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  1. so i had strange idea for KH scenario yesterday for a princess and the frog world Sora and co accompany Tiana and co through the swamp similar to the film. however the scene with the frog hunters is replaced with an encounter with Quina Quin from ff9 another chef who is fond of eating frogs. Sora chased Quina away but they return later on when Tiana is cooking. Quina reveals that they're from radiant garden or twilight town and that they're traveling to study cooking. Quina then joins the party through the swamp, meeting mama Odie and battling Dr Facelier. after Tiana and Naveen are restored Quina says they're going to stay a while and learn some cooking from Tiana. alternatively after the first meeting Quina is not seen again and leaves behind an item that allows Sora to summon them
  2. the world that never was, was destroyed in 2 hence why it was there. traverse town is a world that appears where needed
  3. remember the key to getting past writer's block is swearing on mass
  4. you could always ask an author for advice
  5. but they were restored. yen sid sent them to the dreaming for two reasons, to free the sleeping worlds from their slumber and to gain the power of waking both of which was done by unlocking the sleeping key holes. not to mention travelling to and from the dreaming realm isn't easy
  6. spinning wheels will rain from the sky
  7. no and no. apart from anything the power of waking comes from the dreaming worlds so you can't be tied into non dreaming worlds.
  8. you should see what happened to doc ock in the comics after a life time of fighting spider man. first his body begins to fail and then he becomes handsome i may have miss a step
  9. oh i'm sorry i thought this was the KH4 thread not the spider man game thread. my mistake
  10. wait so you guys can have more than 4 options? that makes a lot of the recent polls, like the last one, seem more random
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