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  1. so looks like first few quests are out, the games may be counted as different worlds or the overall name is "niceland" dont normally watch videos from quests i cant play yet but i wanted to see its name and hear the bgm which i love by the way shes done it again
  2. well im unfamiliar with the character but the twerking conjures up enough of an image
  3. well it was in last one as well but i assumed you say brawl as thats where it debuted, ive seen a fair amount of impressive stuff out there already though stage builder is not for me
  4. you sure? i cant find these things anywhere and everything i read says this all comes from the novel, the only normua stuff i can find are about his face name and voice i assume you have a link to the interview
  5. we may have to wait til the next time around im sure theyll want to do the first film to start with, though id love to explore their internet
  6. vanitas isnt a tragic villain he made it clear that the awful things he does was all his own choice and not to do with being made from darkness
  7. oh yeah theres loads of possibilities and even though 3's just out im already looking forward to where we go next
  8. well guys stage builder has been officially revealed as well as some dlc mii fighter costumes featuring the returning tails and knuckles ones
  9. hmm i dont think i can even guess where the story is gonna go despite all that set up
  10. you know thinking about isnt it possible that theyve deliberately left characters relationship ambiguous so players can interpret them how they want
  11. i imagine finding the balance would be tough for any writer or story teller of any kind
  12. fans do get a bit obsessive with ships, i suppose its not necessary for the story but it would be interesting to see how the relationships would evolve though to be fair romance is in the series, just mostly with the non original characters
  13. that was a strange one as they were fine with someone turning to dust
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