all about that
  14. No, it was Luxu who was narrating the trailer. We don't know what Sigurd sounds like.
  15. Yeah, iirc, in KH1, the middle pod was still there I might check later
  16. Ooh true Were they all there in that Cutscene?
  17. They may have been apart of the bad experiments So Ansem could have easily banished them/locked it away
  18. Are they even still there? We've never heard any mention or seen anyfootage of them out of KH1 and UX..
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