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  1. Left to focus on spending time with family.

    Thank you for everything <3

  2. Ah, im glad youre able to get some good service now!
  3. Yeah, I kinda figured that wouldve been brought up. Normally I try to avoid sticking my toes into the hot waters of JK rowlings controversies as it just provokes uneeded hostility, so im just going to say if thats what you plan on doing, thats ultimately your choice and I respect that. That being said, this movie is still gonna rock regardless as I do find myself enjoying harry potter every now and then.
  4. Good morning ywll, how is everybody doing today? 7 more days till christmas!
  5. 7 more days to christmas, woo

  6. Good morning, I hope everyone is well!
  7. Ooh, thats nice! I hope you have a wonderful christmas
  8. I dont know about yall, but man I cant believe christmas is little ofer a week from now. Where does the time go? @_@
  9. Man, it didnt take me until recently to see that how much of a grip the internet had on my life. Just being able to get away from everything and enjoy the life qnd luxery of my family.

    Granted, I will admit socially isolating myself has caused some mood swings as of late, but im sure ill get over it come christmas. XP

  10. Good morning, I hope all is well!
  11. Im not the biggest harry potter fan, but this does look pretty interesting^^
  12. That photo of the sun kinda looks like those white blood cell CGI animations ive seen in high school
  13. Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well today
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