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  1. They're really mad @ women u guys
  2. The easiest one for me that never changes is Young Xehanort, followed by probably Terra-Nort.
  3. Yo I just saw Godzilla Minus 1; the shit goes so hard omg you guys gotta scope it out
  4. No one ever wanted to join my union so I bounced around a bunch.. 😔
  5. UX pvp was terrible and of anyone in this server was high rank, wow 1. Enjoy your debt and 2. You're probably a terrible person Just like Patritos fans...
  6. I can hear him saying Lucretcia for the 100th time already 😪
  7. Tbh if they remade crisis core-
  8. Someone get me a copy of Dirge of Cerberus for Christmas
  9. Man it ain't 2006 again 😭 I don't want to think of Vincent's great voice with Three Days Grace in the background
  10. I felt he was one of the easier ones for me
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