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  1. Fantastic beasts And the secrets of Dumbledore [even though they don’t fully explain certain things at least not right away, the more that you think about it the more it truly makes sense as if you have a problem with how one scene makes sense then take a look at another similar scene in the movie such as how when Jacob saw Queenie in the bakery but it was just in his head explaining the opening scene between Dumbledore and Grindelwald which for the record makes me quite shocked and astounded that people did not catch up on it right away when there were a lot of visual clues with it even without having to be explained by this other scene later on if you pay attention To the lighting and the fact that it ends with the scene catching on fire which can literally only happen in someone’s mind. As well, other things like Dumbledore And Creedence’s duel can be explained If you pay attention to what goes on leading up to it same with the blood pact duel at the end again with the way the senior shot is taking place in their heads with it being the battle of their hearts [and let’s just say yes, in the kingdom of theirs…… 🙂 I also give the movie praise for David Yates finally finally finally finally finally using direct themes from the earlier movies besides Hedwig‘s theme and a few brief glimpses of other themes for not only the Hogwarts scenes but the case battle scenes towards the end, again like he has with fantastic beasts Movies So far truly redeeming himself from the lousy and unacceptable mistakes he made with his Harry Potter movies 🙂
  2. Regarding the flaws you have with it, perhaps maybe re-watching it/singing the second time may help for I actually felt the same way when I first saw the second one crimes of Grindelwald and the more I rewatch did not only do I actually get it but I also really enjoy it a lot more and pretty much can’t see/can look past any little flaws it may have, so much so that I almost like it better than the first one and the first one’s my favourite out of all the Wizarding World movies and in my top three favourite movies of all time being my favourite live action movie of all time 🙂
  3. I also wanna point out that there’s a lot of similar Kingdom Hearts esque Elements that they introduced to the Wizarding world that only has me like it even more…… 🙂
  4. Yes we need to worry about more is people refusing to go and see #FantasticBeastsTheSecretsOfDumbledore all because of her comments; I’d highly encourage and recommend everyone [please Encourage as many other people as you can as well please 🙂 See it as many times as they can in theaters, and even If possible,buy a ticket for it In place of going to see another movie so that way it still gets money without you actually having to see it multiple times. Buying as many merchandise directly related to it as possible will also truly help. Also remember that if you’re refusing to see it because of #JohnnyDeppIsMyGrindelwald Then please remember that this movie needs to do well so as to give Johnny the chance to actually come back in the Later movies, For the actor who played MacNair The executioner was re-casted for prisoner of Azkaban and then came back for order of the Phoenix. The bottom line is that if #FantasticBeastsTheSecretsOfDumbledore Doesn’t do well, And they don’t make the remaining two movies,then Johnny definitely will never be back as Grindelwald!Plus you also have to remember that it’s about to be a new company with new people over seeing it, So as such you were technically not paying that company and are actually giving more of a chance than not having him actually return. Especially depending on what may happen with the results of his trial that’s going to be happening shortly after the movie comes out, the new people taking over Warner Bros. right before it comes out…… Also remember in regards to her that she doesn’t necessarily get a whole lot of money from this, as well the fact remains that as many people have pointed out that she already has so much money that not supporting the series will not really change any kind of “power“ that you may have against her, and after all the series should not suffer at all because of her for Regardless of what you may think, nothing I repeat nothing will ever ever truly take away what a series overall truly means to you let alone other people, And again it’s not The series that’s the problem at all in any kind of way 🙂 Also keep in mind that even though it’s not the best example they have at least one transgender person or someone who identifies themselves as “They” in the cast so much for her transphobia……
  5. Out of theatre reaction: https://youtube.com/shorts/r2hfHK6C4TU?feature=share
  6. Also keep in mind like most people are not actually acknowledging that even though it’s not the best example they have at least one transgender person or someone who identifies themselves as “They” in the cast so much for her transphobia……
  7. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore's first reactions have arrived https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a39570513/fantastic-beasts-3-reactions-secrets-of-dumbledore/
  8. With all due respect, you were actually being quite ignorant with this. What you were saying here can also be applied to many other franchises like Star Wars with solo which downright bombed, and consider the following with it: it was released the same weekend that all Pre-Disney Star Wars movies [with the exception of the Animated the clone wars movie], With no other pre-Disney Star Wars movies or release that weekend. Like the pre-Disney Star Wars, and unlike the Disney Star Wars, it actually features a Male protagonist/Main character. Much like fantastic beasts here it is a spin off prequel That prominently involves a main let alone quite favourite character/characters from the Original story, And had even kind of similar in Some kind of ways behind the scenes production troubles with firing and replacing Of a Male figure involved with the production, even if in different Context and on different spectrums With A Director and main character respectively, as well as Both of them also having to add on a new Writer to what they originally had. Both also are coming out not long after CONTROVERSY towards Their female creators involved [In Star Wars case, Kathleen Kennedy literally is the creator in the same way the J. K. Rowling is for fantastic beasts/Harry Potter even if in a slightly different context], and their last Movie released before hand receiving an overall negative reaction that most slash quite a lot of people consider to be the worst or if not one of the worst of the whole franchise, and both of which interestingly enough/coincidentally happened to be the second installment their respective Part of the franchise. And again, Secrets of Dumbledore is being released at a different time of year then its previous installments were [even including literally all the harry potter/Wizarding world movies That came before it] Like solo with the previous And even after Disney made Star Wars, Including the Disney+ series. Like how some Have said about the solo movie, Secrets of Dumbledore can be seen as an an unwanted movie, so with everything else that I’ve said, not to mention That it is being released during a Pandemic that from the looks of it right now could very well either majorly affect it in a very umbenficial way and or could have a very well delayed again, how Is there not any way that I or others could be concerned about this? Again, like I’ve said before in me and even a few others opinion, these are actually good David Yates Harry Potter/Wizarding world movies [Which again is also very agonizingly frustrating when for no other way of putting it, people are just way too stupid to think for themselves and or thrive on negative stimulus towards Things, being way too reliant on foolish nonsense like rotten tomatoes and other similar scores including even one person’s particular opinion towards something, More than seemingly completely Contradicting and even Erasing the factual truth That film is subjective, Which means that it’s always going to be different from person to person, or should I say any person who Is not insecure and actually has a brain let alone a soul, and therefore should not matter in any way at all what the majority thinks], Not to mention me and others have been personally lost/had a lot of other franchises and shows that we truly love not have a proper conclusion/continuation and Or have to be abruptly ended due to them not doing that well/being negatively received, Again from members of our foolish awesome species thinking and acting this way.And When especially nowadays with things related to an even not related to the pandemic and other big things affecting the world overall, These are one of the main things that we truly live for and truly give us solace through all the dark and difficult times and things that we go through, not to mention just giving value Towards living and doing Whatever it is we do with our lives. What I’m saying at the end there however broad and general as it may be can be applied to literally everything in life. After all, literally everything that happens in life has to have started from one person doing or even not doing something, and even if not every single time, their determination and persistence in doing something can very well lead to something happening, Which will always have something happen in some kind of way even if it may not be explicitly or directly what they were wanting or needing to have happen, or even have anything majorly significant and or substantial
  9. Well, the thing is despite your inquiry about it, of which believe it or not I actually overall agree with, quite frankly it more than seems more often in recent years that people are becoming more and more reliant on others opinions, especially when they State and emphasize subjects and situations like What you were sitting here which in turn is enough to sway one away from Checking it out as it points out things that will have them not want to check out or give this movie A chance. And of course if that happens, then It helps prevent this movie from doing well or at the very least been overall looked at it in a negative Way which sways away other people from liking it and Or ruining other things related to it including other movies even if this particular movie ends up being successful. It can never be said enough how much one person or one thing can ever truly make a difference. After all, no cause is Lost If there is but one fool left to fight for it
  10. You are of course entitled To your own opinion, But please don’t ruined it for those of us who actually like And are looking forward to this. I mean, How would you like it if someone was trying to boycott something You liked And are looking forward to? These movies truly Mean a lotTo me, as well as A lot of other people, and whatever negativity they have towards you it’s not truly matter as in the end, your negativity in boycotting etc. Could very well end up doing a lot more damage Then anything It could do by existing and continuing to Live on. And again you may very well end up liking these newer Ones, Like how so many people liked the Later Harry potter movies for whatever reason better than the earlier ones, and therefore Very much regret having boycotted And Cause damage To them. Just please think about it as well as others and how they may and actually do truly feel about it EH? 🙂
  11. Well you never know, there’s always a first time for everything EH? This third movie could surprise you, Considering everything I’ve said and all that could very well be
  12. Don’t let the artist interpret/interfering with your overall interpretation of the Art. As I’ve noted before, they are looking to improve upon issues from the previous movies including bringing on the writer of all but one of the previous movies, so it should help with at least some of the issues the year when others have, like surely some other Later movies and season/content of shows etc. have helped you and others feel better about issues you may have had with some of the earlier ones initially, right?
  13. Well why else would you boycott it? How and why were you let down by these movies? Personally the first ones one of my top favourite movies of all time, and for the record I am way way more let down by the David Yates harry potter movies compared to these; his potter movies have some of the worst filmmaking that I’ve ever seen and I’ve pretty much every reason to be let down by them, of which the horribly abysmal Colour grading and lighting of his movies I watch the fantastic beasts so far do not have, should already be enough for most of the issues, but also scenes that’s really should have had music let alone recurring iconic music from the earlier movies when they do not, which only have the movies feel incomplete, but Also his Harry Potter movies particularly deathly hallows part two having this overall feeling of “let’s get this over and done with” attitude that has it feel like he’s only there for a paycheque instead of being genuinely invested in interested in telling the story/making a movie of which he certainly has/has a lot more of with the fantastic beasts movies
  14. Just because my main man/favorite actor Johnny Depp is no longer in it, and or regardless of what you think about the series as a whole, that does not mean that we should boycott it in anyway for this could be very much better, And therefore if it is truly overall successful then it will truly open the door to having Johnny Depp come back for future movies; after all Pete best who played MacNair in Prisoner of Azkaban was re-casted to Ashley Artues Four goblet of fire, but then came back for order of the Phoenix. As well, would any Harry Potter fan or even non-Harry Potter fan really want to miss the famously heard but never seen duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?With Steve Kloves Who wrote all but one of the previous harry potter movies including Those that many people consider to be the best harry potter movies helping JK write the script, then that will surely help any and all problems that the previous film have had as well
  15. Coincidentally, I was looking up some stuff On recess this past weekend 🙂 it’s one of my top favourite shows of all time, and after all, deep space from Lilo and stitch As well as stitch himself has already been featured in The series and they are part of the same world per the crossover on the Lilo and stitch series so…… 🙂
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