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  3. That face is horrifying.
  4. Completely agree by given terra’s move set I’m glad that fight ended when it did. He’s honestly the weakest playable character in the kingdom hearts series ever. His moveset really is so janky! Lol Definitely Hercules. His fight in the Hercules cup in kh1, just fighting him by yourself without Donald and goofy was so epic I thought!
  5. I'm just waiting for SarahKey to beat it with a dancepad
  6. next thing you know, someone will have done it with a banana
  7. If there is one thing ive learned from this community its that we will do anything, just because we can
  8. why thank you. it was a very unexpected surprise as I basically only saw 1 trailer for it and pretty much went into it completely blind. Netflix are starting to get really good with their animation movies now. they also released next gen in 2018 but I thought it was bit average and the willoughbys earlier this year which I thought was really funny too. but over the moon has to be their best one yet just because of some jokes I really enjoyed so much and enjoy that certain type of humour too if you get what I mean as well?
  9. I'm all for light hearted movies like this, so I'll definitely check it out some time! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
  10. well now you have an answer. but go and watch it if you can. you won't be disappointed I promise you that. it does sort of start of a little bit slow but after the first 15-20 minutes you'll be hooked until the very end!
  11. But it just looks like there’s a giant light source right next to him in the right one so I guess that’s probably what it would be like if that were the case idk
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