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  1. Here are my replies based from numbers 1.) I guess I can showcase what's the best level up area needed to level up quickly to the max. I can showcase that part. 2.) Alright then I can do all the challenges. But I'm planning to stream them though so I can't edit my failures during stream. 3.) Yeah I already have a fixed playlist of KH Unchained X/Union X and Dark Road so I really upload when there is a new story update. And its all dubbed. Feel free to look in my youtube channel. Click on the link below Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWxAwTT8AYeH_y7oj1YqiQ
  2. Thank you! Feel free to sub to watch what games I play to get notified. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWxAwTT8AYeH_y7oj1YqiQ
  3. Thankyou Wakeless Dream. Thank you for your answers. Much appreciated. Ill try to see what I can do then! Hard work and make tutorials! KH series will be my last to play. Im panning to play FF7 series first then TWEWY Neo then the KH series will be the best for the last.
  4. Hey everyone this is SorRik, and first and foremost i want to greet you all a Merry Christmas to you all! I have been a long time member here and yet its been so long I haven't went online in the forum. Been doing a lot of Youtubing lately and I want your full on opinion on something. Im planning to do the biggest project and it is to the Kingdom Hearts Let's Play Series from KH Unchained X/ Union X and KH Dark Road till KH3. FYI, I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3 or the DLC Remind either and I've been avoiding a lot of content about KH3 because I want to be surprised in my first play through. Here are my questions of what I should do in my lets play series? 1.) Should I showcase to do leveling up characters on stream? Will it be boring for the viewers they see me try to level up? 2.) Should I do tournaments and challenges depending on the games that have a coliseum or in BBS Mirage Arena? 3.) Should I play Kingdom Hearts BBS while also playing KH Union X and Dark Road? Since these 2 games are delaying me from playing KH BBS terms of trying to follow the story in order..... Feel Free to Check my Youtube Channel. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWxAwTT8AYeH_y7oj1YqiQ
  5. Thanks for everyones replies guys much appreciated
  6. Okay Kingdom Hearts fans I have came across this post and this is a mind boggling question indeed. Heres the post, I just got done playing 0.2 and one thing that really stood out to me was that Mickey knew Riku and Sora’s names and that Riku knew he had to help close the door to Kingdom Hearts. If I remember correctly In KH1 there was no mention of Mickey knowing of Riku and Sora, except for the mention of the “key” but still there was never a specific name and I don’t really remember the specifics on why Riku knew he had to help with the door to darkness. So my question is how does Mickey know their names in 0.2 and how does Riku know to close the DTD (Birth By Sleep 0.2 and KH1 timeline) He wants to try and find out how did Mickey knew about Sora and Riku have been helping him the whole time. Scene takes place when Aqua and Mickey entered a broken Destiny Islands and when Mickey asked "what were the boys names?"Aqua mentioned Sora and Riku, Then Mickey knew that Sora and Riku have been helping him. Was it to just advance the plot or would have been Yensid updating him telling him what to do or something else missing? I know KH1 was the first game and hasnt been thought of these. So lets try to brainstorm about it. Thanks
  7. I see thank you. Mythril crystrals got it and I need to check out wiki too. Thanks for sending me a link. I see sonthe max of Defense is at 70 you cant max it out to 99. Okay than you. Alright so I need Lucky Lucky and Lucky weapons okay thanks for your help Kello and thatkingdomheartsguy
  8. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix I need help, What materials do I need to farm in order to synthesis a lot of Defense boost? My current defense right now is at 67. In this picture I'm already showing what Defense boost is in Japanese. Im not sure what is the top 1 with 0 materials for it and the one with 3 materials. Or can you show me a picture of how the English version looks like?
  9. I see thanks so much for the reply. I see ill check the video link. Hmm smash it very quickly? Ill try. Thanks again
  10. Hello, I have been battling Data battle Zexion lately and playing it in Japanese version and on critical mode, and he is a very complicated boss to defeat when it comes to when he transports you into his book world. The thing that realky annoys me the most is when he transforms you into a book inside the book world and there is this reaction command "struggle". But every time I press the triangle button,my hp depletes greatly then I lose afterwards. I watched Skyward Wing's video on Zexion and he had the same thing transforming into a book and I notice his hp wasnt greatly depleted and he was able to escape free. https://youtu.be/x8ROASDwrNw What should I do? Do I have to have items that increases my defense?
  11. When you begin, you get jewels. How many jewels have you got so far?
  12. Are you talking about Gummi ships? Hmmm Maybe the heartless can build their own gummyships I guess. Okay so I read at Wiki pedia and was trying to figure about why a emblem heartless took the guy's heart and then disaapears and made his heart into a heartless. So it made me think to reseach about this, I read the BBS part and that Ansem (Xehanort's heartless) was the one who created the first born emblem heartless. So it means pure blood heartless came from darkness itself while emblem heartless were created. So does that mean emblem heartless steals takes away peoples hearts then put them in the realm of darkness while their real hearts turn into heartless?
  13. Yes he has the same character model as the guy guarding Cid's shop. Ah I see, I was thinking of that too as video game logic. Besides getting experience of defeating enemies it would still be empty if they dont drop any items right? Thats also reason why we fight these monsters or heartless etc to gain items. Yeah lol That makes a lot of sense besides money they drop hp orbs clearly videogame logic or it could be the heartless's life source turned into balls of health. My brother thought why did they have money in the first place, but after remembering this scene at Traverse Town, that what I answered. It makes me wonder where did the guy disappear too after his heart was taken out and it turned into a heartless? And it was an emblem heartless. I apologize about what I made in the thread and asked this question everyone. My brother is just too intulectual thinking. He likes thinking things of how did this happen where did it come from that kind of stuff. He is just not used to games just go with the flow it happens.
  14. Yeah, I could have told my brother that its RPG logic that once you defeat an enemy they drop items. But this scene in KH 1 shows more like his heart was taken out of his body then that heart of his turned into a heartless then the man dissappears. Here some pics
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