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Ira is one of the original leaders of the five Unions in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover and Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] (previously Unchained χ). He resides in Daybreak Town and leads the Unicornis Union as well as the five foretellers, a responsibility he was given by the Master of Masters. Ira is described as a reliable person and shows a strong sense of responsibility. Initially, he actively sought to protect the universe and it’s inhabitants from being engulfed in darkness, an event prophesied in the Book of Prophecies. He eventually realizes that his role is not to stop the darkness, but to ensure light lives on after it comes. Ira spends most of his time looking for the identity of a traitor amongst the foretellers. When the Keyblade War comes, Ira has become particularly distrusting of Master Aced who was initially his "right-hand man". 

Games this character appears in: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
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