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  1. maybe its cause i have no idea what war frame is
  2. i mean we get lodes of new dlc spirits i dont see what the big deal is
  3. im gonna go with rage form because its optional and does ruin you trying to finish off a boss in a cool way
  4. Well thats all the oricalcum + bar one gotten. on to pot luck

  5. these last 10 data battle are gonna kill me

  6. hmm im gonna go with kh2's hero's crest, as cool as being able to turn it into a chariot is hero's origin doesnt look as nice
  7. any advice for the bosses in limit cut? only beaten, luxord, larxene and maluxia
  8. i cycled through genie, stitch and peter pan so i think theyd be even i could not use chicken little, too disorienting
  9. Finally got started on Re: Mind

  10. that is a tough one but i think ill go with originals as i liked the insight into the heartless lore they give you
  11. i like 3 houses and im not happy about this
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