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  1. ocean's rage

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    well who is expected is subjective so for anyone to make such comments is a little daft we'll probably find out all of them through data mining after piranha plant is out
  2. i imagine terra, ven and aqua would be most likely as much as id love another disney world i get the feeling weve seen them all i hope theres no more potential members of the organisation we're past 13 itll be very confusing who's in and who isnt
  3. ocean's rage

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    better avoid everything then
  4. ocean's rage

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    oh of course, do excuse my stupidity
  5. ocean's rage

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    i imagine itll vary from person to person, certainly some will blaze through some will savour every second, ill be somewhere in between
  6. ocean's rage

    What type of real life pet would Sora love to have?

    well he could borrow pluto
  7. ocean's rage

    What's your favorite Kingdom Hearts opening?

    sanctuary at the moment havent her face my fears yet so it could change
  8. ocean's rage

    Create a Classic Mode route

    well i dont think its copy rightable so i think your ok, ill copy past my one from there later on edit: here it is (changed it slightly) toad's could be called treasure tracker and he fights characters known for gathering treasure olimar wario kirby link cloud villager bonus mode giga bowser
  9. ocean's rage

    Create a Classic Mode route

    did you happen upon a similar thread on the smashboards?