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Firstly, if you're new, welcome to KH13. If you're old, well, thanks for sticking with us! Now, as a community, it's necessary to have some rules. However, our rules are quite simple and relaxed, so we just ask that you read over them and keep them in mind.

General rules for the community

  • 1. You only have one account.
    • This means you do not make duplicate accounts. Even if it's just a prank, don't do it. Any unexplained alternate accounts will be banned.
  • 2. Be a kind member.
    • This means don't argue with other members. You can have different opinions, but make sure to argue them objectively and avoid any personal attacks. Don't harass other members. Don't imitate other members, including using their likeness as part of your avatar or signature. Just generally be a nice person.
  • 3. Use the report button.
    • Underneath every post and on every profile page there is a report button. If a member is harassing you, report the member. If a thread is repeated, or in the wrong section, report the thread. If someone double posted, spammed, or made an off-topic post, report the post(s). Also, if you're reporting a repeated thread, check to make sure the original thread isn't too old. If it's older than a few months, let the 'repeated' thread be. As for why we have the report button, it's because as you can see, there are only 7 members that look after reports (the 2 admins and 5 mods). That's 7 people versus thousands of members and thousands of threads. Sometimes neither of the mods or admins are on to take care of them (or can't be looking at kh13 24/7 because they have other more important things to do). The report button helps take a little load of their backs by having a list of things to be taken care of instead of constantly searching every thread and post for an error.
  • 4. No advertising via chat system.
    • Don't go around posting links to your stories or videos or threads to other people unless they specifically ask they want to see your thread or story or video or whatever.
  • 5. If you have a story or a video, you can advertise it scarcely through statuses.
    • If we see you advertising it constantly we will talk to you about it and ask you to stop.
  • 6. Don't disrespect the staff members.
    • They see all.


Posting rules

  • 1. No Spamming.
    • No posts without real substance.
  • 2. No double posting.
    • Basically don't post twice (or multiple times) in a row. If you forgot to add something to your post, there is an edit button located underneath your post. If you want to quote multiple people, there is a multiquote button.
  • 3. Keep posts on-topic.
    • Basically, don't go off on another topic in the middle of the thread.
  • 4. Search for threads before making a new one.
    • This is to avoid having repeated threads. If the original thread is over a couple of months old, feel free to make a new thread on the same topic. Unless the thread is still on the first few pages of the section of the forum (this mainly applies to the Members Information section).
  • 5. No junior modding.
    • This is when a regular member does the job of the moderator. Whether it be telling a person their thread is in the wrong section, or if the thread is repeated, or some other occurrence, it's not allowed. While you may have good intentions, just use the report button and let the mods handle it.
  • 6. Use the report button.
    • I can't stress this enough. Use it.
  • 7. If a thread contains spoilers please put “Spoilers for (insert game/movie/book/whatever title here)â€
    • Also put spoilers in a spoiler tag using the


What's not allowed

  • 1. Talk of piracy.
  • 2. Threads like "Which online community is best?" "Which member is the best?" "Which pairing is the best?"
    • They start wars and we'd prefer to keep wars out of the forum.
  • 3. Threads bashing/insulting other members (this goes for statuses and on chats too).
  • 4. Anything that is determined by a staff member to have significant "shock value".


What happens if you break a rule?
If you break any of the rules above, a mod or admin will raise your warning level. Along with that will be a pm explaining what rule you broke and how to avoid breaking it next time.

If you argue with the mod or admin for why you were banned, and being completely ridiculous about it, you may be banned for a few hours to a day. This is just to let you cool down and let the information sink in.

If you're being a constant pain to other members via chat, you will be banned from chat.

It you're constantly breaking rules, you will be banned from the site.


A note about submitting fan-made content to our galleries

Please note that any media uploaded to our user gallery may be later featured on the website and on our associated social media channels. Ownership of the image is still your own, and you are welcome to request that your material is removed from the website and our channels at any time.

Also, please do not upload material that is not your own work without permission. If you have received permission to upload someone else's work or the content creator has given permission to everyone to do this through word or licensing, please still be respectful and acknowledge the original creator in the image's description.