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Top of my KHUX party!

Top of my KHUX party!

Top 5 players in my Unicornis KHUX party "Unicornorts" the June Crown Week - also the Top 500 players in all of Unicornis! (Of course we were actually in gaudy skill perk outfits all week, not these.) Our final Party Rank this week was #33 last night. Minimum LUX this Crown Week for everyone in the party was 100 million. (Honorable mention to Cress, in 6th place. We all super, super appreciated your KH 0.2 Aqua medal!)


(( I would like to add that I have only 172 Nova, and at least three fourths of the party has better than I do - I consider myself F2P, spending basically only the jewels the game has given me for free - other than a draw early on. Having a nearly full party who smacks on their LUX Up button during the same time each day so our boost skyrockets up to and sometimes even over 100% really helps. On a lucky run I can even get 6 million LUX per level 99 Raid Boss! ))


We occasionally have party openings so if you’re serious about getting LUX during Crown Weeks, get in touch:

  • via Tumblr - This is THE best way to contact, since it goes through my party leader instead of me. Use the Tumblr messenger, not the Ask system - otherwise your request could get lost and we do not accept anons. Please send us the requested form info or a Discord handle!
  • via KH13 - Send me a message directly and/or see this thread. I will usually check back here during Crown Week if we have an opening to fill.
  • via Discord - You can also contact me directly on KH13 for my Discord handle! We require you to have Discord so we can communicate our party medals, LUX minimums for crown week, and multiplayer hangout sessions. We're a fun bunch and we don't bite, promise. Discord is free to install, can also be used directly from the browser, and even has a mobile app.


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