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  1. i dont think anyone would have called you out on it
  2. its hard to get hyped for a game that will kick you to the title screen if the wifi goes out in the middle of an epic boss fight. even if it is one of the best series ever
  3. Either the connection was woeful or the demo time was cruelly short for a SE game

  4. ocean's rage

    Fan Worlds Volume 13

    Atlantis the Lost Empire, The Muppets and The Jungle Book
  5. what about as a 100 acre wood esc mini game world?
  6. Glossing over the fact that it's probably a licencing nightmare for now, would you be for or against a worlds based on the muppets in kingdom hearts?
  7. as a person who prefers characters to play style i was gonna love him no matter what
  8. wouldnt be that hard to believe he has a secret apprentice
  9. strictly speaking protagonist means "one who plays the first part, chief actor" in fact there are multiple kinds of protagonist. a character doesnt need to drive the story to be the protagonist, there is such a thing as a "supporting protagonist" a character from who's perspective the story is told but whom doesnt directly drive the plot. protagonists comes in many forms the only the main thing the definitions have in common is that theyre the one who the story follows.
  10. technically a protagonist is the character who's perspective the story is told from. so a lead protag would be who ever was playable the most
  11. Happy New year KH13. Here's to Kingdom Hearts' 20th anniversary 

    1. ienzo628


      That's impressive!

    2. ocean's rage
  12. eh ill just keep it simple and say all of them, each have their own pros and cons but all great games
  13. i had a go at drawing a keyblade themed around mirabel's outfit
  14. i would love it. i wonder if the house would have a heart
  15. so what you're saying is dont saying anything bad about this movie in case i somehow cause it to bomb and them the two other movies youve been promised might never happen and that would break your heart? also im fairly certain star wars bombed cause even the vast majority of star wars fans didnt like the preceding movies
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