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  2. oooo Scotland coming in hot with a tactical burn
  3. so it tastes awful in it's country of origin? outstanding
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  5. Oh god, it's the new one isn't it?
  6. good luck on the new gm this week if youre going for it lol @ElectriCole
  7. https://x.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1815768702224064661
  8. you see I live in Europe our coca-cola has cane sugar in it
  9. Ok I found out Only one lvl for each route to a rank for the trophy Idk about the EX ones but it should be the same
  10. If you go to a restaurant, it’s a fountain Coke and they add Grenadine to it. It’s a Kiddie Cocktail with Coke instead of Sprite. Order your friends a Search and Rescue, it’s a non-alcoholic shot of Sprite, Grenadine, and Red Bull? See how long it takes for them to realize there’s no alcohol! 😂 Sad people look to the mainstream sodas when they come here. I get better stuff from Target, with REAL ingredients. Virgil’s Root Beer is the best Root Beer, if you want real Coca-Cola, you need to get the Mexican version, they use cane sugar and NOT high fructose corn syrup. 🤢 That and the throwback Mountain Dew with real cane sugar, so good. I have the cavities to back up my claims!
  11. Unfortunately you are right. But Light may prevail.
  12. Darkness is SOCIETY***'s *TRUE essence. https://tenor.com/view/ansem-kh-gif-13501018
  13. https://x.com/PreachGaming/status/1815666352062881940 what final fantasy fourteen does to you
  14. Did that get an english demo? I thought it was japan only
  15. You mean his name doesn’t stand for hunt standard definition?
  16. my mom eats pizza with tangerine pineapple doesn't do me anything
  17. Mushroom, black olives, tomato slices, spinach and pesto
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