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Found 47 results

  1. kingdomhearts45

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    (If you want to learn how this all happened in the first place, take a look at the prologues!) Prologue: Pit Prologue: Lute and Tiki Prologue:Leaf Prologue:Link and Zelda ~Pi'illo Island: Blimport (With Leaf, Lute, and Tiki)~ The orange-yellow blimp lands on the port gently and safely near a girl with purple hair(Lute) and a little girl with green hair(Tiki). Stairs come out from the blimp. The princess, Peach, dressed in pink, steps down first with Toadsworth assisting her. "Wow...Here we are!" The two Toads come down the stairs as well. Mario instead jumps down from the platform. "Leaf! Luigi! Come on down!" She says, with excitement in her voice. "Now, now Princess. Calm down. We just got here." Luigi however...Is fast asleep. On the platform. Here there would be blimps all around. There are beings that look like yellow blocks with eyes and a mouth. They had black skinny arms with white gloves on their hands. They seemed to be employees commanding the blimps to come and go. Surrounding the blimport would be all water. ~Pi'illo Skies (Pit)~ "There it is Pit. Pi'illo Island." Palutena announced in Pit's mind. "I'll try to get you somewhere to land. Any suggestions from your view?" As Pit is in the sky, he would see a flash of pink light go right past him. It was a complete blur! ~Bridge to Mushrise Park (Link and Zelda)~ The bubble encasing the Princess and the Hero made a sudden stop. It gently placed the Hylian duo down on the ground. Zelda looks up. "...Wow...Amazing..." She was already amazed. Being outside of Hyrule to be in someplace new and different...It was a whole new experience. There would be a stone bird statue where they are. Behind them would be a bridge, but it seems very poorly made. Up ahead of them would be a large stone castle with a stone symbol that looked to be a pillow with a smiling face on it. (For those that need visuals)
  2. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Affliction

    Keyblade for Darkest Dungeon!
  3. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Plortmaster

    Keyblade for Slime Rancher!
  4. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Rotoscope

    Keyblade for Bendy and the Ink Machine
  5. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Death Row

    Keyblade for Dead Cells!
  6. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Corazon de un Luchador

    Keyblade of Guacamelee!
  7. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Hatstack

    Keyblade of A Hat in Time!
  8. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Playstation 1

    BUTTERFLY EFFECT - A Keyblade modeled after the Totems and the icey landscape from the game UNTIL DAWN developed by Supermassive Games and plushed by Sony! The Keyblade favors reach over all others and is so far the longest Playstation Keyblade made! The shaft of the blade is designed after the tops of the Totems the players find during the game, coated with ice due to cold nature of the world! The hilt of the blade is designed after the old mine and is framed with large rocky spikes modeled after the mountains and the mine interior! The teeth of the blade is designed after the famous butterfly associated with the game and the keychain is the tattoo on Hannah! The world logo is the aformention mountain range, with the "BLACK WOOD MOUNTAIN" logo replicating the Until Dawn Logo! The name, Butterfly Effect, is the massively important gameplay element in the game! PATH OF THE BUILDER - A Keybade modeled after the building materials from the game Dragon Quest Builders developed by Square Enix and published by Sony! It is designed to be a nice mesh of defense and attack, but lacks speed and reach. The shaft and most of the hilt is designed after the blocky building texture that the Builder has access too, with the hilt and keychain begin inspired by the Alefgard Hero symbol. Also on the keychain and the teeth of the blade is the Builder's trusty hammer! The World Logo is named after the over arching land of Dragon Quest, Alefgard, and is modeled after the "New Area" text seen in DQB. The name "Path of the Builder" refers to what the Builder has chosen, and that he is not on a "Path of the Hero" as so many who came before him. FURIES' WHISPERS - A Keblade modeled after the door and entry way into Hel from the game Hellblade: Setsuna's Sacrifice developed by Ninja Theory and published by Sony! The Keyblade is designed to be attack based, with an unsettle attack pattern like that of Setsuna's mind. The shaft of the blade is designed after the door into Hel that Setsuna comes across, with the dead eye of Hel being obscured by the wooden entrance into Hel that makes up the teeth of the blade. The hilt is designed after the runes found by Setsuna and is framed after the various wooden spikes around the land of Hel. The Keychain is that of the mirror she carries around. The World Logo is a minimalist take on the entrance to Hel, with the HEL logo designed after the Runes. The name, Furies Whispers, is designed after the schizophrenia voices Setsuna hears, which she dubs "the Whispers of the Furies." TOMB OF A HERO - A Keyblade modeled after the graveyard aesthetic of the game MediEvil developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony! The Keyblade is a well balanced Keyblade! The entirety of the Keyblade is designed after the every first level of MediEvil, inspired by the bleak graveyard design! The keychain is that of the Chalices that Dan obtains! The World Logo is named after the land the game takes place in, Gallomere, and is modeled after the Fortesque font that appears on Dan's Crypt. The name, Tomb of a Hero, references Dan's alleged role as a Hero and the fact that he is dead.. HALLOWED RELICS - A Keyblade designed after the relics that make up the body of Knack from the game....Knack! developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony! The entire Keyblade is made from various Relics that make up Knack body, both as a small tiny Knack and then in his massive size! The teeth of the blade is designed after a cluster of Sun Crystals that give Knack added power! The keychain is Lucas' pendant! The World Logo is designed after a cluster of Sun Crystals and the Chapter logo design, and references the very first level, The Doctor's Laboratory. The name Hallowed Relics, reference the important of Relics to the entire world! EXODUS - A Keyblade designed after the ruins that appear in the game Journey developed by thatgamecompany and published by Sony! It is design purely for defense, lacking attack and reach. The shaft of the blade is design after the various tomb stones around the land, where as the hilt is deisgned after the ruins. The teeth of the blade is a ruined moment to a white Rythutian. The handle and chain are modeled after the scarf and cloth creatures and the Keychain is one of they glyphs! The World logo is designed after the large mountain in the game, with the name coming from the species of the Traveler, the Rythuian Desert. The name of the Keyblade, Exodus, means a great journey!
  9. So, I've been thinking, do you guys and gals believe it's possible that we might see more characters from other Square Enix franchises, aside from Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You? Like maybe we can have some characters from Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger to show up. Heck, what about characters from Square's manga as well, such as Fullmetal Alchemist or Soul Eater. Now I don't think there should be worlds we can visit based on these franchises, since I think we will only be visiting Disney and original worlds for now. But it would be a lot of fun to see these character show up out of nowhere, besides, the Final Fantasy characters didn't serve that much of importance to the story, they were simply a supporting cast and as way to excite Square Enix fans, at least that's how I see it. Having cameos of Final Fantasy characters become a tradition in the series and I really hope we get to see more cameos in KH3, but I believe they could expand more than just characters from that series and add some from franchises we didn't even expect. I'm all for it, cause I love when games get crazy with their crossovers, but what do you guys and gals think?
  10. ClarkDesigner

    Heartless Card Enter The Gungeon

    Heartless Cards - Enter the Gungeon SHADLET: When the Gundead falls into darkness, the shadows take over. The Shadlet is a small Bullet Kin designed to be extremely similiar to the base Bullet Kin seen in Enter the Gungeon, with heavy inspirations from the Shadow Heartless. The name is simply a combination of Shadow and Bullet. AMMO ANTHEM: Sing the song of Guns reloading! The Ammo Anthem is the Darkness in a Gun Conjurer, designed after the musical themed magic Heartless with implementations of the Conjurer's robes. The name comes from Ammunition and Anthem. FRAGGER: The Fragger is an explosive Heartless that has one goal: To blow up. It is designed after grenades of course. taking ques from the Pinhead Gundead and the Minute Bomb Heartless.. The name comes from the nick name for Fragmentation Grenades, or Frags. GUN CALIBUR: The Gun Calibur is a fusion of the Gun Nut Gundead and the Armored Knight Heartless. The name is a double pun: The calibur of bullet and the famous Excalibur sword! TANKYU: The Tankyu is a more custom Heartless, with inspiration from the Hot Rod type. Designed after a Tank, this small bit of Darkness packs a powerful punch! The name is a bastardization of "Thank you". MAD GUN AND THE CHAMBERED: The custom Heartless boss, the Mad Gun and the Chambered! This dual Heartless is deisgned to be a weapon wielded by the High Dragun. Shooting out the Chambered as bullets to hit their targets! The Chambered are then designed to return to the Gun! Also, the Mad Gun is can fire without a wielder! Once the Dragun is defeated, you still have to contend with the trigger happy Mad Gun!! That is it for the Enter the Gungeon Heartless! This is a bit new to me, so please let me know if you want to see more! And Stay Tuned for the next one!
  11. What game would be fun for KH3 to have a crossover event with?
  12. TheKeyofRose

    [Interest Check] Fate Roleplay

    Essentially, an interest check of sorts for a Fate Roleplay involving servants being summoned from different anime/manga/Light novels and games. Not sure how to really go into too much detail but the general idea would be no canons from Fate just OC masters paired with canon characters from different franchises converted into Servant Form, all for the omnipotent wish granting device... Other ideas would include a Fate/Grand Order setting where I the DM/Master end up summoning a bunch of servants from different series and singularities are based off other franchises worlds and all. If anyone has any interest in either idea just say so and all.
  13. Iman Nazeerudin

    It's Morphin' Time

    After watching the 2017 film by Lionsgate I was tempted to finish this set. Combining both the old 90's and new aesthetics together and voila, the Keyblades themed after a team of teenagers with attitude.

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword, Power Rangers belongs to Saban. Kingdom Hearts belongs to Tetsuya Nomura, a joint franchise between Square-Enix and Disney.

  14. Iman Nazeerudin

    RWBY Keyblades

    Actually a crossover work that began a year ago, this time around I included the upgraded versions. Anyone familiar with Birth by Sleep will know what I mean.

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword.

  15. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card Indie Set 1

    I made a few Keyblades based on Indie games! Here is a description of each one! GUNKATA - A Keyblade modeled after several firearms and bullets that appear in the game Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll Games! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balanced in a Kingdom Hearts game, but it would be a Cursed item in Enter the Gungeon! It is mostly inspired by the format of the Bullet King's throne, with the chain being an ammunition bar and the Keychain being the bullet seen in the game's logo. The World Logo is simply the aforementioned Gunegon! and the name, Gunkata, is named after the gunslinging trope! OWLETT RISING - A Keyblade modeled after the wooden and ruins aesthetic that dots the world of Owlboy from D-Pad Studio! The Keyblade has range and defense in mind, forgoing attack, like Otus himself! The shaft and blade of the hilt is inspired by the ruins seen early in the game, with the shaft mostly being the cracked and detailed earth that leads into the Owl statue that is seen dotting the land, the hilt of the blade is inspired by the Pirate's ships, with several themes recreated in it. The chain is built from the chains seen in the game, where as the logo is simply the game's O in the logo. The World Logo is named after Otus' home town, Vellie and designed after the ruins and the Pirate ships! The name references young owls, or Owletts, and the rising of Otus! PALE VESSEL - A Keyblade modeled after the decaying city found in Hollow Knight from Team Cherry! The Keyblade is designed to be mostly balanced, but favors attack and speed overall. The Keyblade is inspired by the various small little details that can be found in the game, including the grooves and spikes. The Keychain is the Hollownest Seal. The World Logo is named after the Hollownest city itself, and is inspired by the text in the game. The name references the Hollow Knight, which is sometimes referred to as a vessel. HOPE EATER - A Keyblade modeled after the weapons, the generators and the arms of the Entity found in Dead by Daylight by Behaviour! The Keyblade is designed to favor heavily in attack. The shaft of the blade is inspired by the weapon wielded by the Trapper, with arms of the Entity and a hook on the end. The Hilt of the blade is inspired by the Generators, and the handle inspired by the Hillbilly's face. The Keychain is the Entity's depiction in Benedict Baker's journal. The World Logo is named after the fact that the game takes place in the various Realms of the Entity. The name references the fact that the Entity feeds on the Hope of humans. DETERMINED SOUL - A Keyblade modeled after the Underground world of Untertale made by Toby Fox! The Keyblade is designed to favor defense over attack, Mercy run guys, c'mon! The over all design of the Keyblade is inspired by the New Home castle, with evidence of the old home, the Ruins. The Keychain is the Delta Ruin. The World Logo is named after the Underground! The name, Determined Soul, references the two key elements that reside in the game: Determination and the Soul. WORLD ENDER - A Keyblade modeled after the dystopia of The End is Nigh made by Edmund McMillen! The Keyblade is designed to favor reach and speed, lacking in defense and attack. The design is inspired by the world that Ash resides in: a dark and decaying world with cracks and sloppy goop monsters! They Keychain is one of the game carts that Ash collects! The World Logo is simply a recreation of the first level of the game, The End. The Name, World Ender, references the three apocalypses that Ash experiences.
  16. "Darkness..." A female whisper echos in the void. "Everything i see is just...Void." The sounds of ambience surrounds the female. "Suddenly, i see a spark of light..." The female's eyelids started to open up to reveal her aquamarine irises. "" The female whispers one last time. All of the sudden, a bright light covers her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You are in the Wonderful World of Kutasia, dear." Another calming voice was heard through the young female's ears. The bright light fades slowly to reveal a society full of knowledge and seers. "You are part of one of the kingdoms, dear. The Sawaku Society welcomes you to its own kingdom of seers. But be forewarned; This society is full of False Knowledge through gossips and manipulating liars. They may fool and trick you, but if you are clever; You can outsmart them. You are reborn here into Kutasia's arms, dear. This world is ever-expanding, stretching for miles and miles. The further you venture into Kutasia, the more different and unknown it gets. Dear, now i taught you the basics, it's time for your own will to choose, decide, and where your oneself will do to the extent. It's time for my farewell, dear. I bid you good luck into this new world, into a new kingdom." The voice disappears, for the last time. The female woken up in the main marble street where an another female with lapis colored eyes, black hair that is neatly straight, pale tan skin, was wearing a purple, blue, and a radiant golden gypsy robe with a dark purple, but sparkly wizard hat covering her head. It appears to be a traveler from another kingdom far away. "Hey! I didn't see you around here! A new adventurer, maybe? Or...Oh! She's waking up!" A cheery girl voice sounded so clear to the female's ears. She stumbled groggy as she got back up in her feet. She yawns as she covers her hand near her mouth. " Dang, i felt so...tired." The cheery girl giggled, "Hehe! Want me you become your friend? We'll be together, right?" The female looks confused in her eyes. Her short black and tinted sky blue hair looks neatly brushed, she looks pretty formal, as she wears a sleeveless cyan vest with a black belt buckled on her waist, along with areo/aquadynamic white/sky blue colored finger-less gloves that fits comfortably in her hands, a lapis colored skirt worn in her legs but tucked under the belt to keep it from falling, and high, long, back shoes with sky blue straps in front. "But...i don't know you. And why you want me to become your friend? We haven't met each other." She says to the cheery girl, who's giggling right at her. She takes a good look around at this place, to her it looks like a very, very advanced city. "Just tell me, where am i and who are you?" The cheery girl smiled cheerfully right at the female's eyes. "Hehe! Where are you? You are at The Sawaku Society! Oh, me? I am Anna Annabelle, the Journeyman's Magical Apprentice! So, what's your name?" Anna awaited for an answer from the female. "My name is Annie Merheart. I was reborn here, i guess? Can't remember after i blacked out." Annie scratched the back of her head, trying to remember what happened after all of that. Her memory is a blur, perhaps it'll be best to leave it alone for a while before she could figure it out herself. Anna smiled and lands a hand out to Annie, "It's nice to meet you, Annie!" Annie reluctantly shook her hand, "You too, i guess i will have to find some supplies because, hey. I am willing to become an adventurer now. Looks like my childhood dream has came true, well most of it." After shaking hands, Anna gave Annie a bag full of currency. "Here; This bag of currency is full of munny, 10,000 are inside this bag. Don't lose your own very bag, okay? Because i'll be very bad if you lost it in the first place!" Anna cheerfully said to her, she waves goodbye as she hops on her highly advanced broomstick. "Well, i hope we become friends Annie! Well, i'm off to return to La Arts! Enjoy the bag on munny, and spend it all wisely!" Annie saw Anna takes off into the east direction. "Goodbye, Anna. Now, let me see if i can buy some supplies..." Annie walked on the shiny, smooth marble floored walkway toward somewhere to search for shops to come by. All in a while, she hears people chattering about a rumor nearby her. She stopped and listened to the people quietly and stealthy. !: "....what mouse?" 2: "...They say that there is a mouse running around the society with a weird key." 1: "Oh...that mouse with a key? Yes, i have heard of him." 2: (a subtle, unknown reply) 1: "...There, i saw him again!" (The person points at the small shadow sillouette of a mouse, but it's hard to see due to a lack of clear hints.) 2: "...You are seeing this, right? Because if you aren't, i am pretty sure that it's a false rumor." 1: (a unknown murmur, possibly chuckling.) She continued on after hearing this conversation went nowhere, and entered a shop with a OLED display in front of the building. She takes a good look in the shop, goods stocked up to the fullest, strange equipment and accessories were showcased in the glass windows, and garment clothing neatly sorted into rows of rows. She was immediately greeted by the shop owner. "Well, hello there, young girl! You're here to buy and sell eh?" The shop owner said to Annie, with a smile on his face. Annie nodded and asked a question, "Um, i am here to find the recommended equipment and items because i need to explore the whole world. Can you at least guide me to the equipment that you think i needed for it?" "Why sure! Come here, lady. I have the best goods you'll need!" The shop owner guides Annie toward the equipment section first. He picked out a weapon from the combat section. "This 'ere lady, is the recently forged Atrink Cutter! It's pretty decent for a new adventure to start, lady! When you wield this cutter 'ere, it's pretty light, and enough to cut against Steel! The best part about this sword, is it has a hidden magical ability to increase your running speed by a decent bit! Would you want that, lady?" Annie nodded, "I think i'll get it. Is it cheap though?" she says to the shop owner, who nodded. "Well, only for Munny users, for others is very, very expensive, lady. For Gil, it costs 47,500 for a decent sword. For zeni, it may cost 750,000, and finally for our currency, Cora may cost around from 122,000 to 237,000. For you, it may cost 1,000 munny for you to buy." He said to Annie, who smiled at him. Annie then said, "Well, i'll take it. Because i have 10,000 munny from a stranger i recently met." The shop owner smiled gracefully, " You know, you are pretty lucky to have the bag of munny in hand, lady. Yes, i have heard of Anna. She recently visited here to buy some alchemy items for her recipe. Dunno why though she arrived here, maybe because she's in a hurry? Who knows, lady? Alright, give me 1,000 munny and i'll let you have the weapon in hand, complete with a free case for the cutter 'ere!" Annie hands over the 1,000 munny to the shop owner, who added in, "Oh, and you can call me Sir. Tsaba. I am the owner of said best shop around the Sawaku capital! What's your name, lady?" She answered Tsaba, "Name is Annie Merheart, but you can call me Annie just to make it simple." Tsaba, after giving her the weapon she ordered was in its sleeve for the weapon to put away, he guides Annie to the accessories, which range from rings, pendants, bracelets, and other fancy stuff she can have, including wings, gliders, boots that focus on either flight or running speed or both, hoverboards, broomsticks, and other stuff for travel and stuff she may find. "Lady, if you are here for a balanced adventure, have the Light Boots! These Light Boots will help you to glide far away, but not too far. Although, if you want to go really far, i can give you the Light Gliders! It'll help you very much, as it has a 25 minute flight time, what's so amazing you ask, lady? Well, it comes with a free Iruim Blast Boots which i'll help you to double jump to higher places, and has a 10 minute flight time, as well as very fast running speed. Plus, it may help you to swim faster with these on too! Also, another free outfit was the Light Grid Augmented outfit that will negate all kinds of fall damage, have a 15% increase on sword, technology driven weapons, and magic weapons! Don't forget, it has the ability to greatly increase holding your breath underwater while diving too, and when you go underwater..." There is a pause in Tsaba's offer, "...It'll make you swim faster, glow a nice sky blue color, and increases defense by a decent amount, lady!" Annie smiled, "Well, i have 9,000 munny left, is the Light Gliders affordable, Sir.Tsaba?" Tsaba nodded, "Well, yes. But only if you are Munny user as well! Otherwise, if you aren't, it won't be affordable for you, i'm afraid. But! At least it's enough, lady! It will cost you 2,500 munny!" Annie gave the required amount to Tsaba's hands. "Here, i'll take that too. Now, i have about 6,500 munny, is it still enough to buy health stuff too?" She was handed over the outfit, the boots, and the gliders which looked really cool. Tsaba answered her question, but not after he tells her, "Annie, before i tell you, go and try the outfit on and see if you like it, lady!" Annie nodded, "Sure. I'll go in the dressing room." She enters the dressing room, she took off her own outfit and puts on the Augmented outfit she got it brand new. Annie steps out after she wore the Blast Boots, the Light Grid Augmented Garments and the Light Gliders on her back by itself. "How do i look?" Tsaba clapped with a thumbs up, "You look even better than your formal outfit has! Those colors of your new outfit of Black, Cyan, Platinum, and Sapphire goes well with your new Blast Boots, as well as your Light Gliders!" Annie smiled, "Thanks, Sir Tsaba. I'll definitely put this outfit to good use!" Annie's new outfit is based on a keyblade adventurer's expert outfit, except it has some major differences. Her new garment shirt is sleeveless, with a cyan colored undershirt with the open zipper on her sleeveless Black, Platinum, Cyan, and Sapphire garment design is based on Hearts, Leaves, and flower petals, and yet blended beautifully on her new outfit. She has a new necklace, which it's the famous outlined heart symbol on her neck. She wears full on fingerless gloves, with a platinum outlined heart symbol in her left hand, and the scorpio symbol in her right hand. She wears a Jade colored belt on her waist, tightening the new black and sapphire colored skirt beneath. She wears a glow in the dark, but long Blast Boots with the cyan flames in the bottom of the shoe's design, and finally she wears a pair of knee pads covering her knees fully. She puts the Atrink Cutter inside it's sleeve to put it on her back, but Tsaba stops her. "Annie, it's best if you take out your weapon at your hands rather than the old fashioned sword pull, lady. Now, follow me to the last thing that you said, lady." He begun to guide Annie to the items section near the exit. Before she can pick, Tsaba offers her something, "Now, in order for you to save your munny savings, i have to give a free pack of health potions. Now, which one you like? The small pack or the big pack?" She points to the big pack, which contains 15x ethers, 15x potions, 10x Hi-Potions, 5x Elixirs, and 3x Megaelixirs. "Oh, the big pack, lady?" She nodded as Tsaba handed her a big pack of potions. "Here's your big pack of potions, lady!" Annie grabbed the big pack, and noticed it was gone in a small cloud of blue sparkles, indicating that her outfit has a bulti-in inventory. "Thanks sir, have a great day!" She left the shop with her new items, equipment, and weapon in hand. Tsaba waved her goodbye. "You too should have a great adventure with you!" Annie begun to try out her Light Gliders, as she went to another part of the city. "Okay, here we go. Lift off!" She felt the gliders activate with a pleasant hum as she was lifted off from the ground, with a almost quiet noise. She begun to fly forward, and upward into the urban development of the high rise buildings. "Woah! This must be a huge city! Bigger than my hometown, i guess?" She flew around the buildings, like a small plane through a futuristic city. She begun to go toward the outskirts of the Sawaka Society border, and onto adventure. But a mouse is witnessing her first step towards her direction. "This is must be her...hope she dose not meddle in this world." A small, familiar voice was heard by the ambience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter 1! Leave me feedback on how you like my first attempt at a fanfiction! And As always, thank you for reading this!
  17. Taking place after the Mother's Rosario arc, the American company of Warner Bros. has announced worldwide a release of a Virtual Reality MMO based on their DC Comics brand. The ALO crew of Klein, Kirito, Asuna, Leafa and Lisbeth have been selected to be flown to America to attend a sort of convention, after they entered a contest together on a whim...always eager to see new VRMMOs! The DCUO VRMMO will have fully realized NPCs functioning on an advanced AI system that randomizes events and allows the DC canons to function as if they were real people. OCs are welcome! The SAO crew will be given copies of the game and then the fun shall begin!
  18. Veemon

    Master Form Veemon

    Here's a drawing I did of Veemon in Master Form! He's holding the Kingdom Vee, as well as another keyblade I came up with called Torrent Shuriken. He's casting a Water spell, a Final Fantasy spell that has yet to appear in the Kingdom Hearts series. Enjoy!
  19. "Gawrsh, are ya sure about this, Master Yen Sid?" Goofy asked. "I have discovered something that needs investigating...and though we hate to interrupt Sora and Riku and Kairi's downtime..this galaxy far away requires our attention..." "D-did you say GALAXY?!" Donald and Goofy blurted. =Destiny Islands= Kairi giggled as she led the two boys, currently dressed in their school uniforms, back to their homes. "It's good that we've started to get back into the rhythm of normal life, huh?" Kairi asked with a smile. "Yeah....I guess." Sora sighed. Riku patted his spikey haired friend on the back: "I know I know, ya miss the guys and all the adventures and all that." "Do ya think we'll ever get to--" Sora was interrupted by the fact that he was tackled by Donald and Goofy who came flying out of a nearby portal, as well as Mickey hugging Riku. Kairi blinked, "Uhh....I guess they decided to visit...."
  20. Centuries after Ciel Phantomhive becomes a demon and Sebastian Michaelis is forever contracted to him, the Funtom company is still in business and has expanded to America. Ciel and Sebastian have recently relocated to the United States in the year 2017, Ciel seeks to form a business partnership with the richest man in Gotham City and owner of the Wayne Corporation: Bruce Wayne. Ciel soon will find his days of acting as the Queen's Watchdog to be quite useful amongst Gotham's sea of crime lords, costumed maniacs and psychopaths....and one man allying himself with the local police force who seeks to stomp out Gotham's seedy underworld. The roles of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis are up for grabs, I shall handle the DC side of things for the most part! OCs are permitted!!
  21. || SYNOPSIS || A world of martial arts, a world of pirates, and a world of shinobi. Based on those descriptions alone, one would automatically think that these worlds were far from ordinary. And you would be right. The lives of Son Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and Naruto Uzumaki are full of action, adventure, legends, wars, comedy, tragedy, and romance (and not the kissy-kissy type). As they constantly push theirselves to the absolute limit while battling humans, beasts, mortals, and gods alike, it would take an entire saga (or sagas) just to detail the many feats and events that these three titans have to their respective names. But, even with all that, something has happened that goes beyond that level of understanding… an incident where those same titans, accompanied by their friends, found themselves on a strange, new world. A new world entirely populated and controlled by the most dastardly enemies and obstacles that they have encountered in the past, all looking to settle their scores and take them all out. In a time like this, there’s only one thing our heroes can do: stick together, survive the odds, and kick all sorts of ass. || RULES / GUIDELINES || This RP works with a set roster of characters. You may pick at least two characters to play as, but no more. For availability: first come, first serve. Feel free to join even if you’re not familiar with any one or more of the three series. I’m open to anyone as long as they want to have fun. Explicit content allowed in posts include: minor swearing, minor explicit references to sex, and minimal description of blood and violence are allowed. Please do not be more explicit than this. I’m balancing everyone’s battle power (mostly DragonBall) so that no one main character, regardless of series, is massively stronger than the other. Anybody caught overstepping this rule will be considered “god-modding” and get kicked from the RP. I’ll go further into detail later. Post as often as possible. There are a lot of characters that are constantly doing things so I need as much participation as possible. Personal emergencies or busy-ness is understandable, but at the very least, do your best to work around it if possible. All other miscellaneous KH13 roleplaying rules apply. || PLAYABLE ROSTER || If you'd like more information, feel free to ask and also take a look at this RP's interest check.
  22. So, I have an idea in my head. Not exactly a fully-fleshed out RP (yet, but let's see how this goes first), but an idea. Anyways: I'm a huge fan of DragonBall and Naruto, and I just got done catching up to the One Piece manga, and so I thought: "well hey, I now have enough knowledge and insight all on three series to make a crossover RP. All I need is a story and some people who want to join!" And because I know jackshit about Bleach, I can't make this a Big 4 crossover RP, so... my bad. Also, this idea was inspired by an old Japan-exclusive Smash Bros type game called Battle Stadium D.O.N. in the first place. As I made clear, I don't really have much of a story at this moment (although, I mean, you don't really need that much story, it's a crossover after all), but I wanted to make this interest check before I start going any further because there's a couple things you should know beforehand. For starters: there's going to be a lot of playable characters. 30 to be exact. Not counting villains or any other side characters either. Blame One Piece for this considering its default cast (plus 1) is 10 in total, but hey, OP fans, would you be okay with me cutting down the size of the main crew and leaving out any one or more of your favorite Straw Hats? I didn't think so. Also: I'm not exactly looking for someone to join and pick any random character from any of the three series to play as. I plan to let people control more than one character to compensate for size, but I also have a set playable roster of characters that I chose from each of the three series. Each character was chosen from each of the three respective series based on a specific archetype they embody, and each set of 3 (one for each series) share similarities in role, personality, motivation, etc. Obviously, this applies to the main characters in that Goku, Luffy, and Naruto are involved. I even made a chart to illustrate this: That's pretty much all the hurdles you'll have to jump over if you want to join this hypothetical RP. But hey, if you're okay with all that, then it's a solid idea, right? ... Right? Hey, at least I tried asking people about it first. Quick note: I encourage fans of either three, all three, or whatever fan of either to join. There won't be any big plot spoilers, I'll do my best to explain all the relevant elements of each world, and I'll make sure to "nerf" everyone so most of the DragonBall cast everybody won't be overpowered compared to the villains or to each other.
  23. What Square-Enix IPs would you like to crossover with another Studio IPs? What kind of game would it be? I personally would like to see a fighting game, more precisely Capcom vs Square-Enix!! Which I find really funny how this hasn´t happened yet, considering all the VS crossovers that Capcom has made over the past two decades. art by EliroX904 on DevianART.