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  1. This server is just about the only KH fanbase engagement I have lol
  2. Man I don't know that I met you last year lmao
  3. You can use all the emojis you won't, it doesn't disguise your intent, dancing king.
  4. I had a 12 inch VHS combo TV that I had from 98-2010 which is well into my early PS3 days so uh I wasn't privileged like these PC overlords 😔 You're flexing ur gamer privelge DaZ. Also "Gamer Privelege" might be the cringiest thing I've ever said lol
  5. DaZ you've been doing this for the last like- idk 10ish months I've known you? Which means you've probably been doing it since you've been in here for a few yeara Which means you've been doing this for the last- -40 years lol
  6. DaZ didn't use them much anyway lol
  7. Show is pretty good. I'd dare day I'm very intrigued to see how they handle Part II.
  8. I must admit, Hunt, you and the #Mainstream got it right this time
  9. That was actually incredible. "I'm Yoshi. I'm bisexual!" "I'm Toad. Also... I'm bisexual."
  10. Get some band patches on there- it'll eat up space right quick
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