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  1. and for those of us who dont like clicking on mystery youtube links? is it the scene in KH3 or some kind of fan thing?
  2. yeah i was wanting to play it on the TV a lot as well but just have to give up on it in the end. did manage doing a lot more of the side stuff that i ever did on the ds
  3. i know right? it worked fine with touch screen, but man they should not have tried motion controls
  4. i decided to wait for the full version as i felt it may exacerbate the suspense thats already killing me
  5. relax normua said that marvel and star wars were to complex to licence for KH so theyre unlikely. and even then you cant count on there being to many live action worlds in a single world as theyll need to pay to use an actor's likeness and that could drain the games budget
  6. seems unlikely as the very nature of the data worlds is that they exist within machines, which the WiR worlds. its a seperate from the other data worlds as they are from each other point being thats theres nothing to suggest that WiR are part of unreality
  7. so you basically meant hes more expressive in the manga?
  8. sora's at his best when hes being a selfless hero and saving people. not that series of goofball images you linked to
  9. many of the extra details in manga series have been contradicted by later games. they cant be canon
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