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  1. I wish that I would remove my possessors.

    Oriana, Robson, Yannik, Yohan, and Romy, those made Rosella’s nieces and nephews. 

    Castlevania made Rosella’s life so miserable for entire youth days, like turning her into a mad headed or broken-headed violent imbecile magnet. That gets stronger that Shirase dormanted within her and negativity became stronger. That makes Rosella moody, that results her becoming hot-headed to her siblings until her siblings are fed up with her like her siblings bullying her, belittling her, and even yelling at her. Her siblings are no longer in light anymore. 

    The reason why the relationships between Auntie and Nieces/nephews never became enlightened by light and positivity is because of those hells that happened.


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