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  1. Not necessarily, if you have an old screenshot from before we'll take it. I also know if you backed up your player data it does transfer to the offline version of the game including the union you're in. If either of those don't work the game isn't offline quite yet, so I'd think you still have time to start new if you really wanted it.
  2. You gotta do it in the thread my friend 🙂 or lmk your account name on KH13 and I’ll give it to you.
  3. A bit late with the game going offline soon, but show us proof of the Union you're in here and we'll give you an award to add to your KH13 profile! Ex: I'm in Vulpes
  4. Welcome to KH13! Hope you enjoy it here!
  5. Hey, let's not get too carried away here, it's just in good fun and to add some light heartedness to some otherwise concerning news. If you have any concerns please feel free to PM me privately about this.
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