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  1. I still haven't played Dark Road, and I really need to.

    Considering I've likely as not been removed from my union for not playing UX for about a month (Thanks, life!)... 

  2. Oh, crap, Dark Road launched?! 

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Yep. I think it launched like a few days ago.

    2. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      I miss all the good news, apparently.

      A TWEWY anime, too!

      I live under a rock, don't I...?

  3. I hate to say this, but the latest KH manga chapters look off to me. The art doesn't feel like it's got the same passion in it. 

  4. Sadly won't be able to buy it release day, but when I can get it, it's the Switch for me. The more handheld KH games the merrier
  5. I have given into the Animal Crossing hype, and I have no regrets

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Don't have a Nintendo Switch or a DS anymore, but I don't blame you. Animal Crossing has always been a very addicting game. It's just so calm and wholesome.

    2. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      Very wholesome, very calm.

      Until the wasps are chasing you 😨 Still annoying as all get out

  6. I’ve got a message for your DMs

    1. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      That could be good or bad

  7. Doing housework, with a grade system for how many motes of dust you get. The twist is it becomes a sniper game for no reason what so ever in the final level
  8. Is it just me, or does anyone wish they'd spruce Days and Coded up a little (At least a little less pixelation on text cutscenes....) and do a Switch port?
    Am I alone here? 😨

  9. Anyone ever read those Kilala Princess mangas? I got one as a present from a friend, and it's both awful, amazing, and the worst KH fanfic ever all at once. I kinda love it. 

  10. I still need to buy the other two volumes of this one. I'd like to have them for the set, but they were too short for me to consider buying them until the whole thing was out.
  11. Stay safe in these messy times, everyone: Things are out of control, and the best thing anyone can do is keep a good head and stay as safe as possible

  12. I'm not dead! Just very busy.

    I did manage to read the UX novel, and it was interesting, but the writing took getting used to. I noticed the KH3 novel is out. It's so small! That can't be it?

  13. I just want to stay home and finish KH 3, and life is like "Ha! You thought?!" 

    Kingdom of Corona is also my favorite KH world now. Love the music so much

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