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  2. You didn't mention the worst offender, Skyrim.
  3. list of games that we have too many of: persona 5 gta 5 mario kart 8 (more like they just keep it alive instead of moving onto 9) feel free to add to the list! 😉
  4. Could be at SummerGameFest or Xbox showcase is my bets for now. Gotta be soon if its already getting domains.
  5. I can't wait for Atlus to not deliver again
  6. YW https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/485204327800242177/1114543217900261376/video_20230603_081221_0.mp4
  7. Six new state parks to open in Texas in the next twelve to fifteen years: https://weather.com/travel/video/texas-to-open-six-new-state-parks
  8. Yesterday
  9. In a way it's almost better this way cause, it prevents KH from feeling oversaturated There's just enough content to keep us engaged but not so much it feels like too much. No MCU shit lol
  10. Very true. I’m not sure how well this information trickle every few years will work for KH in this new decade… even UX was painfully drawn out. Hopefully missing link will be a small part in helping remedy that a little bit.
  11. @Limen is so downbad for ML 😂
  12. That’s the writing’s fault; not the format I’m just saying, KH should be leading the charge in taking advantage of our modernized medium. Video games learned a lot from film; now it’s time I think they take a tip from TV. Short form serialized content keeps the audience engaged better and longer
  13. Well- an important one anyway lol Once Lauriam showed up, people started really paying attention.
  14. I actually think KH would benefit a lot from an episodic release format We wouldn’t have the massive drought of content we always do after a big release UX showed it works. People always got hyped around a story update.
  15. But yeah- that's why I wish KH would do more 0.2's instead if Mobile games Every year or whatever, they drop a chunky,quote 4-8 hour DLC, and they can flesh folks out and experiment like with the spin offs. I would shell out so much cash for a Kingdom Hearts season pass lol you don't even know.
  16. Well they're all Disney characters don't ya know 😏
  17. Probably because the saga actually concluded and nearly every character got closure. KH is basically free to do whatever it wants now, and in my opinion, KH is at its highest when it does whatever it wants. Within reason, of course. I still want the focus to remain primarily on Sora, if only for the fact that I think he represents the spirit of the series best. Sora basically is a Disney character; he’s just more relatable and down to earth compared to someone like Mickey. If there’s anything I want KH to focus on more, it’s building the relationships between the characters. And I don’t just mean it in terms of plot, I want to see it in gameplay too. Give us side stories, give us side quests, give us a good reason to visit worlds other than minigames and collectibles.
  18. idk but i think im missing a link here
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