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  1. I'm getting it on the Switch. (That's the only console i have lol TwT)
  2. Welp, today's my birthday. Woo! \o3o/



    1. Iamkingdomhearts1000


      Seen the new announcement? 

    2. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Yeah i did. Really love the new characters' designs.

  3. Spoiler

    So fifth DLC Fighter is.... Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses. I'm kinda disappointed tbh. =w=;

    But hey, 6 more fighters will be coming in Smash so I'm still hoping Sora for smash. QwQ



  4. Kinda late but hey, i Finally got it! QwQ

     I just got this from the mail almost 2 weeks ago! It was late Christmas present from one of my brothers. QwQ 20191230_223739_HDR.thumb.jpg.f633d173337b99388f8c959fa7af9f07.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Sadly no. Kinda sucks that you need that thing to play online. :( and yeah i do have a switch

    3. rosco258


      I know!  I wish you did id play with you :)

    4. Yessie Maltese
  5. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7doublesou-970511197 Here's mine with Xiro. XD
  6. To me, i would like to see Max and Oswald. That's all i can think about. owo
  7. KH13 Username: Yessie Maltese Showdown Username: Yessie Maltese Time Zone: GMT-05:00 Central Daylight Time Yeee ?
  8. *downloaded/screencaps many good references for Tifa, Aerith, Sonia, Nessa and Zelda*
    welp, time to do some fan art. OwOb

  9. Thanks! yes but that wasn't the idea. It's more like a new outfit for KH4 and a friend's fanfic.
  10. Here's some KH OCs i made so far. Serena Sol Solis (or Sol for short) Astro / Ad Astra ( Iamkingdomhearts100's KH3.6 fanfic counterpart) Luna Viridian Serenity (Serena's mother) (I actually used bases to draw them except Serenity. Sorry. ;w; )
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