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  1. It's attack of the spoilers! Watch out, everyone!

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      You too. Be careful out there.

  2. People on Tumblr are getting into literal comment wars over the new song. It's kinda sad. 

  3. Spoiler free, The 358/2 Days novel is accurate to the game, but also just reminding me how emotional playing Days can be, wonky graphics aside. Funny how Days seems to be the darkest KH game, second only to BBS. 

  4. It really could. And with the mashup style KH already has, they could add in nods to older shows, or even cameos from classic characters.
  5. It'd be nice to see it get made, but hopefully it'll be aimed at a slightly older audience, and not end up on Clubhouse Mickey, or whatever they call their toddler channel these days.
  6. Heather Chandler

    New renders of Kairi with Destiny's Embrace revealed

    Kairi is almost a magical girl. All she needs now is an over the top, very sparkly costume change animation.
  7. Happy December 1st, everyone! 24 days 'til Christmas! 

  8. Almost December, but it feels like it's been Christmas for three months already. 

  9. Heather Chandler


    It's the quiet ones who always turn out to be over powered anime villains
  10. The checkout line during Black Friday is the only real way to feel what purgatory is like 

  11. Why is your profile header staring into my soul? I demand answers

  12. Heather Chandler

    What's your favorite Pooh minigame?

    I forget the name, so I can't vote for it, but the one in KH 2 where you're flying with Pooh, smacking debris and things to collect points.
  13. Heather Chandler

    Sorry, not Sorry

    Hayner had to do it to 'em