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  2. "Violent" how exactly? Did you have to kill giant flan monsters?
  3. After rewatching the cutscene that introduced Yozora to Sora, I kinda got hit with a epiphany, though again, this is just a theory, A GA- (yeah right) So Sora has been messing up Worlds, in his naivety of being a tool for the Organization and his constant failings over the years, done enough to mess up Parallel Universes(Worlds). Yozora is a someone from one of those Parallel Worlds, and his mission is to defeat Sora, although from having gone through the lanes between Worlds himself to find Sora, his one memories and possibly his heart has been effected as well, giving him his uncertainty about who Sora exactly is. Please let me know your thoughts! Again this is just a guess really
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  5. I don't really care for FPS games but some variety is nice Hopefully it's interesting enough to pique my interest
  6. would need to be very new/innovative to make players leave the big ones maybe they will keep the rpg side like destiny, make a better Anthem or something
  7. To be fair, that one had some rough stuff in it
  8. i just look at outriders to gauge how a new fps would be received
  9. With Sony seeming to help with this, it might be their exclusive FPS game Which they haven't had in a while
  10. so another fps with a gimmick ? the market is already saturated not sure it's a good idea
  11. https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/olympics-sponsor-virtual-sports-with-olympic-virtual-series
  12. almost 4 years since announcement
  13. really neat actually
  14. I am guessing that's for PC?
  15. I'd be glad to see it if you have it on hand! like i said I've only seen max scores from solo songs and all Excellents in coop, not max coop
  16. Confirmed arcs for Season 5
  17. pretty sure someone made it even in the demo i think i saw one in yt
  18. shrug no one's posted one if they have lol i don't really care if it's the first or not, i just haven't seen one posted anywhere
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