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  2. yo what are we talking about
  3. it might honestly be legit impossible on a first nightmare playthrough
  4. Not making any promises, but maybe it would be interesting to stream my encounter with them
  5. I think it started with a V?
  6. Firaga13

    General Chat

    Ooh it’s past 4am
  7. shit i forgot, lemme check
  8. By the way, what was the name of that one boss you're supposed to lose against?
  9. though with your pace, you probably should take a break after sky 1
  10. the ending i think will get you invested in playing the later games though
  11. all i remember from that game ending is
  12. but the middle of it is a lot of exposition and wandering
  13. i know the beginning and end of sky 1 really well
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