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  1. a friend introduced me to the first KH. then we got our own copy
  2. i dunno the villain in luca felt kinda on brand for pixar. also WDAS film for next year "wish" seems to be a homage to disney tropes so we may yet get a classic style villain there
  3. that was cause they said they were shifting focus to things like crypto currencies and NFTs. about a week later that market crashed. but's also worth noting that SE has loads of games still coming/being ported to new systems they're not in danger
  4. perhaps i just have a soft spot for the ugly ones
  5. i'm sorry how is graphics going to affect the game in the slightest? apart from making it more expensive
  6. well clarifying that you love both films multiple times was the give away. but i get that, i've gotten a lot of backlash on every part of the internet for liking things or disliking things or in one really odd case liking the same thing as the people giving the backlash
  7. encanto, luca and onward in that order altough onward was more than two years. anyway you use that phrase it doesn't count
  8. did you by any chance get this world list from this places gallery or from a deviantart user called chibi-robo64?
  9. how dare you! that's an english thing
  10. iirc one of the first was showing off the wii u pre e3
  11. what happens when sony decided to copy nintendo's home work
  12. and that game in toy box seems to be the basis for quadratum
  13. i'm curious about the other worlds in unreality in terms of lore i mean. i wonder if they'll be natively part of unreality or if they'll come up with a reason that they were from the realm of light, in case they want to use them again in the series, and so they're worlds that suffered a fate similar to sora.
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