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  1. We have another DDD enjoyer in chat, another win in my book I think it represents their connection to one another but it could be up for interpretation
  2. I firetrucking love that picture
  3. oh, I only saw the top selection, my bad
  4. Na, we just have designated channels for kingdom hearts stuff to keep the other channels less full You're not in trouble, just letting you know
  5. That's a sick collection, though I would appreciate it if you kept Kh stuff to
  6. Sorry to hear that, that seems like a question. I don't know much about the website
  7. It feels like the game is being held together by duct tape
  8. Likewise, granted I haven't been using it as frequently as others but throughout my playsession of Ragnarok and a couple of other things, no issues
  9. Yeah you just have to determine what you deem to be important to your beliefs and stick with them
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