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Found 86 results

  1. Mykaila Shakespeare

    A Fragmentary Passage

    [THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! THIS TITLE IS A PROLOGUE TO KH3 AND IT CONNECTS TO BIRTH BY SLEEP AND THE FIRST GAME, I RECOMMEND YOU UNDERSTAND THOSE TITLES BEFORE YOU READ THIS! PLEASE READ AT CAUTION! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH!) - - - - - - - - - - - - - [We follow Aqua in her time in the Realm of Darkness after sacrificing herself to save her friend. During her time there, she struggles to keep her hopes strong as she tries to find a way to escape and reunite with her friends. All the while, she faces what darkness presents to her, including her own demons.] - - - - - - - - - - I remember anticipating this title since it was first announced. It was also the time I learned the importance of other titles I felt I should play other games, especially Birth by Sleep. And thank goodness I did because I was able to understand the context. As for how I feel about the game, it is a huge improvement from birth by sleep in terms of gameplay. It plays a lot like KH2 in a way. This title, as mentioned, is a prologue to KH3. So, based on what gameplay they are going for, this means no more command decks this time around. However, you are pre-selected with certain abilities and magic spells. You cannot change your abilities, but you can change your placement with magic. You also rely on a new game mechanic called "situation commands". It works Iike how these limit commands worked in birth by sleep. Using the same attacks or spells creates an upgrade of a said spell or combo attack. Another interesting feature was added and it was the first time in the series you have customization. Whenever you accomplish some objectives, you are rewarded an item to your wardrobe. For example, fighting a secret boss will give you a crown or simply seeing the stars will give you wings. I remembered being so surprised by this feature when I saw their last trailer. The boss battles in this title are interesting. Especially ranging from the Darkside heartless to new heartless boss like Demon Tide (which has a very catchy final boss tune). As for heartless in general, seeing old and new in different areas in one world is still fun. Ranging from shadows to elemental heartless always a treat to see. I would also love to straight out say, surprising no none, the graphics of this title are so beautiful! Everything you see in the realm of darkness is what you might expect in a way. It is a place of loneliness and unsettling environments, despite how familiar these worlds are. Everything is distorted, and crystallized. It lacked bright colors and seeing some light give you hope and joy. The look of magic spells makes me appreciate the use of magic since I am normally not a magic based player. Seeing the how it also effects environment was a neat touch. Example, shooting fire not only harms the enemy, but it also scorches the ground. The ice magic I think is one of my favorite spells in this particular title. This is where I will talk about Aqua and the story of this title. I will warn you again this will contain spoilers of the game and even from birth by sleep and a previous title if you have not played it yet. - - - Seeing where we left off from the secret episode in birth by sleep, it is as such Aqua continuing her journey finding a way to escape the realm of darkness. Throughout her time there, she talks to herself. Her thoughts on certain things are worth pondering about. Which again, Kingdom Hearts never fails to give me pondering thoughts that I think Disney themselves have yet to let us learn about. That is opening my eyes on a different kind of perspective and respecting that sight. For example, in this particular title, Aqua ponders and grieves on the predicaments of the world she is in that was taken from darkness. She flashes back to the times she's visited these worlds and realizes how saddening it was to see a lot of the most simple things, you never give thought about, gone. From a dog waiting for their owner, a cat napping on their nook, even things like trees and flowers: every small thing you know are gone. This is telling me that we take the simple things in life for granted. The grief she had for these simple things really hit me when I played this. That moment with Aqua is one of my favorites in the entire series. Moving on, we see Aqua go through illusions that look like her friends and even her own demons she had to fight. The grief she went through and the yearning of escaping to see her friends again is always heartbreaking to see. A lot of what we had to see was just Aqua surviving and sadly we the players had to play along. Here is where I speak of a moment that truly connects....story wise anyway. We actually meet with least what Aqua wanted to see. He is in a way an illusion that heard her in the darkness and finally gets to speak to her of Xehanort's attempt to locate Ventus. This moment was actually kinda fascinating because it caused a big whoop and had a really cool semi-action sequence. We now come to a really big reveal of this game. Aqua finally reunites with Mickey Mouse. Through him, we learn Aqua has been in the Realm of Darkness for 10 years, at least in the realm of light since the time in the RoD does not move (I want to mention how heartbreaking it was when Mickey had to reveal that almost was relatable to us as fans when waiting for KH3). After Aqua finally having a conversation with an actually living person that is not an illusion, it became a relief seeing a form of light that made the moment kinda sweet. This then makes Mickey your temporary party member. It is as such as we head to the next important moments. We have our big battle with swarming piles of heartless known as demon tide at the remains of Destiny Islands (meaning at this time, Sora was fighting Ansem seeker of Darkness in KH1). After that cool battle, we then open a door leading to something Mickey was looking for: a Keyblade from the dark realm known as the the Kingdom Key D. Finding it, an unexpected light takes them to a familiar site to the players: the other side of the door to Kingdom Hearts....sort of. This was where Mickey and Sora lock the door on both sides. During this sequence, we see Riku running towards the door to help close it. from here is where gets interesting. Aqua saves him (he not realizing till Mickey told him) from a tornado of heartless. As such, this resulted keeping Aqua trapped despite being close to escape. This truly shows how she can be incredibly selfless, which is hard to see that she had to face the consequences. Aqua urging Mickey to go without her, she sacrifices herself to remain in the RoD to finish off the swarm of heartless, promising herself she would guide those in the dark and one day return to Terra and Ventus. Leaving off with the ending of KH1, locking both sides of the door and the worlds are now restored. We then finish the segment with Mickey's perspective (the ending of dream drop distance). Upset of the being kept secret for so long, Riku is now determined to rescue Aqua. Both are tasked as such while Kairi goes off to train with Lea to learn the ways of the keyblade. Meanwhile, Sora returns from a secret mission of sorts. Yen Sid speaks to Sora his strength is once again sapped away from him due to the predicament in Dream Drop Distance. He is tasked to meet someone, a true hero, who also lost his strength and hot it back again. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are set off to their next destination leading to the beginning of kingdom hearts 3. There is an issue for some dealing with this title, in terms of the connection. There was a lot of retcon in this series, and I guess this title drew the line on concluding that statement. There was a moment when Mickey was attacked enough to take off his shirt. There is a reason why that was added. In Kingdom Hearts 1, we see Mickey at the end of the game, we see him in his ultra classic outfit (just the red pants). So, adding why he had no short into the continuity is a bit interesting but it lead to people saying that it is a sample of Nomura making things up as this story goes along. Another sample was with Aqua In the mix of it. She learns of these 2 boys saving the worlds during her time in the Realm of Darkness. We then remember her meeting with Ansem the Wise he talks about a boy with a Keyblade saving the worlds. She asked if it was Ven or Terra. This leaves a confusion on this. Why did she ask that? Mickey told her they are out of commission instead it was Sora and Riku. So, Aqua questioning this shows that it was not planned. That being said, personally, I don't actually have that problem. Yes, the shirt situation was a bit silly (heck I was only weirded out he had no shirt on which is strange because it was his classic look ROFL), but the story being connected to KH1 is pretty harmless in a way to me. I'm not saying that this connection was properly planned, but I say Union Cross takes the cake on being an example of making up things to connect and the ultra surprises so far. This was treated and respected better than, for example, the Michael Bay Transformers (even though I did enjoy them for the laughs now a days....and Optimus Prime, but that's a discussion for another day). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I find this a really great edition to this series. While it was meant to be attached to KH3, the had to add something to Dream Drop Distance for their collection edition. I find this awesome since it is, in a way, a demo to KH3's new engine. I love the graphics and I love Aqua's development. I look forward to where this leads in KH3, especially with Aqua's predicaments hopefully coming to an end. Play this game if you are already further in the series. It will be worth it especially for KH3. ARTIST'S NOTES: This is kinda easy since I just used an already drawn Aqua and just added her to the Dark Margin. Drawing this area was bit simple too. So, sadly, I don't think I have much to add other than I am happy how I added to prints in the sand and the text of the title was the most proud I had for it. {{{. As of this post, this is it. That is the last of the posters...until I finish KH3. Yes, I actually have one more being none other than the big honcho itself. However, my thoughts will be raw and scrambled when doing a review and I do plan to make it a spoiler filled review. I will make sure to warn you when I get to it. Please look forward to it when that time comes.mi do not know how long it will take to finish the game. It will be however long it takes to have a fun experience. I will be off Social Media starting the day KH3 releases in Japan on the 25th, being the 24th for us. That being said, I hope you enjoyed the poster's I've done. I truly had a fun time doing them. 6 months worth of work and while my thoughts are not well constructed, I feel I've done my best to speak of them. Doing this project gave me a reason to play these games again, all l the more than enough to make me more excited for the promised day. I will see you all when I finish KH3 I also wish you luck with your choices on how you prepare for this upcoming important time of our fandom lives. Till then, May your hearts be your guiding key! }}} Please check out the other posters for this project:
  2. Hey everyone! Well another Countdown is here! This time Terra will be taking the eleventh day spot. It's gonna to be very interesting Terra again after the mess Master Xehanort put him through. Will his heart be strong enough to take back his body for good this time? Well we got eleven days to find out!
  3. Morning everyone! I hope you're doing great! Well here's another Countdown to Kingdom Hearts 3 picture, and this time it's our favorite sleeping beauty Ventus! I can't wait to see Ven again because ths dude needs to stretch his legs! Lol! But seriously I can't wait to see how Ventus is gonna to wake up in this game. Only ten more days left to find out!
  4. Mykaila Shakespeare

    The Broken Boy

    - 10 years ago, before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, we follow three young warriors: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All follow their teachings of their mentor, Master Eraqus (pronounced AIR-UH-KISS) to become Keyblade Masters. Terra and Aqua take on the Mark of Mastery judged by Eraqus, as well as Master Xehanort (ZAY-UH-NORT). Suddenly, Eraqus learns that Master Xehanort disappears and was informed [by Master Yen Sid] of the rising manifestations of negativity called Unversed. Terra and Aqua were sent on a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Unversed and Master Xehanort's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ven is informed by a mysterious masked boy about Terra's upcoming fate and Ven goes after him before it's too late. All lead to a fate that effects the future events of this series. -- Here we have Ven....who is the personification of a pure cinnamon roll who needs lots of hugs. I LOVE his character! Out of all the characters, his ark is far more fascinating. His ark, had the most affect on the future events of the series. Terra was the same and there was a plot twist that was pretty straight forward. Ven, however, had one of the most shocking twists. I will leave it at that and let you all discover that yourselves. His character in general, I mentioned he is just a precious cinnamon roll. He is just a sweet sweet boy. What he went through, the trial and challenges, I feel like routing for him all the way in hopes he achieves his goals. He wants to make friends and help them in any way he can. In a way, he is somewhat similar to Sora. Speaking of Sora.... As for gameplay, if any of you are more comfortable playing as Sora and trying to expand in different characters, Ventus is a good start. He plays a lot like Sora in a way but is still his own style. Unlike Terra, Ventus is lighter and faster. I feel, out of the three, he is the most balanced. When you are reasonably leveled enough, there is an amazing boss battle that is so over the top and somewhat difficult, it is one of my absolute favorites battles in the series. With that, I can't really think of anything else to say about this ark. Ven is such a good boy, there are some fascinating story elements, and the gameplay is just easier to handle. [ARTIST NOTES] As I mentioned before in my Terra post, I gave some common elements to each of the posters. This one was no different. I will give you a small notice on something interesting. The sunsets are colored with their own color pallet. For a better explanation, Terra's sunsets was more red and orange and Ventus is green and yellow. I also want to add something, a small secret: there was one thing I messed up on....but I will not say what it is LOL I couldn't currently fix under some technical circumstances LOL Ventus from Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix
  5. Mykaila Shakespeare

    The Feckless Youth

    ---- 10 years ago, before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, we follow three young warriors: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All follow their teachings of their mentor, Eraqus (pronounced AIR-UH-KISS) to become Keyblade Masters. Terra and Aqua take on the Mark of Mastery judged by Eraqus, as well as Master Xehanort. Suddenly, Eraqus learns that Master Xehanort disappears and was informed [by Master Yen Sid] of the rising manifestations of negativity called Unversed. Terra and Aqua were sent on a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Unversed and Master Xehanort's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ven is informed by a mysterious masked boy about Terra's upcoming fate and Ven goes after him before it's too late. All lead to a fate that effects the future events of this series. ---- Before I begin, I will dedicate a drawing on each character. The order I go is Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. From them, will only be judged by character and gameplay. There will be 4 posters of Birth by Sleep. The last one will contain my overall thoughts on the entire game, extra content included. ---- Starting with Terra. He, out of all the characters, is the most controversial, at least with his character. If anything, I hear a lot of people really hate Terra for and gullibleness (and his...arrogance? Ignorance? Stubbornness?) to put it lightly. The best example I could think of why people hate is through HMK. Please understand, I do not hate HMK. Heck, I respect his reasons why he doesn't like Terra (not calling you out my dude just don't know anyone else that hates him more than you LOL So I hope you do not mind me using you as a reference). However, personally, I am more midground with him (Terra). While he did make stupid decisions and he was quite a dunce, but he was still a good person through any circumstances. Dare I say, he has a good heart. I will restrain from that to avoid spoilers. ****People compare him to Anakin Skywalker. Both let their heart talk instead of using their head. They have people they truly care for and are willing to fight for them. However, there was one thing Terra had that Anakin didn't: the will to stay a good person and is internally fighting back simply because someone forced upon an unfortunate fate that affects the future events of the entire series. Anakin, on the other hand, made a choice to follow his darkest desires. At a cost, lost his loved ones and his morality.**** Then there is the gameplay. Now THAT I am not a fan of. He was heavy and slow, especially from his "dodging" which are mostly dash sliding. I one time had to go through his gameplay style when fighting some secret bosses. I will tell you right now, if you want a challenge, he is right here. I had to redo SO MANY battles to get it finished. Aqua and Ventus are better candidates for secret bosses because they are faster and their dodges are broken (easily invincible from rapid attacks, which I'll get more into when I finish them). The damage he inflicts on enemies and bosses are somewhat impressive, but it lacks speed and is low on magic. That is just a type of gameplay I am never a fan of. In terms of order in story, I am glad Terra was first. Getting the worst out of the way to get to the best. So, in short, I'm actually tolerant with this character, despite his obvious flaws. I do not hate him as much as HMK, but I can understand why people like HMK do. The gameplay, however, was not that least through bosses honestly. So, for those who want to do a platinum trophy for BbS, good luck. [ARTIST NOTE] I was actually REALLY excited making this, as well as the others coming up this month. I want you all to keep an eye out on each of the characters posters. Each share some elements in common. It will mostly apply on Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's solo posters. I will be making 4 posters on just BbS (there is a fifth, but will be for 0.2 BbS and that will have to wait till January). Until then, keep an eye out! As for this particular poster, like I said, this makes me excited for other posters because of the backgrounds. Seriously y'all, I never thought I would have fun with backgrounds, mostly elemental. Turns out I love the sky. I love sunsets so much guys. I think they are just beautiful and colorful. Doing Terra was kinda easy, but the armor on his arm was tricky (trying to put it in the right position). I didn't plan on adding his Keybalde simply because I feel the wayfinder he's holding feels more relevant and important from the narrative (that and I just wanna get these done LOL). I mentioned there are some elements in common. I won't beat around the bush when I say this. Terra, in Latin, means "Earth". So, simply, I surrounded him with his element. The other will have their own elements. However, there is more to it than that. Keep an eye out with the other posters ^^ [also, apparently as of this post, today is director Tetsuya Nomura's birthday] ??
  6. Frederyk_Strife4217

    Jecht mod Bugged

    So, I used the Easy Modding Station for Birth By Sleep and installed the Jecht mod for Terra, but the cutscene model didn't work, but now when I try to change it it doesn't change and his face glitches out. Can anyone help?
  7. Frederyk_Strife4217

    BBS Easy Modding No Audio

    Okay, So I modded Birth By Sleep Final Mix using the BBS Easy Modding Station 2.3.1 The texture modding works great but for some reason all audio has been cut out. Does anyone know why this happened and how to fix/prevent this?
  8. Mykaila Shakespeare

    The Misguided Master

    10 years ago, before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, we follow three young warriors: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All follow their teachings of their mentor, Eraqus (pronounced AIR-UH-KISS) to become Keyblade Masters. Terra and Aqua take on the Mark of Mastery judged by Eraqus, as well as Master Xehanort (ZAY-UH-NORT). Suddenly, Eraqus learns that Master Xehanort disappears and was informed [by Master Yen Sid] of the rising manifestations of negativity called Unversed. Terra and Aqua were sent on a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Unversed and Master Xehanort's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ven is informed by a mysterious masked boy about Terra's upcoming fate and Ven goes after him before it's too late. All lead to a fate that effects the future events of this series. -- We now have Aqua: she is one of my all time favorite KH characters. This young lady here is quite a character. This is somewhat special because she so far my all time favorite female character. Funny enough, I normally do not have favorite female characters and I'm female myself. I have a reason for it but it is personal and I want to to just talk about this game. Point being, she is so far, genuinely, the only favorite fictional female that is a favorite. If you truly love good women who are polite, authoritative, modest, strong, brave, kind, beautiful, and is somewhat a knight, you got what's close to the perfect gal right here. Because, this is pretty much who she is. One of my favorite moments, without being too spoiled, relates to those attributes. There is a scene when Aqua comes up and holds her hand to a character like, dare I say, a gentleman (and no, I don't consider her can act like a gentleman and not be lesbian). There is her immediate reaction when she made a mistake for not realizing she was in front of authoritative presence -bows and apologizes for her lack of manners. She is a true warrior if I ever saw one. Her story is not the most plot twisted of the trio nor did it effect the future events (aside from the choice she made near end game). But she is special in her own way that many of us fans care for her enough in hopes she succeeds. As for gameplay, she is heavily full magic. I am normally not a solely magic-based player. However, I did find myself enjoying her gameplay because a lot of it in general is pretty satisfying. That and it feels almost as comfortable as Ventus. It is a bit difficult at first simply because it's mostly magic and not as balanced as Ven. But, like any character you play, you eventually level up to where it feels comfortable enough to have the confidence to fight through some difficult bosses. This also makes me appreciate magic more in these games. While I find her ark in terms of big surprises to be lacking (until the final and secret episode), the inner struggles seemed to speak louder. Her personality and overall reputation shines bright to many fans. As much as I love Ven, Aqua is my second favorite in the entire series. [ARTIST NOTE] Alright, big reveal. Have you noticed what the three posters had in common? All have the 3 elements of the characters: earth, air, and water. As such, for example, Aqua is water but there is still earth and air (clouds) in the same environment. The night sky plays a symbolically major part of the story, so of course I give each of them the night sky with some sunsets. I also realized when drawing these, I drew their right hands in a unique way. Terra hand his hand closed, Ven was loosely open, and Aqua openly spreads her fingers to the sky. I'll leave that to you for interpretation. Also, the land in the background was totally made up. However, let's just make this Neverland because it reminds me of it LOL Doing these are so much fun. I may or may not mentioned this, but normally backgrounds aren't my forte. However, doing these relating to the elements for each character, that's what make it really fun to draw. Kinda felt like a new experience. I am not done yet. I have one more poster of this particular title to show. It will contain my overall thoughts on the title itself. So stay tuned y'all! (As of this post, will post it on Sunday).
  9. Iamkingdomhearts1000

    Kingdom Hearts NG-Next Generation.

    "...13 years have passed since the ending of the 2nd Keyblade War...the 7 Guardians of Light, led by Sora had at last vanquished the 13 Seekers of Darkness, led by Xehanort and had restored true equilibrium by locking away the true Kingdom Hearts upon destroying the true Chi-Blade, thus ensuring that neither both Light nor Darkness can reign supreme over one of the other side... However...there will always be those seeking to obtain Kingdom Hearts for themselves and thus, in order to prevent the reconstruction of the Chi-Blade once more, Sora and those that had survived the events of the Keyblade War, himself, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Roxas, Lea, Xion, Namine, Ventus, Terra and Aqua had all agreed to create a new "Keyblade Academy" to train future wielders of the Keyblade, should forces of either the Dark or even Light itself attempt to recreate the Chi-Blade for whatever reasons they have in mind...the Keyblade Academy is built in the capital of Light, Radiant Garden, where here, everyone who is allied with Sora, the hero of the last great Keyblade War can keep watch over who is worthy to wield the Keyblade and fight in its name to protect the balance of all things, living and/or otherwise...that which is Kingdom Hearts...the Heart, of all Worlds and people... 13 years have passed...a new generation has taken up the Keyblade and are now prepared to embark on a new adventure the likes of which no one has ever seen before, battling against evildoers that would threaten peace loving citizens, join us, as we see these all brand new Keyblade heroes in action!" Rules: No Godmodding. No Romance above age 12. No Swearing above age 15. The story is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, please stay true to the Kingdom Hearts mythology, as much, as possible. Please use proper grammar. To show that you have read the Rules, please type down at the end of your Character Sheets, "Kingdom Hearts Forever.". You can have up to 3 Characters per person each. Have Fun! :]. Character Sheets: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Bio: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Alignment:
  10. EdoNinjaStormHD

    Ventus Banner

    First post to make here so uhhh I hope you guys like it!

    © EdoNinjaStormHD

  11. A sort of DmC: Devil May Cry inspired rework of our Dearly Beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise, The Kingdom of Hearts or TKoH for short is the story about all brand new main, primary protagonists of this new version of Kingdom Hearts trying to protect the aforementioned mythical, ancient, omnipotent and omniscient Heart of all Worlds from the clutches of both Darkness and all other sorts of evil forces...the premise behind The Kingdom of Hearts is that it not only explores both the Light and the Dark within everyone's Hearts but rather also both the Good and the Bad, the White and the Black, the Yang and the Yin, so on, so forth, all the kinds of things that represent balance itself, the theme of TKoH is balance and the story focuses on parallel versions of Sora, Riku and Kairi, as they soon get dragged into a fight for their very lives and must now at the very same time, master the arts of the Keyblade granted upon this Role-play, Sora, Riku and Kairi are named "Sky", "Land" and "Sea" respectively and they are currently being taught under their mentors and foster figures of each one of them respectively named "Wind", "Earth" and "Water", the parallel versions of Ventus, Terra and the story of TKoH, long, long what was once called the Age of Fairy Tales, now called the "Age of Modern Man", there was a demon, a demon so powerful that it could feed off of the life force of other peoples' Hearts until eventually, nothing at all had remained of them, this demon was referred to by all, as the "Heartless Xehanort", basically Kingdom Hearts' version of Calamity Ganon from The Legend of Zelda's latest recent release Breath of the Wild...the Heartless Xehanort was once said according to legend to have been thirteen individuals each, however, upon completely surrendering their Hearts to the Darkness for whatever reason, power, fame, fortune, you name it...these 13 individuals' Hearts had been completely swallowed by the Dark and had then merged into one, which had become the evil monster, the Heartless order to stop the Heartless Xehanort before it could wreak havoc upon the "World of Light", seven princesses from seven different kingdoms were chosen due to their royal bloodlines and the magical powers bestowed upon their Hearts due to those bloodlines and by combining all of their powers into one, they crafted a door leading to eternal Darkness, there, they had banished the Heartless Xehanort, hoping that the seal would forever remain intact and the evil beast kept locked away under lock and key forever...however, there are now those in the current present times who seek to revive the Heartless Xehanort, they call themselves a "Cult of Nobodies" and now this aforementioned cult are seeking new ways to revive the beast for whatever diabolical schemes they are hatching and are plotting, they have even gone, as far, as to conduct experiments, trying to mimic the original Heartless Xehanort itself in the forms of miniature beasts, more or less taking on the gargantuan monster's form, now, in order to save the World of Light and all of the smaller Worlds within its larger sphere of Worlds, Sky, the apprentice of Wind, Land, the apprentice of Earth and Sea, the apprentice of Water must now unite, as one and band together to face off against the Dark forces and machinations of the Cult of Nobodies before they even have the chance to revive the Heartless Xehanort, however...they must also learn the bonds of teamwork and friendship in the process if they are ever to have a standing fighting chance, for the three apprentices do not exactly get along so well with one another and now this is where balance fits into the story, they must learn to put aside their differences, work with each other, as well, as other people dedicated to the cause of stopping the Cult of Nobodies and the monstrous Heartless Xehanort and both use and unlock the true powers of their weapons, the "Keyswords" and thus with Keyswords in hand, the three set out from their home-worlds, as ordered by their masters and begin journeying to the smaller Worlds within the World of Light, hoping to learn new things and experiences in these Worlds before joining together, as one by meeting at the fated place and once there, the chosen three will prove themselves not only to all the people of the Realm of Light and their masters but also to themselves especially for a strong lesson in life is self reflection...another form of balance but now, enough talk, let the journey commence and the story begin, for this is TKoH, The Kingdom of Hearts. Rules: No Godmoding. No Romance above age 12. No Swearing above age 12. Please use proper grammar. This is a parallel universe setting of the Kingdom Hearts games so although it shares certain and similar themes and aspects with the games, the Role-play itself is meant to be an entirely original story more or less with borrowed ideas from both DmC: Devil May Cry and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in the senses that it shows new versions of our favourite Characters and that they must combat a deadly nemesis that was once Human now more monster then the former respectively. Hints can be made to the original Kingdom Hearts games but not outright connections to the actual games, this is a different setting and universe that can be considered on the other side of the mirror of the Kingdom Hearts universe where the games take place, know what i mean? You cannot create Characters based on Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra and Aqua but other versions of Characters such, as Axel/Lea for example are available and just to put any person's mind at ease about the Cult of Nobodies being this universe's Organization XIII, they are not, they are merely a group of worshipers and followers that are trying to resurrect the ancient evil being, the Heartless Xehanort, anyone can create their own groups based on the Organization if they so wish to, however, monsters such, as the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eaters will not appear in the story, instead, new monsters will appear that will be introduced when the story first kicks off hopefully. Keyswords are what the Keyblades are called in this universe and, as for X-Blades and Ultima Weapon Keyblades that appear in the Role-play, they are combined, as one in this universe and are called "Ultima Xs", Ultima Xs are what is referred to, as the final transformation and form of a Keysword once it has reached full maturity alongside its chosen wielder, they basically function like the Starlight Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts Chi does in terms of they can change shape upon a Character leveling up, each time a Character levels up upon reaching the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on, a person can change the shape of their Keyblade if they so desire or just stay with its regular appearance, whichever suits the Role-players' preferences. Characters from other franchises, Final Fantasy can appear in the Role-play but they are parallel versions of their normal Kingdom Hearts selves which who of are parallels to begin with but the unique thing upon their inclusion is that they can be portrayed however they like, for examples, Sephiroth isn't a villain and is instead a hero and Cloud is not a brooder but rather a more sociable person, that's the fun in how these Characters can be portrayed within the Role-play, Final Fantasy, Disney and Kingdom Hearts Characters all alike, we can see new sides of them that we have never seen before. Please put down "One Destiny, Different Sky" to show that you have read the Rules at the end of your Character Sheets. You can have up to, as many Characters, as you can portray. Have fun! :]. P.S: The starting point for all Characters to meet up is the World known, as "Lux Town", it is the central hub World for the Role-play and where the Tutorial will take place, revealing how travelling to other Worlds is possible and is performed, how people fight with their weapons, especially Keyswords and where the heroes will learn of what the villains, the Cult of Nobodies are currently plotting, other Characters that are villainous may choose to align with the cult or not and work towards their own agendas, like Maleficent and Pete do in the games. Character Sheets: Normal: Name: Age: History: Personality: Appearance: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Home-world: Species: Alignment: Japanese Voice Actor/Actress: English Voice Actor/Actress: Theme Song: (The last three don't need to be filled in necessarily.). Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Disney: Name: Parallel Version of which Character from the games: Age: History: Personality: Appearance: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Home-world: Alignment: Here is the Character Sheet for the demonic being: Character Sheets: Normal: Name: The Heartless Xehanort. Age: Over 10,000 years. History: 13 individuals filled with both complete and utter Darkness within their Hearts combined, as one to form this abomination of creation...during the very early years it was rampaging across the World of Light, it was initially known, as the being with "No Name", however, over the course of the history of time, its violence and terrorism have earned it the nickname "Heartless" and the name "Xehanort" was also bestowed upon it, as it was apparently the name of a both fallen and corrupt angel of legend, thus came to be, the Heartless Xehanort, a giant behemoth of a monster that has been mentioned in storytelling nightmares to children living in the current present era, as a means of getting them to behave, the Heartless Xehanort was ultimately defeated by the combined unification of seven pure Hearted princesses of seven kingdoms each and was sealed away supposedly forever behind a giant sealed door that led to a bottomless pit of eternal Darkness, there it sleeps, waiting, to be one day be awakened and the seal broken, to destroy the World of Light and this time succeed, so that nothing is left and only Nothingness remains behind... Personality: Cruel, Sadistic, Monstrous, has no Conscience and a mind to think on its own with, its only purpose in life is the instinct to kill everyone and everything baring a Heart until Hearts no longer exist at all... Appearance: Resembles Calamity Ganon from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but with Master Xehanort's signature traits, his gold eyes, pointy ears and silver hair, has X shaped claw feet. Weapon: A Keysword shaped Scorpion like tail. Sub Weapon: A Crab like right handed giant claw. Home-world: Unknown. Species: Unknown. Alignment: Pure Evil. Japanese Voice Actor/Actress: Has none, communicates through beast sound effects. English Voice Actor/Actress: Same, as above. Theme Song: "One Destiny, Different Sky.".
  12. Young_Master_Eraqueez

    Aqua Never Saw It Coming

    This is just one of many examples of what I can potentially create when I get bored and don't have anything better to do.
  13. Tagline: "...Our battle is over...but the war...has only just begun." Synopsis: Three and a half years have passed since the events of KINGDOM HEARTS III, in which Sora, aided by his fellow Guardians of Light had defeated both Master Xehanort and his Organization XIII comprised of various incarnations of himself and now, the Worlds are at peace, however...that does not mean that peace lasts forever, for now a both strange and mysterious new threat is attacking the universe and it is up to both Sora and friends to stop it, along the way they meet both old and new friends alike, exploring various and vast new Worlds unlike which they have ever seen beforehand, mastering new spells and abilities and also for Sora, gaining new Keyblades to fight with, as Sora begins this new adventure of his, he soon discovers that this new threat that is trying to destroy the galaxy is related in more ways then one to the legendary Keyblade War, of which Xehanort was trying to restart and had ultimately failed to do so, thanks to Sora and the others' efforts, at any rate, this new threat may very well be trying to get its hands on the one true χ-Blade, in order to unlock the mysteries of its counterpart, the one true Kingdom Hearts, to in turn become a god above both everything and an attempt to stop this evil menace, Sora travels with both Donald Duck and Goofy once more to find out more about the enemy that they are currently facing whilst both Riku and King Mickey Mouse don the Black Coats of Organization XIII once more and travel across the Worlds through the Corridors of Darkness, attempting their own investigation into matters from their side, meanwhile, Master Yen Sid has both Kairi and Lea undertake the Mark of Mastery Exam, in the hopes that just like Sora and Riku beforehand will the two master new powers to combat this new threat, aiding in the training of the two are Merlin and the three good fairies, as requested their help by Yen Sid, in the meantime, Maleficent and Pete are up to their no good tricks again and are attempting to reassemble the council of Disney villains from the original KINGDOM Hearts to further their own goals of universal domination, Ventus, Terra and Aqua are on standby at the newly restored Land of Departure until given further orders by the revived Master Eraqus, Roxas, Axel, Xion and Namine are also on standby with Pence, Hayner and Olette in Twilight Town at the old mansion, finally, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, along with the somebodies of Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo and the redeemed Isa, as well, as Ansem the Wise, having been restored to the wise sage and ruler of Radiant Garden are currently looking into matters regarding research on this new foe that everyone is now faced with... This new foe is said to be just about, as dangerous, as Xehanort was...maybe, even more so...aided by four henchmen, this new enemy and his servants don white versions of Organization XIII's Black Coats and all together call themselves the "Illuminati", the Illuminati lead creatures that feed off positive energy and vibes that they refer to, as the "Versed", said to be the exact opposites of the Unversed themselves, the Versed are easily identified by having the very same symbol, as the Unversed do upon their bodies, the only difference being that the colour for the Versed is white instead of the Unversed's black, a possible hint into the identity of who these new enemies are, namely their leader, as he bares a Unversed symbol zipper on his white coat, he calls himself "χ-Super" and under his white coat's hood, he is shown to wear a variation of Vanitas' helmet but with a large X across the helmet's face, whatever his intentions are currently unknown but he states that he will bring about what he calls the "Versus XIII" and whatever this means, most people tend to take it, as to him meaning that he is going to form another Organization XIII like Xehanort previously did in the past twice and is attempting to recreate the Keyblade War, now, on a mission to stop this possible raving lunatic, Sora and friends, old and new battle Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Dream Eaters and these new Versed monsters across all of the realms a person can think of and finally, the story that began with Xehanort's ambition will end once and for all here, at least that is what is going through Sora's mind at the moment but still he ponders, is there more to this Versus XIII? what exactly does it mean? all will be explained... This is KINGDOM HEARTS IV-The free Role-Play for everyone where they can experiment on what life would be like after the events of the Xehanort/Dark Seeker Saga have ended, please share with me your opinions on the story before i continue making the Character Sheets and Rules.
  14. Hoshiko Hikari

    Realisation about Ventus

    I couldn't find another post about this so I hope I'm not repeating a topic already discussed. And I hope I'm not stating something that was really obvious to everyone else. Also if you are not up to date on the Union Cross NA storyline then look away now to avoid spoilers. I was going through a list of all currently known Keyblade Masters in my head the other day (as you do) when I suddenly realised something that I'd never thought about before. Ventus is a Keyblade Master! Probably, anyway. How is he a Keyblade Master, do you ask? Because in Union Cross he appears as one of the new Union Leaders chosen by the Master of Masters to replace the Foretellers (who are also Keyblade Masters) after they meet their end in the Keyblade War. And when Master Ava first tells Ephemer that he has been chosen to replace her as another one of the new Union Leaders he indicates that this also means he has been made a Master. Therefore if Ephemer has become a Master then we can assume that the other new Union Leaders are also Masters, including Ven. So if Ven is a Keyblade Master then that means - assuming he is one and the same as Ven in Birth By Sleep where he appears slightly older - that the whole time he was training with Aqua and Terra and sharing their dream of becoming Keyblade Masters, he was already a Keyblade Master but just didn't know it. I think this is a pretty interesting realisation when you consider that he is not only younger than Terra and Aqua by a few years (in appearance anyway as we don't actually know how old he is) but he is also weaker than them. It also means that Terra is the only one of the three to have not yet obtained the title of Master despite appearing to be the oldest. That would make him really depressed if he found out! On a slightly different note, why do you think Ven was chosen by the Master of Masters for this role? He says so himself that he's not particularly good at anything and never in the top ranks. He doesn't really seem to be a natural leader either. My guess is that he was chosen for his strong resistance to darkness. Though I also wonder if it's because the Master of Masters knew what lay in his future? Please share your thoughts!
  15. An all brand new KINGDOM HEARTS Role-Play, this is KINGDOM HEARTS III: The Untold Story...the story that is told that leads up to the events of KINGDOM HEARTS III, separate to the story of both Sora and an unknown Realm, on an unknown World...there lives a boy, same age and similar to, though not quite, as Sora...his name is "Zola" and he lives in the universe known, as the "Parallel Realm", here, everything is reverse to the natural order that is Sora's universe, the Realm of, people and things take on different forms compared to their both Light and Dark counterparts and here...the Parallel Realm is under siege...from the threat of an invisible enemy...who lurks behind the shadows of creatures native to the Parallel Realm, known, as the "Faceless", beings that have no identities whatsoever, going, as far, as to wear masks that conceal what may very well be misshapen faces and figures, instead, the Faceless seek out those who have identities, namely, those with Hearts, they believe that if they can obtain the Hearts of others...will they obtain their very own identities for themselves and in the process, learn what it means to feel the emotions of a Heart and what exactly is a Heart, Zola...chosen wielder of the Keyblade of the Parallel Realm must now battle the Faceless alongside others, against both the Faceless and the invisible enemy that leads them, just, as Sora and his allies in the Realm of Light battle both Master Xehanort and his forces of evil...behold, this, is the untold story...of the Parallel Realm, the mirror Realm that coexists alongside the Realm of Light yet neither are aware of each other's existence...this is the story, of Zola...Sora's Parallel Realm counterpart. Theme Song: Rules: No Godmodding. No Romance above Age 12. No Swearing above Age 15. Please stay true to the Kingdom Hearts Timeline Events and Mythology, as this takes place alongside the Xehanort Saga but is parallel to it, meaning that no one in the Realm of Light is aware of the events here in the Parallel Realm and vice versa, this basically a Reboot of the original Kingdom Hearts video game more or less but still takes place alongside the original Kingdom Hearts games' story-lines, this is hopefully the 1st Kingdom Hearts Role-Play in what i like to call the "Blank Saga", in which we start everything afresh but still in keeping with the traditional main story-line of the Dark Seeker Saga. You can have up to 3 Characters per person each, you cannot request to portray, as Sora and the others for they will not appear in this Role-Play although subtle hints will be made, this is entirely a parallel universe setting where things are completely different, especially the Worlds, for example, the World of Beauty and the Beast set in the Parallel Realm is based on the 2017 live action film version, same goes for the Jungle Book which has yet to star in the actual games, all events relating to Disney based films and properties are based on their live action film counterparts so we will be seeing a unique story in where Maleficent is on the side of good, still searching for Kingdom Hearts but good nevertheless for example. Have fun! :]. Please put at the end of your Character Sheets "Different Story, Same World." to show that you read the Rules. Character Sheets: Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: History: Home-world: Weapon: Sub Weapon: Japanese Voice-over: English Voice-over: Theme Song: (The last three don't need to be filled in if you don't want to.). Character Sheets: Name: Zola. Age: 16. Personality: Same, as Sora's, his Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Same, as Sora's from Kingdom Hearts III but with white coloured hair and gold coloured eyes, also, the colour of the clothing is inverted and reversed, lastly wears a black coloured Kingdom Crown. History: A young man hailing from the World known, as the Fate Islands, it is from there that Zola begins his epic journey across the Worlds and discovers that they are in threat of being in danger at the hands of the Faceless and their currently unknown leader and master, Zola wields the Kingdom Key in battle and has already receiving training from Balthazar Blake, the Parallel Realm's version of Yen Sid. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Kingdom Key Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Miyu Irino. English Voice-over: Haley Joel Osment. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.". Character Sheets: Name: Sarcga. Age: 17. Personality: Same, as Riku's, his Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Same, as Riku's from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance but without the Spirit Dream Eater Emblem on the back and the clothing entirely coloured black, his long hair is also black coloured. History: Hailing from the Fate Islands, the same, as Zola, Sarcga wishes to become something more then he currently is and will do everything in his power to ensure that change will happen, like Zola also, he has received extensive combat training in wielding the Way to the Dawn Keyblade under Balthazar Blake. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Way to the Dawn Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Mamoru Miyano. English Voice-over: David Gallagher. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.". Character Sheets: Name: Sakura. Age: 16. Personality: Same, as Kairi's, her Realm of Light counterpart. Appearance: Wears a pink coloured Organization XIII coat and has long jade coloured hair. History: Like both her childhood friends Zola and Sarcga, she too is from the Fate Islands, however, unlike her two friends, she is kidnapped from her World in the story's beginning and is taken elsewhere, no one knows where exactly but not long afterwards, reports have been made across the Worlds about a girl with emerald coloured hair having been spotted where Faceless have been located at, wearing a pink hooded coat and wielding a Keyblade. Home-world: Fate Islands. Weapon: Destiny's Embrace Keyblade. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Risa Uchida. English Voice-over: Alyson Stoner. Theme Song: "Different World, Same Story.". Character Sheets: Name: Demon Master: Gaienheim. Age: Unknown. Personality: Cool, Calm, Collected, Cruel, Cunning, Calculating, Strange, Sarcastic, Sadistic, Mysterious, Manipulative and Wise. Appearance: Resembles Demon Lord: Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword but has black coloured hair, gold coloured eyes, wears black coloured clothing, a blue coloured cape and wields the Soul Eater. History: The invisible enemy that has been threatening the Worlds through his Faceless henchmen and other machinations that are of his ilk, Gaienheim is a devious master of the demonkind and orders over them without equal, he is currently searching for something that both he and Balthazar Blake call the "Heart of the Worlds" but to so far end, he has had not much success, other then discovering that to find the Heart of the Worlds, he must first find a special being called the "Heart Sharer", said to be able to transfer their Heart from one body to another's entirely, by finding this so called Heart Sharer, Gaienheim will be one step closer to obtain the Heart of the Worlds and thus lastly then reigning supreme over all of the Worlds themselves. Home-world: Unknown. Weapon: Soul Eater. Sub Weapon: None. Japanese Voice-over: Anri Katsu. English Voice-over: Jude Law. Theme Song: "Different Story, Same World.".
  16. We all know that Ventus is currently sleeping in the Castle Oblivion right? which is really The Land of Departure, Traverse Town, Daybreak Town, and Twilight Town in reality, or even possibly, a shared area of the overlapping parts of the aforementioned worlds (those worlds being in-between worlds). I mean his body is there, but his heart is still residing inside Sora’s heart. Someday, I know that, he will wake… but maybe, just maybe, it is not his first time sleeping there… It may even be his third time. And that is the main subject of this article. Reincarnation Theory We all know how Ventus closely resemble Gula–how he is rumored to be the reincarnation of Gula. But we also know how Ventus, as a Dandelion, appeared also in the age of the Master of Masters and Foretellers. Now how can this be? The clue may have been already present all along. The Old Mansion and Castle Oblivion In KHII, we have seen how the Old Mansion in Twilight Town is really connected to the Castle Oblivion. And here are the curious parts: there are symbols of unicorns/pegasus in that place, a very big fight seemed to have happened there a long time ago, and there is a sleeping pod in that place that shows a sign that it was used before by/for a person other than Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Gula & Ventus (Dandelion) In the KChi Back Cover, we are informed that when Ira, the unicorn Foreteller, discovered that Gula is the holder of the lost page, he searched for him. (Keep in mind that there is also this theory that the holder of the lost page is the traitor.) Now Gula might be the traitor or not, but if he really is Ventus, then maybe, Ira or some other character(s) got a hold of him, and, by some mysterious reason, erased his memories and turn him into Ventus (Dandelion). Speculation(s) We all know that Dandelions are the only ones chosen to survive. Maybe, by some mysterious reason/importance of Gula/Ventus’ survival, that/those person(s) did such thing. Maybe it is really about the X-blade. In any case, Gula might really be Ventus (Dandelion) who slept in C.O. for a while; he slept and lost his memories and woke up to be a new boy as a Dandelion. Ventus (Aqua and Terra’s Friend) Now, we also know that the Dandelions must have their memories erased. Maybe for X-blade again. Again the C.O. entered into action (probably). And thus we have Ventus as a boy, who again, lost his memories to be Aqua and Terra’s friend. The Fight Now there’s clearly a very destructive fight that transpired in the Old Mansion/C.O./Land of Departure. What happened or for what reason? A fight for Gula/Ventus? Who are the participants of such fight? These questions are pivotal yet still a mystery to us. Maybe my prior article is the answer or maybe not. Birth by Sleep: Nomura as a Reader of George MacDonald Like my first article, I will warn the reader that if he or she does not like things concerning religion especially Christianity, he or she is free to refrain at this point to read further. Now, Nomura might be a reader of George MacDonald. Here’s a thing: MacDonald is a master story/fairytale/Christian allegory writer who inspired other legendary writers (e.g. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton etc.). He is famous for his emphasis on waking by sleep.1 It is his way to emphasize Christ’s words about living by dying.2 Aside from this, MacDonald also emphasized the existence of other worlds and doors that lead to them. (See how MacDonald really influenced Lewis’ Narnia by his Faeryland.) Now, I believe that if Ventus did not fallen into sleep and resided in Sora’s heart, the world of KH might be in worse state now–the birth of a new keyblade wielder by his sleep crushed the prior attempts of Xehanort. Come to think of it, Ventus’ sleep and Sora’s awakening as a keyblade wielder is kind of similar to Sora’s death (being a heartless) that gave a new life to a Nobody (Roxas). Without Roxas, the world might be in a worse state during the time Sora was still asleep. Now, think about this: why does the room where Ventus is currently sleeping called as the “Chamber of Waking”? Because sleep will later on give way to waking. The hurting will be healed. As true as the evening will give way to a new dawn. Disclaimer: Again I apologize for spelling mistake(s) or grammatical error(s) if there is/are. 1. Lilith 2. Philippians 1:21; John 12:24
  17. Hello I am new here. Just recently got psvr and daydream phone. Watch with PSVR or DayDream VR on android! Retro game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep in stunning VR! I captured using an android phone. Note: Retro games have a 2d screen and no left or right. I made it curve enough to view straight, turning head left, right, top, and bottom. Back view is the screen repeat, so no official back view. Thoughts good, bad, constructive criticism, comments. All are welcome. Edit December 7 2017: My first virtual reality game project is Kingdom Hearts BBS. The plan is to show the cut-scenes, boss fights, mirage arena, mini games, and a showing of the level scenery. Note: part 2 of the movie is better quality. The Movie Playlist VR Sample playlist - includes FF7, Spyro 2, and KH BBS Opening and Game-play
  18. I haven't gotten through the entire area but Armor or Eraqus and No Heart sound awesome.
  19. Sigrun

    Bae Queen Aqua

    Bae Queen Aqua. I do not own this but I have dibs on her. She's going to get finesse by me.

    © None SE and disney i guess.

  20. Iman Nazeerudin

    Their Birth By Sleep

    Wanted to draw the Birth by Sleep trio with some fanmade Keyblades.

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword

  21. Honestly, if Aqua had done this, the worlds would be safe now.
  22. Over the years, I've seen many people be confused as to why Sora and Riku had to do so much more for their Mark of Mastery than Aqua and Terra. Aqua and Terra trained their whole life for their Mark of Mastery. Sora and Riku didn't. Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery was also their training. Their Mark of Mastery was so much more difficult than Aqua and Terra's because they had to make up for the years of training they missed. The Mark of Mastery and becoming a Keyblade Master isn't about whether you can save the world or not. It's about being traditionally trained. For example, becoming a black belt in Karate has nothing to do with whether you can save the world or win a fight or not. It has to do with if you have mastered the traditional skills you have been taught. The title of "Keyblade Master" is nothing more than a formality.
  23. Hi everyone! Name's Jack. New to the forums but long time reader. So I have been attempting to come up with a theory as to why Ventus has a connection to the time and world of Unchained Chi based on a few assumptions. My hope is to tie this to other story points in the series that can back this up. Without further ado, let's get into it. So for my theory to work, the idea that Unchained Chi is a "sleeping world" is important. Whatever form that is (within the Book of Prophecies, within the Realm of Sleep, etc.), we are essentially in a dream world. That's what I'm going to assume. Anyone remember the original "Fragmentary Passage" reveal from BBS:FM? The game that essentially became 2.8 that Nomura wanted to make but couldn't at the time? In that cinematic, we see several things (Mickey in the RoD, Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town, etc.), but one thing that was always confounding for me is Ventus literally disappearing form the Chamber of Waking (along with Sora, but that's a different point). This was never truly touched on by any game but keep this moment in mind. We know your entire physical being needs to go to the Realm of Sleep (not just you taking a snooze and your mind goes there). We also know that Ventus's armor went to Sora to protect him from falling into darkness in DDD. There's also that moment where, when Sora is greeted by the Dream Eaters in DDD, Ventus is shown smiling in the Chamber of Waking With all that in mind, here's my theory: I believe that Ventus, right at the end of DDD, has actually entered the dream world of Unchained Chi much like Sora and Riku did for their Mark of Mastery in order to "wake up" the world and any relevant characters from that time. Ventus literally leaves the Chamber of Waking (even for just a while) thanks to Sora entering the Realm of Sleep to do his own little adventure. The armor is gone because he used it to protect Sora. He looks younger similarly to how Sora and Riku were affected by the Realm of Sleep. Ventus isn't just a couch potato in a coma. He's actually DOING something to help everyone out and they don't even know it. This literally has nothing to do with Master Xehanort or Ven actually being from that time (we see the actual events and that he's not there in the Browser Chi). He's taking an alternate route to influence this world much like Sora and company have time and time again. Whether or not he's doing it on purpose, I believe his actions are what will change the course to avoid the tragedy of the Keyblade War and possibly the loss of characters like the Foretellers. Now, this theory is still as of 3/21 with Union X coming out 3/23 so it's very possible this will all be moot, and the reveal of those other 2 Union characters may change everything too, but for now I feel like this is a better perspective than the casual viewer saying "Ven's from that far in the past!?!?!" And again, this is assuming the rules of this series actually hold water with the Realm of Sleep and what we've been told so far. Please let me know what you think of this theory and any holes you think might be in it.