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  1. I was literally screaming LMFAO My favorite teams are Spain and Japan, so it was a struggle for me to choose who to cheer for before the match started So glad Japan won THE UNDERDOGS ARE RISING UP BABY Sucks about Costa Rica and Germany tho
  2. I....Why is Transformers still going??
  3. 👀 Wait is it being streamed? Dumb question I know but-
  4. Bro this man loves animation Thank God the other dude left
  5. And this whole time I was upset with Disney 💀 My bad, Disney shakes hands with the execs
  6. The amount of people that actually love Oswald is quite high, which is surprising considering how long we haven't seen him
  7. They could have done his own game or even a short show, like short episodes
  8. They should have tried a bit harder lmfao they have creative minds
  9. They finally remembered him
  10. :PES_Heart: Such a cute video So glad Disney did that LOL
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