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  1. 💀 I forgot pocket edition was a thing Isn't it like semi decent?
  2. Low key if they redid it to where the world was bit more segmented or linear, I could see some potential
  3. It felt open world for the sake of being open world
  4. Man, I didn't like 15, it honestly felt too open
  5. I mean yeah, it's called crawling through a small crack in the wall
  6. I mean what would you want them to do? Just Make a whole city in a game that consists of 3 hours of the original
  7. I mean wasnt most of midgar in the og just a bunch of hallways and rooms?
  8. That's gonna be hype as firetruck, we'll get a new weapon and new exotic
  9. Yeah that's fair Hopfully we get something in 4 or beyond
  10. It's really cool seeing all of the character mods for kh3 and now they play Also there's a mod that lets you play as kairi in the whole game and it's pretty sick
  11. Crazy enough to see the connections
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