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  2. ienzo628

    Uncommon Opinion: Agrabah

    From the prospect of UX, all it was just a rehashing of the movie.
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  4. Please don't waste your jewels on the fairy banner. It was bad enough when they allowed you to pay actual money for tickets, and now it's just about as bad. Like, just stop, guys. Guaranteed tier 8 fairy or no, this is just bad. (If you really, really need just 1 more T8 fairy, it might be worth it. Otherwise, I'd recommend passing on this.)
  5. Nomura just can't disappoint me with his art!
  6. Plus she mayd be able to use a keyblade still
  7. The show is on my birthday! It will be a bonus if we get a kingdom hearts 3 trailer there.
  8. ocean's rage

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    ideally the five dlc characters would be from nintendo's five most successful franchises or from from five series without a character
  9. Kh3 sounds surprisingly good in Japanese. Hope there is a setting that lets you change the spoken language

  10. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    Ill post yomorrow, sorry for being late
  11. For VIP purchasers this week, VIP offers: four Terra-Xehanort B medals, one corresponding Trait Medal #56, and a bonus 1400 Jewels; a Gold Ticket (to be distributed November 26th at 1:00 PT), seven Brooms, seven Mirrors, and six gems (two of each P/S/M type). Medal Attribute Guilt Tier Target SP Cost Special Attack Max Multiplier (at max Guilt) Terra-Xehanort B Reversed/Power 8 Single 0 for 1 attack: atk & R atk & P atk +7, enemy def & R def & P def -7; stronger against standalone targets, +10 enemy counter. x10.30 ~ 14.26 This time, the Raid Event runs until November 30th at 23:59 PT. Defeat the Assault Dragon raid boss for rewards such as the Dancing Mushroom Ornament spirit part, Broom, Mirror, Chip, and Dale medals! The raid boss is available every day for the duration of this event period. Bonus Times, in which LUX acquisition is increased and raid level increases by two upon defeat, are at: Pacific Time UTC 2:00 AM to 2:59 AM 10:00 to 10:59 8:00 AM to 8:59 AM 16:00 to 16:59 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM 22:00 to 22:59 8:00 PM to 8:59 PM 4:00 to 4:59 Use this raid event to boost your Solo and Party rankings for the week! Party rankings this time offer the Chernabog Wings avatar part (+10 Raid Boss Perk). Lastly, until November 22nd at 23:59 PT, the Blue Fairy Deal is open. Each pull costs 1500 Jewels and guarantees five Tier 5 or higher Blue Fairy Evolve Medals, one of which is guaranteed to be a Tier 8 evolve medal. Note that this deal can only be pulled from up to five times a day. Images from this update can be viewed below. How are you getting ready for the upcoming holidays?
  12. Interesting theory. I always kinda expected Xion (or a version of her) was going to be a seeker of darkness or whatever. It makes a lot of sense (at least with KH logic) cause they already consider her just a puppet.
  13. Why you testing me so early in the morning Idk the answer so I put an educated guess XD
  14. Scrapmaster

    The Haven (RP)

    - Henry - Elemental Shenanigans - On the boat to the village - "Alright then!" Henry spoke, smiling and sounding rather excited to try out his magic on Ceres, Pang quickly overcharged Henry with magic, an action that surprised him as he had never seen such a type of magic before, pure superchaging of magic? any magic? it was incredible! even if it was for just one spell. "Heat used to be a problem for me, until I bonded with Salamander, wheather stopped having a toll on me after I bonded with them all." Henry began to give a bit of insight on how his body handled the current weather, small talk really. "Well, we are the spirits of the elements, its only natural." Said Salamander, folding her arms. As Henry shrugged, "Guess so" was all he said before walking over a bit closer to Ceres. "well considering I don't feel like I can transfer this magic boost you gave me, Pang, to Sylph...I might have to show a bit..." Henry began to speak. As he looked in the direction of Sylph, who was floating around giddily alongside Lukkel. "Hey Sylph, get over here real quick." Henry spoke, extending his arm and raising it high, holding out his hand open as Sylph excitedly flew towards him. "Alrighty! Wiiiiiiiiiiiind boooooooost~" Sylph exclaimed excitedly as she high fived Henry's hand with her...miniature ones, she was the size of a fairy after all. The moment their hands collided, everyone could feel wind energy rising up in the surroundings, before surrounding Henry as his eyes began to change color, alongside the normaly red parts of his tunic and clothes, changing to a bright green color to conceptualize wind magic. As the element of wind empowered Henry's body, a small burst of magic energy was released around him, signalizing the change. To anyone with aura reading capabilities, they'd notice that Henry's aura, which was null, meaning it could not be felt because he had no element activated, would be able to be felt as pure wind. A small faint wind aura spiralled around Henry as he looked at his hands, snapping some fingers. "Gotta say, I'l never get tired of this." Henry commented. "Anyway." he finished as he snapped his fingers. As an orb of spiraling wind formed around Ceres, shooting a steady, cool and relaxing breeze all around her, to keep the paladin up and alive from the heat. "That should do it. Thanks Sylph." He thanked Sylph as his aura went back to normal and the power dissipated. His clothes returned to their normals colors and all. "Any time! wheeeee!" Sylph replied back as she began to fly around again. - Hektor - The Time Lord - Herb connoseuring - "Thank you all, Hogarth, Rhiannon." Hektor spoke in a characteristic politeness befitting of a gentleman Hogart and Rhiannon began to explain the mission and its details for him. Hektor analyzed all the information the others compiled for him. The plants and herbs were explained to him in detail, and pictures were even given, as everyone else began to act on their own volitions, the four armed ally of theirs spoke to him. As did Hoggarth, "I shall do as you ask, sir." Hektor spoke politely. "I shall assist you in your herbalist endeavours Sir Reksis, afterwards I shall split up and assist Miss Rhiannon in her whitenectar endeavours as well!" Hektor proposed. Keeping a picture of each of the plants that Hogarth had provided for reference. "So, Herr Reksis. Where do you originiate from?" Hektor asked Reksis along the way, trying to start up small talk between them.
  15. GroovingOnUp

    Uncommon Opinion: Agrabah

    Personally, I just can't get myself interested in the thought of this world returning. Khux not only burnt me out but took the luster of meeting the sultan and visiting the palace for the first time. Oddly enough, they thought it was a good idea to introduce these two aspects in a mobile game..:/ So at this point there's really nothing to they could that make it feel really fresh like with with Olympus and Port Royal.
  16. Perkilator

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Hey guys. If Celica, hypothetically, was in SSB Ultimate as a semi-clone of Robin, what would it be like if (again, hypothetically), Mae were her Echo Fighter? As in, what would Mae’s moveset be like, Final Smash and all, and how same and/or different from Celica’s? And I know Mae doesn’t have a sword unless she becomes a Priestess, so nobody remind me.
  17. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Wow, I had no idea there was an abandoned Dumbo sequel. Interesting because Tim Burton is currently making a live-action remake which actually looks pretty damn good.
  18. Wondernyannn

    Uncommon Opinion: Agrabah

    I wouldn't be opposed to agrabah at all. Im so used to it that honestly it would be fun seeing Aladdin and everyone again.. though i wonder if Nomura has gotten tired of it? Tbh i still feel theres tons of disney worlds they have yet to announce.. maybe agrabah will be in it! Its a classic for kingdom hearts at this point.
  19. American television broadcasting company, CBS, will be airing its first ever Gamers' Choice Awards! Kingdom Hearts III has been nominated for Most Anticipated Game. The show will air on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 from 5PM - 6PM EST on CBS. Vote for your favorite streamers and games here! Thankyou to @Chasm for the scoop! View full article
  20. American television broadcasting company, CBS, will be airing its first ever Gamers' Choice Awards! Kingdom Hearts III has been nominated for Most Anticipated Game. The show will air on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 from 5PM - 6PM EST on CBS. Vote for your favorite streamers and games here! Thankyou to @Chasm for the scoop!
  21. xionskeyblade

    CBS Gamers Choice Awards

  22. KHLegendIII

    Kingdom Hearts: Life As A Heartless!

    It looks like Bob is having an identity crisis due to the dream he had.
  23. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    Thanks for being so understanding, guys, and I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you both in terms of the RP. : ) Ah, writer's block is no fun. Perhaps Aqua can respond to this attack from Nergodin, giving you the chance to implement your rolls?
  24. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    Yevgeni Malachite A frown furrowed Yev's brow. "Indeed, though I did not notice any form of an incantation either," he said in agreement to Rabiyu, his eyes never leaving the human king. "Your Highness, while you indeed have your qualms with me, now is not the time to settle them. Should we succeed in stopping Nergodin we will have plenty of time to sort out or differences, else we all will fall within this hour and there will be nothing left to trifle. Neither of us want that." Before Alderon could respond Nergodin arrived at the scene, slashing at Rabiyu faster than either the elf or human could react. It left Rabiyu on her knees, to which Yevgeni couldn't help making a motion toward. "Eli!" he called out, kneeling on one knee before the fellow elf and looking her over. "Stay here. It shall be my turn to take up arms with this god. Yevgeni didn't stand around long enough to find out whether Rabiyu would have something to say about this otherwise, as the blond charged up toward Nergodin's back and brought two fingers to the edge of his blade, whilst muttering an incantation. Four rays of light surrounded the elf, before scattering about to surround Nergodin. They would expand out in an X-formation around him, searing whatever they touched. Elia Cabret So much chaos. So much blood. And death. Elia's eyes widened as she saw Henry rise, though it seemed that the human woman, Everyth, had been laid to rest. The fairy felt happy to see that Henry was well again, but should she feel such when everything was going wrong? Guilt tore at her chest, though she pressed against it as she considered her next move. It seemed that Eclaire was planning something big, though required time to cast it. "Here, let me help!" The small girl swept over to Eclaire, holding her palms out before the cat girl. An amber aura extended from her palms and surrounded Eclaire, hastening her moves and, hopefully, allow her to prepare her great spell even faster–unless her haste spell was somehow intercepted or interrupted by Nergodin. Alderon Niles The king felt dazed and confused. He watched Yevgeni's aura as the elf spoke to him, though neither said or did anything to prevent him from retreating into the thick of the battle. His words made sense, and yet . . . . They angered him. I am not in my right mind, Alderon tried telling himself, fighting his urge to charge Yevgeni again or prevent Mariel from striking Nergodin. He felt oddly inclined to protect Nergodin, though his ideals were perhaps the exact opposite of his own. Watching the scene, however, Alderon felt his mind go numb, unable to tolerate standing idly by. Alderon charged forth, extending his claymore as a shield before swinging it horizontally in a wide radius before the ex-guardian angel.
  25. ienzo628

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Yeah, it's not fair that so many other properties are losing out and interestingly enough Dumbo 2 was made but because of delays and Lassenter becoming the new CEO, the sequel was abandoned.
  26. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Yeah and The Lion King is my favorite Disney film but from what I've gathered so far, I'm not impressed by the remake.
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