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  2. m e h . doubt there’s any reaI surprise l’m not invested in the manga anyhow but. must know
  3. do you honestly want to? its a mess for this current arc
  4. but bears are cute too l need to know you simpIy must dm me these Ieaks
  5. Or at least, before Disney turned her into a full-on villain
  6. Today
  7. dat dragon ball super manga leaks has me go wtf
  8. This edit and song is so good holy shit
  9. Yolo

    General Chat

    for me it's the opposite I'd legit run from a child https://tenor.com/view/spongebob-mind-enigma-spilled-milk-gif-14172730
  10. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Any man who can manage to make a bedtime story sound threatening has my respect
  11. around him l am the most modeI citizen it is what he deserves and he’d probabIy poke fun at me for that which’d be pretty funny so win-win
  12. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    well not with that attitude
  13. g- garfieId’s what
  14. These ideas are not mutually compatible. Humans find things cute because we want to protect them (such as babies). Humans find things intimidating because we want to avoid them (like bears).
  15. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    Casual reminder that the plot of Sleeping Beauty isn’t quite so simple. Maleficent wasn’t upset because she wasn’t invited to a baby shower; she was upset because FAIRY NOBILITY was snubbed to join a ROYAL CORONATION
  16. It's cute. Possums are cute.
  17. Yolo

    General Chat

    One of my friends constantly sends me that gif for some reason Makes me laugh every time 🤦🏻‍♀️
  18. Hoult is jon, for sure Jackson confirmed for "Garfield's father" apparently
  19. Sam Jackson as Jon Arbuckle: I have had ENOUGH- of this muthafiretruckin cat eating my muthafiretruckin food!
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