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  2. melody of memory is all youre getting, take it or leave it
  3. Ironheart spoilers stuff, some potential wtf's
  4. Today
  5. Damn, forgot about the memes channel 💀
  6. I think it going here increases the humor factor tbh- I think an exception is warranted this time.
  7. That’s the Kairi being relevant copium talking I just wanted her to get a playable game
  8. Hear me out guys The initial trailer for Kh4 is a bait and switch Where Kairi is the main playable character
  9. Hear me out guys Oh wait actually Lemme go to Kh4
  10. That's true. Sora's story is his hero journey. I think Sora being the 'chosen one' works so well for me because it reminds me of Luke Skywalker's journey when he chose to become a Jedi. It was technically a destiny picked for him by Obi Wan and Yoda. But Luke made the choice himself and every choice he made to continue the journey of bearing that weight got harder and harder for him. Luke had to earn his status and even than it nearly turned him to the dark side and/or killed him. But did what no one else was willing to do, do what he knew was right over what he wanted and believe in the good that was still in his Father. Sora reminds me of Luke's hero journey in that he wasn't the Chosen one everyone thought. But that didn't matter because Sora fought tooth and nail and suffered a lot, but he always stuck to his guns and proved to everyone why he was the one standing there at the end to make things right. Sora was unqualified in every way possible for the role of the Keyblade hero. But darn it he earned his place as being THE example of what a keblade hero should be. It really strikes me how at the end of KH2 before Kairi's letter rescued them, Sora kind of alluded to everything he had been through when commenting on the darkness getting to him. It's like the rare times Sora will allow himself to admit how he's not as innocent or carefree as he used to be, and everything has worn him down a little on the inside. But the guy still pushes on and can find joy in good things and accept his trials as being a part of who he is. Dang it, if I wasn't so focused on Zelda right now I'd replay KH3. When are we going to get more Kh news? DX
  11. Yesterday
  12. maybe i'll use this god damn banging music to help keep my sanity as the shadow of 'material grinding' grows ever larger...
  13. If you can't tell... I got the first ending in Replicant. I also experienced the Recycled World Quest at the start of Route B. There is literally no excuse for Nier music to go as hard as it did there. I had to look it up and consider me shocked that it was from the very first game. But I'm here for it. Yes please. All of this Recycled World Quest music
  14. not someone wanting $70 for that when you can get the same unpainted Aqua figure WITH a goofy figure for $25
  15. Just did it so no worries Figures since people here have started to see it to create it now instead of tomorrow so no accidental spoilers happen here Wont be there until myself tomorrow
  16. Oh didn't see that, sweet
  17. Hey yall channel is created for the next few weeks, go in there so this channel doesnt get cluttered Feel free to discuss anything about the film
  18. Ye but if there ever were an animated movie to break this trend It’s be this one
  19. Yeah I wouldn't mind this winning best picture It won't though Cartoon is for children /s just in case
  20. oh right I forgot it was onIy nominated for best picture
  21. I mean for Best Picture Not Best Original Song
  22. weII there was 1 and onIy 1 the originaI Disney Beauty and the Beast
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