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  2. me dumb idiot just realized that there's 'shoot' attack function when riding on Baymax. no wonder it took forever the last times i fought Dark Baymax wait, did we ever find out why Dark Riku was looking into making a heart from data?
  3. At least Sephiroth used to be a Hero. Kefka was just a dude before he went nuts
  4. his sword is longer than his height
  5. isn’t that just called ‘Barrier’?
  6. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    I mean seph got some good ass sword tech
  7. Today
  8. ? I don’t recall Reflect being in BBS
  9. Some attacks not all, but thats probably the reason why they removed it from future titles aside from BBS, it's really strong
  10. That’s not how it works it’s just based off your magic stat If it were to take the damage the enemy does and do it back at them why wouldn’t it like instantly kill super bosses then
  11. Well it seems that way because it matches with how much damage the enemy that is done to you is reflected, and it is heavy damage
  12. got riku. looks like i'm gonna be training in light and dark
  13. probably be something like solo mode and team mode. i think fortnite has something like that
  14. I've got places in my server covering and tracking it.
  15. but you don't forgive what he did because of that, right?
  16. So, I noticed this in the stream and watched. Maybe choosing teammates won't be w/ just randos/strangers but selective w/ friends that play by their own styles.
  17. After seeing what xehanort went through is it bad I feel kinda sad for him and understand what did
  18. save the world with music 😳
  19. Bro me and Neku will just vibe to some music
  20. yeahhh... I don’t think you’re becoming a hero...
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