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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

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  1. Past hour
  2. not only did she get final and secret episodes to herself, but she also got 0.2 lol and was practically the driving force for the story progression without her, no memory loss xehanort, no cattle oblivion, etcetc
  3. A side game that was a glorified KH3 demo, but valid point
  4. everyone was expecting ven bc "muhhh sora equivalent" but I'm glad it was aqua
  5. Aqua is literally the only master lol Why would it not be her She had her own freaking side game
  6. Lol, I just know because I rarely pull and she's one of the ones I got from my pulls
  7. i forgot to take a picture but this morning i did a ticket pull and got her actually little did i know
  8. Anyone already heard Last Christmas somewhere?
  9. yeah was expecting ven to be the leader of them glad they chose aqua
  10. Today
  11. Just for that, you'll probably get her in your next pull.
  12. Just a few more days left, Sunday gonna be hype
  13. I hope an invite lobby and customizable teams come to the game some day
  14. Yesterday
  15. That is what I think most fans were conditioned to think
  16. ven is the youngest and least experienced wielder in that group
  17. I think people might be expecting ven since sora and roxas are two of the other leaders
  18. she is the only keyblade master in the group and the character with more play time since she is the only playable character in BBS final and secret episodes
  19. I like how people are consistently surprised Aqua is the leader of Team BBS. Who else would it be haha
  20. Thanks, pal. I'm glad you like my idea. "King in Black" has just started, and I can assure, this is going to be one of the most dramatic arcs we have ever seen in Marvel Comics. Norse Mythology is already being used in "Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road", so I don't think so. Thor and Asgard could likely be a "world" (level) for Sora's team in Marvel, surely the equivalent to Hercules and Olympus/Olympus' Colisseum.
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