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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. ok heres another bit obvious but have lady luck turn into cards, and then it could turn into one of the card soldier's weapons, finisher sora turns giant and strikes
  2. oh wait is there a sword called black death? i thought you meant the disease
  3. grand ideas, the black death themed one is bit grim mind you
  4. no its bound to back fire greatly, kingdom hearts is normua's story to tell so we should let him tell it utter madness for the win
  5. ok heres some other ideas divine rose, transforms into a rose with a long stem, rapid combos with thorns, finisher rains petal down skull noise, first becomes a skateboard which has you ram into enemies, then becomes mr mew who flies around scratching, finisher mr mew turns huge and fires lasers from his eyes
  6. thought id suggest a little game, coming up with a keyblade transformation for a keyblade from a previous game in the hypothetical scenario that it comes back as dlc just a couple to get us started, fenrir and lion's heart could easily transform into the signature weapons of the ff characters they represent, so fenrir becomes the buster sword allowing you to tear through enemies with like cross slash and what have you and lion's heart would become a gunblade with rapid attacks and an expolsion at the end of combos, their finisher would natuarlly be the most powerful moves of cloud and squall
  7. ok then i got an out there theory skuld and emphear are sora's parents well its more a peculiar idea that cropped into my head one day rather than a theory
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