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  2. How the frick did you shotlock on the psp then?
  3. Re:coded is L+R is for lock on
  4. i mean like after that
  5. I hate to break it to you but the next game is a rhythm game
  6. I think holding down L and R was lock on right? On the PSP BBS
  7. I like how they described having to hold down 2 buttons for shotlock too cus I always figured it should’ve worked like that tbh KH has almost never had you press two buttons together to do anything honestly
  8. I really hope whatever game we get next is like 0.2 tho
  9. .true. and it’s not secret like. It’s not behind an achievement goal.
  10. that's more just kairi and riku talking to yen sid
  11. Ohhhhh 🤔 true Does the ending of 0.2 count?
  12. oh no i meant like kh1 had a secret movie for kh2, with riku and roxas kh2 had bbs trio but then we never got a secret movie showing kh3
  13. Maybe they played a weird early build demo????
  14. i mean we did but it was just different than most other secret cutscenes every previous secret movie shows a key moment between the characters in a conflict secret movie in kh3 dont do that just trailer bait essentially
  15. just kairi and riku moments
  16. as well as what sora says to riku after the fight
  17. we never got a kh3 secret movie
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