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  2. As an actual fighter feels unrealistic so a mii would be okay
  3. gacha game do gacha thing wow
  4. *yo dawg, we have a very special surprise for the last character: it's gonna be a character NEVER SEEN BEFORE in Smash!!! A type of characters never SEEN before!!! A character from FIRE EMBLEM"
  5. But what was the event so badly receveid?
  6. Today
  7. somebody has yet to learn the value of patience. something i learned from kh2
  8. im praying god arceus to have sora as the last fighter every night before bed im like this https://tenor.com/view/praise-bowdown-gif-3518463 https://tenor.com/view/praise-bowdown-gif-3518463 1% probability 99% faith
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Z7STY1P6Y Honestly, seeing this little woman so into her games makes me quite happy
  10. The fanbase became hella toxic since Jodie's tenure And since Davies return as showrunner in 2023 you've seen articles such as "Can he save the disaster" and blablabla A website made an article "How to save Series 12" and they said what should have been done to the scripts to be good People can't appreciate things nowadays 😦 (yes, I'm the one saying that)
  11. Having to fully pay attention to the story, I realized it's actually set up pretty well and the pacing isn't bad. Foreshadowing and build up was really good. New appreciation for the game now lol
  12. I tried submitting something positive on the aforementioned Doctor Who site, saying maybe those dislikers should not judge the series because it's not like THEY would do it, but as it is, trying to be more positive Never got published 🥲
  13. Thanks for being a good part of the fandoms 🥺
  14. I ended up having to stop this article at the second visit to traverse, right before you go to the next set of worlds. This is like the only fandom I actively participate in tbh. I feel you on all that toxic stuff
  15. I miss positive things on fandoms. Like, a Doctor Who fansite is just so toxic, it makes me disgusted of being a Whovian at times
  16. I submitted my article last night!! Or like this morning lol But in total it came out to 10k words like I thought lol. But it's being split into 2 parts I also had to take out my Simple and Clean opening analysis but I can publish that on my own WordPress I have an unpaid internship with an online article site. They talk about anything fandom/nerd related and as writers we can basically write about whatever we want Thanks!
  17. What do you make? Funny way to say disappointment 😂😂😂 Touché I love you, babe
  18. It won't haha That's gonna be the name And it's fine
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