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Ava is the original leader of the Vulpeus Union in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover and Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] (previously Unchained χ). As one of the youngest amongst the five foretellers, Ava is often considered as the most relatable Union leader by the Union members. Her relatability makes it easier for her to fulfill the role the Master of Masters’ gave her: Gathering Keyblade wielders, known as Dandelions, who will keep the light alive when the Keyblade War comes. Ava is a loyal person which she shows by her great desire to respect the Master of Masters’ teachings when Aced and Gula go against them. Even though she’s obedient, Ava believes in having a critical spirit and uses that as a criteria to choose Keyblade wielders as Dandelions. She also shares a particularly close friendship with Master Gula.

Games this character appears in: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]

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