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  1. you can turn the AR off in go. but from what ive seen in the beta you probably could do it from home. it'll just take forever sadly
  2. first thing i said about this was positive. but alas it does not seem to staying away from the trends that made me sick of mobile games. though it's unsurprising as it was mostly SE who made me sick of them. just cause somethings par for the course doesn't mean it'd fine
  3. i can understand how you feel. it's always frustrating to see something you like being picked on. but it's always been popular to hate on disney. not i can understand hating it for the corporate part of it but there's not really a company out there that doesn't have that side so you have to put up with it sooner or later. of course there are some people who just want to see the giant topple. there'll always be people who hate it just for who made it. but even then i feel wish was a film made for the fans so i can see a general audience being lost as well
  4. deep? this is the exact nonsense they keep putting in their mobile games
  5. i can confirm that this game is still knee deep in a system designed to try a get you to make microtransactions like UX was. it's a half baked version of the usual kingdom hearts combat with a needlessly complex system of optimising your character. all the sting you for cash. don't get it and wait for the story to end up on youtube
  6. you just tap your screen for a while and on occasion press a button with a character's face. those have cooldowns
  7. i'm in this to make them stop making mobile games
  8. japan is 7 hours ahead of the uk. those times don't make sense. it would be either 2pm JP time or 9am UK time
  9. i am as it happens. i was planning to cryptically say "i know something you don't know"
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