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  1. Nuff said https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7PicTiKExo
  2. Here's my quick Out of Theatre Reaction (from 1 week ago when I saw it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f__B5YKbPBI
  3. For those wondering what you can do for a defense against the COPPA YouTube restrictions, you can take a look at this video and the links in its description. Those links can provide somethings that can help. If you could also spread this 2 as many people as possible b4 Dec 9, it would be truly gr8fully appreciated 🙂 The Confusing Truth About The COPPA And YouTube Problem - You
  4. With all that I stated above they are definitely NOT done with Pirates. And btw MOE has over 90% audience rating on RT and I myself have heard mostly good things. I must say, as someone who overall HATES Maleficent 1, and LOVES the original animated Sleeping Beauty, I think this 2nd one is really good!! It is quite well done with a very moving, greatly written script and a surprisingly strong overall morality based on the most common and relatable psychological issues that ALL of us can relate to, besides being very entertaining, emotionally gripping, and just overall fun and insightful to watch!! If anyone reading this could also please spread the word about it to as many people as possible, it would also be truly gratefully appreciated
  5. Funny, I actually thought the exact same about a 3rd one and my friend thought the same as yours As Maleficent mentioned looking forward to the chrisiting, I can't help but wonder if they'll do their own version of characters/that kind of element fromm a particular Disney Channel series that had its 3rd instalment released this past year (and of which his apparently CANON to the the original stories My friend also suggested that they could explore what made Ingrith so hateful of the Faeries with her previous encounter/familiar backstory with them and get into more of Maleficent and Aurora going their own separate ways, maybe even having her truly become the true msimistrezmsitress of Evi that we all know and love her for Funny, I actually thought the exact same about a 3rd one and my friend thought the same as yours As Maleficent mentioned looking forward to the chrisiting, I can't help but wonder if they'll do their own version of characters/that kind of element fromm a particular Disney Channel series that had its 3rd instalment released this past year (and of which his apparently CANON to the the original stories My friend also suggested that they could explore what made Ingrith so hateful of the Faeries with her previous encounter/familiar backstory with them and get into more of Maleficent and Aurora going their own separate ways, maybe even having her truly become the true msimistrezmsitress of Evi that we all know and love her for
  6. Joachim Ronning directed both Dead Men Tell No Tales and Mistress of Evil. If MoE does well enough, Disney may decide to keep him on as director for the planned Pirates 6, of which he was supposedly signed on for before helming MoE. Since DMTNT did decently enough and received a lot of positive fan reception, even from those who didn't really like it/the other Pirates sequels, it may prompt Disney to continue Pirates with where they were going (since Joachim himself said that DMTNT "was only the beginning of the finale", notwithstanding the hanging plot threads from both DMTNT and OST (On Stranger Tides)'s post credits scenes along with other things like the absence of Pintel & Raghetti) and not completely reboot without Johnny Depp, especially after all of the issues with him abusing Amber Heard have been overall resolved, as well as the fact that his performance as Grindelwald was one of the few things that critics and most fans actually liked about Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald
  7. What job would you have if you were in that World Also, do you watch any other Disney Junior shows? Mine are all the others mentioned, with Sofia thee First being my top favourite show of ALL time! ) Well of course it'll never happen as its not Disney or Square (unless of course one of them buys or gets right to it) Miles and any other Disney Junior show has a definite possibility f being in the series (especially if fans and was many people or more keep suggesting and truly wanting it
  8. Another thing I just noticed is that Hercules and Pirates (the only NON Computer Animated, let alone only returning Disney worlds so far) are the only Worlds featured in the game who do NOT have a new instalment being released next year, the same year as Kingdom Hearts III Tangled and Big Hero 6 have more episodes of their respective TV Series Both Toy Story (4) and Frozen (2) have new instalments (In Toy Story's case another new instalment besides Kingdom Hearts III Monsters has its TV series launching on the Disney Streaming Service In comparison, Tarzan & Jane, Mickey's House of Villains, more episodes of House Mouse, the Special Edition of Beauty and the Beast, Return to Neverland, Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year and the initial Blu ray release of Peter Pan came out the same years as Kingdom Hears 1 and 1.5 Dead Man's Chest and the first 3D rerelease (and Disney branding) of Nightmare Before Christmas, Lilo and Stitch the series ended, plus the DVD debut of The Little Mermaid came out the same year as (the English release of) KIngdom Hearts II Tron Uprising also debuted the same year as Dream Drop Distance, and had Treasure Plant remained in Dream Drop Distance, its Blu Ray came you that year too With all of this in mind, we may be able to actually somewhat predict what the remaining Disney Worlds/Disney content may be...
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm truly sorry that I did not share this earlier, but several months go, Miles From Tomorrowland/Mission Force One (they are the same show, the latter being the rebranded name of season 3) creator Sascha Paladino personally tweeted to me that "hopefully someday" his show will make it into Kingdom Hearts! https://twitter.com/saschapaladino/status/972982698330398720 For those who do not know, the show is about a family in space, 536 years into the future, who got on missions for The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, who govern and therefore connect and protect the galaxy. These missions result in cognitive and poignant growth for the series' protagonist, Miles Callisto, who uses the skills of his blast board among other gadgets and his ability to quick think and find creative solutions to problems, as he meets aliens, robots and fellow humans, and discovers many other planets and secrets of the universe that all cumulate into blastastic adventures! Even though it just ended, I HIGHLY recommend this show! Its one of my favourite TV shows of all time; despite it being Disney Junior, it clever intellect and kinds of situations it gets into has it feel more like its Disney Channel, and or even Disney . Unlike most other Disney Junior shows, the series has aa strong overall set up and character arc that culminate very well into where it's overall story is going without feeling that predictable or forced Along with Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor, and even The Lion Guard, it truly feels like a Pixar made=e TV show from the amount of quality, effort, creativity and authenticity that they put into it! Aside from the fact that it truly saved my life by helping me put things in order with what it truly is and who I truly am, it is actually very entertaining (the most fun that I've had watching a show, and quite truly pretty much anywhere in a REALLY long time, and that says a lot, as I do NOT like Star Wars, nor am a big fan of outer space), very well written, and just very well executed As such, the show presents a lot of gameplay, particularly mini game, opportunities for Kingdom Hearts. The have these big robot suits called Exo-Flex Suits that are kinda like thee Hulkbuster Armour, and would be good for lifting heavy things, among other stuff like fighting. One episode I recently saw, Building Day, had them build these very creative land vehicles which would be very fun to do Plus, it would be a lot of fun to fly on Miles' pet robo ostrich M.E.R.C., let alone his blast board and actually be able to fly around in space with their Buzz Lightyear-esque jet packs! What do you guys think? Would you want Miles and other Disney union shows ikea Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Goldie & Bear, Puppy Dog Pals and of course The Lion Guard to show up in Kingdom Hearts? I think all of them would fit unbugnaleivably well and would add on A LOT to new thing to the series
  10. If anyone could please tell me Ed Da Whiz's video intro song, it would be truly gratefully appreciated :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwcYt4G_p2c&frags=pl,wn

    1. Green Sparrow

      Green Sparrow

      Black Cover Opening 1 english cover

    2. Riku21Terr


      Thank you so much, but I can't seem to find the version he used in his videos :(

    3. Green Sparrow

      Green Sparrow

      Yeah I know. I think he tweaked his version a bit from the original, probably to avoid copyright or something.

  11. Just because you don’t get any leafy paper and or associated metals from it doesn’t mean that its not a job

  12. They actually may not be doing Pirates 6 per the following article, unless Johnny Depp redeems/proves himself still box office worthy, which could happen if Crimes of Grindelwald does well when it comes out this November 16, which if anyone reading this could please pray that it does well, and do whatever they can to have it do well would be truly gratefully appreciated, as despite its built in franchise, Where to Find Them is the second lowest grossing Wizarding World movie and has quite a bit of competition to up against at the box office this fall https://variety.com/2018/film/news/james-gunn-disney-wont-rehire-guardians-of-the-galaxy-1202892424/
  13. A Donkey named Eeyore got norted..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsOVoo-59wc&frags=pl,wn

  14. Murder and mind altering medication are exactly the same: taking away someone else's life for someone else's less stressful benefits

  15. Hi everyone, Upon reflection, I happened to notice some interesting things with KH3. As I realized several months ago, so far all of the Disney Worlds featured, with the exception of Pirates (so far), all happen to have a TV series or a TV special: Hercules, Tangled and Big Hero 6 (the 1st 3 Disney Worlds to be revealed for the game all have an official TV series midquel/sequel. Interestingly enough, both Tangled and Big Hero 6’s series were both announced the same year they were also confirmed for KH3, back in 2015, and both also premiered in 2017 (despite BH6’s actual series not airing any episodes beyond the pilot special until 2018), and also the fact that both were both revealed by their mutual producer, Roy Conli Toy Story is the first Pixar movie to get 2 holiday themed TV specials, Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot Monsters Inc is the first Pixar movie to get a TV Series, that’s debuting on the Disney Streaming Service Frozen has its Lego Frozen Northern Lights special/compilation of shorts (still featuring ALL of the original voice actors). Toy Story and Monsters Inc besides being the first Pixar Worlds for the series are also the first Pixar movies to get a sequel and a prequel respectively. Monsters Inc is also the first Pixar movie to (officially) get a Home Media/short film involving its characters (the 1st 2 Buzz Lightyear NASA Mission Log shorts were belatedly released on blu ray releases of the first 2 Toy Storys; Flik’s Musical Adventure is released as its own separate entity as part of the Disney Sing-along Songs video series). Both Worlds also interestingly enough primarily feature indoor locations as opposed to pretty much every other World in the Series always taking place outside. And of course, most obviously, so far all new Disney Worlds are computer animated, which appropriately fits KH3’s Unreal Engine/next generation graphics; while some may criticize that they are focusing too much on computer animated movies, now is definitely the time to be using and primarily focus on them as they can be represented at more than pretty much their very best One other, special thing is that ALL of the Disney Worlds featured all happen to be something that is specifically poignant to me: Hercules of course features and is based on Greek Mythology, which has of course been featured/inspires many of my favourite things such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I’ve also, especially over the last while, been on a similar journey to Hercules, having lost a special kind of power of mine and trying to get it back, by training REALLY hard and learning what it takes to be a “true hero”, aka what it takes to be your true self, which is the only way you’ll EVER unlock your true power and be truly you, which is the only way you can EVER have ANY kind of success and satisfaction, let alone EVER truly live your life I’ve also been generally overlooked upon in society as being too different, and even too good, or too whatever Tangled is my second favourite Disney Princess movie, let alone one of my top favourite Disney Princesses, and the source for one of my favourite TV shows (even though I haven’t started watching it yet . I’m also a lot like Rapunzel in that we’re both artsy, both have been stuck in a continuous routine kind of day, and both have had some kind of conflict with a mother who knows best Big Hero 6 is technically the first Marvel property to be in KH, and my little brother and I are huge Marvel fans having grown up with it, and always checking out pretty much EVERYTHING Marvel (in motion picture, aka movie, TV and game media) in some way I also see a bit of myself in EVERY single member of the BH6 team Plus of course, like Tangled, it is the source of one of my favourite TV shows, which again, I haven’t officially started watching yet Toy Story, namely Toy Story 2, is my favourite movie of all time and the reason for a lot of things in my life, including wanting to make movies in the first place : ) Needless to say, I’m so excited that we’re actually technically getting 2 new Toy Story movies next year! Like I’ve said before, I truly appreciate that, especially with Toy Story, that the series seems to have improved upon its writing and execution; not only in having (at least some of) the original actors back, but the way they portrayed the characters, from Rex’s interactions to Buzz’s arc, to even Woody’s emotional essence, right down to , has it truly feel like I am watching a true Toy Story sequel/instalment, unlike other Worlds in the series, including those that were very loyal to the movies (like Pirates in KH2), or that like Toy Story itself, featured at least some of the original actors and stayed true to the themes and essence of the movie (like Tarzan in KH1 While its not one of my top favourite Pixar movie or franchise, Monsters Inc is still very poignant to me. The movie taught me a very important moral that ALL should know and that’s that things don’t have to be a certain way, even if it has been the norm of society or even by law, for even those in the majority, let alone the topmost power can be thrown off by a false misconception. I’ve also had a similar kind of relationship to Sully and Boo in some kind of relationship to this overall epiphany, upon truly learning and applying this moral to my life, even after many years after having initially seen the movie. I am also honoured that Monsters Inc is the first Pixar movie to get a TV series, again fitting into the pattern I mentioned above; even though the TV series is not produced by Pixar, it will still be computer animated and produced by the same people who did an unbungalievably great job with some of the best Disney Junior TV shows from the last several years, such as Vampirina, Sofia the First (which happens to be my favourite TV show of all time , Elena of Avalor, Miles From Tomorrowland/Mission Force One, and the show that gave me the word I just used, which if anyone reading this can say what it is WITHOUT looking it up, I will be truly appreciative and happy (Keep in mind of course that even though it is the Vampirina people involved, the Monsters Inc TV series will NOT be juvenile or toned dow or less in any kind of way; pretty much all of those shows mentioned above don’t really feel like they are Disney Junior anyways and pretty much SHOULD be on Disney Channel instead, especially the show that gave me the word that I used J I owe a lot to Frozen , I wouldn’t’ve been able to turn my life around nor have the courage, momentum, drive and energy to help me out of a very difficult period of my life that I was a slave to for the last 12 years (Frozen is an allegory for what I went through during that period; if you truly knew EVERYTHING about my life, you would see how fortuatiously symbolic it is for my life, with Anna and Elsa representing both parts of who I truly am Needless to say, Frozen is my favourite Disney Princess movie with Anna and Elsa being my second favourite Disney Princess duo (for more than a clue to who are the First, look above Pirates of the Caribbean is my second favourite live action movie series of all time! Upon reflection in reaction to/writing about a lot of things to do with the 5thfilm last year, I realize that the series is actually very realistic and relatable to who the different characters interact with and go about obtaining their goals; depending on any point of view, EVERY single character in this series is either good or bad, which is how life generally is, with the series exploring what truly has something be good or bad, regardless of what majority, or even authority may believe With the exception of Hercules, EVERY single one of the Disney Worlds featured in KH3 so far are not only some of my top favourite Disney movies, but also some of my favourite movies PERIOD of all time! Based on what I've assessed here, what do you guys think this could mean for the remaining Disney Worlds/proeprties in the game? Sadly, however, I will NOT be able to play KH3 right when it comes out, for I do not have a PS4 and need to replay (or in Unchained/Union's case, watch a complete 100% NO commentary playthrough of it, for I do not like its gameplay, and is too expensive and time consuming for me to truly experience EVERYTHING related to the game that I need to) ALL of the previous games, and am not gonna bother buying a PS4 even for them and Lego and possibly other games (even though my little brother does have an Xbox One), when the PS5 is right around the corner. If any and everyone reading this could please pray that PS5, as well as all future consoles will please have backwards capability towards all past generation games, as well as having ALL past KH games be ported over to Xbox One, Switch and PC/ & Mac, it would be truly gratefully appreciated On a side note, I noticed that in the following interview for KH2, James Woods accuraretly calls the games “Kingdom Hearts” and “Kingdom Hearts 2”, yet in the tweet where he confirmed his return for KH3, he calls it “Kingdom of Hearts”. Whats up with that? Let alone the fact above, and not even counting him reprising his role for 3 previous games in the series, as he says in the video, he himself is an avid gamer would at least surely have heard/be recuringly hearing about the series from various sources, again based on what he’s involved with, both professionally and personally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHZK4tUrkdQ&frags=pl%2Cwn https://www.khinsider.com/news/James-Woods-Confirms-Work-on-Kingdom-Hearts-3-11611 Also, upon doing research on her, I found out that Melissa Joan Hart apparently has her own clothing line called King of Harts Its probably unlikely, but given that she launched it in 2015, when 2 of her 3 boys would be old enough to get into it, I wonder if she at least partially named her clothing line after the series; you’ll notice that it is KING and NOT QUEEN of Harts, when it is primarily a woman’s line of clothing Either way, she would be a good edition to the series, having done quite a bit of voice over work before as T.J.’s sister Becky in Recess: School’s Out, and of course the Spellman Aunts on the Animated Sabrina series (which I still find very strange why she didn’t also reprise her role as Animated Sabrina as well, given that she was concurrently playing Live Action Sabrina). Personally, I can see her playing a Square or Original character
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