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Found 33 results

  1. Mark Arceo

    Sora digital painting fan art

    i made this on pscs5 i think i made it like 1 week or more lol check my artstation for more KH related artworks
  2. sunnwave


    Art for my Kingdom Hearts AU, but I think it'll be good here! The original KH1 Sora is my favorite Sora of all time. <333 I love drawing him a lot! I started this last month and finished earlier this month.

    © uhh not sure what exactly we put here but I guess uh, me/SUEÑO DIVERTIDO.

  3. ClarkDesigner

    Heartless Card Enter The Gungeon

    Heartless Cards - Enter the Gungeon SHADLET: When the Gundead falls into darkness, the shadows take over. The Shadlet is a small Bullet Kin designed to be extremely similiar to the base Bullet Kin seen in Enter the Gungeon, with heavy inspirations from the Shadow Heartless. The name is simply a combination of Shadow and Bullet. AMMO ANTHEM: Sing the song of Guns reloading! The Ammo Anthem is the Darkness in a Gun Conjurer, designed after the musical themed magic Heartless with implementations of the Conjurer's robes. The name comes from Ammunition and Anthem. FRAGGER: The Fragger is an explosive Heartless that has one goal: To blow up. It is designed after grenades of course. taking ques from the Pinhead Gundead and the Minute Bomb Heartless.. The name comes from the nick name for Fragmentation Grenades, or Frags. GUN CALIBUR: The Gun Calibur is a fusion of the Gun Nut Gundead and the Armored Knight Heartless. The name is a double pun: The calibur of bullet and the famous Excalibur sword! TANKYU: The Tankyu is a more custom Heartless, with inspiration from the Hot Rod type. Designed after a Tank, this small bit of Darkness packs a powerful punch! The name is a bastardization of "Thank you". MAD GUN AND THE CHAMBERED: The custom Heartless boss, the Mad Gun and the Chambered! This dual Heartless is deisgned to be a weapon wielded by the High Dragun. Shooting out the Chambered as bullets to hit their targets! The Chambered are then designed to return to the Gun! Also, the Mad Gun is can fire without a wielder! Once the Dragun is defeated, you still have to contend with the trigger happy Mad Gun!! That is it for the Enter the Gungeon Heartless! This is a bit new to me, so please let me know if you want to see more! And Stay Tuned for the next one!
  4. Kai Oliver

    Roxas (Halloween Town Outfit)

    The second inktober sketch I did last year, featuring Roxas in a Halloween Town style outfit.
  5. Kats Seventh

    KH 3 - Toy Story

    Hey guys sorry i haven't post something in awhile Here you go dA post :
  6. HeroTheKeeper

    KH Mob Designs 2

    Second set of Kingdom Hearts Mobs! This time around, I drew the brother and sister duo of Flood and his big sister Spirit! Although the Dream Eaters were featured in 3DS and the Unversed have been around since BBS, I have a theory that the Unversed are actually a mutation upon the Dream Eaters themselves who take physical form through Vantius. This isn't supported by a lot of sound evidence, but I figured it would be a nice theory regardless. Either way, Dream Eaters have been around longer in the Kingdom Hearts world than the Unversed. I believe that the Dream Eaters would be an entity that has always been around a lot like the pure-blood heartless that exist in the world of KH. I believe I have one more final picture to draw featuring the evil versions of all four of the Mobs. Keep an eye out for it in the coming month!
  7. VenxFox34

    Helera the Keyblade Wielder!!~

    I drew my Kingdom Hearts Union X Character!!!~
  8. Kai Oliver

    Sora (Orchestra Attire)

    The second sketch I did for 15th Anniversary, and for attending the Orchestra last Friday, it was just amazing!!!
  9. Kai Oliver

    Sora sketch (KH15th anniversary)

    One of two sketches I did of Sora, on Tuesday, planning to draw my KH content this year!
  10. soragirl13

    Dreams of Flowers

    To fuel my Ventus obsession, I give a flower filled dream to the fandom. Copy and paste was my best friend....

    © soragirl13

  11. soragirl13

    Chibi Ventus

    I may have a slight obsession with this child...

    © soragirl13

  12. soragirl13

    Ventus Screenshot Redraw

    I originally made this is when the opening for 0.2 was released. I never got around to posting it though, hope everyone likes it. : )

    © soragirl13

  13. HI, I recently started doing commissions for people in the Kingdom Hearts community, it's been difficult trying to get exposure to my work and thought it might be a good idea to post my work here and my prices if anyone would be interested in some custom art, whether it be for their YouTube channel or role playing stories. Commission prices: £20 full body £15 waist £10 bust if you are interested in a commission or If you just like my art and want to follow it in the future here are my links:
  14. wearepopcandies

    Kingdom hearts 2.8 Giveway entry

    and my entry for the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue Giveaway ( and linking the img too, just to be safe :v)
  15. I have started work on my "Road to 2.8" November piece. Decided that this one was going to be themed around Back Cover. I was super excited about drawing the foretellers as I love their character designs. This is just a work in progress sketch for now. Just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek! Let me know what you all think!
  16. Karasu3

    Aqua Sketch

    So, I haven't really been too active on here (due to school among other things), but I really want to change that. Kingdom Hearts is a big part of my life. It is a main source for why I decided to go into the field of study I chose (Animation). But anyhow, to start off becoming more active in the community, I thought I would share a sketch I worked on today and plan to continue working on later. To occupy my free time until 2.8 comes out, I thought I might work on some character drawings of some of the main characters from the 3 parts of 2.8 (Aqua, Sora/Riku, the foretellers).
  17. Organization member XV

    Keyblade Wielder Miyu!

    My fan made version of an avatar from kingdom hearts chi. Aww... she looks so cute! It looks like she could've come from destiny islands. Yes, you may use picture in videos, wallpapers, signatures, and avatars. For anyone who wishes to use this drawing just please be sure to credit me before using it if possible. The kh13 official social media staff is always free to repost any of my drawings!
  18. Organization member XV

    Ephemera (pencil drawing) less blurry version (hopefully)

    The same picture as last time, just hopefully a little less blurry.
  19. Organization member XV

    Ephemera (Kingdom hearts chi) pencil drawing

    Well, it's taken a while to finally upload it, but here it is! I'm hoping to start posting more fan art on here every once in a while. I've still got a few more drawings to upload so I'll have more drawings coming soon!
  20. Hello. I did more crappy art. Take a look. Ghost Hunt and other original stuff. Too much Homestuck. Other crap: The end. Critiques and stuff would be appreciated, but if you wanna go home, that's an option too.
  21. Hargleblargleboo

    Sora, I guess.

    A really quick and colorful doodle of Sora, I guess. Taken from my tumblr blog. (lol, I can't do anime-esque stuff too well, but who cares? I had fun with this.)
  22. Hi all! I'm not sure if there's anything in the rules against posting this here, I couldn't find anything in regards to the rules in that regard, so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or anything. Anyway, I'm looking for someone to do art for my YouTube/Twitch channels. I'm a very small time youtuber, nothing big or anything, but my channels DESPERATELY need art. I did go to Deviantart originally and I had found someone, however, they haven't gotten back to me and they made several mistakes in terms of what I wanted so yeah, I thought it was time to find someone else. So I thought I would come here since one of the big things I'm looking for Kingdom Hearts/Disney inspired artwork for the channel. In terms of what I need, well I guess to put it simply, I need everything, lol! I need an avatar, I need banner art, you name it, I probably need it. So if anyone out there is interested, please reply or PM me with your prices and some samples of your work. And please, please, PLEASE, let me know how often you are able to communicate frequently or not. I don't want to wait another 7 months (no, I'm not kidding, that's how long the other artist kept me waiting and replies had started getting few and far between the longer it went on) for the art. I understand all too well that stuff in real life comes first, but I would rather be told something will be delayed than be left hanging in the dark and wondering if you vanished, lol. So if anyone out there is interested, please feel free to reply or PM. I look forward to seeing everyone's work.
  23. (psst. Read the tags for context.) Just a dump of things from 2015, mostly. Original Art: Some fan art. Music (Mostly Mashups).
  24. Uh, hi guys! I'm still new here, and I wanted to make my first topic (besides my introduction topic). So I decided to share a piece of art I did for the upcoming Mockingjay part 2. Don't know if there are any fans on here, but I wanted to share anyway. Obviously not Kingdom Hearts related, so I hope it's okay if I posted this here .o. Painting of Katniss I did based off of one of the many posters for the movie.
  25. Sometimes, I like to doodle characters that don't belong to me. So, here they are. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Napstablook (Loveable garbage ghost) from Undertale. Flowey (A little piece of floral sh*t). Also from Undertale. Undyne (Badass gay fish lady). ALSO from Undertale. Still a work-in-progress... Smol Peridot (adorable [maybe gay] space rock), from Steven Universe. Terezi Pyrope (Badass chalk-eating blind troll girl), from Homestuck. Vriska Serket (Badass, Vengeful, attention-seeking spider troll girl) from Homestuck. That's all for now. I'll go back to my home inside of a trash can.