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  1. At least the PS3 collections never crashed... No offense to PC gamers, big respect to you, but I stay a console only gamer for a reason.
  2. There were a couple of 'damns' and one single 'hell' in the first run of Tokyopop KH manga, but the Yen Press editions seems to have a new translation. A lot of things were changed, like Kairi mentioning prayer, Riku Replica calling Larxene an 'Old hag', and Axel's infamous 'Hell of a show!' line. Long story short, yes and no. A few mild swears were edited.
  3. It's tempting.... But I must stay with my PS4 bundle. It's just too nice to ignore for a pc port (plus KH would probably make my modem explode... or have a mental break down).
  4. Literally forgot it was April Fool's until a friend fake emailed me with a screamer ?

  5. I'd buy it if I could, but my pc is "rhymes with bit" and couldn't play them without going into mass hysteria. On topic, if I was able to, I'd play the original, first, since it's been a couple years since I played it.
  6. Hate to say it, but I'd prefer more stuff like Backcover and Your Keyblade and You to tell this story rather than the app just lingering on and on Just put the story in a series of light novels, or tie it all up in a film, it'll still get the story done without the mess.
  7. I'll stick to the PS4 bundle, thanks ? KH on PC seems wrong to me, in a weird way; it's always going to be a console series in my eyes.
  8. 2021 can't possibly be as heinous as 2020 was.... right? ?

  9. Oh, I need to try this. My friends and I play this every other week, and they'd get a kick out of it
  10. I'm so terrible at the Memory of Melody demo...

    Nothing hits your confidence more than failing Welcome to Wonderland on Beginner ?

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