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  2. you guys don't ever bother involving me, and still won't involve me when i want to be and then question me
  3. you won't believe how devastated my dad was over pubg lite blud was on the maximum level and spent so many hours on that game
  4. that's because no one gives a firetruck about me
  5. Today
  6. do we have a picture of this new Freya character
  7. oh boy oh yeah they both have white hair too lol
  8. https://vxtwitter.com/Noir_Lilbomber/status/1729786812732768633?t=sEg0TihoqnFWTTiBx5O2bw&s=19
  9. Also, AMAZING GAME. Still in beta but wow
  10. I'm also wondering about the pedometer because i have a watch that tracks my steps so i don't always have my phone on me
  11. GUYS GUYS Do you think the pedometer would still work if i put my phone in my backpack Cuz my powerbank cord is short
  12. Welp there we go Button layout was important since circle should be jump lol
  13. People spend so many hours on these games and then they end services.
  14. and then if you didn't have controller you could still fully customize the opacity, positions, and even toggle on and off what you want
  15. https://vxtwitter.com/therandtom/status/1729778990825587009?t=DnIpAOuzqj8YHVE9cKafhQ&s=19
  16. in first soldier you could turn everything off besides your gear bar at the bottom and it was basically a console game, it was great
  17. I always disliked that in mobile games that support controller
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