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  2. Okay im 190 watermelons away In all seriousness if this is the future of dark road
  3. Yesterday
  4. i would take those action rpg ones remasteres
  5. Those guys that are making that fairy tail game I think a fma game from them would be cool
  6. what we need is more fma games
  7. X Gon' Give it To Ya Kupo coins won't save u
  8. oh yeah I just remembered something with mirai nikki that kind of iffed me There's this psp game that seems to have it's own new story and new character(s) But it's never been translated or adapted https://s.pacn.ws/1500/bw/pa.214335.2.jpg?o3kwbt
  9. incomprehensible Donald yelling Sora: well gee wonder what's wrong
  10. Tbh the fanart is cool albeit a little werid to think about Imagine infected dolan
  11. Hi I'd like to introduce you guys to the cursed idea of a resident evil 2-kingdom hearts crossover
  12. I should keep that in mind If I decide to revisit it
  13. So much cut ff content in this series :despair:
  14. og hardest sector with bug data roxas works fine for a post game challenge
  15. Yeah it's official It takes place a few years after the original series It's a self contained story
  16. I wish I had heard of this sooner oof Though actually idk If I care about 100%-ing recoded
  17. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1006371
  18. ik theres a fanmade manga of Light livng to an old age but this is offical?
  19. I heard there was salt over the ending
  20. A good read until the ending
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