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About Me


Goodbye KHUX! It has been a journey. A journey I'll never forget...

"I couldn’t hear anything that was being said. I didn’t know what was about to happen, what was about to unfold in front of us. The intensity in the air was overwhelming. Images and sounds were burned in my brain. There was no time to stop and think about why we were fighting - why our enemies were no longer monsters, but each other. Our friends. But no matter how hopeless the situation, people will cling to the last shred of hope, the last piece of their dream, until the very end."


One thing about me that you should know: I tend to act/say something super stupid, like really stupid, all the time unfortunately. 
Oh yeah, also, I will occasionally ramble off in another language ;)

(i'm probably gonna edit this section multiple times as i already am)

"Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's undeniable."

"Those who are weak, and who desire greater power, simply strip the strong of their power, and convince themselves they've earned it. That's how people become tainted by darkness. They believe what they want to believe, using hollow reasons as justification. They repeat this cycle, and their darkness grows." 

"We should be free to choose. Not just light, not just darkness. We decide what we are."
"But... Ventus, I did decide who I am. You see?"
"And what you are is darkness?"
"What I am is darkness."

"How is that okay?"

"...Walk in the ways of your heart and the sight of your eyes. But know that for all these things God will bring you into judgement." - Ecclesiastes 11:9


This world considers what is good evil and what is evil good. 
Open your eyes, I implore, look for the light in the darkness! Look for the truth in this ocean of lies!

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