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  2. Oh kh13.com….. it’s been a long while…. I used to frequent these forums and discuss a bunch of crazy theories and chat with some equally crazy people. One thing I regret is I never kept in contact with anyone. But I’ll tell you one thing, I called that Marluxia and Larxene were a thing (sort of) before they were nobodies.
  3. Oh wow guys look at the difference- Sonic looks d e t e r m i n e d 😂
  4. Today
  5. From the information that has been leaked/shown. Does anyone know what map data they are utilizing? I assuming since Square also has DQ Walk it's whatever that app is using, however with this being global I wonder if they are relying on openstreetmaps or some other type of API?
  6. there’s more good sonic fan renders than there are officiaI ones officiaI fan I’m in never ending pain even typing sonic renders on googIe in incognito shows far more fan-renders than officiaI ones, out of 20, onIy 5 were officiaI renders 2 of them being above right there most sonic videos onIine use fan-renders too what, are they gonna use this shit “weII gosh sonic I didn’t know that! 😦” either that or sonic heroes taiIs faIIing sound effect
  7. https://medal.tv/clips/Ssv5wBZbQLcaU/vpVhw2xGZ?invite=cr-MSxMUkcsMTY2NzA5MTQ5LA Was doing a Trio VoW and this happened, like wtf
  8. I can't say which I love more. Cause they're too brilliant
  9. Good Sonic fan art does exist It's just that most of the good looking stuff is people trying to tell me Super Sonic can body Goku.
  10. man, i gotta get one of those coats: i'll have an ideal body shape in no time!
  11. you mean nendoroids cause as far as i recall theres no funko of him nvm i stand corrected theres two axel funko pops i just checked
  12. Which is a major miss opportunity And remember those Nendoroids? They did Roxas and Axel, no Xion, and it's such a major criminal
  13. actually nevermind I was gonna say it, but it just sounds stupid
  14. What if Sora is a....
  15. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Little do you suspect you’ve committed the most egregious sin of all: shitty Sonic fan art
  16. Why doesn't Queen Minnie have a Pop?
  17. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    That would be just stupid enough for me to buy it
  18. That- ... ok that'd at least be unexpected
  19. one more he pulls back his hood and gains 2000 pounds and hes revealed to be alternate universe pete Big Bad Pete
  20. I hope you’re happy you eviI-doer
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