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  1. Gonna be offline until sometime in December: Health issues. Stay safe, everyone! 0/*

  2. *Swoops into your win and steals it*
  3. The coded novel is much shorter than I thought it would be. Under 200 pages. 

  4. Sora's the "Po' Friend" R.I.P Sora, and your lack of munny.
  5. More so if you use a cheat to get 99 mil. Munny without even trying. R.I.P Riku's billions
  6. I can see Riku being a rich boy slumming with more average friends. Explains his very "Holier than thou" attitude, and later humbling.
  7. For Kingdom Hearts, it's the nonsense about Lady Tremaine in BBS. It's always irritated me how she's show as this sadistic big bad, then she (presumably) explodes. Then a few other, spoilery things with her later. I ignore it fully. I also choose to pretend the Riverdale Heathers episode never happened, in both fandoms. It was a mess either way you look at it.
  8. This could be good, or downright awful. Tie in novels are a fine line, and even the "canon" KH novels we have now vary. Time will tell.
  9. Rest in peace, Russi Taylor  

  10. Someone on that animation staff is a fan, but it's possibly the most bizarre place to reference KH ever, honestly.
  11. Heat waves are amazing: it'll be 98 one second, then a cloud goes by, and it's suddenly 70. 

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