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  1. Among Us Halloween costume.

  2. Kinda interesting for Araki to start planning part 9 so soon after part 8 was finished, not that I necessarilly mind it of course.
  3. Yeah, I saw the trailer for Legends. I very much am liking what I'm seeing. BDSP looked pretty decent too, havn' felt this estatic about pokemon in a long time.



  5. Howdy, how is everyone doing today?
  6. "Welcome to Social Media, where you give meall of your positivity and mental health and I give you misery, suffering and maybe a few pics of a character from that obscure thing you like so much."

    There has got to be other sources to find artists than this nonsense.

  7. Oh, right. I forgot. It does seem like a jerk move to throw diablo fans under the bus though, so i'm not sure how to feel.
  8. Forgive me for being under a rock, why would you hope a video game fails?
  9. Ehh, it's probably just be a one and done thing, but it certainly put a smile on my face!
  10. The olympics are pretty cool, but I did enjoy the mini RPG game google had for their doodles this event! Probably the most amount of the fun I'm gonna have this year, bit I digress.
  11. Pokemon Unite looks fun, might get it when it drops in september.

  12. Man, I need to be more active on here.

  13. Nintendo knocked it out of the damn P A R K. I havnt been this excited at e3 since the kh3 sony teaser in 2013
  14. BOTW2? New wario ware, mario gold, mario party? And even METROID? Jesus, Nintendo you're gonna throw your back out carrying e3 this hard.
  15. Hey, if you put some calm lofi over this years e3 presentations, you'd get some nice music to sleep to.
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