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  1. Nintendo knocked it out of the damn P A R K. I havnt been this excited at e3 since the kh3 sony teaser in 2013
  2. BOTW2? New wario ware, mario gold, mario party? And even METROID? Jesus, Nintendo you're gonna throw your back out carrying e3 this hard.
  3. Hey, if you put some calm lofi over this years e3 presentations, you'd get some nice music to sleep to.
  4. But yeah, if Nintendo underperforms this year i'm giving up hope for the future of video games tbh.
  5. Hey, at least Luxord has class. The ff Origins guy looks like someone from an army recruiter poster.
  6. Ff origins was the one with the knockoff slim shady looking protagonist, right?
  7. It is, but from what ive heard, its bugged to high heaven.
  8. Now I know how Aqua felt when she was trapped in the realm of darkness for ten years Bad jokes aside, at least Ace Attorney looked decent.
  9. At this point, nintendo would be able to show anything and id be imrpessed.
  10. Ooh, Nintendo is gonna carry e3 hard again this year, won't it. I'm not really upset at capcoms presentation, I mean there is ace attorney and resi8 dlc, which I was kinda hoping for. But sweet mother of Christ who woke up and decided that a fighting game tournament needing a segment was a good idea.
  11. Im not getting those 45 minutes back, am I. Oh well, At least Square is giving FF 1-6 a little bit of attention, which is nice.
  12. Ah, fair enough. I havn't done anything yet, either. But honestly, uneventful days are the best ?
  13. Did you do anything today, or did you just have a quiet day like mine?
  14. I'm pretty good, even though i havnt been doing much as of late
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