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  2. it still came off that way intent or not.
  3. My point isn’t that it’s sensible to stop it before it happens, just that it’d make some sense to not let people do such ridiculous shit and get off scot free Wait how is there anything legitimate about that?
  4. the vibe im getting and how it come off is that you support the scalpers scalping. it just come off like that. the laws doing this to punish scalpers using bots is good cause it meant we could actually get stuff at a reasonable price not the 1000+ shit cause they'd do it to make it scare and rare on purpose to firetruck over the average customer. legitmate sellers do not scalp at a bullshit pricing nor do they scalp.
  5. Like the act and thought process of going "hmm I'm sure there's some other sucker out there who wants this insert thing here lemme rip him off and make profit in the process" should so be illegal like I can't believe it's not
  6. Huh I didn't know that, interesting
  7. I mean sure in this case yeah I can see how people would place a higher value on something but I meant in general like if we're not talking about a large scale scarcity situation
  8. its kinda illegal to bot stuff in uk as far as i recall. in the us there wasnt anything to combat that till now
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  10. Thanks to that none of the manufacturers can fill out the amount of demand for the consoles so it's easier for scalpers to take these and successfully sell them The rarity of the consoles is what makes the price worth it for the people It's a FOMO thing People want the new thing even if it's out So they find a scalper to buy from It happens with every big release on something It's just extra bad now thanks to the pandemic and the chip shortage
  11. I mean come on tho if you're gonna resell something for more than its worth then you gotta get over yourself like nothing that you did with it in the time you had it makes it worth any more, if anything its the opposite, like I see nothing okay with that
  12. It's a grey area. When you buy something you can do whatever you want with it, which includes selling it for a higher price than the original one. Nothing illegal about it, it's just scummy. I mean scalping is scummy, not reselling stuff Yeah but again it's still just a scummy thing. The article Silent posted isn't going to make this illegal either, it's just gonna make scalpers find another way to scalp stuff they can sell off. This whole scalping thing wouldn't have been this big of an issue if there wasn't a chip shortage
  13. I coulda sworn that like literally every product ever says don't resell this for more than you got it for basically But somehow that's just... okay?
  14. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/ps5-playstation-5-xbox-scalpers-resellers-bots-new-legislation/
  15. Guessing Supes got invited to the screening tomorrow lol
  16. It's an event celebrating Kingdom Hearts through celebrating fans' various ways of expressing their love for it in forms of videos, music, artwork, writing, cosplaying, and more. Or so I understand it.
  17. All I'm saying is there's only one woman Terra has grown flustered in front of and gentlemanly towards and that woman ain't Aqua
  18. Tips for weather the upcoming Winter: https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/winter-weather-life-hacks https://weather.com/safety/video/what-to-do-and-not-do-to-your-car-in-winter https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/how-to-adapt-to-cold-weather-quicker https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/6-tips-to-keep-your-hands-soft-this-winter https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/tips-for-lowering-your-heating-bill-this-winter https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/how-to-prevent-pipes-from-freezing-and-cracking https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/tips-for-staying-warm-when-its-dangerously-cold-outside https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/how-to-stay-safe-during-an-ice-storm https://weather.com/safety/winter/video/what-to-do-if-your-car-breaks-down-in-a-snowstorm A look at December's celestial events to come: https://weather.com/science/space/video/dont-miss-decembers-best-celestial-events A look at December's celestial events to come: https://weather.com/science/space/video/dont-miss-decembers-best-celestial-events
  19. Man The Flash: Armageddon so far is actually really good Part 3 was great
  20. not really it exists but im not fawning over it dont bet on it lol Daddy Didney would never
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