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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. So in kingdom hearts so far we have had characters from final fantasy, the world ends with you and a cameo from einhänder. and true recently theyve been taking on a smaller role, bar the moogles, I thought id ask what other SE characters youd like to see cameo. we ask each other all the time what other FF characters we want to see so i figured id try something different and open it up to everything else. personally i wouldnt mind seeing the gang from bravely default/second
  2. they said either a master or the level of one which you could argue he was.
  3. not it isnt. he went to a keyblade master to ask to be trained in the keyblade
  4. where is namine living? for that matter where's roxas, lea and xion living in twilight town?

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