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  1. i think the idea is that they can't be heard but in some cutscenes because they're switching between two perspectives they thought theyd allow it
  2. it's meant to be that they're seeing visions of the other traverse town. if you recall the dreaming worlds all appear in two versions, sora's and riku's. so the projections are sora seeing into riku's version and vice versa
  3. i've tried that excuse, it does not work
  4. nope i don't know them it is boring so stick with immaturity it's way better
  5. maturity = being serious. no one who takes themselves seriously dresses like that
  6. i think anyone who dresses like that wont be feeling very mature and have a big happy grin on their face
  7. i think you and i may have different definitions of that word
  8. personally i'd like to see days and coded remade with an engine like the other games
  9. what even the murder and body stealing? the tearing a young boy's heart in two? the manipulating people into terrible fates? you agree with that?
  10. so what you're saying that it has to be him, no one else?
  11. where did you hear that? by all account he was left over from them wanting to include a fantasia
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