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  1. That looks siiiiiii-holy shit you got both? Oh wait wait I get it; I thought you got a PS4 and 5 version of rebirth lol
  2. I had a very similar thought but nah lol they wouldn't
  3. are you saying Kingdom Hearts is (in?) The House of Mouse?
  4. In America we (would probably) call that a Jelly DonutTM
  5. My boy T been hatin since he was out the womb bruh Du ich ein Beliner, am I right bro?
  6. So Germany is pro turn based, conservative and wants little innovation from the game industry
  7. I see... unfortunate I expected better from Deutchland 😔
  8. That's interesting considering uh well considering the stereotypes about your guys adult entertainment industry lol
  9. I thought at least a third of the 14 player base was EU Doesn't FF pop off in Germany and like Neatherland area(s)?
  10. "In disguise" he doesn't even hide it man 😭 90% of NA fans let alone content creators who cover FF7 are.... bastards.
  11. You mean where he'll defend almost every story decision and act like Tifa is the main character?
  12. I have to go to work 😭 I only got to play it for like 45 mins
  13. That's Cap, Mr. Tea 7R2 doesn't look like high end PS3 lmao You honestly think 16 looks better? Cause 16 looked like it was barely holding together in its "open zone" sections
  14. Well it looks worse in Graphics mode lol Wait a sec How come when DaZ complained about 16's graphics everyone acted like he was being unreasonable but now here we are talking about it like we all knew it the whole time?
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