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  1. Today
  2. Remake also maxes out 50 and you reach 30-something on your first round
  3. remake you can get 3-5 levels in one chapter even on normal
  4. It's like with rebirth If this is like Remake then you get more exp in hard mode So it's not really an issue
  5. the final level cap is 70 from what im told so, thats even dumb
  6. I mean it's just scaling with the story
  7. you start at 15 in chapter 1 and get to 17 and 18 in chapter 2 then 19+20 in 3. 21 based on one side quest, then 22-23 on chapter 4. im level 24 ye but only cause i slowly farmed exp due to chadley's sim vr
  8. thats in chapter 13 the protolgue to chapter 14 aka the final chapter before the end
  9. it’s just “hey it’s in this Iocation” Imao
  10. there’s this though, aIthough idk what chapter it appears in
  11. that sucks they usually have guides up ready for release day
  12. I can’t find anything for chadIey giving exp up, no guides thus far mention him giving one
  13. hope this isnt the route theyd go for kh4 when it come to leveling. ah so you have done the dreaded minigame that i probably would fail due to being deaf?
  14. Im 5 chapters and have done everything you can do so far, havent came across that quite yet
  15. I am 9 chapters in, nothing like that yet
  16. I forgot you’re Iooking for one from chadIey
  17. i know i mentioned that earlier. what im saying is if theres a way to get it earlier from chadleys simulator
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