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  1. That doesn't mean MoM (Demo) will release Friday it could be either day We just have to wait and see
  2. But yeah that Brightcrest Keyblade is from BBS
  3. Oh wait nvm It's from BBS Too many keyblades to remember Geez Nomura🤣 Watch we gonna have almost 50 keyblades introduced in KH4 @ElectriCole ^^^
  4. Flame Brightcrest must be from Union Cross im not sure
  5. Ohhhh KH3 and Lea summoned it in DDD i believe during the end of the game
  6. The site? @ElectriCole Etsy, he makes A LOT of these
  7. Brightcrest i believe Yes it's brightcrest
  8. The keyblade is also very expensive $1,400
  9. Yeah i showed Quinton this and he liked it
  10. Flame Liberator 🔥🔥🔥 What a MARVELOUS keyblade
  11. I also would like to have a keyblade for self defense if someone robs shit in my house It's best to be prepared then not be prepared
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