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  2. Dammit DaZ I told you this looked like it was recorded on a phone 😭
  3. ha it's the first thing in the video also, most text changes seem to just be localization fixes to better match japanese
  4. probably to not use the default player for everyone
  5. They changed the beginning/ending flashbacks so that they are in first-person view from player's perspective
  6. stop putting words in my mouth bro where are you even getting this l can't have a proper conversation with you cuz you keep projecting others onto me annnyways l'II just pop some actuaI great animation and be done for the day
  7. Next you'll come out and say that Klonoa 3 should never happen =/
  8. you can see his face cIearIy bro what
  9. It's kind of blurry so I'm not going to judge it just off of that
  10. .....my guy do you reaIIy think this Iooks good
  11. We get it. You want the platforming genre to die entirely
  12. it Iooks Iike ass. the cutscene quaIity fIip-fIops from "good" to "forces" from cut to cut it's so weird
  13. We get it. You want the franchise to burn to the ground
  14. ssssooo frontiers opening cutscene Ieak, l'm onIy showing images of taiIs we go from taiIs using his eyebrows to frown to curving his eyeIids to frown and then to..... this bizzare face
  15. Today
  16. I'm glad to hear, and happy birthday! I hope you enjoy the book 😁
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