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    brannymcp got a reaction from Movies798 in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Has Officially Ceased Online Services Worldwide   
    I respectfully don't understand why you say that. It's not like mobile platforms are to blame. In fact, I think it was a smart move, as everyone, whether is a KH fan or not, has a mobile phone to experience the story. Yes, it kinda ruins the story that can be told in such games because a mobile phone game has to be created for a broader audience instead of a more specific one such as the KH fandom, but still, one can't say the story was "held back" because it was released on a mobile platform. Just because it's not a console game doesn't make the story it tells unworthy or something. Such a long story as this one wouldn't have been told in a console game. If KH3 has showed us something, is that Nomura needs time, and a lot, to properly write something spicy  and coherent enough - otherwise, it will just be all plot twists with no real relevance other than cheap intrigue for next installments. As a matter of fact, both KH:Com and KH:Ux are two of the best stories in the franchise - yes, better than KH2. And to your surprise, both come from mobile "spin-offs". 
    True, but the story wasn't "held back" by any means. I mean, we're talking story, not overall presentation which, being a mobile phone game, looks phenomenal like not many other games out there with a superb sprite-based art style. It reminds of CoM for the GBA which is by far one of the best-looking games of its console. So, while it was 2D and all, I still don't see how the story was held back. I deeply enjoyed it nonetheless, and I bet you did too.
    Sadly, the game does not exist any longer. We cannot play it anymore. Now, the app consists of only the theater mode, avatar customization system, Classic Kingdom minigames and a record system which I don't know what it keeps track of. And it's 100% offline now. As of right now, this updated version of the app weighs some 1.8 GBs, so it's up to you if you want to keep the app. I personally don't think I will for a long time, but I will definetely come back when Dark Road is fully updated this September.
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