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  3. What kind of question is that? he can't voice himself because he's a fictional character There are voice actors for a reason
  4. Why couldn't he voice himself?
  5. Hooray(?) This is after 10 traits btw
  6. Why would Mickey voice himself? His voice actors is voicing him Also good Morning
  7. Wait, you mean Mickey isn't voicing himself?
  8. That’s a cool mount, where do you get it? I mean Séafra
  9. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    when the soviet dwarves get too strong
  10. Unfortunately we haven’t received details on the physical version being available in regions outside Japan, we’ll update if that changes. The digital release will be available globally on November 11th though.
  11. Those are great! I have seen them. I don't have Netflix now, maybe you can recommend more of those which are on other platforms?
  12. My fav doggo Killed her nearly 130 times when she was relevant to get that mount
  13. nice i'd work on that, but 50k for the month is the more pressing issue
  14. Dude also did that "render" of Roxas, Xion and Lea that was amazing
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