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Found 33 results

  1. How well do you know the main weapon of the series? Answer: Sweet Memories. In the vanilla #KingdomHearts 2 it's ability is Lucky Lucky and in FM it's ability is Drive Converter.
  2. PrincessParis


    Quick Question: Where’s everyone’s most nostalgic realms in Kingdom Hearts?
  3. Iman Nazeerudin

    Union X Leaders Portraits

    Some head portraits of the newly appointed Union leaders in the Kingdom Hearts mobage. Starting from left to right, top to bottom. Skuld - Three Fates Strelitzia - Paradise Glimpse Ventus - Wayward Star Ephemera - Starbright Lauriam - Vain Vines Blaine - Fourth Enigma

    © Fan art by me @ ExusiaSword. Kingdom Hearts belongs to Tetsuya Nomura, a joint franchise between Disney and Square Enix.

  4. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Bioshock

    MAN'S FOLLY- A Keyblade modeled after the Art Deco design of Rapture from BioShock made by 2K Boston! The Keyblade favors range and speed over damage. The hilt guard is designed after the various menus found within the game, with the Andrew Ryan "R" ever branded in the center of the hilt. The shaft and every top of the blade are designed after the Little Sister's vents, with the blade being made of the Little Sister's needles to extract Adam. The Keychain token is a jar of the very Adam that sends Rapture into Darkness. The World logo is that of Rapture, being an underwater utopia under the lighthouse! The name, Man's Folly, refers to Ryan's, and other characters, who flee to Rapture thinking they are better than humanity as whole. Much to their folly. PATRIARCHAL BOND- A Keyblade modeled after the flooded and destroyed design of Rapture from BioShock 2 made by 2K Marin! The Keyblade favors range and damage, but is notably slow. The hilt guard is designed after the ruin architecture, with several barnacles covering it, and a there is a a not-so-subtle nod to Subject Delta. The shaft is covered with coral, that can often be seen outside of Rapture, with the key teeth being the drill of Subject Delta. The Keychain Token is the Big Daddy Doll made by Eleanor. The World Logo is the Rapture logo from the Man's Folly Keyblade, but now ruined, and darkened, no longer with the lighthouse. The name, Patriarchal Bond, refers to the bond that Subject Delta and Eleanor share. UNCAGED FREEDOM- A Keyblade modeled after the utopia in the Sky from BioShock Infinite from Irrational Games! The Keyblade favors reach, and has an added effect of being able to slide along rails! The hilt of the blade is designed after the large Momunent from Monument Island, with several references to Columbia's "patriotically" views, the shaft of the blade is designed after the large heads of the Founding Fathers, and the buildings saw in Combstock's home with the teeth being the Sky Hooks design. The Keychain token is actually two, referencing Elizabeth's broaches, which often switch which order they appear in as your equip it. The World Logo is designed after Columbia, with the Lady Combstock Monument built in the background. The name, Uncaged Freedom, partically coined by <a href="">Axelle/a>, and further turned into referencing Elizabeth's need to be uncaged from Combstock and true freedom.
  5. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Nickelodeon 1

    ROBOMANIA - A Keyblade modeled af the protagonist of My Life As A Teenage Robot created by Rob Renzetti! The Keyblade favors speed and defense. The entire Keyblade is made up out of parts from the main character XJ9 "Jenny Wakeman", with her pigtails acting as the teeth of the blade. The token is that of Jenny's head symbol. The world logo is the fictional setting of Tremorton, California, made in the manner as the series' title. The name, Robomania, simply refers to the series' representing several robotic characters. GARBAGE EATER- A Keyblade modeled after the sewege wonderland of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters created by Klasky Csupo! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balance, but a bit weaker in the attack department. The hilt of the blade is made up of one of the many sewage tubes, with Ickis's ears on it. The handle is Oblina's body, and the shaft of the blade is another two sewage pipes, barbed wired together to a partially ate road sign. The Keychain token is that of Krumm's eye! The world logo is the the supposed setting, the Fresh Kills Landfill, with the font being that of the ending credits, and the entrance to the Monster's domain, the washing machine! The name, Garbage Eater, refers to the fact that all monsters eat Garbage, and find it to be tasty. WORLD INVADER - A Keyblade modeled after the Irken Technology of DOOM from Invader Zim made by Jhonen Vasquez! The Keyblade is design to favor strength above all else, neglecting magic and speed, for DOOM. The entire Keyblade is designed after the Irken Technology found throughout the show, with several thousand cords of DOOM. THe keychain is that of the various Pigs (of DOOM) that Zim and GIR happen to always be around. The World Logo is Zim's Base of operations on Earth. With the font being that of the Invader Zim logo in the comics. The name "World Invade" alludes to Zim's life purpose, to be a World Invader. DOOM. NAUTICAL NONSENSE - A Keyblade modeled after the underwater fun that is in SpongeBob SquarePants by Stephen Hillenburg! The Keyblade is design with Magic, Reach and Attack in mind! The hilt of the blade is designed after a life preserver, a common prop found around Bikini Bottom, with the handle being one of SpongeBob's Jelly Fishing Nets. The shaft of the Key is designed after one of the uniquely designed buildings in Bikini Bottom, with the teeth being three spatulas that SpongeBob uses. The Token is a common Jellyfish. The World Logo is that of Bikini Bottom, the main location of which SpongeBob takes place, under the Bikini Atoll. The design is that of one of the alternative SpongeBob logos. The name is a line in the SpongeBob theme song! WISHMAKER - A Keyblade designed after the magical antics that happen in Fairly OddParents by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed to be heavily magic based. The Hilt of the blade has Wanda and Cosmo's color coded wands on each side, with two variants of Wanda's hair on the bottom, and two fairy wings, Poof's wand bridges the gap, while Jorgon's wand makes the handle. The shaft is a standard wand with the rainbow road to Fairy World, and the clouds, spiral up the wand, forming the Teeth. The keychain has three sparks representing Wanda, Cosmo and Poof, and the Token being Timmy Turner's iconic hat. The world logo is designed after the Fairy World sign, referring to that of Dimsdale, Timmy Turner's home town. The name, refers to Timmy's nature as a wish-maker. GHOSTZONE - A Keyblade designed after the not-so supernatural heroics of Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed for defense. The hilt of the blade is the Fenton Ghost Zone Portal , with the ghostly aura surrounding the portal, forming the keychain and the Ghost that curls up the shaft and makes the Teeth. The handle is colored like that of Danny's Ghost form, with the Fenton Thermos creating the shaft of the blade. The Token is that of Danny Phantom's symbol. The World Logo is designed after the Danny Phantom title logo, with the Ghost Zone appearing in the background, but named after the town where the Ghosts tend to attack! The name comes from the source of all of Danny Fenton's problems the GhostZone!
  6. Hi there! I'm 13th Vessel, some of you may remember me for some stuff that I found in the past, like the weird rooms in KH3D or the Jungle Book colission file that was inside that same game. This time I wanted to do my research with KH2 and surprisingly I found a lot of unused stuff that was hidden inside the game files. This is a dense research that covers almost every file of the game and it's very interesting because it's strongly tied to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, so please take a look if you like This video took me a lot of hours, not only the research itself but the video editing too (+15 hours doing the research and +20 making the video). Also, while I was doing the research I noticed that some part of the stuff was previously found by other friends of the KH hacking community, but the thing is that most people ignore it, so I added some names in order to let you know if someone found any of these before. I consider this one of my most ambitious works so I hope you enjoy the video! Lots of regards! 13th Vessel~ This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Hey wonderful members of our KH13 community! Here is the official thread where you can post your links and sell or trade any of your awesome KH stuff to other rad KH fans! Please do not spam the chat system or status's advertising though. Let's make a deal here! Please post all Kingdom Hearts "for sale" and "for trade" related requests in here only! Have fun!
  8. I got bored recently and drew up custom Keyblades for the 5 newly appointed Union Leaders. Then... the recent story update sorta put a wrench to that so I had to include Lauriam's. Note: These were all made for fun and based on aesthetics alone so they may or may not reflect their wielders. Especially Lauriam's since we don't know if he has a Keyblade or not during Union Cross.
  9. Iman Nazeerudin

    Dandelion Keyblades

    Custom Keyblades for the newly appointed Union Leaders in Kingdom Hearts Union X. *These designs were purely made out of speculations and aesthetics of each Union Leader and not to be taken as actual material. Ephemera (Starbright) Actually a refinement of the usual Starlight Keyblade seen in the game, it was repurposed to resemble the one Sora wields in Kingdom Hearts 3. Skuld (Three Fates) Designed according to her namesake, being one of the three Fates (or Norn as you prefer) alongside Wyrd and Verdandi. The three streaks of red line represent the thread of fate that the Norn twines; past, present and future. Ventus (Wayward Star) Heavily derived from the Wayward Wind in Birth by Sleep. You know what, I seriously ain't got a clue anymore. Blaine (Fourth Enigma) Ain't got a clue on this one either. Peeps mentioned on how this Blaine fellow resembles Ienzo/Zexion from the past KH games, so his Keyblade was derived from his Book of Retribution in a way. Strelitzia (Paradise Glimpse) Designed after the Bird of Paradise flower as according to Strelitzia's namesake. In addition having bird-like features.

    © Fanmade designs by me @ExusiaSword.

  10. Iman Nazeerudin

    Original Keyblades Concept

    You know how several years ago we all used to create original characters for fanfictions and all? Last year I decided to revamp a set of Keyblades that I made for 6 characters and gave upgrades to them Birth by Sleep-style. Coincidentally the 6 are based on the 3 weapon choices you have to select in the Awakening sequence. Wizard's Poetry -> Poet's Sorcery The default based on writing literature, while it's upgrade is based on an illuminating candle. Staff-based. Aurora Silk -> Corona Silk Both are based on phenomenons that occur in the sky and have the pixie motif. Shield-based. Gazing Tiger -> Gazing Ogre Based on cruel ninja weaponry, going from the one of the shortest Keyblade to the largest in the set. Sword-based. Aero Spark -> Storm Wave Both are based on the unicorn motif and bear the element of thunder. Sword-based. Gambit Game -> Throne of Games Derived from the Gambler job class in Final Fantasy. Staff-based. Arrowhead -> Falcon Eyes Designed after archery and bearing the bird of prey motif. Shield-based.

    © Fanmade Keyblade designs by me, Iman Nazeerudin @ExusiaSword

  11. Iman Nazeerudin

    RWBY Keyblades

    Actually a crossover work that began a year ago, this time around I included the upgraded versions. Anyone familiar with Birth by Sleep will know what I mean.

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword.

  12. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card Indie Set 1

    I made a few Keyblades based on Indie games! Here is a description of each one! GUNKATA - A Keyblade modeled after several firearms and bullets that appear in the game Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll Games! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balanced in a Kingdom Hearts game, but it would be a Cursed item in Enter the Gungeon! It is mostly inspired by the format of the Bullet King's throne, with the chain being an ammunition bar and the Keychain being the bullet seen in the game's logo. The World Logo is simply the aforementioned Gunegon! and the name, Gunkata, is named after the gunslinging trope! OWLETT RISING - A Keyblade modeled after the wooden and ruins aesthetic that dots the world of Owlboy from D-Pad Studio! The Keyblade has range and defense in mind, forgoing attack, like Otus himself! The shaft and blade of the hilt is inspired by the ruins seen early in the game, with the shaft mostly being the cracked and detailed earth that leads into the Owl statue that is seen dotting the land, the hilt of the blade is inspired by the Pirate's ships, with several themes recreated in it. The chain is built from the chains seen in the game, where as the logo is simply the game's O in the logo. The World Logo is named after Otus' home town, Vellie and designed after the ruins and the Pirate ships! The name references young owls, or Owletts, and the rising of Otus! PALE VESSEL - A Keyblade modeled after the decaying city found in Hollow Knight from Team Cherry! The Keyblade is designed to be mostly balanced, but favors attack and speed overall. The Keyblade is inspired by the various small little details that can be found in the game, including the grooves and spikes. The Keychain is the Hollownest Seal. The World Logo is named after the Hollownest city itself, and is inspired by the text in the game. The name references the Hollow Knight, which is sometimes referred to as a vessel. HOPE EATER - A Keyblade modeled after the weapons, the generators and the arms of the Entity found in Dead by Daylight by Behaviour! The Keyblade is designed to favor heavily in attack. The shaft of the blade is inspired by the weapon wielded by the Trapper, with arms of the Entity and a hook on the end. The Hilt of the blade is inspired by the Generators, and the handle inspired by the Hillbilly's face. The Keychain is the Entity's depiction in Benedict Baker's journal. The World Logo is named after the fact that the game takes place in the various Realms of the Entity. The name references the fact that the Entity feeds on the Hope of humans. DETERMINED SOUL - A Keyblade modeled after the Underground world of Untertale made by Toby Fox! The Keyblade is designed to favor defense over attack, Mercy run guys, c'mon! The over all design of the Keyblade is inspired by the New Home castle, with evidence of the old home, the Ruins. The Keychain is the Delta Ruin. The World Logo is named after the Underground! The name, Determined Soul, references the two key elements that reside in the game: Determination and the Soul. WORLD ENDER - A Keyblade modeled after the dystopia of The End is Nigh made by Edmund McMillen! The Keyblade is designed to favor reach and speed, lacking in defense and attack. The design is inspired by the world that Ash resides in: a dark and decaying world with cracks and sloppy goop monsters! They Keychain is one of the game carts that Ash collects! The World Logo is simply a recreation of the first level of the game, The End. The Name, World Ender, references the three apocalypses that Ash experiences.
  13. The music that plays while you fight the Armored Ventus Nightmare in Dream Drop Distance is called "The Eye of Darkness". From various Nomura interviews, we know that the eye that we see on various Keyblades is called the "Eye of Darkness". We have now found out that the Eye of Darkness is The Master of Masters eyeball that we put on No Name in order to somehow see the future. So, why do you think the name of that music track is called "The Eye of Darkness"? What connection does the Eye of Darkness have with the Armored Ventus Nightmare/Ventus? We recently found out that (SPOILER:) Ventus is a Dandelion, so that's some more evidence for there being a connection. Could this connection between Ventus and the Eye of Darkness also be the reason for Vanitas' Keyblade having two Eyes of Darkness on it? EDIT: I swear I have a distinct memory of reading an interview where Nomura calls it the "Eye of Darkness". I can't seem to find it though.
  14. Veemon

    Master Form Veemon

    Here's a drawing I did of Veemon in Master Form! He's holding the Kingdom Vee, as well as another keyblade I came up with called Torrent Shuriken. He's casting a Water spell, a Final Fantasy spell that has yet to appear in the Kingdom Hearts series. Enjoy!
  15. People in the KH universe are able to dual wield Keyblades if they have two hearts of Keyblade wielders inside of them. It makes you wonder if you could somehow triple wield or even quadruple wield Keyblades if you have 3 or 4 hearts inside of you. Terra-Xehanort had 3 hearts inside of him: Xehanort's, Terra's, and Eraqus', so I wonder if Terra-Xehanort had the ability to triple wield. Probably not though since Eraqus' Keyblade passed on to Aqua and Lingering Will has Terra's Keyblade. As for Sora, not many people realize this, but Sora actually has triple wielded Keyblades in the past. In KH2FM, during the fight with Roxas inside of Sora's heart, you take Roxas' Keyblades and use them against him. You don't physically wield them with your hands, but they float next to you and you most definitely control them. In DDD, it was hinted at that Roxas, along with most of the other Nobody main characters, were able to grow hearts of their own. If Roxas really did grow a heart of his own, then him merging with Sora would mean he would have 3 hearts inside of himself: his own heart, Ventus', and Roxas'. This would most likely allow him to triple wield, which he does during the fight with Roxas. Like I said above, it's hinted at that all the main Nobody characters, along with Xion, have grown their own hearts. If Xion grew her own heart, then her merging with Sora would mean he has 4 hearts inside of him. Would this mean he has the ability to quadruple wield? Who knows. I think it's very possible. Will he ever triple wield again or even quadruple wield? I doubt it since I don't think he or any of the other characters even know that triple wielding or quadruple wielding is a possibility/might be a possibility.
  16. If you had a Keyblade, how would you hold it and which hand? (Only wielding one Keyblade) Also, look carefully at the choices! I would obviously pick back-handed, because I'm Ven! But I do wonder what it would be like to wield a Keyblade with my mouth... But please, I don't want to be a lion.
  17. sora473

    new keyblade names

    what do you think would make good keyblade names in kh3
  18. A new series where I talk about features that make me excited for KH3! What about you guys?
  19. Digital painting Kingdom Hearts 3 of Sora, Hiro, and Baymax. Done in paint tool sai.
  20. As everyone knows after completeing worlds KH games, you would usually be rewarded with a Keyblade that contains certain powers/abilities. Not to mention a distinct look of a Keyblade from a specific world that reflects that specific world somehow. Though only 3 worlds have been confirmed for KH3, I was wondering your guy's ideas for the new Keyblades in KH3. Post some Keyblade Ideas, with different powers or transformation ideas! Upload some pictures of what you think could work in the game and would look great if Sora were to use it in battle! Get inspiration from the Disney films you love and incorperate a unique Keyblade that would be worth unlocking after completing that world! I don't know if there's a thread on this already so sorry if there is!
  21. This thread is going to be about drawings or pictures that show a character from a different gameshow other than Kingdom Hearts wielding their own keyblade! And if you would like, give their Keyblades reasonable stats and abilities as if they were in a Kingdom Hearts game, like the Kingdom Key's ability from KH 2 which is Damage Control. You don't have to make the ability one from the actual games, you could even make up an ability! Remember, have fun! Here's my drawing and stats of Veemon's Keyblade, Kingdom Vee, which is based off of the Kingdom Key's look. (Whoops, sorry the image is a little small. Info: The edge of the blade is shaped like a moderately wide V, making it useful in almost any situation) Here's its stats: Attack: 5 Magic: 5 Ability: Hero's Last Stand ( After MP is fully depleted, Attack power and speed go up)
  22. Forever

    Wtf, Yen Sid?

    While the others were freeing Hearts, Yen was freeing heads!