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  1. Well the one I did took me to the badlands with the giant dragon dude And I'm pretty sure that isn't the one
  2. I thought it was the one that takes you to the realm of darkness
  3. Gotcha Isn't the best place to farm in the battle gate in the badlands
  4. can I take a dlc save file back to the main game or am I locked in the dlc?
  5. cool also anyword from your leader?
  6. Well at the beginning when I'm only doing 1 damage should be fine right?
  7. gotcha should I use her nova or not?
  8. ah gotcha ok, so I'm dealing damage now, but I don't have enough revives to get all the way through.
  9. should I be doing novas then specials or specials then novas?
  10. Ok I did, but it took me two rounds of novas
  11. Alright friend slot i've been using aqua for renova, keep or find a different one?
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