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  2. Man Nomura really likes playing the long con huh
  3. Same, I also could believe that they set up the revelation that as early as Days.
  4. Top Gun: Maverick is such a love letter to the original in every way, easily one of the best movies of the year so far
  5. I think the most surprising thing to me was when Very bold direction but I'm interested to see where they go with that
  6. I drew them from memory. I forgot what a nobody & their symbol looked like but I tried. I didn't look up a reference because we were taking a test and I was done early. :firetruck: I was close enough. Emil from memory also
  7. Today
  8. It's so pretty! (I think this is my favorite stained glass platform, in fact.) I remember seeing this in the past, but this is a better quality version of it, for sure. And seeing Sora standing on the Alice stained glass platform makes me think of what it could have been like, if they'd actually kept it in the game. And it makes me wonder what platforms for the rest of the princesses would have looked like... but alas. We'll never know. But now having this is more than enough to tide me over for the rest of my life. Haha:)
  9. Nevermind then sounds like the valley lol
  10. Me, a Midwesterner: Those are rookie numbers
  11. 90% of where I live is rural farmland. I swear I live in the south sometimes.
  12. Wyn lives in the green area in California, meanwhile i live in the deserted dry side in california.
  13. https://tenor.com/view/that70s-show-were-all-alright-car-ride-singing-gif-3560188
  14. At least it was better than the black box containing
  15. I wonder which one of these two you're serious about
  16. So you’re in Wisconsin?
  17. i've got basically 2 ideas, and i'm only serious about 1 of them 1st idea is that the woman they brought with them has some sort of shapeshifting abilities (or hologram tech or whatever they wanna call it in this case). it's basically the decoy thing from earlier, but helps to explain why they got a person to replace reva (aside from some possible thing about needing three inquisitors at all times) 2nd idea is that the grand inquisitor has been stabbed there before but didn't die, so he had a hand dandy hole-thing added for possible future stabbing attempts 🙂
  18. the reveal of as the master of masters was kinda contrived, ngl
  19. I’ve passed by nothing but farmland for 2 hours.
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