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  1. I’m not that big into PC gaming so none, but if I had to choose I think the one I’d be most curious about would be Kingdom Hearts III.
  2. You definitely nailed the dark and ominous aspect down on this video! Thanks for sharing, very cool editing that adds to the hype and mystery!
  3. Hope you have a nice break, you deserve it after all the hard work you put into these! We'll be right here waiting for more, whenever you're ready to share again!
  4. Most of my picks have already been mentioned Toy Box - like someone else said above you really get the feeling that you’re in a toy store, I also loved how you could interact and manipulate items you normally wouldn’t even think of as being useful if you were just regular size going through the worlds. The Caribbean - it was a big step up from KH II’s Port Royal, it looked beautiful and at times reminded me of Caribbean islands in real life, it was also fun to explore the different islands scattered across the world with each of them being uniquely designed, it really felt like you could explore it endlessly. I also liked the underwater exploration, and how there were hidden areas beneath, or that you needed to dive underwater to get to another part of the island you’re on. Symphony of Sorcery - I’ve said it here before but fighting enemies to the sound of classical music tracks in the background is oddly satisfying. It was unexpected but a pleasant surprise.Each of the different environments in the world were so colorful too. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden - it’s not that this world does anything super groundbreaking in terms of design, I just like that it’s one of the few that we get to see change throughout different points in time of the series, whether we get to see new areas of it that weren’t explored in previous entries or familiar areas that have just been altered based on what the world has been through. The Realm of Darkness from 0.2 - again, nothing super groundbreaking, I just liked the atmosphere they created for it, seeing fragments of the worlds that had fallen to darkness with things being all messed up, out of place, and empty, along with the field theme that plays throughout really gave a sense of loneliness, despair, and endless wandering.
  5. Had a feeling it might be this, something to do with KHUX or something to do with 0.2 This looks great as all your other ones do too! Thanks for sharing all of the pieces in this series with us! Hope we can see more of your artwork here soon as well!
  6. Moana, the environment alone would make for a beautiful world, the story around restoring the heart of Te Fiti I think would be really fitting for Kingdom Hearts and Moana and Maui could make for some cool allies. Zootopia would be the perfect world to bring back Sora's early character design! Hadn't thought about that!
  7. Really cool to see the speed paint along with this one as well. You put a lot of time and care into this, as well as your other pieces. Great job and thanks for sharing as always! Now I wonder what the secret one you have planned might be.
  8. Yeah kinda surprised no one was talking about this here! I did hear about it though. Was kind of more rooting for Yoda, but eh I'm a fan of both franchises so can't say I'm disappointed with the final result. It's all in good fun anyways.
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