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  1. Today
  2. Today is my 24th birthday 🎂
  3. Me looking up old Yakuza substory and Mahjong guides 😔
  4. waiiiiiit. you talking about the darknesses that the furrytellers + MoM +Luxu were vessels for? 😮
  5. IF at first you don't succeed, try, try again, if this isn't what you want it to be start over. Also maybe looking at how to draw muscle patterns might help too or maybe looking at how the red parts is designed on Vanitas but more realistic. It takes time and patience.
  6. How can one sentence motivate me more than any speaker could?
  7. Come on Vanitas, I thought you were tougher than that
  8. since fandom acquired gamefaqs: https://vxtwitter.com/Devlbeato/status/1576917609488211968?t=sNv18_67gos9J54RJaEaWw&s=19
  9. Have you ever given up?
  10. i can only hope: i don't have hulu and i don't have a vpn
  11. I doubt that since Disney hasn't had the distribution rights since 2009. Currently, it's Crunchyroll that would have it
  12. I don't think MoM will be the actual villian, probably faux one like Ansem the Wises persona DiZ, hypothetically it will be the that will become the new villians, they were brought up in Union X alot
  13. Well they did silently put The Orville and The Tick on Disney Plus while it's also available on Hulu, and they did mention about adding Japanese media on there pretty soon, including anime, aside from Twisted Wonderland I assume they might put more, one of them I believe is the Digimon Adventure 2020 dubbed version
  14. I’m about two seconds away from jackhammering my way with this piece of fabric.
  15. LMAOOOO Guess it makes more sense. Imagine sora just standing there, watching riku, and being like, "tf is happening" Almost done. Debating to draw weapon.
  17. sigh His heart after his defeat in CoM was sent to the realm of darkness where he wandered until he found Riku during KH3 My headcanon is that his heart went to lie dormant in Riku's heart and wasn't awakened until KH3
  18. Yeah, i didnt really like him showing up in kh3 at first TBH. I was confused and was like "bro tf you died" I kinda still dont understand how he came back, like, supposably other people cant see him? I find it really funmy though.
  19. Daz_4th

    Fan Art Chat

    considering this is the first time we see RepIiku after recom, it aIso feIt kinda out of nowhere
  20. Daz_4th

    Fan Art Chat

    heII yeah bro speak the truth bizzareIy true
  21. You can tell how bad he felt at his death.
  22. Daz_4th

    Fan Art Chat

    riku is reaIIy (me) to RepIiku’s wishes
  23. I just really love that fact that Riku is really respectful to Repliku's wishes.
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