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  3. i want to see all of then. i want to see the rescuers and the aristocats. robin hood in my honorable mention
  4. I got Merlin and a Key Art in the Jewel Pull heck yeah
  5. Wow, I'm surprised merlin is that cheep
  6. the 3 new ones 33.3% each but they also have good drop rate outside of that, with other recent cards like jafar/monstro/etc. i think it's a really good banner in comparison to what we got before the jewels banner has same guaranteed drop but worse normal drop rates also
  7. when it said "new card guaranteed" does it mean out of those 3 new ones or any card you down own
  8. i think i forgot to ss another pull but i got merlin in one too lol
  9. the banner seems to have good drop rate for the new cards, got 3 merlins, 2 pete and a yuna in 2 pulls atleast the ticket one
  10. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    Well then that just begs the question of whether they were truly happy in the first place
  11. Then they slowly zoom in on one of the two faces
  12. terrible 2nd ticket pull, Marluxia can help in tomorrow's pvp if you don't have iZexion
  13. Oh snap! Thank you for responding 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  14. If there're DLCs I expect this cover to be in it And by expect, I mean I demand
  15. I've been thinking about a KH Musuo game since the original Hyrule Warriors launch. I've practically been begging for it for nearly 7 years and I'm so glad to finally see people jumping on this boat after Age of Calamity came out.
  16. Yes There's a separate banner in the shop for VIPs
  17. If you get VIP, is she  guaranteed?
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