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Found 28 results

  1. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    This is the roleplay thread for Overworld, my original RP. Please read this initial opening post before posting, as it will explain a lot of unanswered questions, initial scenarios, how to post, as well as how to translate the world map and the existing territories. Also, please subscribe to this thread so that you can remain up-to-date with notifications. : ) Prologue There exists, beyond the visible world we see, a place where the impossible is indeed possible. A place where magic isn't merely a dark art whispered among sorcerers and beggars, but rather is flourished by it. This place, as grand as it may seem, is referred to the Overworld: home to the creatures of legend and all fey imaginable. Far above the world that we know and live in, these fey have a paradise of their own, with gardens, beauty, riches, and marvelous kingdoms in a more advanced society than that of our world. They lived in peace and harmony, with few crimes ever heard of upon the kingdom of Kilkes Seres. That is, however, until three friends severed the bond of trust and ventured into the world below, implanting a terrible idea into the minds of greedy humans that would never cease. It has been several years since the three fey friends arrived in the world below within the Medieval era, befriending many and antagonizing others. Many humans were indeed frightened of these magical beings, fearing that they were demons from the underworld or accursed sorcerers performing witchcraft. Their rumor leaked to the ears of King Alderon Niles, a man who recently was grieved by his daughter's infliction of a terrible curse. In hopes that these three friends could cure his daughter, Alderon had other plans in mind for these fey, along with those who reside in the world above. Many wars have stained the earth with blood, and Alderon's very kingdom was threatening to split in two if something wasn't done. Something tremendous, extraordinary . . . . And that's when he realized it: if he could somehow channel magic into his war there would be no way that his enemies could touch him, let alone defeat him. It would indeed be a sacrifice of a splendid and marvelous race, but these were hard times, and Alderon would do what it took to do what's right for his daughter, his kingdom, and, most importantly, himself. Realizing that they would be used, the three friends fled the Kingdom of Sondon, attempting to escape back to the Overworld. One of their friends, Ren, managed to return, while Helios and Ariana were captured. Both were used in Alderon's terrible, inhumane experiments, transferring their magical blood into that of a human and performing rituals only whispered of among sorcerers. After infusing ten soldiers with Ari's blood, only three surviving (including Henry), the fey expired, leaving Helios alone to fuel Alderon's experiments. And to this day he still lives, fueling a limited supply of men while Alderon perfects his ultimate device that will provide him with all of the fey he desires: the flying machine. War is brewing, and the cogs are now in motion. The fey above are aware and preparing for this battle against the augmented human race, and very soon the rest of the world below will too experience a catastrophe they could hardly imagine. Today your journey begins, and you play a vital role in the outcome of this conflict that is rising. Your actions will determine the fate of all humanity, as well as the world of the fey. It all starts here, where you will arrive at the scene. In the Kingdom of Sondon, Alderon has prepared a feast for his most loyal scientists, engineers, and soldiers. A very closed group with high security. An orchestra is playing for the occasion, and everyone is dressed in their finest. King Alderon sits at the head of the table, overviewing a scroll while speaking with his royal advisor. Guests are filling in, and if you are a member of the staff you are likely attending this meeting. Helios has also been invited as a guest, one of his first times outside of the bleak prison walls that he is normally surrounded by. During that same evening a small private council has gathered in the meeting room of Queen Shiva, ruler of Kilkes Seres and a great portion of the Overworld. Apparently a small city independent of Kilkis Seres, called Mystras, has shut themselves off from them, keeping to themselves and doing strange activities, including frequent visits to Ispolis. Queen Shiva won't disclose what is there, but she is displeased by the activities and fear Mystras may be aligned with the humans. If you are fey you may be at this council, or you may be enjoying the evening doing whatever you please. The entire map of the Overworld is open to you. When posting please include your character's name and location at the top of your post, so that way we can keep things more organized and know at a glance where you are. : ) Below are the maps to the two worlds that our legacy takes place in: The Kingdom of Sondon is all red territories on the map, with the capitol being Sondon itself. The pale-blue and lime-green territories are other neighboring kingdoms, the pale-blue country being named Helvadoria (will update the map eventually), and the Kingdom of Augustus. King Augustus is one who keeps to himself often, not often involved in the battles between the Kingdom of Sondon and Helvadoria. Kilkis Seres is the capitol of the main territories of the Overworld, while Mystras is governered independently by a lord that reports to Queen Shiva of Kilkis Seres. There are other territories beyond the ones aforementioned on these two maps, but the ones which are shown is where the story is going to take place and where you will predominately be traveling/reffering to. Capitols are indicated by larger dots. And finally, we have our character roster, courtesy of The Unversed and Endless Thundaga (because I can never keep this updated myself for the life of me): Dwellers of the Overworld: Ruled by Queen Shiva (Female, Fey-Eidolon) 'Eliltari' among Elves & 'Rabiyu' among others (Female, High Elf) Rufus Contralto (Male, Fey) Elia Cabret (Female, Fairy) Yevgeni Malachite (Male, Elf) Helios (Male, Fey) Jynn Venas, Heir of Overworld (Male, Fey-Eidolon) Pracia (Female, Scralose) Alicia Kross (Female, Fey) Aqua Lumen (Female, Elf) Machiav Froisis or "Alastor" (Male, Fey) Maxis (Possessed Armor, Likely Fey) Bherna Lao (Female, Fey) Eclaire (Female, Valkyrie/Succubus) Morana (Female, Fey-Wedigo) Soren Monroe (Male, Demonic Fey) Typhon (Possibly Male, Cyph) Rhaedyn Thane (Possibly Male, Ithurian) Those within the World Below: Ruled by King Alderon Niles (Male, Human) Effie (Female, Demon-Zanzia) Raleigh Marin (Female, Human) Aura Aeternum (Female, Human) Aurion Aeternum (Male, Human) Arthur Gancelot (Male, Human) Visco Niles (Female, Human (Cursed)) Midnea (Female, Fey-Fairy) Henry Hansees (Male, Human (Augmented)) Draksis Gunther (Male, Human) Curvis Sourati (Male, Human) Roger (Male, Human) Everyth Castanova (Female, Human)
  2. {This roleplay is currently closed to new characters due to being in the final stages. Thank you for reading!} Have you ever wondered why it rains in the worst possible moment? Does it ever feel like someone is watching you? Why are you really so scared of the dark, when there is almost always nothing there? The truth is, there are explanations to all of these things, only we as humans lack the knowledge of them. Far above us in the medieval era dwells a kingdom--no, a world--filled with whimsy, fantasy and phenomena of your wildest dreams. The world dwells above the clouds, filled with rich stone walls, cobblestone homes, water fountains aplenty, and the palaces whose splendor rivals even that of the great King Alderon down below in the human world. This world is beautiful, massive, and rich. But who could live in this world, you are probably asking yourself, if this happened long, long ago back in the age of medieval living? If there are no planes, how could people reach this magnificent place? And if humans did not know of this world, then what could possibly live there? There is only one simple explanation, and that explanation is the very reality of what lives there: fey. Fey, all sorts of fey. Predominately fairies, though they are not your average fairy that you read about in a bedtime story. They are in every sense of the word human, only they are gifted with three things that the mere human does not possess: magic, immortality, and flight. The range of fey that dwell in the Overworld vary, from fairies, imps, minotaurs, eidolons, vampires, and just about any mythical race. While it would seem they have a paradise, it may be surprising that they desire something much, much more, more expansive such as the world below. Which has brought them into the disaster that has befallen them today. A young fey, perhaps three hundred years old, ventured into the forbidden world below, sneaking past security with his two friends. He met many humans, many curious, some kind, and others . . . more power-thirsty than anything. A dreadful fate befell the three friends: one had been kept by the human King Alderon for his own dark experimental purposes, another died while trying to save him, and the last made it home, but was punished so severely he'd wished that he'd died. While the majority of the underworld do not know of the existence of the Fey kingdom, King Alderon does, and he's attempting to reign supreme over all the kingdoms of his world. In doing so he plans to use the one weapon he doesn't have and is known as a forgotten art: magic. Yes, magic existed within these young fey, and he would stop at nothing to obtain these magics for his own purposes, even if it meant draining the poor fey dry of their magic, killing them in the process of transferring this magic into their own warriors. You have a choice: to be human, or be a member of the mythical race of the Overworld preparing for the greatest of wars between worlds. If you are a human you wouldn't know anything about fey, unless you serve directly under King Alderon and know of his plans. If you are of the Overworld you have never been to the main world, but rather have only heard stories and probably yearn to see what it is like. Travel between the worlds is forbidden for fey, to prevent the very tragedy that the young boy had created. You may choose most any race for an Overworld dweller, though if I feel it isn't a good fit or is over-powered I may decline the race. The rules consist of: 1.) No god-modding. 2.) No auto-hitting or mass slaughter. This means if you are battling someone don't make your hit automatically meet its target, but rather have it aimed at a player and they choose whether the attack hits or misses. No mass slaughter means don't kill off a bunch of NPCs without permission. 3.) Go with the plot, and please choose a character that fits well with the world and setting. 4.) Original characters only. If you would like to use a canon character please modify them until they are your own creation, and rather inspired by a canon character. 5.) When in a group of other people, please post after everyone in your group has posted. I don't want anyone to fall too far behind. 6.) Keep everything PG-13, please. 7.) Romance is permitted, but again please remember rating restrictions. 8.) Please don't have invincible characters. While you get to choose whether your character is hit by an attack, don't make them avoid everything or else it seems like god-modding. 9.) Don't be over-powered. 10.) All KH13 rules apply. 11.) This is going to be a heavy world-building roleplay, that will rely heavily on plot and character interaction. I intend to keep this roleplay going for a considerable length of time, though it may not be entirely fast to update. Having said that, please try to post at least once every two weeks, but if you are going to be away please let me know and we will make arrangements for your characters. Should you remain absent for an extended length of time, I reserve the right to utilize your characters as I deem fit for the RP's progression. 12.) Have fun! Now, here is the character sheet. There is no maximum amount of characters that you can possess, but I would like for you to only control as many characters as you can reasonably handle: Name: Gender: Race: Age (if fey, keep in mind that they are immortal, but can appear like a certain age): Appearance: Magic (if any): Weapons: Personality: Biography: I hope to have some maps drafted of the world in the near future, and if anyone would like to suggest some names for locations please feel free to. Thanks for your interest!
  3. Wanna swim with da fishieesss
  4. Endless Thundaga

    RE Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires RP

    This is the RP thread for RE: Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires. If you have not signed up yet and you are interested in participating, please go to the sign ups so you can take part in this RP. Twelve years after Xehanort's defeat, the worlds were at peace. Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Mickey all started to take apprentices of their own to continue the next generation of Keyblade wielders. However, Sora's pupil, Xavier, studied the history of the world of fairy tales, and became obsessed with reuniting all worlds to create one. However, as he acted, he unlocked many of the worlds' keyholes, letting darkness leak from each of them. Some were quickly devoured, and became sleeping worlds. Feeling responsible, Sora went into hiding without any trace of his whereabouts, the only way to find him was by Roxas and Xion. Unfortunately, Xavier caught up on this, knowing that if Sora was found and persuaded, he would stop at nothing to halt the apprentice, so Xavier took after Xehanort and transferred his heart into Roxas, making him an ally. As for Xion, Maleficent and Pete still remain at large as they too are aware of the risks of finding Sora, so the evil fairy kidnaps Xion, using her heart to fuel Maleficent's dark powers. In desperation, three friends were sent by their masters to find Sora, Roxas and Xion, stop Xavier, and restore the worlds. Susan-Traverse Town A portal of light appears on the rooftop of the Gizmo Shop in Traverse Town. A young Keyblade Master appears from the portal, Susan. She is here to spend some time with friends and prepare for her mission.
  5. This is a reboot of my old RP, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires. Twelve years after Xehanort's defeat, the worlds were at peace. Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Mickey all started to take apprentices of their own to continue the next generation of Keyblade wielders. However, Sora's pupil, Xavier, studied the history of the world of fairy tales, and became obsessed with reuniting all worlds to create one. However, as he acted, he unlocked many of the worlds' keyholes, letting darkness leak from each of them. Some were quickly devoured, and became sleeping worlds. Feeling responsible, Sora went into hiding without any trace of his whereabouts, the only way to find him was by Roxas and Xion. Unfortunately, Xavier caught up on this, knowing that if Sora was found and persuaded, he would stop at nothing to halt the apprentice, so Xavier took after Xehanort and transferred his heart into Roxas, making him an ally. As for Xion, Maleficent and Pete still remain at large as they too are aware of the risks of finding Sora, so the evil fairy kidnaps Xion, using her heart to fuel Maleficent's dark powers. In desperation, three friends were sent by their masters to find Sora, Roxas and Xion, stop Xavier, and restore the worlds. RP Rules - All KH13 rules apply. - No god modding. Whatsoever. - No auto hitting without permission. It is rude and selfish. This also includes controlling a character you are not playing as. - Do not dominate the plot. Everyone has equal importance to the story. - Romance is allowed, but keep it PG13. - Do to recent events, I don't plan for everyone to be heavily active in this RP, but I do at least want everyone to at least make an attempt to participate once every two weeks at least. PM if you need more time. - If you are no longer interested in the RP, please let me know by PM or the Sign Ups. - To show that you have read these rules, please type "WDW" under your character sheet. Character Sheet Name: Age: Appearance: Keyblade (If a Keyblade Wielder): Other Weapon: Powers (If any): Personality: Bio: Here's mine. Name: Susan Halaphour Age: 20 Appearance: 5'7", blue eyes, brown short hair, wears a black overcoat with white lining, black boots, and brown breeches. Keyblade: Star Seeker Other Weapon: Able to forge different weapons with her powers Powers (If any): She has powers over light, able to do just about anything with it, but she is known to forge weapons with this power. However, she cannot forge another Keyblade with the power. Personality: Charming, caring, docile, sometimes serious, fearless, occasionally sassy, observes enemies in battle, selfless, and cautious. Bio: A talented young woman who trained under Master Aqua. During her training, she met two other individuals and became close friends with them. After passing her Mark of Mastery, Aqua told her that the worlds are in danger and that an individual named Xavier was unbalancing the stability of the worlds. She immediately wanted to solve this issue. WDW
  6. "Darkness..." A female whisper echos in the void. "Everything i see is just...Void." The sounds of ambience surrounds the female. "Suddenly, i see a spark of light..." The female's eyelids started to open up to reveal her aquamarine irises. "" The female whispers one last time. All of the sudden, a bright light covers her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You are in the Wonderful World of Kutasia, dear." Another calming voice was heard through the young female's ears. The bright light fades slowly to reveal a society full of knowledge and seers. "You are part of one of the kingdoms, dear. The Sawaku Society welcomes you to its own kingdom of seers. But be forewarned; This society is full of False Knowledge through gossips and manipulating liars. They may fool and trick you, but if you are clever; You can outsmart them. You are reborn here into Kutasia's arms, dear. This world is ever-expanding, stretching for miles and miles. The further you venture into Kutasia, the more different and unknown it gets. Dear, now i taught you the basics, it's time for your own will to choose, decide, and where your oneself will do to the extent. It's time for my farewell, dear. I bid you good luck into this new world, into a new kingdom." The voice disappears, for the last time. The female woken up in the main marble street where an another female with lapis colored eyes, black hair that is neatly straight, pale tan skin, was wearing a purple, blue, and a radiant golden gypsy robe with a dark purple, but sparkly wizard hat covering her head. It appears to be a traveler from another kingdom far away. "Hey! I didn't see you around here! A new adventurer, maybe? Or...Oh! She's waking up!" A cheery girl voice sounded so clear to the female's ears. She stumbled groggy as she got back up in her feet. She yawns as she covers her hand near her mouth. " Dang, i felt so...tired." The cheery girl giggled, "Hehe! Want me you become your friend? We'll be together, right?" The female looks confused in her eyes. Her short black and tinted sky blue hair looks neatly brushed, she looks pretty formal, as she wears a sleeveless cyan vest with a black belt buckled on her waist, along with areo/aquadynamic white/sky blue colored finger-less gloves that fits comfortably in her hands, a lapis colored skirt worn in her legs but tucked under the belt to keep it from falling, and high, long, back shoes with sky blue straps in front. "But...i don't know you. And why you want me to become your friend? We haven't met each other." She says to the cheery girl, who's giggling right at her. She takes a good look around at this place, to her it looks like a very, very advanced city. "Just tell me, where am i and who are you?" The cheery girl smiled cheerfully right at the female's eyes. "Hehe! Where are you? You are at The Sawaku Society! Oh, me? I am Anna Annabelle, the Journeyman's Magical Apprentice! So, what's your name?" Anna awaited for an answer from the female. "My name is Annie Merheart. I was reborn here, i guess? Can't remember after i blacked out." Annie scratched the back of her head, trying to remember what happened after all of that. Her memory is a blur, perhaps it'll be best to leave it alone for a while before she could figure it out herself. Anna smiled and lands a hand out to Annie, "It's nice to meet you, Annie!" Annie reluctantly shook her hand, "You too, i guess i will have to find some supplies because, hey. I am willing to become an adventurer now. Looks like my childhood dream has came true, well most of it." After shaking hands, Anna gave Annie a bag full of currency. "Here; This bag of currency is full of munny, 10,000 are inside this bag. Don't lose your own very bag, okay? Because i'll be very bad if you lost it in the first place!" Anna cheerfully said to her, she waves goodbye as she hops on her highly advanced broomstick. "Well, i hope we become friends Annie! Well, i'm off to return to La Arts! Enjoy the bag on munny, and spend it all wisely!" Annie saw Anna takes off into the east direction. "Goodbye, Anna. Now, let me see if i can buy some supplies..." Annie walked on the shiny, smooth marble floored walkway toward somewhere to search for shops to come by. All in a while, she hears people chattering about a rumor nearby her. She stopped and listened to the people quietly and stealthy. !: "....what mouse?" 2: "...They say that there is a mouse running around the society with a weird key." 1: "Oh...that mouse with a key? Yes, i have heard of him." 2: (a subtle, unknown reply) 1: "...There, i saw him again!" (The person points at the small shadow sillouette of a mouse, but it's hard to see due to a lack of clear hints.) 2: "...You are seeing this, right? Because if you aren't, i am pretty sure that it's a false rumor." 1: (a unknown murmur, possibly chuckling.) She continued on after hearing this conversation went nowhere, and entered a shop with a OLED display in front of the building. She takes a good look in the shop, goods stocked up to the fullest, strange equipment and accessories were showcased in the glass windows, and garment clothing neatly sorted into rows of rows. She was immediately greeted by the shop owner. "Well, hello there, young girl! You're here to buy and sell eh?" The shop owner said to Annie, with a smile on his face. Annie nodded and asked a question, "Um, i am here to find the recommended equipment and items because i need to explore the whole world. Can you at least guide me to the equipment that you think i needed for it?" "Why sure! Come here, lady. I have the best goods you'll need!" The shop owner guides Annie toward the equipment section first. He picked out a weapon from the combat section. "This 'ere lady, is the recently forged Atrink Cutter! It's pretty decent for a new adventure to start, lady! When you wield this cutter 'ere, it's pretty light, and enough to cut against Steel! The best part about this sword, is it has a hidden magical ability to increase your running speed by a decent bit! Would you want that, lady?" Annie nodded, "I think i'll get it. Is it cheap though?" she says to the shop owner, who nodded. "Well, only for Munny users, for others is very, very expensive, lady. For Gil, it costs 47,500 for a decent sword. For zeni, it may cost 750,000, and finally for our currency, Cora may cost around from 122,000 to 237,000. For you, it may cost 1,000 munny for you to buy." He said to Annie, who smiled at him. Annie then said, "Well, i'll take it. Because i have 10,000 munny from a stranger i recently met." The shop owner smiled gracefully, " You know, you are pretty lucky to have the bag of munny in hand, lady. Yes, i have heard of Anna. She recently visited here to buy some alchemy items for her recipe. Dunno why though she arrived here, maybe because she's in a hurry? Who knows, lady? Alright, give me 1,000 munny and i'll let you have the weapon in hand, complete with a free case for the cutter 'ere!" Annie hands over the 1,000 munny to the shop owner, who added in, "Oh, and you can call me Sir. Tsaba. I am the owner of said best shop around the Sawaku capital! What's your name, lady?" She answered Tsaba, "Name is Annie Merheart, but you can call me Annie just to make it simple." Tsaba, after giving her the weapon she ordered was in its sleeve for the weapon to put away, he guides Annie to the accessories, which range from rings, pendants, bracelets, and other fancy stuff she can have, including wings, gliders, boots that focus on either flight or running speed or both, hoverboards, broomsticks, and other stuff for travel and stuff she may find. "Lady, if you are here for a balanced adventure, have the Light Boots! These Light Boots will help you to glide far away, but not too far. Although, if you want to go really far, i can give you the Light Gliders! It'll help you very much, as it has a 25 minute flight time, what's so amazing you ask, lady? Well, it comes with a free Iruim Blast Boots which i'll help you to double jump to higher places, and has a 10 minute flight time, as well as very fast running speed. Plus, it may help you to swim faster with these on too! Also, another free outfit was the Light Grid Augmented outfit that will negate all kinds of fall damage, have a 15% increase on sword, technology driven weapons, and magic weapons! Don't forget, it has the ability to greatly increase holding your breath underwater while diving too, and when you go underwater..." There is a pause in Tsaba's offer, "...It'll make you swim faster, glow a nice sky blue color, and increases defense by a decent amount, lady!" Annie smiled, "Well, i have 9,000 munny left, is the Light Gliders affordable, Sir.Tsaba?" Tsaba nodded, "Well, yes. But only if you are Munny user as well! Otherwise, if you aren't, it won't be affordable for you, i'm afraid. But! At least it's enough, lady! It will cost you 2,500 munny!" Annie gave the required amount to Tsaba's hands. "Here, i'll take that too. Now, i have about 6,500 munny, is it still enough to buy health stuff too?" She was handed over the outfit, the boots, and the gliders which looked really cool. Tsaba answered her question, but not after he tells her, "Annie, before i tell you, go and try the outfit on and see if you like it, lady!" Annie nodded, "Sure. I'll go in the dressing room." She enters the dressing room, she took off her own outfit and puts on the Augmented outfit she got it brand new. Annie steps out after she wore the Blast Boots, the Light Grid Augmented Garments and the Light Gliders on her back by itself. "How do i look?" Tsaba clapped with a thumbs up, "You look even better than your formal outfit has! Those colors of your new outfit of Black, Cyan, Platinum, and Sapphire goes well with your new Blast Boots, as well as your Light Gliders!" Annie smiled, "Thanks, Sir Tsaba. I'll definitely put this outfit to good use!" Annie's new outfit is based on a keyblade adventurer's expert outfit, except it has some major differences. Her new garment shirt is sleeveless, with a cyan colored undershirt with the open zipper on her sleeveless Black, Platinum, Cyan, and Sapphire garment design is based on Hearts, Leaves, and flower petals, and yet blended beautifully on her new outfit. She has a new necklace, which it's the famous outlined heart symbol on her neck. She wears full on fingerless gloves, with a platinum outlined heart symbol in her left hand, and the scorpio symbol in her right hand. She wears a Jade colored belt on her waist, tightening the new black and sapphire colored skirt beneath. She wears a glow in the dark, but long Blast Boots with the cyan flames in the bottom of the shoe's design, and finally she wears a pair of knee pads covering her knees fully. She puts the Atrink Cutter inside it's sleeve to put it on her back, but Tsaba stops her. "Annie, it's best if you take out your weapon at your hands rather than the old fashioned sword pull, lady. Now, follow me to the last thing that you said, lady." He begun to guide Annie to the items section near the exit. Before she can pick, Tsaba offers her something, "Now, in order for you to save your munny savings, i have to give a free pack of health potions. Now, which one you like? The small pack or the big pack?" She points to the big pack, which contains 15x ethers, 15x potions, 10x Hi-Potions, 5x Elixirs, and 3x Megaelixirs. "Oh, the big pack, lady?" She nodded as Tsaba handed her a big pack of potions. "Here's your big pack of potions, lady!" Annie grabbed the big pack, and noticed it was gone in a small cloud of blue sparkles, indicating that her outfit has a bulti-in inventory. "Thanks sir, have a great day!" She left the shop with her new items, equipment, and weapon in hand. Tsaba waved her goodbye. "You too should have a great adventure with you!" Annie begun to try out her Light Gliders, as she went to another part of the city. "Okay, here we go. Lift off!" She felt the gliders activate with a pleasant hum as she was lifted off from the ground, with a almost quiet noise. She begun to fly forward, and upward into the urban development of the high rise buildings. "Woah! This must be a huge city! Bigger than my hometown, i guess?" She flew around the buildings, like a small plane through a futuristic city. She begun to go toward the outskirts of the Sawaka Society border, and onto adventure. But a mouse is witnessing her first step towards her direction. "This is must be her...hope she dose not meddle in this world." A small, familiar voice was heard by the ambience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter 1! Leave me feedback on how you like my first attempt at a fanfiction! And As always, thank you for reading this!
  7. So, I was it's not very often that I am pleased with my work I am very critical about my art lol. But I was so happy about how this turned out that I thought I would share it with you all. It's a just a little doodle of one of my characters from my story I am writing. His name is Derek. Also, I know that I didn't get a drawing in of 2.8 for December. It was a pretty busy month for me. I am, however, working on one final piece for this month (despite the game literally coming out tomorrow ). So as Hashimoto-san would say "Please be excited!" Lol jk.
  8. Firaga

    2016 Let Us Down

    || AN ORIGINAL STORY BY FIRAGA SENSEI || ----- Never in this year has there been a more tragic string of deaths. Gonna be honest with you, I thought we’d be able to get off scot free by today, but unfortunately this passing morning decided to take one more life from us. “Give me a minute,” international pop sensation Rick Astley said, passing by his group of bodyguards onto enter the nearby hotel lobby restroom, hoping to relieve himself before taking off on the next wild adventure of his stupendous life, but unfortunately, that was not the case. You might asking now what happened to him, and according to the reports, he was assassinated on the toilet by a jaded individual who had been internet trolled one too many times, and where is he now? Up there with God, Jesus, and all the other holy icons of the world. Never in a million years have I witnessed such a travesty, even for a string of unfair passings-aways like this year has produced. Gonna be honest again, this year has let me down, and it’s not just me either. Let down are the masses and masses of fans that Mr. Astley has gained both ironically and unironically (but mostly ironically) throughout the years. “You are just exaggerating,” you might say, but no! Down with your unabashed ignorance! Never has there been such a unique and capitalizing talent among the pop world as this man! Gonna just shit on his legacy like that, oh-ho, not today, mister. Run all your collective mouths as much as you want, but this man will be missed by not just his family, not just by his friends, but the millions upon millions of fans he has gained in his lifetime. Around the world, people have been singing his classic song in unison, the fake synthetic drums bursting through every street corner and shopping mall radio, people doing their best to mimic his iconic swaying and jiving from the music video, all done in tribute to one of the most memorable and influential names in pop. And as for 2016 for taking his man’s life along with all the others, I have the same feelings for you as everybody else: you make me sick. Desert you, I will, and so will everybody else by the time the clock strikes 12 later tonight… or at least it will for me since I live in an area where midnight hasn’t happened yet and plenty of other people have experienced it already, but as for the rest of us, your time is almost up, pal! You and your sins shall be cleansed, your follies forgotten and lost in the sands of time, and every single life you have taken will be laughing from their golden thrones in the world above as you squirm in agony at your impending demise… … Now, read the first line of each of those sentences. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! || THE END
  9. Thought I would share this drawing I did of some of my OC's just for the heck of it. It's not the finished version, but this is what I have so far.
  10. Since everyone else is doing it, I'd figure I do me, as well Post your results!
  11. This roleplay is being hosted by myself and Superior Kunivas. This is the sign-up thread (and yes, we are still accepting new players!), whereas the actual RP thread is here: . Note: we are currently only accepting new players for the Seraphim Order or New Empire. A year has passed since the fall of the Korbenic Empire. A war had been waged between the empire and its rebels, promoted by surrounding territories free from the empire’s reign. The late emperor, Korben, sought to create a world filled with law, rule, and justice, but at the cost of so many lives. Those deemed inferior were slaughtered or experimented upon, and magic by birth was considered a curse rather than a blessing. Elves and those possessing magic were raided and slaughtered, or brought into the imperial labs for experimentation. The world had already been faltering, and it only plummeted further at the development of tanzynite: a chemical substance produced by imperial labs that had the power to sustain one’s life, augment their abilities or create them, or, in some cases of prolonged use, kill. The dawn of the Korbenic Era was one filled with oppression, blood, and poverty; the world cried for this tyrant to reach his demise, a calling to which was answered. Eclaire Tonnerre, ex-general of the Empire, organized and orchestrated the Order of Lux to battle the Korbenic Empire. She was a brave warrior who fought for true peace and justice, wishing to recreate the government into a republic rather than an empire. Unfortunately her army was weakened during the war, and traitors lived within her midst that she was not privy to. Now she resides with a smaller group than before, her kingdom and order being taken over a rebellion follower, Yevgeni Malachite. While the empire had indeed fallen, a new world power came to take its place. Oryx, a god of power, seized the Korbenic Empire and sits upon what once was Korben’s throne, his rule hardly any better than that of the late empire. The war, however, has left the world in ashes, a state worse than it had been before. Langerdon, a city once flourished, now is trying to recover from the war that devastated them a year ago, though they are not succeeding well. You may choose a character from either the New Empire or Yevgeni’s rebellion called The Seraphim Order. There are many races available for you to choose from, though I request that no new divine deities are created to prevent power-creep from occurring. Your world is a dying one filled with chaos after a devastating war, and, while technology was once at its prime in this futuristic era, very little of it is left in working order after the damage that had been done. 1: No Godmodding/Meta-Gaming. This includes controlling another person’s character under ANY circumstances. 2: All KH13 RPing rules are in effect here. 3: There is no character limit, but I would request that you only take as many characters that you feel you can properly handle. 4: If any rules are broken, you will be given a warning. Should you break them again, and under the same violation, you will be asked to leave the RP. 5: Feel free to contribute to the story. This is an RP, after all. : ) However, I would ask that you do not dominate the entire plot or massively change the direction in which all players are going without prior approval. A good example of this would be to make a character use unearthly powers to just terrorize and distract all characters, making their initial goals impossible. This is destructive behavior, and in doing so I will issue you a warning. There’s a difference between contributing to a plot and dominating one. 6: Keep everything PG-13, including violence, romance, language, and all that good stuff. This includes themes as well as explicit content. If it’s something that you won’t see in a PG-13 movie because it’s considered inappropriate in content or visualization, don’t do it. 7: For non-human races, you can pick practically anything you please. Be creative! However, please be mindful of over-powered characters. I’m no longer accepting any new divine deities, as we already have plenty. 8: You may choose from the tanzynite list provided should your character desire them. However, you may request custom tanzynites be made via PM and I shall evaluate them. 9: Auto-hitting and mass slaughter are highly restricted here. Auto-hitting is when your character lands a strike in combat without prior approval from the other player or RP host. Mass slaughter cannot be done on a whim, only if asked for and we shall evaluate. To ensure that you’ve read the rules, please state your favorite color below your character sheet. 10: For those of you who will be continuing with the same characters from Tainted Blood, please copy-paste your character sheet with a revised biography reflecting what happened over the past year, as well as their role in Tainted Blood. I will be more lenient toward existing characters pertaining weapon limits, magic, et cetera, but any new characters must strictly abide by the rules. To show that you've read the rules, please state your favorite color below your character sheet. Tanzynite options (instigator): Tanzynite tonics: Experimental Tanzynite (not for everyone--only one each available, and must receive prior approval before use): Character sheet: Name:
 Side: Race:
 Weapon (limit of two): 
Tanzynite tonics (limit of three):
 Tanzynite Instigators (limit of three--experimental Tanzynite has a limitation of one, and only with prior approval):
 Race abilities (nothing too great or powerful, please: basic enhancements preferable): Magic (if any--I’m not providing any strict limitations, but please don’t have every possible magic available. If I feel your choices are too strong I may ask you to reduce them):
Backstory: World map: New Empire side: Leader is Oryx (Male Ancient Demon God) Yltriss Hyulli (Female Elf Tanzynite User) Dex Marthur (Male Human host to Oryx) Tiriel (immortal Female Fallen Archangel) Zane (Male Zanzia) Zack (Male Zanzia) (KIA) Kinzoku (Female, Human? Metal Mage) Isaac Farbenion (Male Human Tanzynite User) Indy Caelum (Male Human Tanzynite User) Rebellion (The Seraphim Order) side: Leader is Yevgeni Malachite or Yev (Male Human/Angel Tanzynite user with Angelic Magic) Vortludo Prince (Male Human Magical Artifact Wielder) Cobica Quinn (Immortal Male Demon/Angel Hybrid) Ava Peltiere (Female Human Tanzynite user) Yagyu (Female Human Ninja Mage) Jynn Venas (Male Human Mage) Kaspar Ulrich (Male Human Mage/Necromancer) Messiah (Eclaire's small group) side: Leader is Eclaire Tonnerre (Female Human/Succubus Mage) Ciriel (Female Fallen Angel Tanzynite user) Ryonne Neyelmnik (Male Human Tanzynite user/Divine Swordsman) Doctor Julius Verstand or The Doctor (Male Human Monstrumologist) Mikhail Drak (Male Witcher) Gabriel Stross or The mute or Omega (Male Human Mechanical lord) Jeremy Tobias Hunter (Male Human/Angel) Rika Hunter or Chrysalis (Female Human Experimental Tanzynite User/Divine Warrior) Victoria du L'ete or the Goddess of Victory (Immortal Female Minor Goddess) Sasha Valentine (Female Augmented Human) Jadis Sorein (Male Elf Mage) Maxis or Prime (Male? Tenno Ancient Ninja Warrior) Fiora Tonnerre (Female Human Mage) Ace (Male Human Razgriz Air Command Squadron) Edge (Female Human Razgriz Air Command Squadron) Bladedancer (Male Human Razgriz Air Command Squadron) Reaper (Male Human Razgriz Air Command Squadron) Allitt Caelum (Female Human Tanzynite User) Zion de Wynter or Goddess of Light (immortal Female Goddess) Criminal Underworld side: Serves under Oryx (Male Ancient Demon God) Cyler (Male Human Tanzynite User) Die (Male Human Tanzynite user & Leader of the crow's eyes gang) Scherp (Male Human Tanzynite user & member of the crow's eyes gang) Lan (Male Human Tanzynite user & member of the crow's eyes gang) Heksen (Male Human Tanzynite user & member of the crow's eyes gang) Naja (Female Human Tanzynite user & member of the crow's eyes gang) Kol (Female Human Tanzynite user & member of the crow's eyes gang) Dark Heart (Female Zanzia 2nd Gen) Sahail (Female Human Gunslinger Mage) Neutral side: No Leader Rufus Contralto or Captain (Male Human Mage) Neena Mors (Female Elf Combat Mage) Henry Hansees (Male Human Dread Lord or dreadnaught) Arian Vondrin or the gust (Male Human & part of Orient Trading) Nalia Gallagher (Female Human & part of Orient Trading) Deuce Gallagher (Male Human & part of Orient Trading) Garret Reuental or Grim (Male resurrected Human & part of Orient Trading) 
Dorian Bittenfeld or Gray (Male Cursed Human & part of Orient Trading) Johathan Heaton or ghost doctor (Male Human & part of Orient Trading) Ariana Cabret (Female Human Experimental Tanzynite user) Keyes (Male Tenno) Rei or Blue Heart (Female Zanzia 1st Gen)
  12. In an age where the royals and nobles reigned and all else were considered scum living upon the earth lived a terrible secret, one which threatened society as it was currently known. That very secret was the existence of mages: a race of humans with a mutated gene possessing the power to control the elements, heal the wounded, and even travel through time. They were considered abominations and the devil's spawn, killed upon discovery and executed en mass. In the eyes of Queen Caltreia the only method of attaining peace was to control this threat through elimination. And yet to the oppressed peasants, this very threat was their only hope of survival. It was a dark time in the year 612 BCE, for those who could not put a palace to their name. There were the rich and the poor; those fortunate to be born into a family of servants and riches, and those who were better off not existing than to live on the streets and starve. Our story tells the tale of two drastically different individuals brought up in the two opposing worlds, their lives intertwined in the most difficult of circumstances and sharing a common goal: peace for humanity. Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Race/Class: Magic (if any): Weapons: Origin: Appearance: Personality: Background: ((Subject to further editing and character sheets to come))
  13. "Xehanort. Oh how smart he was. I mean, he had us all fooled. From the constant games of cat and mouse, to the twists and turns he had us in. That light, Oh boy that Light. False, Fake, Lost, Imaginary, Unreal, Untrue. But we used it. God, Everyone used it. It brought us power to defend, and now, we don't have it. That Light we fought to protect, was false, a lie. It was our doom. We weren't even prepped for it. We fed into the hands of Xehanort and he handed us over to Lucifer. You see, you thought that Light was innocent. Well, you have another thing coming. You were just tickling Lucifer's power, and he wants it back." Lucifer was resurrected through the people Who were called Light Bearers. This Light was Lucifer's power. Many years Xehanort stumbled upon this Light, And grasped at it's True Form but what he saw, was a force unspeakable. Lucifer's Soul, Mind, and Body was in the presence of Xehanort. Xehanort with power in mind, struck a deal with the Celestial being. Power for freedom. To rule in exchange for Lucifer's unshacklement. Xehanort flocked at the opportunity, it brought him great joy. So for many years, Xehanort planned to free the light. Through all of the people who used it. He would turn their very power against them. He caused The Second Keyblade War. Through years of scheming. He learned from history to remake, to redo the war But this time, finish it. His second attempt at The X-blade was a success. In this war, The X-blade forged and with it Lucifer brought an unruly wrath upon The Worlds. "Everyone fell into my hand. Like playing cards. *Laughs maniacally*" Xehanort and Lucifer. The Duo of doom had brought the fate of the Worlds to pass. Lucifer left Xehanort with the gift of being King of The Worlds. While he moved on to a much more intimate task. It Tantalized him, Vector Heaven where he discarded many lives of The Angels And cast the weak to Mortality for Xehanort to rule over. Many Angels tortured and Scorned but others came to realize. They bore the True Light of Heaven, Divine, And Hope. With the efforts of Heart in Mind, many were able to forge The True Keyblades. Become The True Light Bearers, and Succeed The Worlds. Their goal far in reach, Their powers weak,and their bodies , shelled. They stand ready. It's time Angels. Show Lucifer The True Gift of Flight. The True Gift of Light. This Is Metatron. Scribe of God. Wishing you luck on this Journey. I no longer have the Strength to see heaven. Godspeed, Brothers and Sisters. *cough cough* Please- - do not ... fail... (This Spoiler Contains Cinematic Pictures) Thesis: You are an angel cast from heaven and has discovered gods true light called "The Loyce". It brings power to your weapon(s). it is limited Source since the ruling of Xehanort. Find what angel you are and model your power. Rejoice and fight Xehanort. Then bring wrath to Lucifer. The task at hand is important. Heaven is important. Lucifer can't be met with his body, more importantly he can't take the throne of god. there are many place everyone can be but i would like everyone to start in a Distopia/Post apocalyptic Twilight town. The clock tower is still standing but the world around is in dismay. Demonic heartless are the main creatures that roam around. They are defined by a major sin (Lust, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Envy, and Gluttony some are combinations) I will control the major bosses in the story like Lucifer, Xehanort, The Many Amped up Heartlesses, and Other Canon characters from many Franchises. Rules: One - Two Character per person. Limited Space Only be accepting 4 to 8 Rper's unless you think you are very active. PG13 Basic KH13 Rules Apply. At least 4 sentences each post. Mid - Advanced lit. Accepted. Add favorite eye color if you read the rules. only Original characters no Canon. Please try and be active, Tell me if you can not post or if in need of a break. Just cause you are an angel, doesn't mean you can God Mod. Leave it to The G-man. Be wary and warned you character might die same as my characters. But that's MIGHT and if so you have a second character. I will of cource talk to you about it before doing so. If you say no, you say no i'll understand.(No one is invincible) Character sheet: Name: (A name you want to go by, can also go by the angel name) Angel: Arch form: (Transformation you can go into) Gender: weapon: (Any type of weapon with a keyblade twist to it) Abilities: (Pick an ability and Build of it: Two abilities that Differ from each other tops) Personality: Appearance: Quirks of your character: (Like if he has amnesia, or does he has a connection with another character:Romantic, Platonic, Sibling, Fraternal) Reserved Angels: |!| Characters |!| That I will be playing. Name: Ezekiel Lau Angel: Ezekiel "Angel of Dictation" Arch form: Gender: Male weapon: Mercer (A mace that has a spike that extends at the top of it and blades that can grow and shrink into a crested axe blade around the perimeter of it.) Abilities: Symatix (The ability to cause and control pressures, Especially Sizemic forces.) He controls the force out Put with how many fingers He puts up. Personality: Strong-hearted, Very calm, Driven by Duty, Hates Family Conflict between angels. Think lucifer is entirely wrong. He will die for his friends and family but is also easy to forgive. If an angel misbehaves he will Scorn them, Until they decide to change their ways. Appearance: Quirks of your character: He Developed Smoking While be mortal, not addicted but he tries to understand that heart of cancerous things much like how he believes lucifer to be, a self-penance for him not being strong enough to fight Lucifer. He'll take on the Suffering of Heaven For however long lucifer stands Crowned. Name: Castiel Carver Angel: Cassiel "Angel Of Thursday" Arch form: Gender: male weapon: None Abilities: Testamandments - Uses Emotion to construct weapons that have different Effects, Hatred - Throwing Daggers - Explodes Hope - Shield - Protection Joy - Heals None Severe Wounds - Health Sorrow - Creates Small illusions - illusionary Fear - Creates Weapon That can Break Over time Or with Obsessive use - Weak Creations Personality: Jokester, He can be very nimble in conversation with him being a cherub that got his wings and became an archangel he knows little about how to behave himself. He is tamed around good company but when he let's lose he more than Deviant. He likes to play little tricks and he Doesn't know how to conserve His Power. But he good For Saving People. He once saved a kid, with his cat, from a tree which he is very proud of. Appearance: "Y'got'et as Foretold." Quirks of your character: Has a Distinct accent. British And he Is vegan For what it's worth. Has Catchphrase " Y'got'et " and he uses it very loosely. No one knows what that means to him.. he laughs and smile a lot. Name: Hael Mozette Angel: Hael "The Angel Of Kindness" Arch form: Gender: Female weapon: Yo-yo And various Children Toys Abilities: Dream Taking - Uses Child Like innocence To Do things Only thought in Imagination. Making Balls Bounce against the wall that feels Like Punches from Mike Tyson, or Making Yo-yos Zig-zag through the Air Effortlessly. turning Children games into Real Applicable abilities. For example Turning Freeze tag to actually cause Paralysis. Personality: See is really kind and sweet. She Is Afraid of people who yell but stands up to evil doers. She never can say no to people who have helped her and feel like she has to pay them back by helping them always. Appearance: Quirks of your character: She Is 4"10', And Acts 12 years of age. She barely got her wings so she is wonky on flying. She loves sweet. She has a lot of Dumb luck, And no one knows how she survived this long.
  14. The World Is tired of the pain it feels. It wants Penances, It Causes The Life stream in itself to poison everything and all Inhabitants Living on it. This Created the First Age Of the “Tod De Mis Mue”. Kingdoms began to fall because crop wouldn't grow. All Sickness became Terminal And People Without reason Were no longer Fertile In the Second age, the Helhides Emerged And scorched the land Forcing More and more souls to become corrupt the planet knew the Process was taking to long, So the first the weak transformed. The planet forces the soul in the weak ones 'humans and animals' out of there vessel, Then slowly fill it with the madness and Hatred Of the Essence From hell. Transforming the body into a twisted distorted scarred Fleshy being there were no Defense for the humans who lived on. 4 Years later, the Third age began. The age Of Omni, A precious Metal was found and it was dubbed the Omni Craft Steel. It was Blessed With what innocence was left on the planet. Giving the humans a Fighting chances. But this was naught, for the Omni craft steel became harder and harder to find. It became apparent that it would not just be forged by any black smith the smith had to be Bad the metal will absorb the evil and break away. Neither can the black smith be weak or else it will not forge. This is the age where mankind can turn things around. This is the age you are set in. The world is set with many disadvantages such as being stuck with minimal technology. Some things have a futuristic aspect to it. The main threat are the Helhides Anyone with a weak will or on the verge of death will become a Helhide. Suicidal or Bad people even the way you die, all which breed different kinds of helhides. Helhides Are Especially Difficult to kill. being only killed by Omni Crafted Blades Which are forged From Dark Steel. Made only by the STRONGEST of blacksmith. The Omni Craft has an ability that can be released By the user saying the words Release. They all Do different things depending on the user Some can destroy some can heal, Others are imaginably strong and others Spitefully Weak. Castles are the main structure, the Cities still have a taste of what beauty that once lived there. Now a lot of things look over worn. Everything Goes into the military nothing is above fighting and slaying helhides. The soldiers that hail from The Six School of war are jerks and are only in it for the fame and women. They Don't do much to protect everyone but a lot of them Are for themselves. Rarely Do soldiers have manners towards everyone. There is one State that survived to thrive and it stands alone. All the rest of the world has fallen to the “Tod de mis mue” And other Outskirt villages Don't survive and have no contact with the gigantic State “Los UnDecante” With much smaller Cities having the same Feel to them. Los Undecante Has Huge walls And Priests that make sure if you Die in the walls You Don't come back as a helhide. The people are afraid of the helhides And will avoid you if they believe you might turn into one. The Helhides range from Husk to Devil. This is a system that the Soldiers use to define the Monstrosities they fight. Be careful how you kill a helhide they do not die easy. They can only be slain with a Omni Crafted Weapon. Anything else and they will comeback Stronger, they Fuel Off of Pain. Some helhides will even harm themselves to get stronger if they are smart enough. Los UnDecante is the only safe place from the outside world and will not give that up without a fight. The People are Sweet and the Innocents of children still want to flourish, its up to the heroes to makes sure everything gets better. Schools and Classes: Dragon: Lancers(Lagonite) Spears or Lances And Halberds (Galekite) Halberds And Great hammers Mane: Knights(Amaro) Swords and shields/ Great Swords And Archers(Cero) Bow, cross bow, Rifle, Serpent: Samurai(Edge) katanas or washing poles And Ninjas(Fang) Daggers or short swords Mantis: Martial artists(Monk) brass knuckles staffs or gauntlets And Shrine keepers(Fuyu) Talismans/tarot cards or Naginata Swan: Fencer (Vice) has Rapier called ralphials and Twin swords called Dianox. Whipfighter(Thorn) has the standard whip call the Latigo but come in many Different forms and the rope dart called the striker. Revenants: Priest (Arbiter) mace and shield or scythe. Alchemistary (Sylph) poisons/acids or Explosive Rules All kh13 rules apply No God Modding Romance Is Encouraged- no freaky stuff just fade okay- Characters can Die -You are not a god and if you try to be I will knock you down- lol No more than two characters – I control the story so I kinda have to break this rule- But if your one or two characters Die you can make one or two more. Team up please- it makes it easy to provide story- But you don't have too. your omni release Weapon abilities can be no more than 3 Different abilities and one element. The Omni release Can Do Anything you put it to do, But aslong as it doesn't Be considered OP. Post about once a day! Pretty Please! type in “Omni” if you read the rules Character Sheets Name: “Name” Of the “School” Gender: Age: Class: Weapon: Element: Ability: Bio: Personality: Quirks: Appearance: Name: Artellis Harvey of the Dragons Gender: male Age: 32 Class: Lancer Weapon: Pike and shield Element: Darkness Ability: Blind, Phantom step, Illusion. Bio: He has been Working with the military Since he was 15, his father being a higher ranking soldier it was easy for him to get in. he had a life as a farmer before he told his mother that he wanted to join the Six schools of war. His mother refused at first, but after talking to his father she began to become okay with it. She visits him very often to give him food and stuff. He is considered to be a mothers boy but he will not openly state it. he was first trained as a mane, then became a dragon through his long-ranged tactic fighting style. his master saw great potential and awarded him court Captain Ranking. So now he is in charge of strictly training the recruits. But only he is too merciful to treat them so strict. he is much like a soft giant. but his serious side, could peel the hide off of a demon. his glance was consider to make people feel dehumanized and their very soul crushed. No worries, It takes a lot to get him like this. "What goes Well, Ends Well.. hehehe" Personality: Kind, Calm, Quirky, Jolly, Fatherly, Optimistic And Nurturing. Appearance: Name: Latia Resijil of the serpent Gender: Female Age: 27 Class: Ninja Weapon: Wire Element: Wind Ability: Saw, Wrap, Negro De Mata Bio:She was alone always alone. She never had done anything for herself nor did she want anything to begin with. till her father became a drunkard, and she over heard her mother saying she was going to sell her youngest sister. So to prevent this, she joined the Six schools of war by lying about who she was and how old she was. she was merely two weeks shy from being twelve. She was great at lying and could do it with out second thought to those she doesn't have a lick of care for. She rose very fast and could kill with thinking about it, For Lartamis is a Sociopath and cannot feel when she kills someone. but for some reason she is never seen with any money of her own. she seems to have given it away. Some believe she Doesn't want it, others like Artellis knows where it really goes. "Release... lets see the blood" Personality: Serious, always serious, never laid back, on guard, Fearless, Cautious, keen, Cunning, Will Play Joke On those she likes, Quirks: Sleeps in high places, Fiddles with her wires, tensing them till they sound like an instrument and plays them. Sighs like a lot. Appearance: Name: Traverno Gratti of the Mane Gender: male Age: 22 Class: Archer Cero Weapon: 2x Scoped Rifle Element: Fire Ability: Heat Shot, Ash Sight, Oblivion Burn Bio: Traverno is a ladies man, He has alot of faith in the way he can talk and his eyes are set on latia for reasons unknown. He believes he his weapon has the soul of his father because he was the last one to have it and died in battle, but he never turned into a Helhide. Traverno mother died giving birth to him, and turned into a husk and the father had to kill her. Traverno never actually found out about what had happened to his mom his father kept it from him. til this day he wants to bring up the courage to find her. "Heh you think that's all i can do? Here Follow me." Personality: Suave, Nice, Confident, Jokster, Charming, light hearted, Respectful, layed back. Quirks: Smokes, And constanly looking at the ground while walking or even sitting. Can't take anything serious. Appearance: Name: Lana Madam Ada Gender: Female Age: 18 Class: Revenant Weapon: Duel Scythes Element: Magnetism Ability: Pull, push, levitate Bio: She wasn't one to follow what was main stream. she came in contact with any husk and even devils when she was younger. She was quiet scared of them aswell. Til the day her brother died. This is where she gets the second scythe from. She knew that he was great at what he could do, but was in disbelief with him dying. She ended up going missing for a very long time. that was when she was ten, now she's 18. She is known as the queen of the streets, or the Vermilion princess. And is well hidden she is the go to person for anything the city doesn't want you to have. the town would dub her bad but her cause is just in its own right. She will never leave anyone behind and is quiet mature for her age. "Why would you' need something like that?" Personality: mature, Smiley, Proper, Giddy, Friendly, Unknowingly Fearsome Calm and collected. Quirks: None Appearance:
  15. PROLOGUE – The history of INdriathos Magic is normal. It’s a way of life. Mages were once the most feared and respected group in Indriathos. Their skill in manipulating magic was so revered they were almost gods among men. There was no cost to their abilities and each of them had incredible power that could reshape the world as he saw fit. However this led to their downfall. Each one thought himself better than the others and soon war broke out and most of them killed each other. This killing continued most of them perished until one person known as the true god found a way to seal away the magic power of everyone on earth. This did not succeed however it limited magic and made it hard to understand. Now everyone is surrounded by entities called the old ones. Today’s mages are quite different than before. Now to use magic is to communicate with the old ones. This is a feat not all are capable of and what’s more the language in which you have to do this changes every moment. Because of all this, warrior is now the most respected profession. After the great mage war humans started to recover their strength and as always empires rose and fell. Since then it’s been 5000 years and now is a era of peace. The world has been divided into several nations. The most important are: Brigadhi the south nation of warriors and barbarians, Mertis the empire which is long past its prime, Vernis a newly founded colony that is growing much faster than anyone would have expected, Vahnatia home of the vahnatai a race of strange intelligent creatures fond of crystals and bizarre craftsmanship and lastly the biggest and most feared AK-Ni-Sue an empire much like Mertis however this one is reaching its prime not falling from it. Intro chapter: Madness in brigadhi It is time for your execution. Your crime may have been murder or maybe it was pissing off a big shot or maybe just not fitting in. This led you to unfortunately be caught and sentenced to death. Here you are thrown into an underground dungeon and wait the hour. Now the man starts calling you one by one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey as you an see this is a little bit different fro what I usually attempt. Anyway here's the character sheet: Name: age: gender: kingdom of origin (found in prologue): magic user yes/no: appearance: bio: personality: Weapon (if any): There will be several sub parts that will be added to your character sheet later on should you act in a way that gets it to you. Also the races will be introduced later in the most part. Rules will be standard with no god moding and no sex. Cursing is ok just be reasonable.
  16. Ian Manning

    Crimson's Expressions

    Crimson's mask is what it is, but since the Kingdom Hearts games and the Fullmetal Alchemist animes show every character's expressions, I figured Crimson should have a chart of expressions. Realistically, his mask wouldn't (or shouldn't) show his emotions, but if Crimson appeared in a future anime or game relating to Fullmetal Alchemist or Kingdom Hearts, I'd like his mask to move it's brows like on the drawings... 1. Normal Face (used for scowl, scheming, speeches and serious) 2. Sad Face (used for sarcasm and loneliness) 3. Annoyed Face (used for annoyance, being bored and disappointment) 4. Excited Face (used for eagerness, joy and success) 5. Scared Face (used for fright, shock, heartbreak and being worried) 6. Secretive Face (used for keeping secrets, acting naive and bargaining) 7. Angry Face (used for rage, infuriation, loss and laughing) 8. Sleepy Face (used for tiredness, lazy and sleeping)

    © Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

  17. MasterXemnas walked up to the counter to receive his order, when he opened the bag and peeked at his burger, he realized they hadn't put enough bacon on it and he slammed his fist down on the counter, causing the cashier to jump. "Fool! I asked for EXTRA BACON! What is this?" He asked, holding up two small pieces of bacon. "This isn't extra bacon! I demand to see the manager!" As the words left his mouth, Sora walked out and looked at him. "May I ask what the problem is?" "Fool. I asked for extra bacon and I get this!" MasterXemnas replied, throwing the two small pieces of Bacon at Sora's face. Sora pulled the bacon off and wiped his face clear of grease. "How about we take this outside?" "No." "FIne. You leave me no choice." Sora summoned his keyblade and attacked MasterXemnas. "Fool. You cannot beat me." MasterXemnas said, summoning his weapons and blocking Sora's attack.The fighting continued, slashing, blocking, and hitting each other before Elbow Juice came up in between the two and froze the weapons with a wave of his wand. He faced MasterXemnas with a to-go bag. "I believe this is your order sir?" He asked, handing the bag over to him. MasterXemnas peeked inside the bag, pleased to find a burger with 4 slices of bacon. "Fool. Yes it is." MasterXemnas replied, walking out the door. Lalalablah stood up from her spot in the back of the room. "What the heck just happened?" When no one answered she sat back down and muttered "Stupid people." to herself. ________________________________ How was that? This is the story I have wrote in accordance with the post: Thanks to Lalalablah, MasterXemnas, Sora, and Elbow Juice for letting me use them as characters in this crazy story!
  18. Ian Manning

    Crimson Black & White Vector

    © Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

  19. Ian Manning

    Fullmetal Kingdom's Envaix

    To signify Xehanort's dedication to Father, he bonded Saix's body with what remained of Envy after he was defeated by Marcoh and the Chimera traitors in Briggs. Now that the two became one, Father gave them a small fragment of the Gate to use as a weapon, hence the Keyblade's arch enemy, the Gatesword. With it, Envaix could summon anything he wanted from the Gate of Truth, including the Unversed! He will appear soon in Fullmetal Kingdom.

    © Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

  20. Ian Manning

    Fullmetal Kingdom's Crimson

    This was a type of character I wanted to see in Kingdom Hearts AND Fullmetal Alchemist. His strength and alchemy seem to be his greatest weapon, but his greatest is actually his own mind. If anyone likes Lex Luthor, Magneto, and Batman, hopefully, they'll love Crimson.

    © Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

  21. Roxasrox

    The Lost Apprentice

    I made this and I'm not really sure what else to do with it, so I guess I'll just post it here. It's a KH story about an original character I made up called Ziemia (Polish for earth, trying to keep up that trend) and her apprenticeship. Set pre-BBS. I originally meant for it to be longer but I decided I'd leave it hanging here. The context of the story should imply their fates. Hope you like it. ----- Ziemia sat quietly reading in her chair while her Master studied at the desk opposite her. While Ziemia filled her head with loosely fictional stories passed down through generations, her Master worked hard at unravelling the truth from the long-forgotten past. Ziemia highly admired that about her Master. He was so knowledgeable already, but he’d stop at nothing to learn even more. Meanwhile, all she ever did was drink in tales and fables even though there was still so much to learn. She didn’t mind that too much. She was still learning a lot from her Master every day and as long as she enjoyed her novels, did it matter that they weren’t real? Anyway, Ziemia found that she could learn a lot about herself by absorbing the views and thoughts of her authors and their characters and assessing them. Sometimes she did this with her Master, although that was hard to do since he didn’t see much point in them. Still, Ziemia was learning about herself through books and about the worlds around her through her Master. She was content. Yet as much as she tried to convince herself of that, she envied her Master too much to avoid comparing herself to him. His criticisms of her cut deep and her flaws were so apparent in their training against his perfections. She didn’t wholly like her Master and she certainly didn’t agree with him all the time, yet still she longed to have his power, his wisdom and above all his confidence. Whatever her differences with him were, there was nobody she respected more. Ziemia turned the page, almost at the end of her chapter. Most of the books she read were based on accounts of the heroes and villains of the Keyblade War, sometimes by surviving participants and other times by observant witnesses. They often weren’t accurate accounts (and when they were, her Master would take more interest), but Ziemia was only interested in the characterisations and stories. She loved it when one story portrayed light as the ultimate force against darkness, while another displayed darkness as the greatest power a warrior could ever wield and both would have convincing ideals behind it. Between both sides, Ziemia felt like she was learning more about light, darkness and the war than she ever did in her lessons. Her Master was quick to remind her that experience was the most valuable way to learn, but encouraged her to keep an open mind about light and darkness. Master and pupil had spent many sessions discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both light and darkness. To her Master’s disappointment, Ziemia was unwilling to utilise the darkness in her heart more than she was comfortable with. She’d never push it to be more than a dark corner of power she could weaponise in controlled bursts, afraid to try and unleash it any further. “Light and darkness are a balance,” her Master would say. “Unless you learn to balance the darkness in your heart with your light, how do you expect to reach your full potential?” “Forgive me Master,” she had replied once. “But if I’m not careful, the darkness will consume me. Many past warriors fell to their own power because they thought they were above it. Who’s to say I won’t corrupt myself? Someone could even use my own darkness against me!” “You think so?” Her Master stroked his chin, which was lately growing a small beard. “Darkness is difficult to master, yes. But once you accomplish that task, you need not ever fear it again. And you’ll never master it as long as you fear it.” “Of course, Master. But I need time. Under your tutelage, I know I’ll get there one day… It’s just not today.” “Ziemia…” He turned his head in thought for a moment. “There are times when people must take risks in order to proceed. Safety will not help you learn anything.” Yes, but it might help me live longer, Ziemia thought to herself but didn’t retort. She knew her Master was referring to her armour, which she still wore when they travelled through the lanes. Her Master was familiar enough with darkness to travel without it but she didn’t have faith that she’d cope that well. She hesitated before she next responded. “So have you mastered your darkness already, Master?” She felt nervous about the question but the old man smiled and answered easily. “Yes. But it’s not something I accomplished by cowering from it, Ziemia. You’ll understand one day.” “Of course,” she replied as she bowed. “Thank you, Master Xehanort.” *** Ziemia finished her chapter and put the book down. Her favourite character had just been killed. She always needed time to think when that happened. He’d trusted the wrong person and lost everything right when it counted. It was a dramatic, sudden and unfair end to such a worthy person. Sometimes life and death were equally cruel, but at the end of the day it was always their decisions that brought them to their close. Nobody was more at fault than their own selves. Ziemia wondered what legacy she’d leave behind; what lessons would her life set an example for teaching? She had no doubt her Master would leave greater ones, but she still hoped to match him in some way. He encouraged her to follow him in everything, but she wanted to be known for her own accomplishments and her own dreams. Characters that lived and died as somebody else’s number two were never respected and hardly loved. Besides, she knew from books that following too strictly in the footsteps of another was dangerous. If you follow the wrong person, their failures become yours. Indeed, Ziemia sometimes wondered if she was following the right person. Her Master’s knowledge was unrivalled, but his methods and ideals were highly unorthodox. She was unlikely to find a better Master anywhere else, but perhaps she should be more concerned about finding a good Master than a great one. For all his criticisms of her cowardice, she’d already taken a big risk in her life by siding with him and following in his footsteps. The pupils and teachers of her old school had been unnerved by him, but she decided to give him a chance and asked to become his apprentice. In some ways, she was glad that she did. She’d learned so much more since leaving her home and she’d never really fit in with the others anyway. There were times that she missed someone that she’d been close to, but still she’d always felt like an outcast. A friend that was never needed and rarely missed. Not that she’d come to Xehanort seeking companionship, but perhaps that was for the best. She didn’t know how to work well with people and so she was probably better off alone. All the same, Ziemia couldn’t figure her Master out. She’d lately been reading books that took time to write about character motivations: what these people were after, why they were after it, how far they’d go to get it and why they failed to achieve it. Sometimes she tried to apply this to her Master. What was he hoping to get out of all this learning? And why did he never feel the need to teach all of this history, even to her? If she didn’t understand where her Master was going, how could she claim to understand why she was following him? Master Xehanort stood up from the scrolls he was reading, a slight air of frustration around him. For some time now, they’d been spending their days travelling to whatever storehouses of records or banks of knowledge they could find. All to learn about the Keyblade War, which Xehanort appeared to already know inside-out. The more Ziemia thought about it, the more she wondered what the point was. Each time, Xehanort would absorb another vault of words, only to leave in disappointment or annoyance and repeat the process. Only now did Ziemia realise that he must be looking for something but whatever it was, he wasn’t finding it. “Ziemia, we’re leaving.” It was all he needed to say. Ziemia rose obediently, packing her book into her bag as she did so. Together, they headed out the door and into the open air, where Master Xehanort summoned his keyblade to open a gateway. Ziemia couldn’t resist a glance back at the little hut they’d just left. It seemed to have some kind of historical significance to Xehanort but even so, he had no real need of it. It was a cosy place though; the closest thing the two of them had to a home. They moved around so much, Ziemia didn’t consider anywhere a home anymore, but they stopped at this little place more frequently than others, usually just as a rest stop where the two of them would catch up on some reading. Ziemia was growing fond of it. It made her miss having a real home. Part of her even longed for a real friend, despite how much she tried to dismiss that gap in her heart. She turned back to her Master, who was waiting by the gateway. He looked at her with the anticipation of disappointment that he typically did while he waited for her to equip her armour. Ziemia was already reaching for her shoulder guard, about to summon it, when she hesitated. Maybe it was her latest reflections, maybe she was still sore from the loss in her book or maybe she was just sick and tired of never knowing what to do. Ziemia didn’t know for sure, nor did she really care. All that concerned her in that moment was stepping up and making a difference in her life. She wanted to grow beyond her Master’s shadow, to evolve as a keyblade warrior and as a person. It was a sudden spontaneous urge, a flash of desire, an impulse that meant the difference between order and chaos, light and darkness or life and death. It didn’t last, but neither did it refuse to leave a mark. Ziemia felt caught in a gravitational pull while she held on for dear life. She was struggling with the logic and sense of knowing her limits while respecting the dangers and the imbalance and ego within her that was pushing to defy her limits and make a difference in her life. She found herself at war with herself and no amount of inspirational words from the people she’d read about could put it right. There were too many factors and too many opposing sides to bring her to peace. She looked at the only real factor present, raising her eyes to meet those of Xehanort, looking to see what his reaction was. Her hand was frozen, hovering inches away from her shoulder guard; her hesitation was extremely obvious. Xehanort could see it and from the look he was giving her, Ziemia thought he looked intrigued yet doubtful. He raised an eyebrow at her, giving her the barest of smirks, as though daring her to make a move, not once saying a word, simply watching to see what she would decide. Ziemia was torn, but looking at Xehanort’s face made her lose focus. She could already see his face falling when she hit her pad; she could picture him shaking his head in shame as she passed through the portal wearing the protective gear that he loathed so much. She’d put up with his gripes at her reluctance for so long that in that moment, her annoyance took hold. She made her decision and lowered her hand. Master Xehanort’s slight smirk became a wide grin as Ziemia spurned her armour and stepped forward to travel without it. Even so, he never raised his brow, as though he were taunting her even now. As Ziemia came to a stop in front of him, staring at him with resolve, he still said nothing. He merely nodded his approval and stepped into the lanes between. Ziemia held back for a couple of seconds; one last hesitation of nerves forcing her to ask herself what she was doing. But there was no going back now. Even if she wasn’t ready, she had to make this choice. Ziemia summoned her keyblade and stepped into the darkness.
  22. Hey so since Ive been reading some Kingdom Hearts OC fanfiction lately, I really want to share my thoughts on OC's. Anything I say is strictly my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone. (Also Im thinking of starting a RP Topic) So basically, Im getting the idea that Kingdom Hearts is known by everyone (fan or not) to have the most Mary Sue / Gary Stu OC's. People hear "Kingdom Hearts OC" and they think "Oh boy, here we go." Here's my input centered on Kingdom Hearts OC's and some can be applied to Kingdom Hearts in general. 1. Is your OC an important character to the story? Do they disrupt canon? If your answer is no to both or just one, thats great! Just because your character isnt spotlight, doesnt mean your character isnt interesting. In fact, many readers might like your character better because they're not in their face so much and have an easier time balancing the characters they already love and their characters they will learn to love (Your OC's!) If your answer is yes to one or both, THATS ALSO GREAT! Want to know why? Because Im reading that story for your character, to see what they provide to the original story. Im really tired of people labeling characters as Mary Sues and their male counterpart Gary Stues/ Marty Stues just because they are focused as the main character or if they change things in canon. I want differences! I want some change! Literally the act of adding a character into the story is breaking canon, so it is impossible to do that without disrupting canon. Now the only thing I want to point out is when you change canon Do: - Create reasons / plot devices for your character that either simulate within the story or add in original events -Allow your character important roles that make your character interesting (yes that includes what people consider "cliche prophecies") Don't or Try To Avoid: - Removing main characters from the story -Altering the characters personalities -Creating Unreasonable love interests (mostly with main characters) -Do things that go against established rules of the stories universe without plausible reason ^ Ive read a Fruits Basket OC story where the main character had the two boys fall in love with her and she was trying to choose between them. (Ill talk about love interests later). But the thing is, she just removed Tohru from the story. Tohru, the MAIN character. She wasnt mentioned or anything. The story ended up being to depressing and nothing at all like the fruits basket feeling the anime gave off without Tohru there to show them the bright side, so I exited out and stopped reading. Ive read MANY stories where Kairi is shallow and mean and a bully. Kairi can be slightly bossy and very stubborn, but she is NOT mean. Kairi is a Princess of Heart. Kairi has a heart of pure light. Do you think someone with a heart of pure light is going to bully someone? Me neither. Please dont butcher the characters personality! I like the characters that are established, otherwise i wouldnt be reading a sotry that has them in it. Its okay for characters to slowly change with your characters help, but that takes time and even then, a lot of their original personality is going to stick. Ive read a story where the girl was a Princess of Heart, but she turned into a heartless. That's not possible unless there was a certain reason for that which can work with the details of the universe. 2. Is your character paired with a character from the series? Love interests are okay. Love interests are not bad. Love interests and stories with pairing are some of the best! Do: Either establish a background (childhood friend?) or slowly make the character comfortable with your character that would allow them to have a relationship Don't: Make the main character someone who they are not! Make the main character fall in love with your character instantly! Example: Vanitas tells your OC after spending two days with her "You make me want to be a good guy" NO VANITAS IS NOT GOING TO DO THAT! Maybe if he is tricking her.... Vanitas might however, have a few quarrels with your character and develop an unhealthy obsession with them... Setting up romance takes time. Sometimes people click together quickly, but if your character is going to influence the other characters romantic or otherwise, please make sure it makes sense. Be careful with more than one love interest when using main characters. Lots of people like to have two characters to spice up the story and make the character jealous, or give the readers another person to cheer for. This is used in a lot of girls books, "two boys one girl" But having two who are in love with your character because he/she is so charming, attractive, and perfect isnt plausible. Characters can be popular, but that doesnt mean everyone is going to be in love with them instantly. Anything over two main character love interests is something I would avoid. 3. Does your character wield a Keyblade (or weapon that is special to only the main characters)? If no, cool. Your character can represent a weapon that is unique or at least less comon that fits better with that character! If yes, also cool! Im so tired of people getting mad because an OC wields a Keyblade. The game is Kingdom Hearts! What did you want them to wield, a freaking banana peel? (lol reference) Your character can weild a keyblade, in fact, most of the time I expect it. 4. Is your character a Princess of Heart (or have a heart of pure light)? Your character can be a Princess of Heart. I accept that. I am willing to beleive that there can be an extra PoH just as I am going to accept that there is an extra character in this series. But if they have a heart of pure light, I need to see that. All the PoH's have a good personality. They are caring and kind individuals and I need to see that in your character. Also, just because your character is kind and caring doesnt automatically make them a PoH. A character that is rude and profane is not going to have a heart of pure light. Side note: Its my pet peeve when an OC swears in Kingdom Hearts fanfiction. Captain Jack Sparrow himself said "You cant swear in Disney". Its weird for them to be with the kids and in Disney worlds, and then they drop an f bomb or call someone a B and then its like what? Your character isnt fitting in. Ive never heard that language from Sora, Riku, or Kairi's mouths in the game. It may be normal in our universe, but not theirs. Be careful if making your character a PoH or light heart person AND a Keyblade wielder. We know Kairi can do this, but even she had to get her keyblade from Riku. She didnt get it herself. Also, Kairi and Bell or more likely to engage in a fight than Snow White and Cinderella. It has to do with personality. It can be said that because they are a PoH that they can wield a Keyblade more easily, but though the strength of heart of a PoH might seem like good reasoning to become a Keyblade wielder, thats not usually the case. Kairi is more the exception than the rule. I dont know how to explain it, but be careful with combining these two. Like, I was reading one of these stories where I really liked the character, she was a keyblade wielder (obviously) and at the end - bam! Its revealed she is a PoH. And I just thought it was kind of unneeded. If it matches your character then sure, let her or him have a heart of pure light, but if its not needed or affects the story in any good way, whats the point? Seems like overkill. If your character has a heart of pure light, please dont make the character be allies with the dark side or something or shes using dark powers. Thats destroying canon (and not in the good way I stated). Their heart of light isnt going to be comfortable with beings of darkness. There will be distrust.Maybe they might want to help said evil character? but not likely. No. Even Sora wants to help Malificent when shes in danger of being killed, but other than those moral obligations, light side and dark side remain enemies. And NO YOUR PURE HEART OF LIGHT CHARACTER CANNOT USE DARK POWERS OR THRIVE IN WITH THE REALM OF DARKNESS OR ANYTHING DARK RELATED. THATS FINAL. Mary Sue Traits that I dont count as Mary Sue traits and my OC Pet Peeves 1. Dislikes: People who hurt my friends. ^ That line is used by many OCs and is a joke that every Mary Sue/ Gary Stu will have it. But I disagree. Thats a perfectly reasonable line. Every good friend is going to care about their friends. That is literally a quote that would most likely be used by many main characters. I dont get the people who criticize it. Is the character supposed to NOT care about their friends? Are they supposed to make friends with the people who hurt their friends? What do you people want that dont agree with that line? 2. Characters who are friends with the cast Whats wrong with that? The OC is likely to be friends with the main group considering they are likely to also be their ally. If the character is going to be annoying or something they WILL teel them so, and the character isnt going to get along with everybody, but that doesnt mean they cant be BFF's with Sora and travel the worlds with him. After all, I want the character included in the story! 3. Characters who say the exact same lines as other characters! Or draw important moments from main characters! THAT IS MY PET PEEVE. PRETTY MUCH MY ONLY ONES. Your OC is an Original Character. I want Original content. I dont want a carbon copy of Sora or a replacement of Kairi or whatever. Its okay if your character agrees with a lot of the things the cast says, but they arent going to say the same thing! Its fine if its a reaction word or line like "What?" Or "Well lets go!" But so many OC stories are just the original script with them rotating lines. Bad Example: My random made up character for this instance is say, Marceline. Marceline is in the first KH1 scene with Sora, Kairi, and Riku. Marceline is with Kairi who is leaning over Sora. Sora wakes up and is startled by Kairi and Marceline laughs. "Gimme a break, Kairi" Sora complained. "Sora, you lazy bum . I knew Id find you snoozing down here." Kairi said. "No this huge black thing swallowed me up. I couldnt breathe I couldnt -" Sora tried to explain, but was cut off by Kairi hitting him. "Ow!" Sora whined. "Are you still dreaming?" Marceline asked in between laughs. (Kairi's line) "It wasnt a dream! Or was it? What was that place? So bizarre..." Sora "Yeah, sure" Kairi and Marceline dismissed. (Same time) (Kairi's line) "Say Kairi, what was your hometown like? You know where you grew up?" Sora asked. "Ive told you before, I dont remember." Kairi answered. "Nothing at all?' Marceline questions. (Sora's line) "Nothing." Kairi answers her. "Do you ever want to go back?" Sora asked, "Well Im happy here" Kairi answered after thinking "But you know, I wouldnt mind going to see it." "Id like to see it too, along with any other worlds out there. I want to see them all. " Sora dreamed. "So what are we waiting for?" Marceline asks excitedly to her friends. (Kairi's line) "Hey, arent you guys forgetting about me?" Riku asks them, appearing suddenly. "I guess Im the only one working on the raft. And youre just as lazy as he is!" he said to Kairi. "So you noticed." Kairi joked. "Okay we'll finish it together!" Marceline suggested. (Kairi's line) ^That scene added nothing. Marceline just took lines that were already there. And even worse writing, some people just have their OC say the line at the same time or they take most of the lines from a certain character, which to me is a big no no! BAD! Those are the main characters lines! Unless one or two lines are better suited for your character and are small lines, only then can that be done! Better Example: "Gimme a break, Kairi" Sora complained. "Sora, you lazy bum . I knew Id find you snoozing down here." Kairi said. "Kairi, he was probably having a good dream!" Marceline protested. "Sorry Sora.." she apoligized. "Thanks, Mar. But it wasnt good. It was bad!" Sora whined. "Tell us about it." Marceline suggested. "This huge black thing swallowed me up. I couldnt breathe I couldnt -" Sora tried to explain, but was cut off by Kairi hitting him. "Ow!" Sora whined. "Are you still dreaming?" Kairi asked, trying to move away from talks about nightmares that could lead to more. "It wasnt a dream! Or was it? What was that place? So bizarre..." Sora asked. "Yeah, sure" Kairi dismissed. "Say Kairi, what was your hometown like? You know where you grew up?" Sora asked. "Yeah, I'd like to know more about that myself." Marceline agreed. "Ive told you before, I dont remember." Kairi answered. "Nothing at all?' Sora asks. "There's bound to be something there." Marceline suggested. "Nothing." Kairi answers her. "Do you ever want to go back?" Sora asked. "Well Im happy here" Kairi answered after thinking "But you know, I wouldnt mind going to see it." "Id like to see it too, along with any other worlds out there. I want to see them all. " Sora dreamed. "So what are we waiting for?" Kairi asks excitedly to her friends. "Hey, arent you guys forgetting about me?" Riku asks them, appearing suddenly. "I guess Im the only one working on the raft. And youre just as lazy as he is!" he said to Kairi. "He's right, Kairi. You are pretty lazy." Marceline teased. "So you noticed." Kairi joked back to Riku and Marceline. "Okay we'll finish it together!" Kairi suggested. Here is a better example because Marceline isnt stealing lines from characters. She has her own lines. Also, for the love of decent writing, out of all the lines you steal, dont steal the main characters important ones! Marceline cant steal Sora's thunder at the end of the game and say "There's no way your taking Kairi's heart!" Marceline can't take Riku's lines of "We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!" Marceline can't take Kairis lines of "Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you." Those are their lines. Marceline needs to find her own lines. I've read a story where in CoM, the OC just exchanged the entire "Forgotten but not lost" conversation and promise with Namine. That was an important interaction between Sora and Namine and it was just given to the OC. And the OC didnt even care about Namine the way Sora did with his fake memories. She never searched for her the way Sora did, but the author for some reason though it was fitting for her OC to take that scene from Sora and give it to her OC. Not trying to hate but no. Those are important lines to those characters, dont take them from them. And if you absolutely have to and must, lets at least hope it matches the OC's situation more than it would said main character... Well there we go! My input and suggestions and all that. Its long. And i dont think I even said everything I wanted to say.
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  24. Firo_Procheniezio

    Original footsteps (original RP signups)

    I've been trying to get together a decent rp but recently nothing T_T Then it hit me ... what if i try something i wrote. So here it is: The year is 6660 ad. Humans are the most advanced race in the universe. But despite this they have one question that hasn't been answered yet. And that is "Where did we come from?". Since now most people live lives exceedingly rich everyone calls it a utopia. But something strange has occurred recently. A planet has entered the viewing range of humans that has a climate surprisingly similar to earth. A group was sent to investigate but it never came back. As did the next and the next after that. The outer part of the planet is covered by some sort of fog that blocks any sort of transitions in or out. It took a while to decide but Dr. Tsum-um-et (translation is the one that is) Has decided to make a little experiment. The die has been cast and one of his students named Glace Tidal was chosen to take a group of completely random people to investigate the planet. Now then are you one of those who would join him in this journey or simply another coward afraid of the unknown? Char sheet: Name: Age: Appearance: bio: Anything else: Example: Name: Glace Tidal Age: 17 Appearance: A rather average person by his appearance. With emerald green eyes and dark brow hair he isn't anything special to look at. Commonly wears dark brown jacket with strange symbols sewn in it. bio: Glace was born as a aristocrat who despised the social order and all that came with it. Till now he wanted nothing to do with important figures or anyone related to them. However even so he was not stupid enough to fall behind. He became a student of biology, chemistry and physics professor Mistirii a odd man who showed him things considered taboo. His intelligence rose to a level beyond the average person scoring a 24 kamatusnim (500) IQ and quickly became a point of interest for the Nul-Akhas (The ruling regime). This made him a favored candidate for the mission in many ways. Anything else: Extremely arrogant, expert in all forms of science, despite his arrogance can be friendly, speaks hundreds of languages, has extremely good perception. Rules: * PG-13 People, however if u want to get a little gory that is fine * At least three sentences please….. * No Bullying, Going against other religions, Killing other characters (unless the user says that’s fine) and Using other’s characters * Please try to follow along. I really don’t want something like a big battle is happening and your character stops and goes to McDonald’s * You can make 2 characters but I prefer 1 please. I’ve decided that the best way to be in personality is to only stick with one. * If a person needs help cause their lost on the Roleplay try to help them * Don’t try to abandon this If u want to just ask me.
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    Armada's Glory (Original Keyblade)

    A keyblade I designed exclusively for the "Kingdom Hearts:Civil War" Roleplay series on here. The design was based on bullets and guns.

    © Armada's Glory keyblade belongs to me.