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Found 27 results

  1. Mykaila Shakespeare

    Why the Sun Sets Red

    We shift our perspective to a newly born member of organization XIII, Roxas. A Nobody -born from Sora [who separated his own heart from his body to save Kairi]- who is learning about the life of being a member and his importance in his role. He is befriended by fellow member VIII, Axel, who showed him the works of organization XIII and eventually befriends Roxas. Along the way, they befriend another mysterious new member: number XIV, Xion (Shion). After finishing missions, they would hang out at the clock tower and have ice cream together like the closest friends they are, despite them having no hearts. However, events unfold where their fate may leave them shooting between their friendship and their existence. -- -- -- Here is a question for us dedicated KH fans: which of the DS games is more tolerable? I ask this because many of us actually dislike the DS games (for now, not including 3DS since I think it is an entirely different setting). However, in terms of what we tolerate is subjective. This review will include both the game and the cinematic movie. I will, in fact, start with the actual game itself simply so I can compare and contrast. The game itself is what most fans don't like compare to it's movie counterpart. The big one is the gameplay which is what keeps people from playing the game. On that end, I completely understand. Going to these certain missions and being repetitive is not often fun gameplay for most people. The leveling system is also not entirely fun since it requires new slots. Instead of gaining experience, you earn 1 slot per mission. I'll be honest, it is not a fun leveling system. That and the bosses can be INCREDIBLY tedious to fight. The combat is somewhat pretty repetitive. There is not much strategy to it, as far as I know since I is my second time playing it. There is also the struggle of extra content. It is harder for me to even try challenges simply because of the tedious combat and mission set up, leveling up included. KH2 succeeds I guess simply because they are story relevant and are unique. This game, however, just feels like looking at a pile of dishes you don't want to clean only it is optional. So, simply put, the gameplay is not that great and kinda boring. Despite all that, I have reasons to come back to the game. Yes, the story is decent, but really it is the characters themselves. You play as Roxas again, only KH this time it is in perspective of the organization and it's the whole game and not just s prologue. It is a Roxas a Fan's dream come true. Learning about the eyes of the organization I think is interesting. It's like an inside job if you wanna consider working for O13. I also want to add that, in case you don't know, Axel, is my favorite my fav O13 member....let alone, my all time favorite KH character. Having more appearances of him is what draws me back to the game. These characters like Roxas and Axel go through such good development I think. Salem goes for the new character, Xion. TH secrets she discovers of herself makes her grow as a character and you feel for her least for me. I even enjoyed some of the in depth dialogue throughout each world you visit in the game, despite the tedious missions. I am willing to go through bad bosses and tiring missions just to see more cutscenes and interactions with the characters. Now I'd like to talk about the movie version in the HD collection. It is not a port of the game, but simply just HD work of the least some. They are incredibly good and well performed from the voice actors. However, I have to compare this like movie with a book. Tedious the game may be, but at least the cutscenes give more insight in their conversation as well as, surprisingly, major moments that affect the entire series. Point is, in the movie, a lot of scenes were displayed as just screenshots with story text added to it. I understand that most of the Disney cutscenes were not well displayed to be within time. But, other cutscenes that are purely just Kingdom Hearts, were taken out. For example, a good majority of action sequences were taken out or just shortened. Luckily, there was one incredibly important action scene that was not in the original PS3 remaster and was finally added to the PS4 version, so there was not much to complain about for that end. The rest, it may feel not picky, where I feel could still have the potential to be cutscenes of their own. One was a hint of events in a prequel (which honestly I am surprised was taken out due to it's importance). There is also the mystery surrounding a character that connects to Axel. That I feel is the most mysterious and has yet to be unfolded with the history of those characters and their goals. I wish they could explore more of it because I find it quite interesting (here's hoping KH3 covers that or just gonna stick with headcanons). Funny enough, the manga seems to touch upon that a lot better. It's not particular history of the characters, but the more of some in depth emotions. I forgot to mention that there is a manga series for this title. As much as I enjoy the game, I think the manga is far more meaningful and well written; some comedic and a lot were emotional. If anything, I actually recommend reading the manga over the game. Since it does have action sequences, a lot of decent humor, and overall emotional throughout. In conclusion, I actually enjoy this title in general. Will be giving scores for each medium of the title: Game: 6/10 - for the tedious missions and not-so-fun bosses, but the interaction wi the characters are interesting (dialogue is 50/50) Movie: 7.5/10 - The HD treatment was beautiful and the voice acting is pretty spot on. However, they had to sacrifice a good chunk of important scenes (the character I mentioned and a moment that references a prequel game). This would've gotten a 6.5 if they left out an incredibly important action sequence in the PS4 version. Otherwise, many action sequences were left out and I wish they displayed more of that in the movie. Manga: 9.5/10 - I honestly feel this is the best source of the title. It has decent humor, neat action sequences, as well as some good emotional moments. Even the dialogue was well put together. Not to mention, the artwork is amazing. If I were to ask you to choose one to understand the name generating title, this is the one. Overall, the title itself has a good 7.5 in general simply and mostly because I love the interactions and the development of the characters. I thought this title had a good story. ....but I mostly love this title more probably because Axel enslaved me with his flaming charm or something. I love Axel ? P.S. This game also featured one of my absolute favorite songs. The next DS eventually will be Re:Coded. But that will be covered in November after Birth By Sleep in October. I'll just flat out say that 358/2 Days is what I prefer over Re:Coded. Why? Stay tuned for the next couple of months to find out! [ARTIST NOTE] I was incredibly excited to do this piece. Maybe because I love Axel that drove me to draw this LOL But seriously, this is pretty simple to do. In case you guys don't know, I LOVE sunsets, especially with clouds. They are just colorful and beautiful. Maybe that's why I am drawn to the aesthetics of Twilight Town simply because I love the setting and laid back atmosphere. So, all the more reason I was excited to draw the background. As for drawing the characters, was great. I also noticed that because I do not draw Roxas as much, I accidentally made his head too small during the process. Luckily, I was able to adjust it. So far, the O13 outfits were the easiest to draw in terms of clothing (I love Nomura's art, but DANG his clothing design can be kinda messy because there is so much LOL). Honestly, between the three, ironically Axel was pretty difficult. If you are an artist and is a fan of the series and Axel, you know what I'm talking about. The hair and the angle for the face were difficult to pull off. But, I managed to catch it and I am happy that it is all worth it (since, again, I love Axel LOL) Xion, Roxas, and Axel from Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix and Disney
  2. Xion heard that there was something good in the freezer... And she was right! It's sea salt ice cream! Those pops seem a little too big for her though... Luckily I also made smaller ones! Better eat up before it melts any more! Sorry about the phone camera lol. But the ice cream tasted really good! It feels accomplishing to finally have an idea of what sea salt ice cream tastes like! :biggrin: Hopefully Roxas & Axel will be able to join her next time! I followed this recipe if anyone is curious to make them too!
  3. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    Kingdom Hearts NG-Next Generation.

    "...13 years have passed since the ending of the 2nd Keyblade War...the 7 Guardians of Light, led by Sora had at last vanquished the 13 Seekers of Darkness, led by Xehanort and had restored true equilibrium by locking away the true Kingdom Hearts upon destroying the true Chi-Blade, thus ensuring that neither both Light nor Darkness can reign supreme over one of the other side... However...there will always be those seeking to obtain Kingdom Hearts for themselves and thus, in order to prevent the reconstruction of the Chi-Blade once more, Sora and those that had survived the events of the Keyblade War, himself, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Roxas, Lea, Xion, Namine, Ventus, Terra and Aqua had all agreed to create a new "Keyblade Academy" to train future wielders of the Keyblade, should forces of either the Dark or even Light itself attempt to recreate the Chi-Blade for whatever reasons they have in mind...the Keyblade Academy is built in the capital of Light, Radiant Garden, where here, everyone who is allied with Sora, the hero of the last great Keyblade War can keep watch over who is worthy to wield the Keyblade and fight in its name to protect the balance of all things, living and/or otherwise...that which is Kingdom Hearts...the Heart, of all Worlds and people... 13 years have passed...a new generation has taken up the Keyblade and are now prepared to embark on a new adventure the likes of which no one has ever seen before, battling against evildoers that would threaten peace loving citizens, join us, as we see these all brand new Keyblade heroes in action!" Rules: No Godmodding. No Romance above age 12. No Swearing above age 15. The story is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, please stay true to the Kingdom Hearts mythology, as much, as possible. Please use proper grammar. To show that you have read the Rules, please type down at the end of your Character Sheets, "Kingdom Hearts Forever.". You can have up to 3 Characters per person each. Have Fun! :]. Character Sheets: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Bio: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Alignment:
  4. A sort of DmC: Devil May Cry inspired rework of our Dearly Beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise, The Kingdom of Hearts or TKoH for short is the story about all brand new main, primary protagonists of this new version of Kingdom Hearts trying to protect the aforementioned mythical, ancient, omnipotent and omniscient Heart of all Worlds from the clutches of both Darkness and all other sorts of evil forces...the premise behind The Kingdom of Hearts is that it not only explores both the Light and the Dark within everyone's Hearts but rather also both the Good and the Bad, the White and the Black, the Yang and the Yin, so on, so forth, all the kinds of things that represent balance itself, the theme of TKoH is balance and the story focuses on parallel versions of Sora, Riku and Kairi, as they soon get dragged into a fight for their very lives and must now at the very same time, master the arts of the Keyblade granted upon this Role-play, Sora, Riku and Kairi are named "Sky", "Land" and "Sea" respectively and they are currently being taught under their mentors and foster figures of each one of them respectively named "Wind", "Earth" and "Water", the parallel versions of Ventus, Terra and the story of TKoH, long, long what was once called the Age of Fairy Tales, now called the "Age of Modern Man", there was a demon, a demon so powerful that it could feed off of the life force of other peoples' Hearts until eventually, nothing at all had remained of them, this demon was referred to by all, as the "Heartless Xehanort", basically Kingdom Hearts' version of Calamity Ganon from The Legend of Zelda's latest recent release Breath of the Wild...the Heartless Xehanort was once said according to legend to have been thirteen individuals each, however, upon completely surrendering their Hearts to the Darkness for whatever reason, power, fame, fortune, you name it...these 13 individuals' Hearts had been completely swallowed by the Dark and had then merged into one, which had become the evil monster, the Heartless order to stop the Heartless Xehanort before it could wreak havoc upon the "World of Light", seven princesses from seven different kingdoms were chosen due to their royal bloodlines and the magical powers bestowed upon their Hearts due to those bloodlines and by combining all of their powers into one, they crafted a door leading to eternal Darkness, there, they had banished the Heartless Xehanort, hoping that the seal would forever remain intact and the evil beast kept locked away under lock and key forever...however, there are now those in the current present times who seek to revive the Heartless Xehanort, they call themselves a "Cult of Nobodies" and now this aforementioned cult are seeking new ways to revive the beast for whatever diabolical schemes they are hatching and are plotting, they have even gone, as far, as to conduct experiments, trying to mimic the original Heartless Xehanort itself in the forms of miniature beasts, more or less taking on the gargantuan monster's form, now, in order to save the World of Light and all of the smaller Worlds within its larger sphere of Worlds, Sky, the apprentice of Wind, Land, the apprentice of Earth and Sea, the apprentice of Water must now unite, as one and band together to face off against the Dark forces and machinations of the Cult of Nobodies before they even have the chance to revive the Heartless Xehanort, however...they must also learn the bonds of teamwork and friendship in the process if they are ever to have a standing fighting chance, for the three apprentices do not exactly get along so well with one another and now this is where balance fits into the story, they must learn to put aside their differences, work with each other, as well, as other people dedicated to the cause of stopping the Cult of Nobodies and the monstrous Heartless Xehanort and both use and unlock the true powers of their weapons, the "Keyswords" and thus with Keyswords in hand, the three set out from their home-worlds, as ordered by their masters and begin journeying to the smaller Worlds within the World of Light, hoping to learn new things and experiences in these Worlds before joining together, as one by meeting at the fated place and once there, the chosen three will prove themselves not only to all the people of the Realm of Light and their masters but also to themselves especially for a strong lesson in life is self reflection...another form of balance but now, enough talk, let the journey commence and the story begin, for this is TKoH, The Kingdom of Hearts. Rules: No Godmoding. No Romance above age 12. No Swearing above age 12. Please use proper grammar. This is a parallel universe setting of the Kingdom Hearts games so although it shares certain and similar themes and aspects with the games, the Role-play itself is meant to be an entirely original story more or less with borrowed ideas from both DmC: Devil May Cry and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in the senses that it shows new versions of our favourite Characters and that they must combat a deadly nemesis that was once Human now more monster then the former respectively. Hints can be made to the original Kingdom Hearts games but not outright connections to the actual games, this is a different setting and universe that can be considered on the other side of the mirror of the Kingdom Hearts universe where the games take place, know what i mean? You cannot create Characters based on Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra and Aqua but other versions of Characters such, as Axel/Lea for example are available and just to put any person's mind at ease about the Cult of Nobodies being this universe's Organization XIII, they are not, they are merely a group of worshipers and followers that are trying to resurrect the ancient evil being, the Heartless Xehanort, anyone can create their own groups based on the Organization if they so wish to, however, monsters such, as the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eaters will not appear in the story, instead, new monsters will appear that will be introduced when the story first kicks off hopefully. Keyswords are what the Keyblades are called in this universe and, as for X-Blades and Ultima Weapon Keyblades that appear in the Role-play, they are combined, as one in this universe and are called "Ultima Xs", Ultima Xs are what is referred to, as the final transformation and form of a Keysword once it has reached full maturity alongside its chosen wielder, they basically function like the Starlight Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts Chi does in terms of they can change shape upon a Character leveling up, each time a Character levels up upon reaching the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on, a person can change the shape of their Keyblade if they so desire or just stay with its regular appearance, whichever suits the Role-players' preferences. Characters from other franchises, Final Fantasy can appear in the Role-play but they are parallel versions of their normal Kingdom Hearts selves which who of are parallels to begin with but the unique thing upon their inclusion is that they can be portrayed however they like, for examples, Sephiroth isn't a villain and is instead a hero and Cloud is not a brooder but rather a more sociable person, that's the fun in how these Characters can be portrayed within the Role-play, Final Fantasy, Disney and Kingdom Hearts Characters all alike, we can see new sides of them that we have never seen before. Please put down "One Destiny, Different Sky" to show that you have read the Rules at the end of your Character Sheets. You can have up to, as many Characters, as you can portray. Have fun! :]. P.S: The starting point for all Characters to meet up is the World known, as "Lux Town", it is the central hub World for the Role-play and where the Tutorial will take place, revealing how travelling to other Worlds is possible and is performed, how people fight with their weapons, especially Keyswords and where the heroes will learn of what the villains, the Cult of Nobodies are currently plotting, other Characters that are villainous may choose to align with the cult or not and work towards their own agendas, like Maleficent and Pete do in the games. Character Sheets: Normal: Name: Age: History: Personality: Appearance: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Home-world: Species: Alignment: Japanese Voice Actor/Actress: English Voice Actor/Actress: Theme Song: (The last three don't need to be filled in necessarily.). Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Disney: Name: Parallel Version of which Character from the games: Age: History: Personality: Appearance: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Home-world: Alignment: Here is the Character Sheet for the demonic being: Character Sheets: Normal: Name: The Heartless Xehanort. Age: Over 10,000 years. History: 13 individuals filled with both complete and utter Darkness within their Hearts combined, as one to form this abomination of creation...during the very early years it was rampaging across the World of Light, it was initially known, as the being with "No Name", however, over the course of the history of time, its violence and terrorism have earned it the nickname "Heartless" and the name "Xehanort" was also bestowed upon it, as it was apparently the name of a both fallen and corrupt angel of legend, thus came to be, the Heartless Xehanort, a giant behemoth of a monster that has been mentioned in storytelling nightmares to children living in the current present era, as a means of getting them to behave, the Heartless Xehanort was ultimately defeated by the combined unification of seven pure Hearted princesses of seven kingdoms each and was sealed away supposedly forever behind a giant sealed door that led to a bottomless pit of eternal Darkness, there it sleeps, waiting, to be one day be awakened and the seal broken, to destroy the World of Light and this time succeed, so that nothing is left and only Nothingness remains behind... Personality: Cruel, Sadistic, Monstrous, has no Conscience and a mind to think on its own with, its only purpose in life is the instinct to kill everyone and everything baring a Heart until Hearts no longer exist at all... Appearance: Resembles Calamity Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but with Master Xehanort's signature traits, his gold eyes, pointy ears and silver hair, has X shaped claw feet. Weapon: A Keysword shaped Scorpion like tail. Sub Weapon: A Crab like right handed giant claw. Home-world: Unknown. Species: Unknown. Alignment: Pure Evil. Japanese Voice Actor/Actress: Has none, communicates through beast sound effects. English Voice Actor/Actress: Same, as above. Theme Song: "One Destiny, Different Sky.".
  5. Tagline: "...Our battle is over...but the war...has only just begun." Synopsis: Three and a half years have passed since the events of KINGDOM HEARTS III, in which Sora, aided by his fellow Guardians of Light had defeated both Master Xehanort and his Organization XIII comprised of various incarnations of himself and now, the Worlds are at peace, however...that does not mean that peace lasts forever, for now a both strange and mysterious new threat is attacking the universe and it is up to both Sora and friends to stop it, along the way they meet both old and new friends alike, exploring various and vast new Worlds unlike which they have ever seen beforehand, mastering new spells and abilities and also for Sora, gaining new Keyblades to fight with, as Sora begins this new adventure of his, he soon discovers that this new threat that is trying to destroy the galaxy is related in more ways then one to the legendary Keyblade War, of which Xehanort was trying to restart and had ultimately failed to do so, thanks to Sora and the others' efforts, at any rate, this new threat may very well be trying to get its hands on the one true χ-Blade, in order to unlock the mysteries of its counterpart, the one true Kingdom Hearts, to in turn become a god above both everything and an attempt to stop this evil menace, Sora travels with both Donald Duck and Goofy once more to find out more about the enemy that they are currently facing whilst both Riku and King Mickey Mouse don the Black Coats of Organization XIII once more and travel across the Worlds through the Corridors of Darkness, attempting their own investigation into matters from their side, meanwhile, Master Yen Sid has both Kairi and Lea undertake the Mark of Mastery Exam, in the hopes that just like Sora and Riku beforehand will the two master new powers to combat this new threat, aiding in the training of the two are Merlin and the three good fairies, as requested their help by Yen Sid, in the meantime, Maleficent and Pete are up to their no good tricks again and are attempting to reassemble the council of Disney villains from the original KINGDOM Hearts to further their own goals of universal domination, Ventus, Terra and Aqua are on standby at the newly restored Land of Departure until given further orders by the revived Master Eraqus, Roxas, Axel, Xion and Namine are also on standby with Pence, Hayner and Olette in Twilight Town at the old mansion, finally, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, along with the somebodies of Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo and the redeemed Isa, as well, as Ansem the Wise, having been restored to the wise sage and ruler of Radiant Garden are currently looking into matters regarding research on this new foe that everyone is now faced with... This new foe is said to be just about, as dangerous, as Xehanort was...maybe, even more so...aided by four henchmen, this new enemy and his servants don white versions of Organization XIII's Black Coats and all together call themselves the "Illuminati", the Illuminati lead creatures that feed off positive energy and vibes that they refer to, as the "Versed", said to be the exact opposites of the Unversed themselves, the Versed are easily identified by having the very same symbol, as the Unversed do upon their bodies, the only difference being that the colour for the Versed is white instead of the Unversed's black, a possible hint into the identity of who these new enemies are, namely their leader, as he bares a Unversed symbol zipper on his white coat, he calls himself "χ-Super" and under his white coat's hood, he is shown to wear a variation of Vanitas' helmet but with a large X across the helmet's face, whatever his intentions are currently unknown but he states that he will bring about what he calls the "Versus XIII" and whatever this means, most people tend to take it, as to him meaning that he is going to form another Organization XIII like Xehanort previously did in the past twice and is attempting to recreate the Keyblade War, now, on a mission to stop this possible raving lunatic, Sora and friends, old and new battle Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Dream Eaters and these new Versed monsters across all of the realms a person can think of and finally, the story that began with Xehanort's ambition will end once and for all here, at least that is what is going through Sora's mind at the moment but still he ponders, is there more to this Versus XIII? what exactly does it mean? all will be explained... This is KINGDOM HEARTS IV-The free Role-Play for everyone where they can experiment on what life would be like after the events of the Xehanort/Dark Seeker Saga have ended, please share with me your opinions on the story before i continue making the Character Sheets and Rules.
  6. An all brand new KINGDOM HEARTS Role-Play, this is KINGDOM HEARTS III: The Untold Story...the story that is told that leads up to the events of KINGDOM HEARTS III, separate to the story of both Sora and an unknown Realm, on an unknown World...there lives a boy, same age and similar to, though not quite, as Sora...his name is "Zola" and he lives in the universe known, as the "Parallel Realm", here, everything is reverse to the natural order that is Sora's universe, the Realm of, people and things take on different forms compared to their both Light and Dark counterparts and here...the Parallel Realm is under siege...from the threat of an invisible enemy...who lurks behind the shadows of creatures native to the Parallel Realm, known, as the "Faceless", beings that have no identities whatsoever, going, as far, as to wear masks that conceal what may very well be misshapen faces and figures, instead, the Faceless seek out those who have identities, namely, those with Hearts, they believe that if they can obtain the Hearts of others...will they obtain their very own identities for themselves and in the process, learn what it means to feel the emotions of a Heart and what exactly is a Heart, Zola...chosen wielder of the Keyblade of the Parallel Realm must now battle the Faceless alongside others, against both the Faceless and the invisible enemy that leads them, just, as Sora and his allies in the Realm of Light battle both Master Xehanort and his forces of evil...behold, this, is the untold story...of the Parallel Realm, the mirror Realm that coexists alongside the Realm of Light yet neither are aware of each other's existence...this is the story, of Zola...Sora's Parallel Realm counterpart. Theme Song: Rules: No Godmodding. No Romance above Age 12. No Swearing above Age 15. Please stay true to the Kingdom Hearts Timeline Events and Mythology, as this takes place alongside the Xehanort Saga but is parallel to it, meaning that no one in the Realm of Light is aware of the events here in the Parallel Realm and vice versa, this basically a Reboot of the original Kingdom Hearts video game more or less but still takes place alongside the original Kingdom Hearts games' story-lines, this is hopefully the 1st Kingdom Hearts Role-Play in what i like to call the "Blank Saga", in which we start everything afresh but still in keeping with the traditional main story-line of the Dark Seeker Saga. You can have up to 3 Characters per person each, you cannot request to portray, as Sora and the others for they will not appear in this Role-Play although subtle hints will be made, this is entirely a parallel universe setting where things are completely different, especially the Worlds, for example, the World of Beauty and the Beast set in the Parallel Realm is based on the 2017 live action film version, same goes for the Jungle Book which has yet to star in the actual games, all events relating to Disney based films and properties are based on their live action film counterparts so we will be seeing a unique story in where Maleficent is on the side of good, still searching for Kingdom Hearts but good nevertheless for example. Have fun! :]. Please put at the end of your Character Sheets "Different Story, Same World." to show that you read the Rules. Character Sheets: Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: History: Home-world: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Japanese Voice-over: English Voice-over: Theme Song: (The last three don't need to be filled in if you don't want to.). Character Sheets: Name: Zola. Age: 16. Personality: Same, as Sora's, his Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Same, as Sora's from Kingdom Hearts III but with white coloured hair and gold coloured eyes, also, the colour of the clothing is inverted and reversed, lastly wears a black coloured Kingdom Crown. History: A young man hailing from the World known, as the Fate Islands, it is from there that Zola begins his epic journey across the Worlds and discovers that they are in threat of being in danger at the hands of the Faceless and their currently unknown leader and master, Zola wields the Kingdom Key in battle and has already receiving training from Balthazar Blake, the Parallel Realm's version of Yen Sid. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Kingdom Key Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Miyu Irino. English Voice-over: Haley Joel Osment. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.". Character Sheets: Name: Sarcga. Age: 17. Personality: Same, as Riku's, his Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Same, as Riku's from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance but without the Spirit Dream Eater Emblem on the back and the clothing entirely coloured black, his long hair is also black coloured. History: Hailing from the Fate Islands, the same, as Zola, Sarcga wishes to become something more then he currently is and will do everything in his power to ensure that change will happen, like Zola also, he has received extensive combat training in wielding the Way to the Dawn Keyblade under Balthazar Blake. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Way to the Dawn Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Mamoru Miyano. English Voice-over: David Gallagher. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.". Character Sheets: Name: Sakura. Age: 16. Personality: Same, as Kairi's, her Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Wears a pink coloured Organization XIII coat and has long jade coloured hair. History: Like both her childhood friends Zola and Sarcga, she too is from the Fate Islands, however, unlike her two friends, she is kidnapped from her World in the story's beginning and is taken elsewhere, no one knows where exactly but not long afterwards, reports have been made across the Worlds about a girl with emerald coloured hair having been spotted where Faceless have been located at, wearing a pink hooded coat and wielding a Keyblade. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Destiny's Embrace Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Risa Uchida. English Voice-over: Alyson Stoner. Theme Song: "Different World, Same Story.". Character Sheets: Name: Demon Master: Gaienheim. Age: Unknown. Personality: Cool, Calm, Collected, Cruel, Cunning, Calculating, Strange, Sarcastic, Sadistic, Mysterious, Manipulative and Wise. Appearance: Resembles Demon Lord: Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword but has black coloured hair, gold coloured eyes, wears black coloured clothing, a blue coloured cape and wields the Soul Eater. History: The invisible enemy that has been threatening the Worlds through his Faceless henchmen and other machinations that are of his ilk, Gaienheim is a devious master of the demonkind and orders over them without equal, he is currently searching for something that both he and Balthazar Blake call the "Heart of the Worlds" but to so far end, he has had not much success, other then discovering that to find the Heart of the Worlds, he must first find a special being called the "Heart Sharer", said to be able to transfer their Heart from one body to another's entirely, by finding this so called Heart Sharer, Gaienheim will be one step closer to obtain the Heart of the Worlds and thus lastly then reigning supreme over all of the Worlds themselves. Home-world: Unknown. Weapon: Soul Eater. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Anri Katsu. English Voice-over: Jude Law. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.".
  7. Movies798

    Restore Memories

    A keyblade created by me. This keyblade was inspired by looking at Xion's Stained Glass. I dedicate this keyblade to Xion, my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series.

    © Movies798 Jan 8, 2017

  8. Doctor Artist

    "Xion's Remembrance"

    Every year, I do an art piece of Xion, a character I just for some reason really loved. Let me know what you all think of it!
  9. What's up everyone! How's going? Well I'll make short, one, I have finally return home after the holidays spending time with the fam. Now I'm back a home (my little art studio haha) and I can finally go back to my drawings. It's been a long time since I did my fanart KHUx Medal drawings, anyway, I decided to draw my own Keyblade call "Restore Memories." The idea for this keyblade came to me after viewing Xion's Stained Glass picture, so I dedicated this fan art keyblade and drawing to my favorite Kingdom Hearts character and best girl Xion. I hope like my new fan art keyblade, Restore Memories.
  10. So I finally did another Kingdom Hearts song! Some of you may remember the last one I did a few months ago, Kairi's Theme! Between then and now, I've covered a bunch of songs, but this is my first KH cover since then. This was a bit of a challenge to record and film as #1 it was never meant to be sung, and #2 there's a lot of instrumental breaks written into it because it was never meant to be sung. I did my best with it though. On the lyrics for this, I was going for a progression through Roxas' story. It outlines from the day he was born as a nobody, through starting to become his own person and making friends, betrayal of the organization in search of answers, then finally returning to Sora to be a part of him as he was originally. So basically, KH Days through the exceptionally long KH2 intro but emphasizing on the sentiment some key points haha. In the future, I might go for commissioned art for covers like this instead simply because the video is so awkward to try to film for songs like this. I feel like video like this would be better suited for songs like j-pop/anime style covers and stuff (perhaps some Utada Hikaru stuff at some point). I've said this before, but Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite video game, and I'm happy to be putting out another cover from it. Note: If you like the song, there's purchase links for download in the video description. The download + instrumental is also available through my Patreon for $5. PS: if you like my Kingdom Hearts covers, then check out my vocal cover with original lyrics of Path of Redemption from Square-Enix's I Am Setsuna
  11. In this post, I will make a complete list of every single currently unanswered question in the Kingdom Hearts series and universe. Please comment down below all unanswered questions / "plot holes" you can think of and I will add them to this list. Hopefully we can fill it out together and create a truly complete list. Hopefully they answer most if not all of these in Kingdom Hearts III or any future interviews. Complete List of Unanswered Questions Why are there globes and maps of Earth and real world locations in some worlds? Are some worlds just alternate reality-type Earths that exist simultaneously but separately? Or did all the worlds used to be Earth when they were all together in one massive World in the Age of Fairy Tales, and the globes and maps are just artifacts of history? In the first Kingdom Hearts, how did Mickey know about Sora and Riku, and how did he know that they got a Keyblade? Yen Sid has the ability to sort of sense things and people in other realms and worlds, so did Yen Sid tell Mickey about them? In the first Kingdom Hearts, why does Winnie the Pooh's letter to Rabbit have "Mickey Mouse" written on the front with a crown symbol? Also, if you come back later, it'll instead be a letter from Roo. This letter also has "Mickey Mouse" written on the front with a crown symbol. Why is that? In the first Kingdom Hearts, Genie says he's heard about a Keyhole before 200 years ago, and implies that he used to know its location. Why does he know about the Keyhole and how did he know its location? Some residents of Halloween Town, such as Jack, The Mayor, Dr. Finkelstein, etc. all know about the Heartless because Jack found a book about the Heartless. Who wrote this book full of research notes? Why didn't Maleficent getting stabbed with the Keyblade of Heart cause her to turn into a Heartless? Why did she turn into her Dragon form instead? The Keyblade of Heart has the ability to "unlock people's hearts," which sounds like the same thing that any Keyblade can do if you're on the level of a Keyblade Master, so it can be assumed that the unique ability of the Keyblade of Heart is that it allows you to do that without being on the level of a Keyblade Master. But, is it possible that "unlocking people's hearts" is actually different? Could "unlocking people's hearts" mean something different for each person who gets stabbed by it? Such as Sora turning into a Heartless, and Maleficent turning into her Dragon form? Or is it that Maleficent is just different than most people and follows different laws of nature? In the first Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort's Heartless possessed Riku, which sort of kicked Riku's heart out of his body and sent it to the Realm of Darkness. Why didn't this create a Heartless and a Nobody? Was it because the heart wasn't either extracted by a Keyblade or succumb to the darkness? Does this mean it's possible somehow for a heart to leave a body without becoming a Heartless? When a Heartless is destroyed by a Keyblade, whether it be an Emblem Heartless or a Pureblood Heartless, a heart is released from it and the original person is recompleted. (For the Pureblood Heartless, the heart isn't visibly released, but it's still released.) If someone has a Nobody too, you have to destroy that as well in order to get their original self to be recompleted. If a Heartless is destroyed by something other than a Keyblade, then the released heart will end up just eventually turning back into a Heartless. So, when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts (and Xemnas was destroyed later), why did Xehanort get recompleted? He shouldn't have gotten recompleted since his Heartless wasn't destroyed by a Keyblade, it was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts. Does getting destroyed by Kingdom Hearts count as getting destroyed by a Keyblade for some reason, or have the same effect as getting destroyed by a Keyblade or something? What was written on the letter that Pluto was holding at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts and in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories? It's obviously not the same one from the end of Kingdom Hearts II since Mickey wrote that at the end of Kingdom Hearts coded. At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, how did Donald and Goofy's clothes change when they got to the grassy area outside of Castle Oblivion? Also, how did their clothes change while they are in Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories back to the clothes they had on before? In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, when referring to Maleficent, Vexen says "Don't be absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the Realm of Darkness of her own volition." This means that after Sora destroyed Maleficent in the first Kingdom Hearts, she got sent to the Realm of Darkness. Why is this? Why did Maleficent get sent to the Realm of Darkness instead of just simply dying? Or did she just simply escape after the battle with Sora to the Realm of Darkness using a Corridor of Darkness? Also, why did she have to wait for someone (the three fairies) to remember her in order to come back when she could've just used a Corridor of Darkness to get out? Why can she not escape of her own volition? When Ansem the Wise was banished to the Realm of Darkness by Apprentice Xehanort, he was able to use Corridors of Darkness to get out, so why couldn't Maleficent have done that? Why did Marluxia and Larxene want to overthrow Organization XIII? In Secret Ansem's Report 12, it says "First I shall convert all of Twilight Town into data and construct a "world duplicate" in Sora's memories. I shall place Roxas within that world to live out his days and regain those memories." If the simulated Twilight Town that Roxas was placed into is located inside of Sora's memories, then how was Sora able to go inside of the simulated Twilight Town by accessing the machine in the basement of the Old Mansion in Twilight Town near the end of Kingdom Hearts II? Is there multiple copies of the simulated Twilight Town, and just one of them is located inside Sora's memories? Or were Sora's memories just hooked up to the simulated Twilight Town before or something? Or is the machine in the basement of the Old Mansion just simply able to access Sora's memories and by going into the simulated Twilight Town, Sora was within his own memories? Why did the guards in Land of Dragons turn into Emblem Heartless (Nightwalkers)? If they were succumbing to the darkness, then they should've turned into Pureblood Heartless. Were they just Nightwalkers disguised as guards or something? How did the Ghosts of Scar form together to create an Emblem Heartless (Groundshaker)? Shouldn't they have created a Pureblood Heartless if anything? Did they just form together with a Living Bone and Shaman Heartless or something? How did Stitch get to Hollow Bastion? Why did Axel and Saïx want to find the Chamber of Waking? Why did Axel and Saïx want to overthrow Organization XIII? How did Saïx get his scar? What are the names and identities of Larxene, Demyx, and Luxord's original human forms? Why hasn't Xemnas wielded a Keyblade? (Assuming he has the ability to). If he doesn't have the ability to wield a Keyblade, then why? How did Ansem the Wise's machine exploding turn Riku back to normal and how did it transport Ansem the Wise to the Realm of Darkness? Why did Naminé return to Kairi, when she's made out of Sora's body and soul? Shouldn't she have returned to Sora instead? Did she have some of Kairi's memories that needed to return to her, the same way Roxas had some of Sora's memories that needed to return to him? If not, then why did Naminé even need to return to anybody? Why does Apprentice Xehanort have brown eyes instead of yellow? Why does Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness have orange eyes instead of yellow? Why does Riku not have yellow eyes in the first Kingdom Hearts when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is possessing him? How did Sora and Riku get from the place where they fought the final fight against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II to the Dark Margin in the Realm of Darkness? How did Kairi's message in a bottle end up at the Dark Margin? "End of Sea" is the name of a world that's half in the Realm of Darkness and half in the Realm Between. Dark Margin is a location at the very tip of this world. It's on the Realm of Darkness half of the world. The ocean that we see there acts as a border between the Realm of Darkness and the Realm Between. How are there worlds in the Realm of Darkness still? They should've all returned to the Realm of Light after Sora sealed the Door to Darkness and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' artificial Kingdom Hearts broke apart. Does this mean there are worlds native to the Realm of Darkness that have always never had a heart? Or is End of Sea just a world from the Realm Between that's so close to the edge of the Realm Between that it's also touching the Realm of Darkness? Also, how is there a world that's half in one realm and half in another realm in the first place when the realms aren't physically connected? How did Mickey's message in a bottle get to Sora on Destiny Islands? Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Ventus' heart stayed within Sora's body AKA his Nobody, Roxas when Sora was separated from his body and soul and became a Heartless. What is the reason for this? Why didn't it get released along with the other hearts? How did Ventus become so tiny when he went to Castle of Dreams? Tetsuya Nomura said it was because he somehow messed up traveling to the world and ended up tiny, but how does that even happen? How does you not knowing how to properly travel to worlds make you end up very small? I assume that we just simply don't completely know how physics and stuff works in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but it'd be nice to get a specific answer to this question. How is the ship in Deep Space able to access the Lanes Between without a Keyblade or Corridors of Darkness? Or does this mean that somebody aboard the ship has a Keyblade or the ability to use Corridors of Darkness? Where did Vanitas obtain his Keyblade? He can wield a Keyblade because his heart is half of Ventus' heart, but where did he obtain his Keyblade, Void Gear? Did Xehanort Bequeath him? Or does he wield Wayward Wind, except with a Void Gear Keychain on it? If the Unversed are created by Vanitas and come from Vanitas, then how was Lady Tremaine able to turn the coach into an Unversed and how was The Queen able to turn the Spirit of the Magic Mirror into an Unversed? Why did Lea and Isa go into Ansem the Wise's castle in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and why did they get kicked out? How did Ventus and Aqua end up in the Lanes Between after their battles at the Keyblade Graveyard? How did Terra-Xehanort end up at Radiant Garden after the explosion from the χ-blade? Did Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort actually have amnesia or was he just faking it? When Terra-Xehanort split himself up into a Heartless and a Nobody, why weren't two Nobodies created? When Sora became a Heartless, his own heart and Kairi's heart released from his body. This created Roxas and Naminé. When Terra-Xehanort became a Heartless, the same thing should've happened. Terra's heart and Xehanort's heart were released from Terra's body. This should've created a Terra Nobody and a Xehanort Nobody, but instead, Xemnas was created; someone who is a mixture of both Terra and Xehanort. Why? How did Young Xehanort leave Destiny Islands and get to Land of Departure? When we see Young Xehanort in the past on Destiny Islands and in the present-day during Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, he doesn't have pointy ears like he does when he's older. Why is this? And when we see Young Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III, he does have pointy ears. Why is that? Why does Xehanort's Keyblade Armor have the Nobody emblem on it? How did Riku obtain his second Keyblade (Way to the Dawn) after Sora took his first one (Kingdom Key)? Getting Bequeathed causes a Keyblade to choose you, so when Sora took his Keyblade, did another Keyblade choose him? Is that what happens if you lose your Keyblade somehow? Another one will choose you? The Master of Masters forged and tempered Keyblades by pulling them out of the depths of hearts. And ever since then, if you are Bequeathed, a Keyblade will choose you. If all Keyblades already exist somewhere out there and were created long ago, then how come some people's Keyblades resemble them or their character/personality? For example, Lea's Keyblade resembles one of his Eternal Flames Chakrams with fire coming out of it and Riku's Keyblade resembles his Soul Eater sword. Is this just simply because these people are destined to wield these Keyblades or something? Where did Riku get the Keyblade he gave to Kairi (Destiny's Embrace)? And why did he even have to give her a Keyblade in the first place since one should've already chosen her since she was Bequeathed? Doesn't this mean she has two Keyblades now: the one that chose her from her being Bequeathed and the one Riku gave her, Destiny's Embrace? Who Bequeathed Lea? What's the name of Lea's Keyblade? Why does the Kingdom Key look exactly like the two blades that are a part of the χ-blade? It was stated that the pieces of light of the χ-blade were split into seven pieces to protect the number of pure hearts in the world. This is referring to the Seven Princesses of Heart. The Seven Princesses of Heart didn't exist way back in the Age of Fairy Tales though, so how did the χ-blade know that they were going to be born in the future? And in what way are the seven pieces of light protecting the Seven Princesses of Heart? While Aqua was carrying Ventus' comatose body, his Keyblade raised and opened a door that led them to the Land of Departure. This door was not a method of travel that we've ever seen or heard about before. It wasn't one of the portals they've been opening with their Keyblades, it wasn't a Gate, and it wasn't a Corridor of Darkness. It looked pretty much exactly like the Door to Light from the end of Kingdom Hearts II. So, what was this door? Was it the Door to Light? And how was Ventus able to open it? At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, Sora, and Donald, and Goofy were standing on a piece of land at End of the World. End of the World was a world located in the Realm of Light that's made up of chunks of worlds that fell to darkness. When a world is falling to darkness/falling to the Realm of Darkness, some chunks of the world might stay behind in the Realm of Light. These chunks formed together to create End of the World. Once Sora and Mickey sealed the Door to Darkness, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' artificial Kingdom Hearts broke apart and the hearts returned to the worlds, and they were restored. They left the Realm of Darkness and went back to the Realm of Light. The chunks that made up End of the World also went back to the Realm of Light. The chunk of land that Sora, Donald, and Goofy were on was a part of the Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world. So, when the worlds were restored, they got sent to the recompleted Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world since they were standing on that chunk of land. But, this means that the Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world fell to darkness sometime in the past. So, what happened to Ventus' body when this happened? Was it also sent to the Realm of Darkness with the world, and was safe from the darkness/Heartless, because he was in the Chamber of Waking? And does this mean that his body was sent back to the Realm Between with the world when it was restored? Why did Mickey not recognize the name "Xehanort" when he met Apprentice Xehanort? Is that just a common name in the Kingdom Hearts universe? What exactly is a "mind?" And how is it different from the "soul?" Is it even different from the soul or are they the same thing? Braig says he has his hands full with his own plans. What are these plans? In the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending, we see the Organization XIII members who were residents of Radiant Garden lying on the floor after being recompleted as complete people again. We also see Braig, who is not lying on the floor like the rest of them. He presumably woke up before them. (We know this Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and before Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance because Ienzo is an adult in this cutscene. There is a cutscene at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance that shows Even and Ienzo on the floor turning into Heartless/Nobodies and Ienzo is a little kid in that cutscene, so we know the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded because we know Ienzo grew up as an adult while he was a Nobody.) In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, we see Xigbar. It is thought that this is actually Braig, not Xigbar and he's just going by the name "Xigbar" for some reason (most likely because of the Recusant's Sigil in that name). If this is the same recompleted Braig that we saw in the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending, then how come he has long hair again and how come he has gray in his hair again? It would not make sense for him to just all of a sudden change appearance and grow hair that quickly. Is this actually Xigbar and not Braig? If it's Xigbar, then that can either mean that he was brought to the present day from time travel, or that can mean that Young Xehanort turned the recompleted Braig back into a Nobody for some reason (maybe to be a more suitable vessel?). And is this the same case for Saïx? Was he turned back into a Nobody or was he brought back using time travel? Or it's possible that he's the recompleted Isa since his recompleted human form has no visible differences than his Nobody, unlike Braig and Xigbar. Speaking of which, do people keep their appearances that they had as Nobodies when they turn back into people, or are they reverted to how they looked before they were turned into Nobodies? This is very unclear. It seems that some parts of them did keep their appearance and some parts of them didn't for some reason. Ienzo, Lea, and Isa aged as Nobodies and kept their ages when they turned back into people. Lea lost the markings under his eyes when he became a person again though for some reason. From what we know, this is how it is: You are reverted back to how you looked before you became a Nobody, but you keep your age. For example, Lea was reverted to how he looked before he became a Nobody which is why he lost the markings under his eyes, but he still looks older because he kept his age. Why did Lea and Isa get recompleted with their black coats on? Does that mean they were the only ones who were wearing black coats before they became Nobodies? Ienzo seems to have known this whole time that the original person can get recompleted if their Heartless and Nobody is destroyed, so when he was Zexion, why did he act like he didn't know? It has been confirmed that Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé all grew hearts. As seen with Roxas, if your Nobody grows a heart and recombines with your other pieces to recreate the original person, the heart that the Nobody grew will be trapped inside of you. Since Axel grew a heart of his own and has been recompleted, does this mean that Lea now has two hearts: his original heart and the heart his Nobody grew? Or did the heart that his Nobody grew combine with his original heart? If so, then why didn't Roxas' heart combine with Sora's? Would it be because Roxas had a completely separate personality and memories than Sora, while Axel had the same personality and memories as Lea? Tetsuya Nomura said that Nobodies don't age, but Axel, Saïx, and Zexion all clearly aged. Maybe you need a heart to age, and since Axel grew a heart, he didn't count as a regular Nobody so he aged? Does this mean Saïx and Zexion grew hearts as well? Do you need a heart to age? Where is Terra's heart and body? Is Xehanort still possessing it, but just making it look like his old man form, like how Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in the first Kingdom Hearts was still possessing Riku's body, but making it look like himself? What's the situation with Eraqus being inside of Terra's heart? After Terra-Xehanort split into a Heartless and Nobody, what happened with Eraqus' heart, and where is Eraqus' heart now? Why can't Sleeping Worlds dream about Heartless? All the "realm of sleep" is, is dreams. It can be dreams of people or dreams of worlds that have fallen to darkness/fallen to the Realm of Darkness, since worlds that fall to darkness, also fall to sleep, and they dream. So, since people can dream about Heartless and have them appear in the realm of sleep, then why can't worlds do the same? Heartless can be created in the realm of sleep by someone dreaming about a Heartless in their dream, but Heartless can't enter the realm of sleep from the outside world. If Heartless can't enter the realm of sleep, then how was Ansem, Seeker of Darkness able to enter the realm of sleep? Is it because he's not just a Heartless, he's a Heartless possessing a body (Riku's body form the first Kingdom Hearts)? Does him having a body allow him to enter the realm of sleep? Also, why can't Heartless enter the realm of sleep in the first place? Why can't they just use Corridors of Darkness to enter? Young Xehanort, and the other Seekers of Darkness, follow Sora and Riku into the realm of sleep. They use that as an entrance. But, I'm still pretty sure that Corridors of Darkness can get you into the realm of sleep since they were all using Corridors of Darkness while in the realm of sleep. That's also presumably how they got out of the realm of sleep when they were done putting Sora into that weird sleep coma. Presumably. So, yeah, why can't Heartless use Corridors of Darkness to enter the realm of sleep? Who are all of the Seven Guardians of Light? Who are all of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness? Why did the time traveling members of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness have to go back to their own time? And how are they going to come back? The Kingdom Hearts Ultimania states that Xehanort's heart being in thirteen vessels serves as raw material for the χ-blade. Why is this? Xehanort's heart isn't pure darkness, so how does him putting his heart into thirteen vessels work for creating the χ-blade? What was the Riku that Riku saw in Monstro in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance? Was it the dream world projecting an image of Riku from the first Kingdom Hearts? Putting Riku "back in his place," like it did to Jiminy in Sora's side of Prankster's Paradise? If so, then why is he wearing a black coat? Riku wasn't wearing a black coat in the first Kingdom Hearts, and the worlds only dream about their pasts, so this wouldn't make sense. Is it a Seeker of Darkness? If that Riku is a Seeker of Darkness, is it Riku Replica? If it's Riku Replica, then why did Riku say "That was my... my dark side. I gave into the darkness once, and ever since, it's chased be around in one form or another. The seeker of darkness who stole my body, a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart, and now, I'm facing me."? He lists the versions of his darkness that have chased him around in one form or another. He lists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Riku Replica, and then says that now, he's facing himself. That implies that it's not Riku Replica. So, it's not Riku Replica, right? Unless Riku's just assuming it's not Riku Replica. If it's just himself (Riku) that he was facing, then was it when he was a villain in the first Kingdom Hearts that's time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness? If it's Riku Replica or himself from the first game time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness, then how come Young Xehanort isn't there with him? Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Young Xehanort functioned as a "portal" that summoned the Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Wouldn't it be the same for Riku Replica/Riku from the first game and any other time traveling Seekers of Darkness? If not, then why? How are we going to save Ventus, Terra, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé? What is the Key to Return Hearts? In the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance secret ending, Goofy says that Lea hurried back to Radiant Garden. Why did he hurry back to Radiant Garden? It was shown that the "illusion" of Terra we see in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- was there because of Naminé's help. This took place right after Sora went into the pod to restore his memory, so why/how did Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- end with how the first Kingdom Hearts game ended? How does that make any sense timeline wise? Why did the illusion of Ventus we see in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- have a black and white checkered design on the back of his jacket rather than the half black half white design the back of his jacket usually has? If the dark counterpart of Keyblades of Light (Keyblades of Darkness) are found on the dark side of the world the Keyblade of Light was gained at, then does that mean Keyblades of Darkness are only created when a world that a Keyblade of Light was gained at falls to darkness? Or are Keyblade of Darkness counterparts to Keyblades of Light created in the Realm of Darkness right when a Keyblade of Light is gained, but just teleports to the world the Keyblade of Light was gained at when it falls to darkness? How did Aqua and Mickey end up at the Realm of Darkness area that was behind the Door to Darkness? There was just a flash of light and then they got teleported there. What was that flash of light from and how did they get teleported there? Was it the flash of light that came out of the Door to Darkness when Sora said "Kingdom Hearts is light" in the first Kingdom Hearts? How did Mickey get his shirt back in time for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories after it got destroyed by the Demon Tide? How long ago does Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] take place? We know that the Age of Fairy Tales takes place "more than a hundred years before Sora received the Keyblade," but "more than a hundred years" is a very vague number. What is the name and identity of The Master of Masters? What were the Foretellers' and Luxu's original names before The Master of Masters gave them new names and what do their faces look like? What are the names of all of the Foretellers' Keyblades? Who is Xehanort and Eraqus' master? Is it Luxu, or was there another generation in-between them and Luxu, or even more? Also, was this Yen Sid's master as well, or did he have a different master? If so, then who was Yen Sid's master? What's in the black box that The Master of Masters gave to Luxu, and why isn't Luxu allowed to open it? How was The Master of Masters able to see the future with the Gazing Eye when it wasn't even passed down yet? Wouldn't that just be him looking into the present since he has to wait until it's passed down? Why did The Master of Masters disappear? How do the Dandelions survive the darkness that covers the World after the Keyblade War? How does Luxu survive the darkness that covers the World after the Keyblade War? If The Master of Masters only put his one eye on one Keyblade, then how are there so many eyes on so many Keyblades in the future? Who Bequeathed Ventus, the Player, Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, and all of the other Keyblade wielders from the Age of Fairy Tales? How did Ventus and Lauriam get from the Age of Fairy Tales to the time period of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. How was present-day Maleficent there in the Unchained realm during the Age of Fairy Tales during the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] secret ending? How did the light from children's hearts recreate the World? Do children's hearts just simply have the ability to create an entire universe? Or was Kairi's Grandma just being vague in her story? If so, then what really happened? End Notes & Updates If you'd like to know more about the Braig/Xigbar situation talked about above, check out my explanation on the whole situation here. Please give me unanswered questions. Thank you
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    7th anniversary of 358/2 days! (in jp)
  13. Okay, so let me start by announcing that this is pure thought. I just thought of it this morning and thought it'd be a cool idea. Although I would be an extreme advocate, I neither volunteer nor do I even have the capability of pursuing such an enormous project.Greetings fellow Kingdom Hearts fans!So, I happened upon a video from Cynical (TheGamersJoint from YouTube) this morning entitled Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Re:Coded in HD (Gameplay). I've always been excited and desired an HD playable version of 358/2 Days, so I wanted to check it out. It was just the two games running on PC with a special program. But it got me thinking about an actual HD version. Like, on par with the PS3 capabilities.Now, hear me out. I know it'd take a lot of coding and an unpredictable amount of time, but think about it: We have the HD cutscenes from 358/2 Days. As well, if someone got into the code for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ or Re: Chain of Memories, they could conceivably hack the game to "play as" so and so characters. After that, it's just getting the code for the different rooms.I know this is way, way, WAY oversimplified, but I think it'd be a cool idea. What'd really be cool is an HD mission mode. Like, playing as the different organization characters, in HD? That'd be sick. Anyway, I think this is a cool idea. What do you guys think?
  14. As a starting point; I'm aware some people might get offended by this topic; but as I respect other's opinions I ask the same for my own. Today's topic is about Xion. For those who love her ( I'm aware people do); I'd really like to understand why? However I'd also like to voice my grievances with her as a character too. Firstly; let's get the controversial point out of the way first- arguably her most memorable moment in 358/2 days was her fading away. However my grievance here is: if the character's greatest ' achievement/memory' is a death then there is an issue, yes I gather it had an impact on Roxas emotionally; but if I ask people to name a top 5 Xion moments list ( her death will top most lists and realistically what other events can fill the list which makes her unique?) Secondly; if she does return in Kh3 ( which due to fan service I believe she will), her death becomes significantly less emotional than if she remains ' dead'. At the current moment she has physically gone and she isn't remembered which is a cruel fate; however if she returns then I'd argue it's diminished due to the fact it's not permeant. Thirdly; what Days does do well in my opinion is highlight the friendship between Axel and Roxas and makes Axel's ambitions throughout KH2 even more noble and tragic. We see the development of how Axel was always there for Roxas and how the absence of one affected the other. This is strengthened in KH2 final mix with the symbolic farewell between the two friends; with both characters in tears ( this is where I admit I was close to joining them). I can't help, but feel Xion is a ' tag-a-long' friend. The person who is more on the side. If she was a love interest for Roxas I'd too have more sympathy for her; however Naminè I'd argue fills that role more ( she has a stronger connection to return I feel). Even if we compare other female lead characters ( Aqua- represents an elder sister/mother role for Ven and a sister role for Terra, Kairi in terms of KH1 was an interest for both Sora and Riku and as the series has advanced has become Sora's driving force as well as being a POH). fourthly; this is more a list of a few things moulded into one paragraph. 1) is she needed for the series to develop?- no is the honest answer ( TAV from what Yen Sid has indicated are needed for the upcoming war, Roxas I believe will become as has been mentioned before by others a denizen of the twilight ( I feel he has potential to wield if there is a Keyblade of the Realm of In Between, adding more depth to his character; Lea returning to Radiant Garden sets up future interactions), but where would Xion go? Yes she was created in CO; however that's likely to be transformed back to the Land of Departure ( Cable Town??), but where would she go and how would she develop? Again I feel she'd be a tag a long character or a Cameo character. 2) she's hardly the most stimulating character- I'm not being harsh here; but in terms of personality and engagement would she make a top 5? Or even a top 10? I don't find her connectable; Sora ;people can relate to an optimistic person, with Riku; people can relate to people who overcome hard trials to succeed. Terra; everyone has a desire to achieve and a lot will go to tremendous steps to achieve it. Even my boy Luxord; people probably know a gambler or someone who analyses in that manner. My list goes on; Kingdom Hearts charactees are relatable; I don't feel Xion has that affect. I gather this will be controversial to some; and I seriously do welcome people saying why they like her; a lot of the characters I like most can't stand ( Luxord and Marluxia); so different tastes are reflected in the series/community. However as I said to start with; I was not aiming to offend and I hope people respect my opinions here and upon reflection can understand what I outlined here.
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    An old drawing I made of Xion. I love her character Please don't repost on any website (except You can reblog on my Tumblr pose here: click link Please don't repost on any website (except

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  16. I couldn't sleep and a whole lot of this happened. I apologize. Introduction The first thing The Boy knew was that he didn’t feel right, even though he couldn’t have told anyone what right was supposed to feel like. He found himself in front of a ruined building, which was surrounded by an iron fence and enormous trees, but he didn’t take much of that in as a vortex of blinding light had suddenly appeared in front of him, depositing a hooded man in a black coat onto the relatively well manicured lawn. The Boy vaguely decided that he had a really bad feeling about this turn of events, though he only blinked despondently as the foreboding figure approached him. “You seek answers,” the figure said, flinging his hood off with a flourish and whipping his long silver hair in the suddenly relevant wind. He waved his hand through the space between himself and The Boy, trailing some shiny symbols that The Boy figured he should probably understand, but he was still too disoriented to remember how to read. “I can give you purpose,” the man continued, clapping The Boy on the back amiably as the letters magically began to rearrange themselves before disappearing into a cloud of sparkles . “Oops. Well, I haven’t mastered that trick yet, but the point is, I know pretty much everything about you and I think that Roxas would be a really awesome code name. What do you think?” Code name? Roxas was baffled, but at least the bad feeling was gone. He shrugged, and the man clapped his hands, causing the vortex he’d come from to reappear. “That’s right, the new you! I think it’s best this way, what with your---unfortunate past,” the man finished, staring sadly into the distance. “I’m Xemnas, by the way. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Roxas.” Roxas allowed himself to be led into the swirling mass of light, only half listening as Xemnas told him his plans for the future, all of which ended with his group of vigilantes saving the worlds. To be continued...
  17. Before you go waging war on me, hear me out. This may sound interesting for some of you. Okay, so first things first, this is about Xion, and to be precise, her Name. Every member in the organization's name are their somebody's name scrambled with an X. And this will soon apply to Xion as well! First, let's try removing the X in Xion. So we get a few possible names: Ion, Nio, Ino, Oin, Noi, and Oni. Now, that last name is a very interesting one. Oni is known as a Japanese yokai in folklore, mainly as a demon, devil, ogre and troll. So, could Xion's name be based on the mythical Oni? Hear this: Oh, for those who haven't played through 358/2 Days, this may be spoilers. Just a warning. So anyways, it's all just a small speculation and guess really. I can't prove it has any relevance to Xion's name, but that's just my theory. Rock on!
  18. There have been many different Heartless throughout the KH series, some only appearing in a single game. What Heartless would you like to appear in KH3? (Other than the obvious ones like Shadows, Neoshadows, Soldiers, Large Bodies, etc.) I personally would maybe like Invisibles to return. I also think it'd be neat to be able to fight multiple Darksides at once to show how strong Sora has become. Fighting multiple AntiSoras would be interesting to see as well. It would also be cool for some Heartless from 358/2 Days and χ to be in KH3 since most of them haven't appeared outside their own game.
  19. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, while thinking to myself, as I normally due at times, I started thinking a lot about Xehanort's true goal to achieve Kingdom Hearts by attaining Seven lights and Thirteen darknesses to achieve his goal. And then I thought about what Xemnas and Young Xehanort said regarding this matter, and something that comes to my mind is...has this been going on from further back than we realize? I mean, think about it! Xemnas might have sent a certain number of Organization members to Castle Oblivion to root out the traitors within their ranks, but what if this was also a possible means of luring in Sora and Riku? What if Xehanort had planned for Sora and Riku to come to Castle Oblivion, thus ordering Xemnas to send the certain number of Organization members that he sent? If this were the case, then Xehanort probably did this to test both Sora and Riku's strengths, to see if they would be fitting enough to become Seekers of Darkness! Xemnas himself said that some of the members were inadequate, and that they needed to be replaced! So what if he devised the whole scheme in Castle Oblivion to draw in Sora and Riku to eliminate the traitors within their ranks without them having to sully their hands, while also having the added bonus of determining whether they would be suitable candidates to bear a part of Xehanort's heart? In Riku's case, it would be even more so, considering that Ansem was haunting him, and in doing so, he might have been trying to force Riku into submission, thus turning him over into a Seeker! Riku clearly overcomed Ansem, and so that's when Xehanort lost interest in him, since he had developed a resistance to darkness! Sora though, was still ripe for the taking! By making Sora lose his memories, Xehanort might have wanted to see if Sora would become even more powerful while attempting to organize the whole mess that was his memory loss during his journey in Castle Oblivion! If that were so, then Xehanort would come to realize that even with Sora's memories gone, he'd still be a force to be reckoned with, and so that would make him even more suitable to be a Seeker of Darkness! Young Xehanort stated that they had tried to make Roxas into a Seeker, but he had gained awareness of himself, so that was rendered void as well! And so, the only candidate left was Sora! With Sora being the only other viable candidate that was weak against the darkness, Xehanort decided to put the final act of his plan into motion, therefore making sure he'd have a hand in Sora and Riku's Mark Of Mastery exam, therefore trapping Sora and bringing him to the point of being swallowed by the darkness! If it hadn't been for Lea, Sora would have become a Seeker, but even with the outcome of things, Xehanort didn't seem to be at all bothered by the results of his actions! Could this mean there was one more candidate aside from Sora that we don't know of? Good lord, so much to compile in my brain! X_X But I'm really glad I typed this out, because this was something I wanted to post here all day! So then, what do you all think of this? I know, I know, I probably have some things wrong in some areas, but hey, I did my best!
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    A long time ago, I did a picture called "One Hour Xion", where I debuted my first picture of Xion. I was proud of it, having only taken an hour to make. However, I didn't feel like I payed enough to one of my favorite characters. I didn't put enough EFFORT. Enough TIME. So, I recently went back to the drawing board. Turned one hour into quite a few, turned anger into a smile, and put Xion back onto my canvas once more. Here she is again, after a little over a year. Hello again, Xion.
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    well this is my second post eh, stuffs i draw alot. ^^
  22. I apologize for Re:Com's trailer being absent. I could not find one for it, or any usable one. Thanks for watching.
  23. Alright! Found out it's fake. Don't mind this. So there's a post on Facebook that I've just seen about a recent Square Enix tweet. "A recent tweet from Square Enix reveals a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out this year! Instead they're adding another Remix to the collection. This one will include the full games to 358/2 Days, Re:coded, and an HD version of Dream Drop Distance." I don't know how I feel about the now-playable 358/2 and Coded games. I'm happy, but at the same time i'm like, "Eh.." We already have the HD cutscenes, so I can't really find the point. I, personally, don't want to play Coded. It just seems like another KH1 to me, even after the new cutscenes. I'd just be happy with an HD remaster of Dream Drop Distance only. Anyways, how does anyone else feel about this? Do you think it's fake in some way?

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