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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

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  2. thats a sad one i like the line when she beats you i spoiler tagged it just in case
  3. That defeat quote makes me feel like spilling my spaghetti everytime I hear it. :sadcat:
  4. putting Xion's defeat quote in spoiler tags cause Nova should hear them first instead of just seeing it
  5. Man i love how well the two themes are tied together for Master Xehanort. Beating Xion makes me sad though.
  6. Spent all this time explaining that to people just for there to now be a new explanation
  7. weird that it even says that cause we were told Xehanort placed his heart in the body of Terra because Terra's own heart hadn't fully returned or something of that sort.
  8. yo i just learned the guys behind the new samurai jack game are former developers of the ninja gaiden games
  9. i mean didn't the ultima also say Terranott was a time traveleer to and that def seems to not the case
  10. That is the explanation that Nomura expected us to accept. I mean I am capable of understanding xion must have time traveled. But it's not consistent Yeah but when she was still evil, supposedly she was bought to the present from shortly after her birth Unless she had a heart all along
  11. Her Heart was with Sora until he came into contact with her I suppose
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