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  1. Yes among other ridiculous, impressionable, and specious things 😔😞
  2. May I just say that the following makes me really happy indeed! Whether you are a teacher yourself or just any other person, you should always truly help people think critically! Needless to say, this kind of thing needs to be constantly spread, because it always truly makes the difference between what is truly Right and wrong no matter what no matter how otherwise it may seem https://www.dailywire.com/news/utterly-brilliant-viral-video-shows-the-moment-student-realizes-his-claim-of-j-k-rowlings-bigotry-is-unfounded
  3. https://youtu.be/3o-oU0xv74g?si=oOkubuu3a2_ePh4t A video that all should consider towards this movie 🙂
  4. What’s Unfortunately going on with wish Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with people? You can tell that more than most of the negative reactions from people’s bias towards Disney. And the sad thing is, they will never ever admit that THEY Themselves are part of the problem; I was literally just reading something where people are now Aligning Disney with failure, to the point where they are now going to use terms like “I accidentally set the oven to 450° instead of 350°, so therefore I Disneyed The cake”;“I didn’t study for the biology test, so I Disneyed it miserably“ Like I said, we must continue to spread the good word and counter argument for wish, including buying as much books and other merchandise for it as much as possible, and tell others to do the same, because it’s not just wish itself but it’s Disney’s overall reputation, and not even because it’s the movie to celebrate the 100th anniversary On a sidenote, peoples overall reactions towards Disney, even with some valid and very reasonable points, help me feel the same way that other people do about a certain someone and what she said about a certain kind of people, Which incidentally is actually what the overall moral of Wish is: not letting others control who and or what you are/truly value
  5. Anyways, here’s my out of theatre reaction:
  6. To oversimplify what he’s stating in the video above, would you rather Disney do the same kind of thing (in regards to being more actively involved, bring back original composers, using unused ideas, bringing back original cast members etc) that they’re doing for the live action remakes, but instead for Kingdom Hearts and with that being a potentially better overall experience/worthwhile thing to do? :-)
  7. https://youtu.be/ZFTiC1Uqhfs?si=LwQtMsCnE--0eNNu
  8. https://youtu.be/zv3edblTHNc?si=mHx2ZinQiyBPExIl https://youtu.be/zQW3Dt0KqVs?si=SBlVJCSnxzs9WgxL
  9. Please post your drawings here! I’d love to see them!
  10. With situations like this, the strikes going on et. I don’t know why our awesome species still continues to rely on money, and are ignorant to the fact this kind of thing needs to change in order to prevent these kinds of things, but this continues to despise me to the point well beyond tolerance let alone respect. Please check out the following for his situation https://youtu.be/m74N73R7k_s
  11. Oh no, I actually didn’t even think about that kind of thing while watching it 🙂 it feels like it’s truly Pixar at its finest, and not at all swayed away by That kind of thing, very natural genuine and not forced or overly emphasize in any kind of way 🙂
  12. HERE is my out of theatre reaction https://youtube.com/shorts/CoA5B2_vHIg?feature=share
  13. Oh, my mom and I just saw this last night and it is A LOT Better than we were expecting, and how you’re making it look here, including Luke’s review. I can tell you that it is far better than the first Zootopia, as it actually utilizes its concepts in much more clever ways instead of falling flat in certain areas like Zootopia did with Clawhowser Etc. it’s also very meaningful and poignant In things that it illustrates, and I’ve only personally to me but to literally anybody. I actually consider the movie to be pretty much perfect, and any kind of imperfections it has are only simply ones that you could find in any kind of movie, as it was even stated possibly by Luke or anyone else who write reviews for this side that just because movies are predictable it doesn’t mean that they are bad, of which this one is certainly not the most, as you don’t completely know where they’re going with it, and even in the moments that are (Perhaps) Predictable, It feels very genuine and by that absolutely brilliant By how they handle things. It’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen, and even if you’re not a hard-core Pixar fan, I’m pretty sure that you will find something of value with it as it doesn’t even feel immediately similar to Pixar is past works either
  14. Fantastic beasts And the secrets of Dumbledore [even though they don’t fully explain certain things at least not right away, the more that you think about it the more it truly makes sense as if you have a problem with how one scene makes sense then take a look at another similar scene in the movie such as how when Jacob saw Queenie in the bakery but it was just in his head explaining the opening scene between Dumbledore and Grindelwald which for the record makes me quite shocked and astounded that people did not catch up on it right away when there were a lot of visual clues with it even without having to be explained by this other scene later on if you pay attention To the lighting and the fact that it ends with the scene catching on fire which can literally only happen in someone’s mind. As well, other things like Dumbledore And Creedence’s duel can be explained If you pay attention to what goes on leading up to it same with the blood pact duel at the end again with the way the senior shot is taking place in their heads with it being the battle of their hearts [and let’s just say yes, in the kingdom of theirs…… 🙂 I also give the movie praise for David Yates finally finally finally finally finally using direct themes from the earlier movies besides Hedwig‘s theme and a few brief glimpses of other themes for not only the Hogwarts scenes but the case battle scenes towards the end, again like he has with fantastic beasts Movies So far truly redeeming himself from the lousy and unacceptable mistakes he made with his Harry Potter movies 🙂
  15. Regarding the flaws you have with it, perhaps maybe re-watching it/singing the second time may help for I actually felt the same way when I first saw the second one crimes of Grindelwald and the more I rewatch did not only do I actually get it but I also really enjoy it a lot more and pretty much can’t see/can look past any little flaws it may have, so much so that I almost like it better than the first one and the first one’s my favourite out of all the Wizarding World movies and in my top three favourite movies of all time being my favourite live action movie of all time 🙂
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