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Found 4,487 results

  1. Fierce Deity Link

    Aidan's Art Thread

    I thought I already made one of these but I can't find it. OH WELL HERE'S SOME STUFF I DID All of these aside from the last one were done in Colors 3D, if you were curious.
  2. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Fanfiction Cover

    I was really proud of this book cover when I first made it. I even went as far to download the KH font, the BBS font, and the Disney font just to make this and manually made the black border on the letters to make it feel more like the KH logos. Not sure how much it holds up now, tbh. I know I could have just photo shopped an entire KH logo, but I just thought it would look a lot more legit if I did it in pieces. I still think I should probably update it along with the cringy-af chapters I have up so far. I'm not kidding. Please don't read this trash. It's old, out-dated, and full of shameless child angst. (not to mention, my co-writer keeps on changing his Username so I have to edit that as well.).
  3. Looking at the new box art thread I noticed that the NA and EU ones are pretty much completely different! These games are over a decade old and we're still learning new things about them. EU Box Art: NA Box Art I think I prefer the eerie feeling of the NA one for KH1, but EU KH2 is hands down my fave. Did Australia and Japan have different covers too? Please let me know
  4. I decided to take a shot at creating a 4K desktop wallpaper in Photoshop, using assets from the Kingdom Hearts III boxart. I'm calling it "Final Chapter". Download 4K version on DeviantArt I also made a speedart video of it: Hope y'all like it!
  5. I just commissioned a new avatar from the artist PaulDraws. He makes some absolutely amazing stuff and I adore his art style! The outfit is inspired by Sora's KH2 outfit with a more blue-ish tone to it. The zipper has Roxas's pendant on it and I also have a cute little Stitch plushie hanging on my shoulder. And of course I'm holding the Kingdom Key to make it as Kingdom Hearts as possible. I also had him draw a Christmas version that I'll be using once we get closer to the holidays!
  6. Justin3613

    That Socially Awkward Guy

  7. Sportsmaster5

    Sportsmaster5's Art Thread

    A drawing I've been working on let me know what you all think.
  8. Muke

    My KH3 ad

    Just a little something I threw together in Photoshop.
  9. I was bored the other day so I quickly created this in Blender. I just wanted some low-key dramatic text on there, so that's why I wrote "It's time to find out the truth". It's also my first work ever in Blender.. I hope you guys like it!
  10. ienzo628

    How To Improve/Request

    Well, I did some drawing for the past couple days.
  11. IwasBornAsVentus

    Snow White Edit

    After seeing the recent trailer for WIR2 I had my fair share of reaction. Snow White the first Disney Princess always had a more believable waist (than Jasmine) than she is depicted here. her model reminds me of a freaky skinny Barbie doll. So I wanted to give her a little refresh from my editing. I'll swear, I'll never look at Snow the same again in WIR2. She's still creepy though .
  12. Lim Li Yang

    KH3 Kairi's Outfit Drawn

    I drew Kairi's new outfit on her KH2 version based on @Roboloid's KHUχ data mine. Hope you guys like it ?
  13. Hey there, everybody! I've got some really exciting news for you! Most of us have been itching to make our own KHUx medals with ease, but we just could not find a good template to use. Well, thanks to Keyblade Master26, I have now been able to make, at least, 6-Star medals that are blank! Yes, you read that right. We can now make our own medals using some photoshopping! Using any of the templates here, which are also in the Gallery, you can make either a Power, Speed, or Magic 6-Star medal. Here are the templates: I hope lots of us make some cool medals out of these! I understand that my templates aren't terrific, but it's the best I could. Have fun, everyone! Rock on!
  14. I've been lack of drawings since January but I wanted to share my latest work. I'm midly proud at this although the background still bothers me. You will say hold a minute wasn't Riku the sage? He was but I restarted the game and made Kairi the sage instend it was pretty funny to watch.
  15. So, I'm new to this forum. But I thought, what's a better way to kick of my profile than to share some of my artworks? \(^-^)/ Fantasy Dream - Wallpaper This one I created a few months ago. And It's arguably the one I'm the most proud of. Download 4K version on DeviantArt Starry Sora - Wallpaper This one is fairly recent. I found a cool looking illustration of Sora online. And thought that it would look pretty cool if it was made out of stars on the nightsky. Download 4K version on DeviantArt A Scattered Dream - Wallpaper This one is also fairly recent. I don't have much to say about this one. I was just bored one day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Download 4K version on DeviantArt Sora's Keyblade - 3D Render This one has taken me a long time to create. It's created and rendered in Cinema 4D. Download 4K version on DeviantArt I also made a dedicated thread for the Keyblade model (Added April 5th 2018) Sora imagining himself at the beach - Wallpaper A combination of 3D rendering and Photoshop magic. A satisfying result. Download 4K version on DeviantArt (Added April 20th 2018) Twilight Memory - Wallpaper I've wanted to create a Roxas themed one for a long time. And I finally got around to do it. Download 4K version on DeviantArt I hope you guys like them! \(^-^)/
  16. Oops wrong characters and setting. I saw the Miitopia Incorrect Quotes about this and I had to do it.
  17. mandidandi

    Some of my KH art! ♡

    Hi there! So, I'm super new to forums, so I figured I'd start with what I know best—that being, art! :tongue: As a forewarning, some of my art contains spoilers for The World Ends with You. If you've yet to beat TWEWY, or are planning to play it, please don't look! This first illustration was done for the 16th KH anniversary, and it's also a tribute to my dream KHUX medal. Just when you thought Riku's KH1 outfit couldn't get any worse, they went and made it green and yellow. I love my unfashionable son. Next is a picture of Kairi holding the broken Way to Dawn. The Don't Think Twice trailer made me really emotional. This next one's a portrait of Riku in Shibuya, since I'm really hoping to see our TWEWY friends again! I drew another picture to accompany the one above, but since it contains end-game spoilers for TWEWY, here's a warning to STOP YA SCROLLIN'. If you plan on playing TWEWY, don't look! I promise, it's something you won't want spoiled. Since Riku and Shiki are my Square Enix faves, I was super excited when they met in KH3D. I think they could be really good friends, given both their respective characters arcs. "A good friend sees you for who you are, no matter what face you wear." And in the same vein of TWEWY spoilers—! Really hoping this happens, too. And now... for The Shipping Content™. While I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, my KH OTP is Rikai, A.K.A., Riku/Kairi. Feel free to skip past the next two posts if you dislike the ship! Big dumb loser boyfriend. I took creative liberty with Kairi's KH3 outfit, since there hasn't been a full reveal. My baby girl. AND LASTLY. I can dream. That's most of my recent work, I have a ton of old art and sketches laying around that I may upload at some point. If anyone's interested, I might continue to post my art here as I draw more! I also have a deviantArt and a Tumblr. Feel free to comment on anything you like, or give me suggestions on things you think I could improve! I also take art request/suggestions sometimes, so feel free to hmu!! :wub:
  18. IwasBornAsVentus

    Never Pause a KH Cutscene

    Just like Disney movies, never ever pause a KH cutscene
  19. ShatteredGem

    Unlikely Medals

    ghh i got bored with the medal templates and put together these crappy medals
  20. Sportsmaster5

    Sora's Discovery

    I've been working on drawing for school and I'm still not great, but here is some fan art I recently made. Not completely happy with it, but I thought I'd ask for some critiquing. The second one is an update or just a different version.
  21. Hey guys I know its been a while since I posted here but I'm back and here to show you guys my first tattoo that is Kingdom Hearts related. So my tattoo is a combination of both Kingdom Hearts and the Los Angeles Dodgers logo but just the LA part of the logo and the Kingdom Hearts part of the tattoo is the Kingdom Hearts text. Now your probably wondering how do you combine to different logos into a tattoo; like it can't be done. Well I'll assure you it can be done for my Kingdom Hearts related tattoo is just that combination where I changed the text of the "L" of the LA logo to the Kingdom Hearts text and left the "A" of the LA logo the same. Honestly speaking in my mind I was going back and forth from it could work to I don't think that it could work. Well my tattoo artist proved me both right and wrong at the same time cause after seeing the tattoo finished I couldn't believe that it worked. So now that I have my Kingdom Hearts style LA logo as my first tattoo I do not regret getting it at all and I love it. So without further ado you can now view my first tattoo below thank you for taking the time to read this it means a lot to me that you read this.
  22. Lycoris

    Some random doodles

    I have been drawing a lot lately. Here are my drawings. I am DragonTamerLuna on dA btw.
  23. Cricket

    KH3 Riku Art/Pixel Art

    I made a small KH3 Riku pic with a new graphics program I bought to help assist me with image properties for GIS and rasters, but I also like that I can create stuff in my free time as well. /kh3hype