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  3. Another year, another rumor thats gonna break hearts when it turns out fake again....This happens every year, Im just so exhausted of it.
  4. idr where but 44 is the lowest I've seen outside of that
  5. Yesterday
  6. Sounds like the people behind raya were bock bock* whats that?*bock* you hear it *bock BAWK a BUNCH OF CHICKENS
  7. I'm inclined to take Ansem the Wise at his word, that being said I always interpreted it as Quadratum being a world within the realm of unreality, not that Quadratum is a realm itself. As for the theory of it being the real world I'm with ocean's rage on that, since we have real world locations in many of the Disney worlds as well. Though it would be pretty ironic to say it's the real world while being in "Unreality." With all the FFXV type vibes it was giving off, I feel like they were going for a similar "fantasy based on reality" type theme.
  8. it has no cap that's why it's kinda acceptable
  9. this is just like the pve ranking system in khux, no surprise only real differences being that this doesn't last the whole month and caps at 100 instead of... wherever pve caps now in khux
  10. oh, another belgian? my party's co-leader is belgian and has the same issue, lol (i'm not belgian, btw)
  11. https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/my-hero-academia-chapter-298/chapter/21883?action=read
  12. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRgWO6
  13. Been trying to get 45% RE on One For All for so looooong... thumbs in paaaaaain
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