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  1. well clu was the bad guy in the better film but the mcp had the better boss fight in kh2 but if this is about the films then i should go with clu
  2. ocean's rage

    Fan Keyblades Volume 3

    keyblades for anastasia, marry poppins, onward, the black cauldron, bedknobs and broomsticks and holes
  3. ocean's rage

    Fan Worlds Volume 8

    fan worlds for the black cauldron, bedknobs and broomsticks and holes
  4. i wonder how much theyll change
  5. that was part of the reason, they were hoping that it would be spring man so that it would allow for other assist trophies to be upgraded
  6. i think i was just given a sarcastic award

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Naww I don't think it was

    2. ocean's rage

      ocean's rage

      you may be more trusting of others than i

  7. if we dont get even a little bit of music from symphony of sorcery something is a miss
  8. its bizarre watching people lose it cause it wasnt spring man
  9. possible but remember it is implied that the version sora goes to is a version in the past, its hard to say all we do know is that it was once day break town
  10. i wonder what become of the other classmates/what theyve been doing all this time
  11. yeah well the PSs have had better luck getting the kh games than the nintendo consoles
  12. excellent the more people but it for switch the more theyll be encouraged to put more KH games on it
  13. i will be getting it on switch, i have been waiting for a kh game on switch and this will do
  14. so the master is called odin and one of the students is names after one odins sons
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