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  1. Ventus looks like the kinda dude that gets mad if you call 21 Piolts mid lol
  2. They can't have him be too "ugly" tho He needs a certain amount of sexiness to be able to market 😔 That's how Hollywood thinks anyway lop
  3. Nice Dark Souls hammer Thor lol
  4. But Sam, how else are ya gonna do the Mario?
  5. ... Respect I think you know his staff is supposed to be the S lol
  6. At that time, you could call 1, com, 2 and even 358 as their own little thing. But BBS, Coded, and 3D, that to me is quote unquote the "real' phase one, if that makes sense
  7. Personally I think phase 2 is off to a better start than 1. To me phase 1 didn't reqlly become phase 1 until around the time BBS showed up
  8. Cause like, I have no idea where the story is supposed to be doing lol Like if it's all just episodic that's cool. But it feels like there's supposed to be a larger narrative but there isn't
  9. But She suggests it And then Fairy Godmother sends Riku there
  10. Does R and C actually have a story? Cause that shit never ends lol
  11. "Ey MA! I need to kill this Dragon- make me a canoli"
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