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  1. Welp, I went down the abandoned teaser rabbit hole
  2. This has low-key gotten out of control
  3. I think it's more like light and darkness existing but don't hold the same level of power there as it does here. Similar to what we perceive as light and dark. It's a thing but not an almighty thing
  4. I've just lost track as to where it started and where they are now args are super cool, I just get lost when i don't catch on from the start
  5. what on earth is going on
  6. Ah yeah, forgot about that
  7. I think that's pretty much the last thing on WiiU that's left to port
  8. Yeah it's certainly surprising that's for sure
  9. Hyrule warriors is already on switch
  10. I mean WW and TP were already remastered on wiiU, it's just a matter of porting them to switch
  11. I mean look at a bunch of the old cod games on steam, they are still 60 bucks Companies are greedy
  12. And you only get the titles you earned while the game was online, but all male and female accessories are unlocked Lmao, you need an internet connection to open the offline mode
  13. Btw, there is no way to see your medal collection. Screenshot that if you wanna keep it
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