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  1. Past hour
  2. Yeah I found out about the strangest of things sometimes, I’m just weird like that I guess
  3. Huh? Learned something new today😅
  4. Yeah I honestly don’t even remember what led me to discovering that but it’s come in handy
  5. but it's never worked for me oh really? didn't know that
  6. If you go into the pic and copy it, paste the link it gives you into your search browser, then copy that link, you’ll then be able to spoiler tag the link
  7. you have to rename the image file with spoiler in it or some stupid thing
  8. Y’know I still can’t believe they haven’t made that easier to do on mobile I did find a way to do it awhile ago tho
  9. I tried, I uploaded this from my phone and it didn’t give me that option.
  10. Why not just hide it as a spoiler?
  11. Well if you guys like that. I remade a scene of the second game. It’s spoilers though so look at your own risk😅
  12. Today
  13. “Death is a concept invented by the foretellers” “What?” “I don’t even know how to SPELL IT”
  14. Leaked lines from Kingdom Hearts 4
  15. Excellent point. I took a look at the khdr enemy book and it sure is a whole lot of Emblem Heartless... That should be impossible, right? As far as I know, the Emblem Heartless first appeared as a result of Ansem's research in Radiant Garden. I wouldn't be surprised by pureblood Heartless, but Emblems are artificial.
  16. Yesterday
  17. well.... i returned to CSGO today...
  18. yoooo i almost got max score blindfolded just now 😭 https://clips.twitch.tv/AbstruseFreezingCrabsCharlietheUnicorn-lskAjXE1xrUxhdTJ
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