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  1. Oddly I didn't mind the characters standing around and talking, it was nice to have them all come together, as before all the different groups were kind of doing their own thing, the kids, Joyce & Hopper, and then the teens. But I definitely get what you mean though, by it being a slower episode. Having finished the season I like to think of it as the calm before the storm.
  2. I never wrote an intro myself haha Welcome to the site, or I guess welcome back I should say. Glad to have you returning and hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Interested to know why you feel it's the weakest of the season. It was great to me like you said, although I guess things seemed to move along a little slower than previous episodes. I don't remember everything since it's been a while since I've seen this episode but I appreciated the 180 by Steve, ditching his friends and cleaning up after the mess from the previous episode wasn't something I expected for that type of character. El flipping the van over during the chase scene was also pretty cool, I've seen other people point this out, but it really did remind me of ET.
  4. Always ready to talk Stranger Things!
  5. It’s real in the sense that it deals with issues and themes that you could apply to society today. But like Transcendent Key said it’s mostly about character development and how he became the way he is. If you’re worried about it being too graphic that’s kept to a minimum, it’s more real in the sense of how it makes you think about things after you’ve seen it. Hope that helps.
  6. I just got around to watching this movie a few days ago, and was pretty blown away! I never really put much thought into there being a story and a person behind the Joker character so it was pretty interesting to see that story be told. The movie did a good job of making me sympathize with the character which is something I never thought I'd do, but I genuinely ended up feeling bad for Arthur and everything he had been through and how he was treated by others, often due to circumstances that were beyond his control. Definitely echo the sentiment that you two brought up above about the movie calling attention to mental illness and also the stark divide between the rich and the poor in this film. One line I particularly enjoyed was when he called out that if it were him that was gunned down in the subway that night no one would care, imo he's not wrong. The movie was dark, but yet still so enjoyable, side note I think the score did a pretty good job of setting the tone for that as well. I also have a pretty weak stomach for gore and had to look away during the second to last murder scene. All in all a great movie though, I wouldn't go so far to call it a masterpiece but I can understand those who see it that way.
  7. It’s reassuring to know they’re already gearing up for more Kingdom Hearts in our future haha. Wonder what this could be. 🤔
  8. It's been said before but darker ≠ more mature. While the Disney Worlds do seem a bit detached from the main story at times, they do have their moments as someone mentioned above. I don't think including movies with more "mature" themes would make things more meaningful though. They could very well include Marvel and Star Wars and just rehash the stories from those movies and it still wouldn't have a great effect on the bigger picture. Getting rid of the Disney would be a mistake imo.
  9. Thanks for sharing! That's really creative! Out of curiosity where did you get the star fruit from and what does it taste like haha? I low key want to try my hand at a Kingdom Hearts inspired dish myself now.
  10. Jonathan and Nancy do make a pretty good team Not going to lie I thought Steve was going to get shot, seeing as it showed Jonathan and Nancy stockpiling on weapons to hunt the Demogorgon in the previous scene. And yeah Steve jumping to conclusions without getting all the facts straight was an incredibly dumb thing to do. Nancy did try to explain, but obviously his emotions took the best of him at that point. I do agree with you though, Jonathan did go overboard with what he did to Steve. El returning to save Mike and Dustin was epic! "She's our friend and she's crazy!....She'll kill you!" that was so adorable. Friendship goals right there.
  11. I’m ready! We kinda fell behind didn’t we? 😅 Excited to start discussing though.
  12. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a little disappointing how many facts they got wrong. (Zurg as a boss?) I’m glad that Sora is being recognized, but it wouldn’t have hurt them to do a tiny bit of research.
  13. Two months ago we reported on the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2020 recognizing Sora as the character with the most appearances as the hero in Square Enix roleplaying games with a total of six games. Thanks to KH13 Lead News Editor @Aquaberry we now have some scans from the feature for you to enjoy. You can view them in the gallery below. You can purchase the book now from Amazon North America, UK, and Australia, in addition to various other online and physical retailers. What do you think of the Sora feature? Will you be purchasing the book? Let us know in the comments below!
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