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  1. Technically he does in the roxas fight in kh2 when he steals roxas' keyblades
  2. Cissnei is the GOAT tbh Also i'm speeding through FF7R, already on chapter 8, hopfully I'll be able to knock out the whole game by the weekend so I can start rebirth on monday
  3. yeah I played the demo and enjoyed it a lot I think I'm just gonna wait until the dlc is out and pick up the GOTY or definitive edition or whatever they decide to do to play it
  4. Yeah, the rising tide I think is gonna come out soon? I don't know if it'll be before or after Dawntrail
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GODDAMN IT AAAAAAGGGGGGGG I really like it personally, I think it flows way better than the movie I will agree that it does take the cast an episode or two to get in the groove but once they do, I think the acting is very strong but that might be a bit bias
  6. Gotcha Man, I am actually excited for the march update ngl
  7. Nice, have you heard anything else that came out of that podcast
  8. It was Was this from the mercules podcast that happened yesterday?
  9. Dude tearing apart sancified mind with 12 players was an experience I wish I could relive again
  10. Well there was that 12 man raid glitch that happened a while back so it seems like an activity could handle 12 players on one team
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