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Found 115 results

  1. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    This is the roleplay thread for Overworld, my original RP. Please read this initial opening post before posting, as it will explain a lot of unanswered questions, initial scenarios, how to post, as well as how to translate the world map and the existing territories. Also, please subscribe to this thread so that you can remain up-to-date with notifications. : ) Prologue There exists, beyond the visible world we see, a place where the impossible is indeed possible. A place where magic isn't merely a dark art whispered among sorcerers and beggars, but rather is flourished by it. This place, as grand as it may seem, is referred to the Overworld: home to the creatures of legend and all fey imaginable. Far above the world that we know and live in, these fey have a paradise of their own, with gardens, beauty, riches, and marvelous kingdoms in a more advanced society than that of our world. They lived in peace and harmony, with few crimes ever heard of upon the kingdom of Kilkes Seres. That is, however, until three friends severed the bond of trust and ventured into the world below, implanting a terrible idea into the minds of greedy humans that would never cease. It has been several years since the three fey friends arrived in the world below within the Medieval era, befriending many and antagonizing others. Many humans were indeed frightened of these magical beings, fearing that they were demons from the underworld or accursed sorcerers performing witchcraft. Their rumor leaked to the ears of King Alderon Niles, a man who recently was grieved by his daughter's infliction of a terrible curse. In hopes that these three friends could cure his daughter, Alderon had other plans in mind for these fey, along with those who reside in the world above. Many wars have stained the earth with blood, and Alderon's very kingdom was threatening to split in two if something wasn't done. Something tremendous, extraordinary . . . . And that's when he realized it: if he could somehow channel magic into his war there would be no way that his enemies could touch him, let alone defeat him. It would indeed be a sacrifice of a splendid and marvelous race, but these were hard times, and Alderon would do what it took to do what's right for his daughter, his kingdom, and, most importantly, himself. Realizing that they would be used, the three friends fled the Kingdom of Sondon, attempting to escape back to the Overworld. One of their friends, Ren, managed to return, while Helios and Ariana were captured. Both were used in Alderon's terrible, inhumane experiments, transferring their magical blood into that of a human and performing rituals only whispered of among sorcerers. After infusing ten soldiers with Ari's blood, only three surviving (including Henry), the fey expired, leaving Helios alone to fuel Alderon's experiments. And to this day he still lives, fueling a limited supply of men while Alderon perfects his ultimate device that will provide him with all of the fey he desires: the flying machine. War is brewing, and the cogs are now in motion. The fey above are aware and preparing for this battle against the augmented human race, and very soon the rest of the world below will too experience a catastrophe they could hardly imagine. Today your journey begins, and you play a vital role in the outcome of this conflict that is rising. Your actions will determine the fate of all humanity, as well as the world of the fey. It all starts here, where you will arrive at the scene. In the Kingdom of Sondon, Alderon has prepared a feast for his most loyal scientists, engineers, and soldiers. A very closed group with high security. An orchestra is playing for the occasion, and everyone is dressed in their finest. King Alderon sits at the head of the table, overviewing a scroll while speaking with his royal advisor. Guests are filling in, and if you are a member of the staff you are likely attending this meeting. Helios has also been invited as a guest, one of his first times outside of the bleak prison walls that he is normally surrounded by. During that same evening a small private council has gathered in the meeting room of Queen Shiva, ruler of Kilkes Seres and a great portion of the Overworld. Apparently a small city independent of Kilkis Seres, called Mystras, has shut themselves off from them, keeping to themselves and doing strange activities, including frequent visits to Ispolis. Queen Shiva won't disclose what is there, but she is displeased by the activities and fear Mystras may be aligned with the humans. If you are fey you may be at this council, or you may be enjoying the evening doing whatever you please. The entire map of the Overworld is open to you. When posting please include your character's name and location at the top of your post, so that way we can keep things more organized and know at a glance where you are. : ) Below are the maps to the two worlds that our legacy takes place in: The Kingdom of Sondon is all red territories on the map, with the capitol being Sondon itself. The pale-blue and lime-green territories are other neighboring kingdoms, the pale-blue country being named Helvadoria (will update the map eventually), and the Kingdom of Augustus. King Augustus is one who keeps to himself often, not often involved in the battles between the Kingdom of Sondon and Helvadoria. Kilkis Seres is the capitol of the main territories of the Overworld, while Mystras is governered independently by a lord that reports to Queen Shiva of Kilkis Seres. There are other territories beyond the ones aforementioned on these two maps, but the ones which are shown is where the story is going to take place and where you will predominately be traveling/reffering to. Capitols are indicated by larger dots. And finally, we have our character roster, courtesy of The Unversed and Endless Thundaga (because I can never keep this updated myself for the life of me): Dwellers of the Overworld: Ruled by Queen Shiva (Female, Fey-Eidolon) 'Eliltari' among Elves & 'Rabiyu' among others (Female, High Elf) Rufus Contralto (Male, Fey) Elia Cabret (Female, Fairy) Yevgeni Malachite (Male, Elf) Helios (Male, Fey) Jynn Venas, Heir of Overworld (Male, Fey-Eidolon) Pracia (Female, Scralose) Alicia Kross (Female, Fey) Aqua Lumen (Female, Elf) Machiav Froisis or "Alastor" (Male, Fey) Maxis (Possessed Armor, Likely Fey) Bherna Lao (Female, Fey) Eclaire (Female, Valkyrie/Succubus) Morana (Female, Fey-Wedigo) Soren Monroe (Male, Demonic Fey) Typhon (Possibly Male, Cyph) Rhaedyn Thane (Possibly Male, Ithurian) Those within the World Below: Ruled by King Alderon Niles (Male, Human) Effie (Female, Demon-Zanzia) Raleigh Marin (Female, Human) Aura Aeternum (Female, Human) Aurion Aeternum (Male, Human) Arthur Gancelot (Male, Human) Visco Niles (Female, Human (Cursed)) Midnea (Female, Fey-Fairy) Henry Hansees (Male, Human (Augmented)) Draksis Gunther (Male, Human) Curvis Sourati (Male, Human) Roger (Male, Human) Everyth Castanova (Female, Human)
  2. Vaude

    The Haven (RP)

    Welcome to the Haven, a place where peoples of all kinds have been gathered chiefly in an effort of universal survival. Within its thick metallic walls lies a promising hive of individuals who have experienced much in their young (and seldom old) lives. At the entrance lies a gate leading to nine discovered worlds, programmed to open to call beads as well as voice commands for the Haven's inhabitants, but in those worlds are as many promises of survival as deadly threats. Discoveries occur very frequently, but death is common to those unprepared for the dangers that lie beyond. Fifty-seven individuals exist in Haven now, and with every death another individual is brought in to take their place, sometimes ripped from another world unwillingly, and in rarer cases willingly. The wish for greatness, for adventure, for fame, and for glory--to the strong having this wish, often a choice is given, and if it is accepted they are brought to Haven. Job postings are issued from the higher-ups to deal with the situations. No one currently alive in Haven has seen a higher-up, but they speak through the automated machines that work alongside the fifty-seven, and provide free food, drink, and services. The job postings range from matters of low importance and danger to profound importance and danger, and parties are designated to seek out and complete these missions. While Haven is a paradise in and of itself, rules are set up to prevent stagnancy, and rewards of high caliber are given to those who complete job postings. The rules are as follows: 1.) Those who do not work outside of Haven will disappear in three weeks until they do so. 2.) Those who betray their allies unto death will not be suffered to live. 3.) Those who seek vengeance upon another must combat through words or the arena. Open fights within Haven are punished severely. With this introduction in mind, this story begins with the death of a party of six assigned to an Alexandrium-class quest. The job still lies open, but six fresh-faced individuals have been reborn as inhabitants of Haven. You may be among them or one who has been there longer. Now, let the adventure begin. ~~~~~ A public announcement was broadbanded through every speaker in every room about the deaths of six great adventurers in Haven that day. The elegant berserker Harold Ironfang, the proud druid Grindra Ulfrichter, the timid rogue Kimball Oakfast, the heaven-sent pugilist Ilyana Ivory, the metal-shaping sorcerer Roderick Corrin, and the all-fair cleric Isabel Clearwater all lost their lives to the most important job Haven had to offer, a job that was thought to be one only for them. Now the greatest known evils of the multiverse lay uncontested, and six newcomers were spat out into their respective rooms, awaiting retrieval. Those who were new typically had their stomach lurch from the dimensional shift, and they vomit onto the wooden floors. Some of the folks who already were in Haven come to accept them. The others are allowed to mourn their fallen brothers and sisters in arms. Pang was in mourning still, saddened by the deaths of three friends he trusted dearly. His white-furred tail drooped as he looked down at the floor, but he dried his tears as he headed down the extensive halls of Haven. Numbers on the holoscreens at every door indicated where new arrivals could be found, and he was aiming for Room Number 44. Who was this newcomer going to be? What was he or she going to be like? He had no idea, but he hoped that seeing their senses of wonder, excitement, eagerness, or all of the above would cheer him up.
  3. kingdomhearts45

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    (If you want to learn how this all happened in the first place, take a look at the prologues!) Prologue: Pit Prologue: Lute and Tiki Prologue:Leaf Prologue:Link and Zelda ~Pi'illo Island: Blimport (With Leaf, Lute, and Tiki)~ The orange-yellow blimp lands on the port gently and safely near a girl with purple hair(Lute) and a little girl with green hair(Tiki). Stairs come out from the blimp. The princess, Peach, dressed in pink, steps down first with Toadsworth assisting her. "Wow...Here we are!" The two Toads come down the stairs as well. Mario instead jumps down from the platform. "Leaf! Luigi! Come on down!" She says, with excitement in her voice. "Now, now Princess. Calm down. We just got here." Luigi however...Is fast asleep. On the platform. Here there would be blimps all around. There are beings that look like yellow blocks with eyes and a mouth. They had black skinny arms with white gloves on their hands. They seemed to be employees commanding the blimps to come and go. Surrounding the blimport would be all water. ~Pi'illo Skies (Pit)~ "There it is Pit. Pi'illo Island." Palutena announced in Pit's mind. "I'll try to get you somewhere to land. Any suggestions from your view?" As Pit is in the sky, he would see a flash of pink light go right past him. It was a complete blur! ~Bridge to Mushrise Park (Link and Zelda)~ The bubble encasing the Princess and the Hero made a sudden stop. It gently placed the Hylian duo down on the ground. Zelda looks up. "...Wow...Amazing..." She was already amazed. Being outside of Hyrule to be in someplace new and different...It was a whole new experience. There would be a stone bird statue where they are. Behind them would be a bridge, but it seems very poorly made. Up ahead of them would be a large stone castle with a stone symbol that looked to be a pillow with a smiling face on it. (For those that need visuals)
  4. rikunobodyxiii

    Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

    Across the Realm of Light, the rich and powerful were contemplating the upcoming ball held in honor of Emperor Francis Ironhart's birthday. For some, it was a place to be seen, an event to show off. Others would use it to settle some business and discuss what should be done about the increasing unrest from the lower classes. The Emperor himself didn't care about such "trivial" concerns and would likely sign whatever edict his advisors put in front of him. But for a Silver Raven's director, it meant the completion of a lucrative contract... {Destiny Island; Royal Estate - Beach} Emperor Francis snacked on a shrimp cocktail as he watched members of the court put on a blitz ball match for his enjoyment. It was rather dull so far, so interjecting some new rules seemed in order. He wasn't that familiar with the official rules to begin with, but that hadn't stopped him before. Away from his father sat Silas, dressed in a linen suit and a wide brimmed hat to ward of the sun. While he watched the game, his mind was truly else where. Unlike the emperor, the crown prince was well aware of the growing political situation. It was a growing danger, but where there was danger, there was also opportunity... {Radiant Garden; old castle} The city lights of Radiant Garden shone out into the night, all but one building contributing to the shine. The old castle, once the home and laboratory of Ansem the Wise, had been left long abandoned after Xehanort's Keyblade War, until Prince Silas renovate it as a wedding present for his second wife, the Lady Claudia. Now, their son Lamont lived there most of the year under the guidance of his personal tutors and a few hand picked guards. One of these guards was marching through the main corridor, missing the dark clad figure hiding in a seldom used turn off. Once the guard had past, the figure slinked down the way the guard had come, moving quickly and quietly. After a turn, the figure made it into the entryway to the castle's kitchens. After a moment of listening, he glanced around and stalked into the kitchens. The room was barely lit, with only a few pools of light from a few appliances and a fixture over a sink. The figure was half way through it when one of the pantry doors started to open. Scrambling, he dropped down and hid under a high table. Praying not to be found, he glanced out to see the heavy boots of another guard. Why did he have to get a snack now? The munching guard past by the table without any sign of noticing the hidden lurker. Waiting for the foot steps to die away, the figure quietly left his hiding place and crept to the kitchen door to the outside. The doors were locked and enchanted to prevent entree of undesirables, but it was still subject to older magic. In a flash, the figure held a copy of the Keyblade Sleeping Lion. He tapped the lock, which clicked open. Opening the door carefully, the escapee darted out and closed the door behind him. He re-locked it with his blade, then dismissed the weapon. Moving a little faster than before, he came upon a stack of boxes where he discarded the black cloak he had been wearing. Using a few connected back allies, Lamont Ironhart came out into the still busy streets of the city proper. He was dressed in something more appropriate to a normal person going about their business along with a pair of glasses and a ball cap. His face wasn't generally well known, but some precautions had to be taken. Taking a deep breath, Lamont merged with the crowd. This was a stupid thing to do, but there were things he knew he would only learn if he tried it himself. Plus, it felt good to see the world of his birth up close and not from behind thick walls. {Dark Realm; outskirts of Calik village} Erinys Ta'gon placed a cracked helmet on the counter of the curiosity shop, eyeing the proprietor with her glowing red eyes. "Found it in a beast den." She explained as the proprietor examined the helmet with growing disgust. "The thief must have tried to use it to get away from a Heartless pack, but got gutted by-" "I don't care what got him!" the proprietor exploded. "You expect me to believe this is my helmet? My very magical helmet?" "Was magical." Erinys said tiredly. "The hound sucked it dry after it gnawed the thief's bones, by the look of things. But i followed the scent you gave me and this is what i found. No way he stashed your helmet and picked up another." "It was worth 5,000 munnies!" the proprietor bellowed. "Now I'll be lucky to get 50 for it." "Sorry to hear that. But it happens. Now, we agreed on-" "If you think I'm paying you anything for this lump of metal," he said, tossing the helmet away "you've got another thing coming!" Erinys' eyes narrowed. "You promised 800 munnies for the return of your property." she hissed. "No word on its state, just its return. I risked my neck to hold up my end. We shook on it." "Pah! Pledges to abominations aren't binding! Begone, noxling, before i call the guard." The Noxling Ronin gritted her teeth, their white showing up vividly against her pure black skin. A hand shot out and grabbed the proprietor by the throat. He tried to break free, but her grip was like iron. In her other hand, a swirl of darkness left behind a Heartless Shadow the she held by the back of the neck, like one might hold a cat. "You're not suppose to bring them into the village!" the man wheezed, his eye bulging. "And you are not suppose to break deals." Erinys retorted in an icy tone. "So here's a new one. You pay me what's owed and this little guy goes away. You keep thinking you can break deals with noxlings, and i drop him. You're the only heart he can feel in here. Think you can get your mace in time?" The proprietor's bulging eyes swiveled back and forth between Erinys and the Heartless. Wordlessly, he pulled a munny bag from under the counter and dropped it in front of the ronin. Erinys muttered a Stop spell the froze the proprietor in time. Cradling the Heartless in one arm, she opened the bag and counted out the munny. It was high denominations, so she quickly found it was 1,000 munnies in all. She eyed the man who had tried to stiff her, anger smoldering in her eyes. Just taking all of this served the fat man right. Hades, leaving this Heartless with him felt worthwhile. But old Nick had taught her different. When the Stop spell wore off, the proprietor found that the Heartless had gone and a small pile of munnies was on the counter. "I'm taking what I'm owed, not a speck more." The Noxling said from the door. "Now, we're square and you don't have to worry about me anymore. Talk to the guards, and I'll be back." Slamming the door behind her, Erinys stomped through the main street of the village, pulling her hood up. She had a few supplies to get before leaving. Getting them quick and leaving sounded like the best course of action right now.
  5. {This roleplay is currently closed to new characters due to being in the final stages. Thank you for reading!} Have you ever wondered why it rains in the worst possible moment? Does it ever feel like someone is watching you? Why are you really so scared of the dark, when there is almost always nothing there? The truth is, there are explanations to all of these things, only we as humans lack the knowledge of them. Far above us in the medieval era dwells a kingdom--no, a world--filled with whimsy, fantasy and phenomena of your wildest dreams. The world dwells above the clouds, filled with rich stone walls, cobblestone homes, water fountains aplenty, and the palaces whose splendor rivals even that of the great King Alderon down below in the human world. This world is beautiful, massive, and rich. But who could live in this world, you are probably asking yourself, if this happened long, long ago back in the age of medieval living? If there are no planes, how could people reach this magnificent place? And if humans did not know of this world, then what could possibly live there? There is only one simple explanation, and that explanation is the very reality of what lives there: fey. Fey, all sorts of fey. Predominately fairies, though they are not your average fairy that you read about in a bedtime story. They are in every sense of the word human, only they are gifted with three things that the mere human does not possess: magic, immortality, and flight. The range of fey that dwell in the Overworld vary, from fairies, imps, minotaurs, eidolons, vampires, and just about any mythical race. While it would seem they have a paradise, it may be surprising that they desire something much, much more, more expansive such as the world below. Which has brought them into the disaster that has befallen them today. A young fey, perhaps three hundred years old, ventured into the forbidden world below, sneaking past security with his two friends. He met many humans, many curious, some kind, and others . . . more power-thirsty than anything. A dreadful fate befell the three friends: one had been kept by the human King Alderon for his own dark experimental purposes, another died while trying to save him, and the last made it home, but was punished so severely he'd wished that he'd died. While the majority of the underworld do not know of the existence of the Fey kingdom, King Alderon does, and he's attempting to reign supreme over all the kingdoms of his world. In doing so he plans to use the one weapon he doesn't have and is known as a forgotten art: magic. Yes, magic existed within these young fey, and he would stop at nothing to obtain these magics for his own purposes, even if it meant draining the poor fey dry of their magic, killing them in the process of transferring this magic into their own warriors. You have a choice: to be human, or be a member of the mythical race of the Overworld preparing for the greatest of wars between worlds. If you are a human you wouldn't know anything about fey, unless you serve directly under King Alderon and know of his plans. If you are of the Overworld you have never been to the main world, but rather have only heard stories and probably yearn to see what it is like. Travel between the worlds is forbidden for fey, to prevent the very tragedy that the young boy had created. You may choose most any race for an Overworld dweller, though if I feel it isn't a good fit or is over-powered I may decline the race. The rules consist of: 1.) No god-modding. 2.) No auto-hitting or mass slaughter. This means if you are battling someone don't make your hit automatically meet its target, but rather have it aimed at a player and they choose whether the attack hits or misses. No mass slaughter means don't kill off a bunch of NPCs without permission. 3.) Go with the plot, and please choose a character that fits well with the world and setting. 4.) Original characters only. If you would like to use a canon character please modify them until they are your own creation, and rather inspired by a canon character. 5.) When in a group of other people, please post after everyone in your group has posted. I don't want anyone to fall too far behind. 6.) Keep everything PG-13, please. 7.) Romance is permitted, but again please remember rating restrictions. 8.) Please don't have invincible characters. While you get to choose whether your character is hit by an attack, don't make them avoid everything or else it seems like god-modding. 9.) Don't be over-powered. 10.) All KH13 rules apply. 11.) This is going to be a heavy world-building roleplay, that will rely heavily on plot and character interaction. I intend to keep this roleplay going for a considerable length of time, though it may not be entirely fast to update. Having said that, please try to post at least once every two weeks, but if you are going to be away please let me know and we will make arrangements for your characters. Should you remain absent for an extended length of time, I reserve the right to utilize your characters as I deem fit for the RP's progression. 12.) Have fun! Now, here is the character sheet. There is no maximum amount of characters that you can possess, but I would like for you to only control as many characters as you can reasonably handle: Name: Gender: Race: Age (if fey, keep in mind that they are immortal, but can appear like a certain age): Appearance: Magic (if any): Weapons: Personality: Biography: I hope to have some maps drafted of the world in the near future, and if anyone would like to suggest some names for locations please feel free to. Thanks for your interest!
  6. For the players, here is the job board, ranked from Bronze to Alexandrium: Hi, everyone. Vaude here with a new roleplay that I hope everyone will enjoy. There will be action. There will be romance. But, chiefly, there will be cooperation. This roleplay takes place as two parts: within a safe haven where you can discuss things with your fellows and test your unique strengths in arena matches, and within the multi-universal worlds where you combat creatures both sentient and animal with your fellows. Your purpose is unknown, but staying inside the safe haven without doing anything for too long (three weeks) causes you to disappear. With every disappearance, however, there is a new appearance. Another unlucky, or lucky, person is brought to this safe haven, again with unique abilities that can help his or her comrades. You must fight or at the very least assist to survive. You are given food, shelter, robotic assistants that rebuild themselves, and ample amounts of time to improve yourselves and others, but you must prove useful to your community or risk being removed. Three weeks is your allotted time before you must visit the many worlds that lay outside the gate to this sanctuary. A job board will be provided in this RP to give people adventures and, thus, fun. They are rated along the following tier system from lowest and least difficult to highest and most difficult: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Alexandrium. Go as a group for the more difficult tiers, unless you like a challenge. Your imagination is the only limit when fighting enemies. Be as powerful as you'd like. The rules are: 0.) Have fun. 1.) No godmodding allowed. 2.) No auto-hitting or killing each other. The only exception there is to this rule is in the arena, where you may fight to the death without repercussion. Dead characters inside the arena, or even in the sanctuary will be resurrected. Characters who die in the many worlds will stay dead unless certain exemptions are made. Phoenix feathers and elixirs of life are two such exemptions. 3.) You are welcome to be powerful but not overpowered when fighting other roleplayers. 4.) Keep what you post PG-13 and stick to the site's rules. 5.) You are recommended and welcome to participate in the main plot. However, if you decide against it, you may take on missions small and large and not worry about following the main plot. 6.) You are able to have two characters at the most. If you want another, one of your existing characters has to go. 7.) Keep your characters original. In other words, no official characters from any piece of fiction or non-fiction except of your own imagination. You can, however, stick to a certain fictional universe. Kingdom Hearts or Yu Yu Hakusho! or American Dragon -- any show, anime, game, or TV series is fine and dandy. 8.) Please post regularly, if not semi-regularly. Posting within two weeks is recommended to keep things flowing, and within three days for arena fights. Take too long and I will send a private message to either ask you to continue posting, or take control of your character, or remove them temporarily or in whole from the roleplay. Active Powers (interesting powers you may accept, otherwise you can create your own within reason) (choose 4): Elemental control of magic: (dark, light, fire, ice/water, earth, lightning, and air); Non-elemental control of magic: [void (physical non-elemental magic), gravity, healing, shield (physical red energy that blocks attacks to a degree), slow burn (continuous damage to a target lasting up to a minute), and death/unhealing (purely injurious magic)]; Physical enhancing: [strength up, dexterity/maneuverability up, magic aura (10% increase to all magic output), damage resistance (magic and strength), debuff resistance, regeneration (restores 10% per hour, but does not cure status ailments), piercing weapon (pierces defenses), shattering weapon (shatters weak defenses at first, then stronger ones after each use)]; Status ailments and debuffs: (strength down, magic deprivation (10% decrease to all magic output to others), lower defense, lower regeneration (-25% regeneration per casting of hex) Passive Powers (latent abilities of your character, otherwise you can create your own within reason) (choose 2): Mind reading (invading other people's minds to find out attacks or thoughts after two seconds of lag time; can be prevented), status debuff immunity, invisibility, damage resistance+ (25% decrease to physical damage), magic resistance+ (25% decrease to magic damage), double speed, flying, self-cloning (up to three), and heightened sense (your choice of sight, hearing, touch, or smell) Weapons (you know you want something to defend yourself with) (choose 2; can be switched at the sanctuary): Bladed: Sword, axe, mace, spear, scythe; Non-bladed: Club, quarterstaff, padded gloves (for hand-to-hand combat); Archery (infinite ammo): bow and arrows, crossbow and bolts, ninja stars, darts, and throwing knives (can be used as regular knives). Please use the following template for creating characters. You may tweak it if some information blends together, like a character's biography, personality, and/or appearance. Character Sheet: Name: Put the character's name here. Age (optional): Put thy celestial revolutions ye have witnessed as thy age. Race (optional): Put thy species on this glorified white space. Appearance: You can post a picture of your character here, or write out what he or she looks like. Personality: What makes your character interesting? Biography: Tell at least something about the character. Maybe include their history before or during their visit to this place. This can include things like age, height, weight, and so on, if you want. Attributes: Pick two passive powers from the list above that your character will have. Abilities: Pick four active powers from the list above that your character will have. Weapon: Pick two weapons from the list above that your character will use. Please change your profile if you change your mind and use another weapon. Signature Move: A signature move can only be performed by your character. It is a move that you think up using your abilities or weapon(s) in a creative way. Signature moves are optional, but can be added to your character at any time. Characters to Date: [[Edit on 9/14/18: Added age and race to the character sheet as optional possibilities. Made tweaks to powers and weapons. Added the rule of having two characters at most. Added a directory to existing characters. Edit on 9/15/18: Finalised name for the RP and was changed on 9/18/18. Edit on 10/21/18: Edited links for characters due to server transition and appended the first job board.]]
  7. Hi all! Me again, with another roleplay. Through Discord I found another RP partner, so this is strictly 1x1. It is a College AU, though it has some canon tidbits included. Please refrain from posting in this topic, but feel free to read along and join us for this journey! Thanks! Hoshi, take it away!
  8. Act 0 The Hunt for Captian GreyHawk A small, slightly rusted, definitly old and damaged ship was docked near the bustling bazzar within the space station. People of all races and backgrounds move throughout the station, some drunk, some not. Either running their businesses, loutering around, or getting themselves where they needed to go. A young scoundrel looking man named Solomond rushes into the ship and down the hall into the recreation room where at least someone would be, he approaches the table where his crewmates sat and slammed down a wanted poster on the table. One with the face of a grinning scoundrel beneath it was a bounty for 1,000,000 credits. Enough to fix up the old ship they flew and then some. “This is Captian Greyhawk. Rumor has it he is on this space station!” He looks each of them in the eye. “What do you think? The pay is good... but it could be dangerous. Greyhawk has trained killers in his crew.” Solomond knows they had to fix the ship but clearly was unsure about the dangers ahead. This would be far more dangerous than the battle against Captain Raya and her goons on the ice planet of Voth, or their treatcherous encounter against the dread pirate Barl in the ancient ruins of the jungle planet of Gors-bash, and definitly more deadly then their space battle with the Federation Leader Zod and his massive war ship, Primrose, of which the crew barely survived but left their craft heavily damaged.
  9. Shard the Gentleman

    ~Imminent~ Sign-ups and OOC/Discussion

    Have you ever lived by a forest or a group of woods? Have you ever stayed awake late at night because you swear you've seen something stirring in the distance, or heard something unusual originating from it? The citizens of Ascendance have, and are a bit too familiar with those all-mysterious bumps in the night. Age-old legends of the city are well known to most of the people of Ascendance. A devil is said to take rest in these woods and forests, one who is known for taking people in. These people either return changed forever, or never return at all. Our story begins with a set of students at Ascendance High School- a semi-well funded education facility which is located on the eastmost side of the city. The school is important due to what happens at night- desks are moved and arranged in strangest patterns, or white board markers are found with their lids off, evidencing the use of strange nonsensical drawings. Are there students sneaking in to add towards the city's legacy, or is there something more? And why has a strange figure began appearing in distances undefinable? Could this be the Devil that everyone knows the town for? Are there some people the figure appears before more than others? If so, why these people? Do you want to help solve the mystery? Are you a student at the school? Are you an adult who never believed in the legend, or a long-time believer? You can help reveal the truth of this town and its devil. Will you go down in history, or simply go down? How many mysteries will you discover along the way? This RP is going to be very similar to mystery and supernatural shows and comics we watched and read as kids. It's also largely based around many urban legends from across the world. There may be some slight clue hunting that may slowly reveal some truths. However, don't come to me for answers, because I will not give them out directly unless I choose to do so. Another thing: Message me about your character if you want your character to be directly involved in a town mystery. I would love to work a characters backstory into the main plot! ~Rules~ You must follow the KH13 rules. Keep it PG-13. Cursing is allowed, as long as it isn't overdone. No God-Modding, of course. Do not Kill, or seriously injure someone else's character, unless you have discussed it privately. Do not control other peoples Characters. If you have any major idea's that you feel you should talk to me about, feel free to do so! Love interests ARE Permitted, with other peoples characters, or your own. If with other peoples characters, discuss with them first. No explicit sex scenes please. Feel free to have more than one character, but please don't have more than two- there can be exceptions if discussed with me. ~Character Sheet~ Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Occupation (If Student, put Student): Personality: Bio: This is a reboot of an older RP that has a different plot following many mysteries instead of just one. My character: Name: Vivian Holdings Age: 17 Gender: F Appearance: Occupation: Student. Personality: Vivian seems upbeat but anxious. She's also rather history smart, but doesn't like to bring it up at all. Instead, she'd rather talk about her love for Showtunes- and her longing to break out of her anxiety shell to sing and act on stage. Bio: Although she seems happy, her past is the exact opposite. She doesn't tell anyone, although it is already well known: She lived with her father for most of her life- and it was torture for her. She would come to school with bruises and torn clothes, and forced to stay quiet about it, or faced the threat of death. However, her father went missing about a year ago, her sophomore year. It's said that one night, he walked out into the woods, and was never seen again. Outside of school, she keeps to herself- her mother moving to this town to care for her after the father went missing. Her mother seems to do a great job caring for her- she no longer comes to school with torn clothes or bruises, but with a smile on her face, and a newfound passion for Theater Productions.
  10. You traverse a futuristic land called Istila gathering hearts from murderers and criminals, you are part of a group of investigators called the UCCA (Unprecedented Criminal Correction Agency) that deal with unprecedented criminals. There are eye witnesses that say the criminals do things out of fantasy books and movies, thankfully with the help of the government you are able to do such things to catch these evildoers and to insure no criminal escapes is to encasing their hearts in captivity. But you feel an uneasiness in the air as criminals start coming out of the wood work, your job is to find out how this is happening and stop it on top of doing your other duties. (This is something I came up on the fly and in a hurry if you want more info I will put some in after work tomorrow.) RULES: 1.Follow the rules of KH13 forums 2.Anything else goes (minus op characters of course) Character sheet Name: Age: Appearance (if you could decribe it that would be better): Backstory (the more the marrier): Rank (minus captain): Ability (describe in as much detail): Weapon(s): Partner (with another player would be best): I will not be par-taking in said RP I am more of a DM (DND) so I will be describing what you see and with what will be going on around you. (If need be I will make a character with minal engagement.)
  11. Location- Mostro City Time- XX/XX/2018 TO: YOU I know a governmental secret. If anyone were to find out that I told you, I would be killed. Well, honestly I don’t give a damn if they find out, it’s about time someone knew. The supernatural are very much real. They are around us, and they are trouble makes. Sadly...they are my coworkers. I work for M&M, located in Mostro City. No, not the candy. It stands for Monster and Men. It’s just called M&M to confuse people. It’s comprised of vampires, witches, werewolves, let's just say too many supernatural and a little too many humans for me to deal with. What is our job? Putting people to justice. How do we do it? That’s easier said than done...especially when it’s your first day on your job, and you’ve been swept off your feet and thrown into a job like this. Let’s just hope I can keep up with these supernatural freaks. Sincerely, Othello _________________________________________________________________________________ Character Sheet- Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Personality (Optional) : Biography (If you want) : Weapon of Choice: Species: Member of M&M?: Position in M&M: Theme (If you feel up to it) : Anything else people should know: ____________________________________________________________________________ Character Sheet- Name: Allan Othello Age: 20 yrs. Gender: Male (WOW LOOK A BOY) Appearance: Personality (Optional) : Will develop within roleplay. Biography (If you want) : Allan Othello is the eldest of his family, and has two younger sisters. He has lived a rather non-eventful life, played soccer when he could, and excelled in academics. Allan has wanted to pursue criminal justice for a while, and things did not start working out for him in that field until he started college. Upon filling out a job application to a company called M&M, not giving much thought to the application (which was not very descriptive about the job itself), he was hired, enrolled out of college, taken from his family, and thrown into the M&M headquarters...without his full consent. Weapon of Choice: Pistol Species: Human Member of M&M: Sadly/Not Sadly Position in M&M: Detective, newby Theme (If you feel up to it) : Anything else people should know: - Precious Cinnamon Roll that has a center of flaming hot sauce.
  12. Endless Thundaga

    RE Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires RP

    This is the RP thread for RE: Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires. If you have not signed up yet and you are interested in participating, please go to the sign ups so you can take part in this RP. Twelve years after Xehanort's defeat, the worlds were at peace. Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Mickey all started to take apprentices of their own to continue the next generation of Keyblade wielders. However, Sora's pupil, Xavier, studied the history of the world of fairy tales, and became obsessed with reuniting all worlds to create one. However, as he acted, he unlocked many of the worlds' keyholes, letting darkness leak from each of them. Some were quickly devoured, and became sleeping worlds. Feeling responsible, Sora went into hiding without any trace of his whereabouts, the only way to find him was by Roxas and Xion. Unfortunately, Xavier caught up on this, knowing that if Sora was found and persuaded, he would stop at nothing to halt the apprentice, so Xavier took after Xehanort and transferred his heart into Roxas, making him an ally. As for Xion, Maleficent and Pete still remain at large as they too are aware of the risks of finding Sora, so the evil fairy kidnaps Xion, using her heart to fuel Maleficent's dark powers. In desperation, three friends were sent by their masters to find Sora, Roxas and Xion, stop Xavier, and restore the worlds. Susan-Traverse Town A portal of light appears on the rooftop of the Gizmo Shop in Traverse Town. A young Keyblade Master appears from the portal, Susan. She is here to spend some time with friends and prepare for her mission.
  13. Xehanort Story (Pending a better Title) Hey guys. Well since the story I shared here a few days ago seemed to be well received, I have decided to stick around and will be using KH as a platform for creative writing practices and for fun while I do so. Anyway onto the plot: This story revolves mostly around Young Xehanort, covering the time from when he was on Destiny Islands, he trains with the only other teenager on the Island he is friends with, a young Lightning. Leading on to his meeting with the Xehanort Heartless who tells him of his destiny. Arming him with the No Name Keyblade and the black hood that will aid him in his journey through the darkness. He tells Xehanort about his future self, the plan to fill 13 vessels to clash with he seven pure hearts of light and create the X-Blade to unlock Kingdom Hearts. The story will then become more action focused as Xehanort moves through the Worlds searching for the 11 (Himself and Master Xehanort being the other two) splintered versions of Xehanort's heart and has them meet at their fated destination (The World That Never Was). Characters Young Xehanort Young Lightning Xehanort Heartless There will be more characters needed to be introduced as the story progresses and Xehanort travels from World to World of course. So who is down to clown and wants to help me get the ball rolling with this? Reply or PM and we can discuss character selections. I'm open to ideas and suggestions too. I want this to be a story we develop together.
  14. [sign-ups for anyone still interested!] Chapter 1: Deja Vu “Are we really at the point where we’re sending out a doctor to the front lines?” - Lieutenant Jacob Snider, Field Commander of the Warriors of Light. Disney Castle, General Quarters “This is General Jason Schindler, Leader of what remains of the Warriors of Light, signing out for what may be the last time.” With a click and a sigh, Schindler ended his personal diary to an electronic recorder that was in his hand. A red light blinked three times on the small handheld instrument before going dark, signalling the instrument’s offline status. Not a moment too soon, the war weary leader heard a knock on the bedroom door. “General?” the muffled voice informed, “You’re needed in the throne room.” “I’ll be there, Snider.” He coolly replied back. Looking out beyond his rather cozy and luxurious bedroom through the ornate window, the general couldn’t help but feel conflicted at the sight of the azure blue sky. It looked comforting, but he knew better; beyond the sea of tranquil blue was a hostile place, and the thought of the ever encroaching darkness only made his heart sink just a little more. His anxiousness was reinforced as he witnessed a squadron of aircraft fly past, marking the end of one watch shift and the beginning of the next. It’s as if… I felt this way before? Shaking off the oddly negative feelings, Schindler took a deep breath and parted the doors that isolated him from the cruel reality that he now faces. I wonder what His Majesty has in mind to turn this tide of war? Disney Castle, Courtyard The large passenger doors of the angular transport ship hissed open as the craft made a gentle touchdown in the rather beautiful garden. The warm, bright sunlight flooded the compartment, illuminating the valuable cargo inside: People. But not just any people. No, this transport was special. Within the metallic walls of the ship were the finest that the Warriors of Light still have. They had stayed back at the front lines, fighting tooth and nail to buy their comrades the time they needed to evacuate the desperate civilians off the falling worlds of Traverse Town and Radiant Garden. These people witnessed the atrocities of the darkness first hand; some were powerless to stop innocent lives being taken away in front of their eyes, others were simply too late. Whether the sights had affected these people remained to be seen, but it was clear that many would never be the same after the traumatic events that had transpired within the past three days. It is here that we find Lieutenant Mors, Lieutenant Armis, Keyblade Wielders Rei and Reiner, and Technician “Niner” skirting the edge of the passenger compartment. Behind them were a platoon of soldiers. Every single one of them had a blank expression; none bothered talking to each other during their transit from the fallen worlds to the safe haven of the castle. The engines quieted into an a low, idling drone. A tall, well built man in what looked to be like keyblade armor approached the ship. His short, blonde hair glowed in the sunlight as the short blue cape that was attached to his left armored pauldron fluttered in the downdraft of the ship. “Welcome to the Castle!” the man saluted to the newcomers. His piercing green eyes were quietly assessing the veterans, checking for the tell-tale signs of lingering distress. “There are specific individuals here that command has taken interest in. If there is a Captain O’Malley, Lieutenant Mors, Lieutenant Armis, Keybladers Rei de Wynter and Reiner Anthem in this transport, please proceed towards the briefing room immediately. It’s down the hall over there, directly across the door that leads into the throne room.” "O'Malley is MIA, sir." One of the soldiers responded. "W-... What?" "You... weren't updated, sir?" The man balled his fists, but kept a straight demeanor. "No. I was not informed. Thank you for the information, soldier." Disney Castle, Infirmary “More wounded incoming!” A royal nurse announced to the staff that was currently on shift, “everyone to stations!” Amidst the chaos of triage and preparing the area for new patients, it is here that we find Alexiei Valkire in his natural habitat. Gurneys started coming through the double doors that isolated the room from curious eyes. As the initial patients rolled in, the staff jumped into action. It was just another average day after all, and most of the nurses and doctors have gotten enough on site training since the war began to start specializing in certain types of wounds. “7 burn patients!” “2 frosties with 1 criti-” "Set them over here! I need 4 bags of-" “ICU we got a thunder patient!” “Can we really save her like this?” “4 slashed. 2 critical, 1 mortal and 1 minor.” “Damned heartless…” As the doctors and nurses scurried about, a member of the elite guards entered the facility. Carefully staying out of the way of the medical staff, he made a beeline to Alexiei and tapped him on the shoulder when the time seemed appropriate. “Alexiei Valkire?” the man asked, “I apologize for interrupting, but you are needed in the throne room immediately, by order of command.”
  15. Shard the Gentleman

    ~The Happy Journal~ (Roleplay)

    Sign-ups are here! (Journal Entries will be listed at the bottom of the OP) Blinding brilliance entered the darkened chamber through a single aperture in the gently waving wafting curtains, which barred the majority of the sunlight. The fact that the sun was at such an angle entering the room meant it was past noon, thanks to this window being on the west side of the building. Outside, the kids would be tossing rocks along the road with sticks, the local Nunnery would be singing their afternoon Hymnals, and the playhouse would be filled with rushing thespians hoping to shove in last minute memorization as the crew set up the props on the raked stage. James Harper, though, would be late once more in waking himself up and preparing the library for visitors. It's lucky most of the Scholars have the keys to do so themselves. With a yawn, the youth peeled himself off the mattress, and gave his closet a uncaring stare. "Why do you have to be so far away...?" Shirtless, James stood, walking his way towards the twin doors that opened to his clothing storage, and picked out the shirt that seemed to be the least stuffy- it was a hotter day after all, and overheating was not on his to-do list. That is, unless the Journal said it was. The Journal! Shoving the shirt onto himself, James stumbled over to the bedside cabinet, and opened the somewhat weary Journal. Visit the Playhouse four hours after waking. Heh, simple enough, James thought. He readied the remainder of his clothes, and walked out his chamber door, and onto the library floor. --------------------- Journal Entries: James Harper: Visit the Playhouse four hours after waking. Vanitas: Donate to the Nunnery. Veran Sterben: Stop by the lighthouse. Aya Elizabeth Everus: Do not lie. Varis Suron: Assert yourself to law enforcement. Jynn Venas: Double check the gate leading towards the woods- consider standing guard for 5 minutes after the sun leaves the sky
  16. Hi all! It's me again. Through tumblr, I found a fellow KH RPer! We have discussed plot and characters through tumblr messaging, so there will be no need for that here, especially since this is strictly a 1x1 roleplay with a Royal AU. We ask that you please refrain from posting in this RP, as it is strictly ours. But you are more than welcome to read through and take this journey with us! Characters: Jiinora: Sora, Naminé Forever Love: Kairi, Roxas, Riku Jiinora, would you like to start?
  17. Note: The Role-Play hasn't officially started yet, as i am still working on both the Character Sheet Sign-Ups and the Rules, however, if you are interested in checking out the RP, here is the link to the premise behind the story-line, i hope maybe it will convince you to join :]-
  18. Helloooooooo, friends. :lol: I'm back again with another interest check and I promise that this premise will actually be interesting this time. I've been kicking around this idea for a bit and I think it's finally ready to show off and see if I can garner an audience. Either that or it's shit, but hey, that's why we're here to test it out. :tongue: Without further ado, cue the synopsis that I totally didn't think up off the top of my head in less than five minutes!!~ The world is a wondrous place, isn't it? This, our world filled with imagination and excitement... connected by the force of Light and the strength our Hearts. Where humans and animals, knights and magicians, fairies and spirits, and all other beings of all shapes and sizes live in harmony. Truly, this is paradise. But there is still such a thing as "trouble in paradise" after all. Where there is Light, there is Darkness. Where there is Darkness, there lies those who have no Heart... those who are Heartless. Those who will do anything to destroy the Light and take the Hearts away, who thrive in conflict. In treachery. In war. So you might ask yourself: how can I, a follower of the Light, do what I can to protect what I hold dear? Am I really that capable of becoming the beacon of hope in which the Light will shine through upon those who wish to bathe our world in complete and utter Darkness? And the answer is... yes. You can. -- PLEASE OPEN -- And there we go. Seems simple enough right? ... okay, maybe not. Let me shed some more light on the situation then, heh heh-okay fine, I said "light" too many times... As the premise should have hinted at, this is an alternate universe take on Kingdom Hearts that has a Keyblade academy in it... I didn't say it was original, alright? :lol: There's more to it though: every world that we know in the Kingdom Hearts plane of existence is not separated into various worlds that require a spaceship made out of Lego blocks to enter through (barring the ones I don't like or make up for the purposes of fanservice) They're all connected into one single world, kinda what we imagine the universe was like before the events of the games in the "Age of Fairy Tales". And in this realm, the place we know as Daybreak Town is the central hub where all the original characters live... well, most of them. There's some secrets here and there that I don't want to spoil just yet. But to make things easy, here's all you need to know: AU, Academy, make your own student, make your own Keyblade with your abilities and junk, and embark on an adventure where all the worlds are connected from the start and feature characters that were introduced after we knew the worlds were disconnected i.e. Mickey Mouse. So don't be surprised if you see a certain protagonist crop up and be one of your classmates as well as a few other students that you might know from different time periods... Sooooo, that's it. Please let me know what you think below. Stay frosty-oh wait, I'm a fire guy... uh... flaming? Wait, that doesn't work either... just comment, dammit!
  19. Hi all. It's been a long time. A few years, in fact. I'm Forever Love, and I've been a member of KH13 for quite a long time, and I'm looking for a new RP partner! A friend of mine and I were into roleplaying for years but we called it quits. We had two roleplays going at the same time, one of which was over 1000 pages. (Yes, you read that correctly.) So now I'm looking to start over with someone new and creative and adventurous! If that's you, keep reading! Obviously this roleplay is going to be a Kingdom Hearts roleplay, but no specific plot has been decided, which means I am up for AU's, a few OC's if necessary, and a whole lot of creative juices to keep the RP going 1000 pages again--or more!!! I would like for it to be a universe in which the Keyblade does exist, so please keep that in mind, as I've seen some where Sora and co are regular teenagers, but that's just not how I play... (: Some specifics I do have in mind for this roleplay: This RP is going to be strictly 1x1, meaning only myself and one other will participate. With that being said... Whoever joins this roleplay must be comfortable with multiple characters of both genders. Say, for example, Sora and Namine, or Kairi and Roxas. Speaking of those characters, I'm very supportive of both pairings Sora/Kairi and Roxas/Namine. As well as Riku/OC if necessary. GRAMMAR MUST BE CORRECT IN ALL USES. Meaning commas, quotations, and the like go where they are supposed to go. Spelling should be correct also, but that can be kind of tricky, so I'll let that slide! No godmodding. Period. Romance is encouraged, but keep it PG-13 and go by KH13 rules. In the past my friend and I RPed for hours at a time. I'm not calling for a whole day's worth of RPing, because not even I have that kind of time on my hands anymore. However, someone who is able to put in two hours a day for perhaps three days a week would be great! In both of my previous roleplays, our posts were descriptive with about 5-8 sentences each. If multiple characters of my own were in one scene at the same time, it would be double that, to give both points of view. Posts that are the length of "essays" are not necessary for this roleplay. (If you would like an example, please message me and I will share a link to my previous roleplays so you can get an idea of my roleplay posts.) Cursing is fine, but again, follow the site rules and don't get too carried away with it. Have fun! Please let me know if you are interested! I've really missed roleplaying and would like to get back into the swing of things with something brand new! Thanks, guys!
  20. Sign Ups are still open here: ------- With the sun rising high into the air, today of all day's looked like it would be a great day for many who are aiming for a fresh start. Today, more than any other, is very special to teenagers across the nation because today is the first day of highschool. For some extra talented and lucky individuals, this means that their journey through their first year attending U.A. High School begins now. With a light spring in his step, Lars Caesar walked through the school gate, making sure that his uniform fit him perfectly the way he wanted it to. Taking off his tie and loosening a button on his shirt, he let out a sigh as he felt much more comfortable. "Now that I don't have that ridiculous thing choking me, let's go and meet my class mates. I'm sure they'll be fun considering only the elite are able to enter this school. All of the strongest Quirks gathered in a single class room. I just can't wait!" Trotting along to class 1-A, Lars opened the door and peaked inside to see if anyone had decided to get here before him but found no one in the room. "First one here huh? I thought I was bad at being punctual..." "... I'm here." Lars narrowed his eyes and looked toward the back of the class, a boy with white and black hair was sat at his desk with his arms crossed over his desk. It would seem that he was sleeping here until now. "Well hey there! I didn't see because it's so dark in here!" Lars flipped the light switch and walked over in front of the desk that the boy was sat at, sitting on the desk directly in front of him. "So, looks like we're going to be class mates... You don't look so good though, you look quite sick actually." The boy didn't seem to be reacting too much, his facial expression remained on it's default stoic setting at all times, even while he was talking. "Oh, don't worry about me, I'm just dead inside." Lars put a hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing but found that the boy wasn't reacting in any way and seemed to be serious. "So... What? Is your quirk to make you unresponsive?" "Sort of... I have the body of a zombie, so I'm not good at things like feelings or how to express them." "A zombie man huh~ That's pretty cool. You got a name?" "... Shiki Kurogane." "I'm Lars Caesar, your undisputed, number one, strongest guy in class, but you can just call me Lars." The two shook hands briefly and Lars was surprised when touching Shiki's hand. His finger tips were as cold as ice and seemed very rough around the edges. Lars could only smile in anticipation at what interesting batch of students would turn up next.
  21. TheKeyofRose

    [Interest Check] SAO Roleplay?

    -Breaths in expecting the worst- Ok! So something I've been craving lately is a Sword Art Online Related RP we all know the whole shtick or I at least hope you do 'Die in the Game die in IRL' This would be entirely OC based thus meaning no canons beyond maybe little references here and there or a name drop, based off the game 'Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment' but without Kirito and Friends involved would be a fight to get from Floor 75 to Floor 100. Or possibly an entire RPG like an adventure all the way to Floor 100. Just a matter of an Interest check to see if anyone would dig this as someone who is well-versed into everything SAO related I think i can confidently DM/GM the setting.
  22. Over Seven Years have passed since the end of the great X-Blade War, Three Years after the X-Blade War had ended, a young lad by the age of 19 named Sora had lost his ability to wield the Keyblade and with it, all the powers that made him renowned, as the legendary hero who had lead the side of Light into victory against the side of Darkness during the final battle of the war, in the time he was without any sorts and/or kinds of powers, he was approached by a stranger who offered to give Sora his powers back but this was all a ruse in order to drain Sora of all powers that he had remaining completely, however, with the help of his close friends and loved ones, Sora gained new Keyblade powers and with them, he defeated the stranger and his allies in battle, thanks to the help of everyone that Sora had all made bonds with, now with his new powers, Sora is currently studying under ancient Keyblade Masters from times long since past, in preparation for the oncoming return of the source of all Darkness, evil and hatred that exists within the entire universe itself, including the progenitor of all the Pureblood Heartless, throughout all his battles so far, Sora has defeated each and every single one of his enemies has triumphed...but now...the boy's story is about to reach its final conclusion, since the very day he was born, all of the things that have led up to this...are about to come, to an end...this is it...the final story and chapter of a young man named Sora and all of his friends, Four Years have passed since Sora and his very best friend since childhood Riku went to train under the ancient masters, now they must fight, for both their and everyone else's lives, as the final showdown with Darkness--no, the final showdown with pure evil about to begin, we take a look into the future of what becomes of Sora, how he fares during the final battle itself. "...Its no use..." A Keyblade can be seen, all broken and nearly shattered into pieces completely, a sword swing entirely across the exact middle of a certain someone's body can also be seen, the certain someone's face is not seen but he is especially seen placing his hand on the Keyblade, causing it to shatter into nothing, we do not see what becomes of the rest of the Keyblade and whilst this occurs, a platinum coloured, king's crown falls to the ground, shattering into nothingness, as well, the final scene blanks out into Darkness, as we lastly hear the words: "........You've lost." This is what is etched into the future, no one may change its outcome, as it will decide everything, for everyone...but for now, we go back 16 days before this event occurs, revealing what happens to lead up to this absolutely certain final current point in time, here is the story...of the War of Endings, the final conflict both of and in Human history. Day I: Four Years Later. Four Years have passed since Sora and Riku left, Kairi is seen on the Destiny Islands by the usual spot at the tree, thinking to herself "...Sora." thought Kairi, as we could see her in full appearance, she has grown her hair longer then all of her previous appearances, it extends to the back of the middle of her stomach... ...meanwhile........ Radiant Garden, the capital of Light, for where anyone and everyone from all Worlds alike come to visit at one focused, central point within the entire universe itself, its magnificent castle that has stood since the World's very beginning........ ........the castle........crumbles........completely and utterly destroyed........its remaining rubble falling all over the entire town and the citizens........ in the lab at the Radiant Garden, Ienzo is seen panicking, saying to Even "Even!? what do we do!?!? they came without warning!!!!!!!!" said Ienzo, as Even lastly replied "...Your right, its them, no mistaking can be them and ONLY them! they have come!!!! hurry!! we must get to master Ansem right away!!!!!!!!" said Even... the top of Ansem's castle could be seen a bloodied Ansem the Wise himself, being hung up by a both strange and mysterious masked man wearing a pointy mask in the shape of a Heart, saying to Ansem lastly the words "...The era of Light is dead, the Worlds will crumble, starting with its monument, the pillar of Light, your castle...the capital of Light........has fallen........go, call your heroes, call your protectors: the Keyblade wielders...we have come, WE ARE READY." with that, the masked individual drops Ansem high in the sky right down below towards the ground, leaving him to fall, only to be caught by a young man, wearing a white version of the Black Coats of Organization XIII, saying to Ansem "...Hey! old man!! you alright!?!? say something!!!!!!!!" said the young hooded man... the wind causes the young man's hood to fall off, revealing white long hair, a scar running across his face and pierced ears with Heart shaped piercings on them, this young man is revealed to be none other than...Riku! age 24. his body was slightly more muscular and bulkier and he was seen carrying his Way to the Dawn Keyblade on the back of his body, Riku looked up towards the pointy masked man, as he was about to reveal his face... "...So you've come, fallen hero of Darkness, my name is Ivarne, Ivarne Keskilioptos, we were expecting...someone, other then you." said the masked man, as he revealed his face, revealing purple coloured hair and slanted red coloured eyes, his hair was spiky all around, he wielded a Scimitar by the side of his right hip, he lastly said to Riku: "Where is he? where is the one? where is...SORA." said Ivarne, as Riku gave him cold, piercing eyes, he was prepared to fight. "I've been having, these weird thoughts, is any of this for real...or not?" KINGDOM HEARTS IV The Final Saga Start! The Invasion of Quetzalcoatl Arc.
  23. TheKeyofRose

    [Interest Check] Fate Roleplay

    Essentially, an interest check of sorts for a Fate Roleplay involving servants being summoned from different anime/manga/Light novels and games. Not sure how to really go into too much detail but the general idea would be no canons from Fate just OC masters paired with canon characters from different franchises converted into Servant Form, all for the omnipotent wish granting device... Other ideas would include a Fate/Grand Order setting where I the DM/Master end up summoning a bunch of servants from different series and singularities are based off other franchises worlds and all. If anyone has any interest in either idea just say so and all.
  24. Azure Flame

    Beacon: Before the Fall

    Here he was, Lucas Lunaris, on his way to Beacon Academy to train as a Huntsman. On the outside, he would appear calm, cool, and collected, however on the inside he was freaking out, both from excitement and nervousness. So many questions were running through his head and he couldn't calm down. What would his classes be like? Would they have to fight live Grimm? What would the teachers be like? What about his teammates? Would they like him? Would he like them? Would any of them be Faunus as well? Would they tease him for being a Faunus? Would he have to fight them because of said teasing? He clutched his Katana, Sogeki Ken (Literally Sniper Sword) in his left hand to try and ease his nervousness as he looked at the others riding with him. He hadn't spoken to anyone since their departure, preferring to be alone in the corner during the trip. He noticed a few other Faunus and was slightly relieved that he wouldn't be the only one.
  25. Shard the Gentleman

    ~Animorphs: Revisted~

    My name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, and I am dead. What you see here is what an old friend has granted me- the last of my thoughts projected into a physical form. If my friend is right, then whoever can see this- that person is someone that he foresaw making a difference. I do not know how much of an impact anyone on this planet could have on this war, but I put my trust in the him, and also in you. ---------- "Xander...?" James brushed his own brown hair around a bit, each strand hopelessly tangled around another. He turned his head towards the boy, taller than himself. James had plenty of respect for Xander- his intelligence was something James was a bit jealous of, but not jealous enough to avoid him. He liked to think Xander was his friend, but wasn't quite sure what Xander himself thought. "Sorry I spent so long in there. I got a bit carried away." Held horizontally, James carried a bag of what, to anyone who saw it, would look like random scribbles. In truth, it was a stack of comics. Having just returned from the mall, James refused to hold the bag by the handles- the last thing he wanted to do was bend the comics he had just bought. The road they were traversing, lit only by a handful of streetlights and the occasional passing car, was almost always busy during the day. It was a familiar sight to anyone who lived here- but to one who was not local, it was somewhat spooky. The amusement park, looking as if it should be lit and aglow, stood dark and unnerving. There had been a handful of deaths here mere months ago, leading to the closure of the park. Sometimes kids would sneak in, vandalizing the leftover rides or doing other illegal activities. James liked to avoid it- he was always a bit sensitive about where people died. Souls should be allowed to rest, and disturbing their death site seemed to be disrespectful. He wasn't the only one to have this thought- which is why the site hadn't been demolished yet. It stood as a solemn reminder of those who had passed. "Did you get anything good?" James spoke up, attempting to take his mind off of the events that took place then.