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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Think I’d have to go with The World Ends With You or Life is Strange.
  2. I definitely think it's good to listen to fan feedback for areas of improvement, however I'm with the majority here in that I don't think they should do fan service just for the sake of making everyone happy. You can't please everybody and people are always going to find something to complain about anyways. Ideally they should do what's best for the games and story as a whole, not just every little thing that fans call for because sometimes, fan ideas aren't always necessarily what's best for the games.
  3. Good luck to everyone who applies! Always great to see new faces on the team!
  4. Not really spoilers but just in case. I feel like Kingdom Hearts is always going to have that innocent/childish aspect to it though. Maturity-wise I'm not surprised with the game we ended up getting and wouldn't be surprised if future titles went the same route. Where I thought the game could have used some improvement was in how they chose to tie up certain loose ends and answer certain questions, and I'm not sure taking on a darker tone would have helped with that.
  5. Tough to choose but I think I’d go with Coco. I just think that one would fit in really well more so than the others. The one I really wouldn’t want to see is Cars.
  6. Going to have to go with the last option. I would prefer to see Marvel incorporated in the form of references or items rather than a full fledged world, but that's just me.
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