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  1. like i said: why should they blow half the budget on a cameo?
  2. well when i get round to trying him out i plan to one match in the default KH1 and then another in KH2 and then go through classic in KH3, get the spirits in DDD and one last match in TR. and then endless cycle through them every time i play as him
  3. because smash isnt canon. and they have enough trouble using certain disney properties never mind having to shell out for mario
  4. look at the copy right notice. and that isnt the same thing at all. disney owns marvel. marvel owns spidey. all sony own is the movie rights. hence why marvel and disney are still free to use spidey in whatever else they feel like with out giving sony the time of day.
  5. i think the idea of having to make smash canon to KH is nonsensical and feels like taking a bad joke too far
  6. look a the copyright notice on any of the games and youll see the games are credited solely to disney. SE are credited only for their stuff from their own games. being owned by disney doesnt automatically give you cameos in their moves and being developed by one company doesnt mean the game is owned by that same company. often it is the publisher of the game who gets to own the rights. disney being the sole owner isnt missinformation it is the truth and it support by the games themselves.
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