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  1. i dont think you need to explain the "who" on this website
  2. i can confirm the entire dex has been leaked, ive seen all the new pokemon two of them were shown in the last trailer confirming the leaks, they are out there
  3. sora has so much moveset potential i hope sakurai thinks hes fun
  4. sorry about that everyone i think my overall tiredness of salty fandoms got to me a little there no no you dont need to apologise, im in wrong here for snapping, in fact i was crafting my apology when you posted that yeah sorry about my own salt just boiled out a little there look i know that there a legit criticisms to be had with these games but i just dont want this thread to devolve into nothing but a list of everyone's gripes, cut pokemon sucks, cut series staples like frustration and return doesnt make sense and the catching thing doesnt make much sense you would have been just as well to transfer pokemon disobedience to all pokemon instead of just those from trades but how something looking good or bad is a matter of opinion, the earth not being flat has been proved but you cant prove something thats a matter of opinion that comparison doesnt really make sense
  5. no, most people are just upset about the dex things every single thing ive seen always comes back to that, cut moves make sense, gts wasnt that great, hidden power was just a gamble, catching restrictions is probably an anti hacking mechanic, not one thatll work as people can hack badges but still doesnt feel worth getting upset over, you cant have proof that animations are terrible as what is terrible is a matter of opinion, everybody know nintendo dont care about balance so why does this come as a surprise to them all? the games arent the shitshow the fandom is, people looking down on others who want to join the game, people complaing cut moves to remembrance day the whole thing is just stupid now
  6. wouldnt you have been just as well to post this in the general smash thread?
  7. alright if youre all gonna start with nat dex salt, im out ive had enough of it, all over the internet legit criticisms mixed with our right hostility and its all been exaggerated beyond all proportions
  8. thanks you. in my life ive found people will consider just about anything a spoiler so i think its best to put anything unofficially announced in spoilers
  9. hey hey hey put that in a spoiler box, people try and avoid this stuff
  10. you think people would have gotten over thanos by now
  11. yes but lets be respectful to people who want to go in blind and keep them to spoiler boxes
  12. well in theory just about any of the films could work, up, brave and wall-e are my top choices
  13. theres a rumour of a gen 4 garlar form
  14. i suppose that make sense, but i see most of the films included being for everyone and if people cant watch them cause their "childish" then its their loss the disney worlds are part of kingdom heart's identity, to get rid of them would be the worst possible decision for the series but of course thats just how i see things
  15. seems to be the general consensus, im sure the whole dex will leak the day before at the latest
  16. ok if you hate disney that much why are playing kingdom hearts?
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