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  3. Sora never really saw Ven in his physical form (Even in DDD he probably wouldn't have been able to see himself turn into Ven), so I assume he doesn't know what he looks like. I always thought he would instantly know who he is when he meets him like he did with Roxas in the picture, but maybe or maybe not considering this is a little different. That's unless he can figure it out through connection alone. I'm wondering if he'll be smart enough, like Riku, to figure out that he isn't exactly Roxas when he first sees Ven's body. I don't even know if Riku has even been able to connect the dots and figure out that the second blond that looks like Roxas is actually Ven. It's like how Riku met Terra when he was younger and how he remembered him in DDD. He's heard his name already from Yen Sid, but I assume he hasn't associated it with the way Terra looks. Same deal with Aqua if Sora and Riku remembered meeting her when they were little.
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  6. This means that Lea and Riku are the only two [good guys] who have seen both Ventus and Roxas. Sora doesn't know what Ven looks like after all….
  7. Honestly, I'm actually glad that Lea remembers Ven. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for some reason. I know we don't know the full context, call me Captain Obvious, but something tells me Ienzo wouldn't want to go about discovering the mysteries of the heart the same inhumane and dangerous way all of Ansem's apprentices did before they became nobodies especially if Ienzo wants Ansem to forgive him. The translation could be something close to either or, but this translation gives me that feeling that he wants to make amends with Ansem slightly more than the other one.
  8. KHInsider has a different translation of Ienzo's line which proves interesting: "I'm not the way I used to be, I'm not just seeking answers about the heart purely as a student." We obviously don't have the full context, but it's something to keep in mind.
  9. Dude it was taking me awhile to figure out who the heck he was talking about. I should have just went to the comments section.
  10. I live in a city with multiple ebgames... each store only got 3 they were all sold out within 30min of being open :(
  11. So cool and guess who will be down in Walt Disney World tomorrow while the event is going on?
  12. KingdomHearts3

    What version of KH3 do you have pre-ordered?

    I haven’t preordered for I will be going to the store same day to get it.
  13. Mystics Apprentice

    The Haven (RP)

    So Pang and this lich had a history, and potentially a romantic one at that. That would indeed make things difficult for Pang, and Kolm already was feeling sorry for the Zouyou. He gripped his mace tighter in his hands, expression stony. So it seemed that those disappearing from Haven didn't merely vanish from existence, but instead became monsters or the like thereof? This did not seem like a very good result to Kolm, making him even more determined to ensure that he wasn't among those who "disappeared." "A fate almost worse than death, wouldn't you say?" Kolm uttered darkly, though did not press on. "Regardless, I will aid Pang in his pursuit of the lich. I . . . think he will need it." With that, the cold mage followed closely behind the tiger. He didn't doubt in his ability to do the right thing when the time came, though he did want to lend his aid, should it become strained if he had to finish business. After all, how could he really expect him to utterly end the life of the one he cared about? Having few people that he'd ever once cared for himself, Kolm could hardly relate, though he did have at least enough sense to understand that it would not be easy. He watched the situation unfold with the waves, and Pang inquiring as to who could lend a hand. "I may not be a water mage," Kolm responded, "but I can see what I can do about halting the water's progress." He rose his staff high, invoking an incantation as light-blue runes encircled the top of it. A bright light began to glow forth, spreading out from Kolm's body and projecting in the place where he pointed: the waves that threatened them all. (I don't know if it would be too OP for Kolm to freeze the water briefly, but that is what he is intending to do. I will let you @Vaude decide if it worked). ------------- Rhiannon looked astonished as the triffids failed to penetrate the barrier that Hektor cast upon the pair. "This is incredible," she murmured, bringing a hand to the gray bubble around her. "Will this spell last long? Will it drain you?" The gentleman suggested regrouping with the others, to which Rhiannon nodded in response. "That would seem like a good idea. Either way, this won't be a matter of a simple picking-through-the-forest-for-herbs any longer." The blonde took the initiative and strode back the way that she had come, long braid cascading over her back and brushing her silver suit of armor. "How did things go between you and the others?" she asked as they tread through the forest, keeping a wary eye on the path ahead and the triffids behind them. "Any success in finding anything?" The backs of Hogarth and Reksis loomed into view, their footsteps announcing their arrival. She was preparing to inform them that they had encountered triffids, but from the looks of things it seemed that the two men had already seen them firsthand. "We're not going to be able to keep them at bay," Rhiannon digressed. "What do you all say about heading back? We have some herbs at least, don't we?"
  14. Awesome Sauce

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    The angel brightened at the two raised hands. "Great! Here's the plan: Link and Tiki, you go pick up the others and throw them up in the air as hard as you can- You can use your magic too, Lute- and then I'll use the shields of my Orbitars to push them to the other side. Like this for example." Setting the rest of his bunched up stones down and grabbing one from the pile, Pit threw the rock upwards and summoned his Guardian Orbitars, replacing his bow at the moment. When the stone began to fall down, he willed an Orbitar to move up, and in one motion he pulled up its shield and flicked it with enough force to push the stone and launch it towards the other platform. The stone landed with no problems on the other platform. "What do you guys think?" He asked, putting his closed hands on his waist.
  15. Vaude

    Overworld RP

    - Rufus Contralto - Rufus lay there for a time, barely able to pull himself upright and stare bleary-eyed at the battle going around him. His eyes seemed unfocused and his muscles lax and untested for centuries, but they still held enough power within them to pull his upper torso free from the stone beneath him. Being incorporeal and without mass for a while certainly had its limitations. No longer can he freely move. The sensation of moving his body felt alien and sluggish and difficult. When Eclaire slipped his way, nearly slamming her feet into his aching body, he glanced at her too and nodded in response to her question. He felt more himself than ever before, now that he was close enough to being considered human. In fact, he felt more powerful than before, even with his present physical weakness. It was a refreshing change from feeling nothing at all to reality, and he kept himself still, arm propped up on one knee. "Aura has my lamp. Fetch it from her and I'll lend my power," he spoke through rasps, his dark eyes refocusing on Ahriman and a hand bobbing its way to face the so-called deity and his magical wellsprings of electricity and void. Eclaire left, leaving only a magic shield behind as she left him to a fate of fitful explosions. How kind. However, since he had to use his powers to unmake the energy tossed his way, he would have to rip apart the shield as well. "Null and void! Mudamudamudamudamuda!" he shrieked in some sort of weird tongue foreign to him, but he liked what was said regardless. The shield ripped open, now defunct of purpose, and the wild explosions facing him died down to whimpering pops and fizzles that barely lifted the hairs on the nape of his neck with their static charge. Nuchal hairs aside, he smiled and decided to lie low for a bit, maybe retreat to where the others were behind the wall of ice. He lifted himself up and migrated to safety, his eyes ever focused on Ahriman, just in case. - Ahriman - The newfound god focused much intent towards stopping the quick assault tossed in his direction, a dangerous joint attack by Henry and Rhea as they attacked on two sides. Flashing light waves rained down first, which Ahriman skirted away from with more than enough lag time, but the assaults of three arcing weapons would prove tricky if left undeterred. With his extending and strong great blade he swung full-force at Rhea, matching sword with sword as he attempted to either cleave her cleanly in two or bat her away with impressive force. Next he put his focus on Henry, that corpse who was too stubborn to die, who seemed to trail energy with every move he made. How did he, a human, gain such power that rivaled those around him? He did not know, nor did he catch on to how forceful the blows were that were launched in his direction until one struck his sword mid-block and cut it in half. Eyes narrowing, he kept himself and the remains of his sword clear from each of the enhanced strikes, dodging the last combo with a backwards leap. That proved to be a poor decision, as the blasting cone of energy struck him, wounded him with several bruises along his crossed arms and stomach, and launched him backwards a considerable distance, and yet again Henry was on his case. Face contorting into anger, he dodged to the side and performed a hilt bash aimed for Henry's stomach, taking advantage of his angled posture. Worse yet, if striking true, he would feel an explosive burst of small, grape-sized spheres that would send Henry flying and cause tremendous internal bleeding if left untreated. "Grapeshot," he muttered. His eyes snapped open as Alastor slipped in behind him, his power spiking from Henry's gathered energy. Was it a purposeful sendoff? It must have been. When did they make such an agreement, he wondered? They did not seem to agree on anything beforehand, but perhaps it was due to his concentration on other matters that his attention was split. This is bad, he internalised, but worse situations lie in my memory. My opponents will exhaust themselves faster than I will tire, and I will stand on top. Stretching his blade further, the cut end renewed, Ahriman shielded his body with a tight-knit defense of Force Armour, Void energies, and the energy projections of wings as he stood his ground against Alastor's rapid assault. This proved the better strategy, considering that the ground he would have walked on behind him was crumbling away, and he battered against the ferocious winds and arcing slashes with his own, slow flurry of parries and pulses. The forces of the blows were double-edged, however. His open left hand was battered and bloodied as the Force Armour actually bowed under the force and grew weaker, and rivulets of blood streaked up and down his arm as he swayed in a battle dance against Raiden's former friend. The two afterimage strikes were not taken into account. If armour was not made, he would have surely been killed. The draconic explosion was dealt with, the final dregs of energies of the Force armour dissipating the blast sent his way. Alastor, being known to be a very hardy individual, appeared unfazed by this great release of power. He, on the other hand was quite battered, his blood shed, his ire not satisfied. Ahriman glared at Alastor as he readied his incantation, halfway figuring out what he was doing and leaping back as a result. "You think the paltry sword you gave Raiden, that frail, wishful shard of a man, would heed your call? Let me enlighten you, that it will not--" He stopped mid-sentence, feeling the tugs of the link buzzing to life within him. The summons given to his sword was actually taking effect, even without his permission. But how? Why? The rules of binding stated that bound weapons would remain linked to their masters, and yet Alastor was able to beckon the sword into existence, the white-gold sheen of the Damascus steel of Zweishock appearing just in front of them both at Alastor's feet, propped out of the floor and ever rising. The majesty of the weapon was something to behold and filled Ahriman with gushes of memories old and new, particularly of the fight between Kilkes Seres and Mystras on that battlefield. He placed his bloodied hand on his head as the tie of the link was broken completely, ownership of the sword now belonging entirely to Alastor. "How dare you claim that blade back from me," he hissed in agitation, raising his eyes from the sword. "And how dare you look down upon me, Mariel, you being once a friend to Odin who came before me, a mere man more flawed than even I can list. I will dole out sufficient punishment for everyone involved, starting with those cowering behind that wall of ice." With a quick surge of power and a flick of his wrist, fell energies composed of heavily destructive forces launched forth from his hand towards the center of the wall. If left unhindered, it will detonate against or next to the wall with enough explosive force to destroy a hill, shattering the ice and possibly killing all of those behind it. Rufus, spying this from next to that very same wall of ice, tried erasing it from existence, but his abilities of antimagic could only erase a fragment of its power. This is because the energies were mostly not magic, but primal and almost unrefined energies, malevolence in itself. Someone else would have to stop it. "Next is you, Mariel," he commented, eyes locked on her as he held his sword to eye-level and very quickly rushed towards her with a Flying General attack, sword swinging diagonally in two slashes with tremendous force behind it. Afterwards, he held out a hand and brought to voice: "Erupting Emptiness." Void energies fired off from above him in Mariel's direction, wherever she went, it will be fired. The shots would be like geodes, hollow in the middle and yet crumbling and shattering within a person. It was an attack meant for bloodletting and cutting into vital organs, so if Mariel was not careful and prevented any from piercing her skin she would find herself in a painful situation. ((Phew. Done. You guys really know how to write.))
  16. It was unavailable on the website so i went to my local gamestop and THEY ARE SOLD OUT!!!! I tried getting one 6 HOURS after the news broke and couldn't get one. It sold out in UNDER 6 FREAKING HOURS!!!
  17. I might have done that on purpose for a laugh 👀 I didn't want to write everything away, but edited it since people were so hyped about the book. But I still kept the part about drinking tea. I love that they drink tea, it's hilarious
  18. Yesterday
  19. When I read the summary of Chip and Dale drinking tea, I had to laugh because it didn't mention a book at all. What a revelation! It's great to see these translation. They don't reveal too much while still being somewhat revelant for the most part. Since they're ripped out of context, they're not even that much of a spoiler. I'm rather glad they chose to remain cryptic and hope it stays this way in the future, too. I love seeing them hype up things but I guess most of us merely want a moderate amount of information that doesn't spoil too much of the important plot points.
  20. The Toy Edition, a standard copy then I'll get the PS4 Pro edition. If the Pro will get the standard separately I'll get the deluxe edition. I'll get likely the digital version aswell.
  21. Allwil13

    Opening Trailer - Xehanort Theory

    It did? I was thinking it first started in BBS with the Young Xehanort boss. You'll have to refresh me.
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