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  1. Yessie Maltese

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    "Well, this isn't good.." Leaf then wonders how can they passed through the bridge now that it collapsed. However, after hearing that the bridge is actually hopefully invisible. Although it seems to easy but also a bit tricky to find a right path. She began to worried as she crosses her arms. "Are you sure it's safe to cross through, Pit?" She asked.
  2. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zaruka, Besaid Island~ "Heheh, you're welcome." She began eating her apple while continuing walking. Zaruka smiles as she finished it quickly and throws the core away. She then noticed the bush shook for a moment as she turned, sensing a small dark energy. "Who's there...?" She asked quietly. As soon as she saw a yellow-eyed black monster came out by jumping out of the bush, Zaruka gasps and was about to use her magic but Johnny already took care of it when he slashed the monster. She wonders what kind of creature is it. "I don't know. I never seen it or heard of it before." ~Xing, leaving Midgar and entering Eden~ After couple of the minutes later, Xing seems to find an odd area which kinda seems to be a bridge. It looks very futuristic and weirdly enough, he noticed that the ground is appeared to be chopped and connected it with the other, even the pipes and the bridge's walls as well. "This is so weird... What do you think, Emeralda? Should we go through there?" He asked.
  3. So i did a thing. OwO


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      Dedede is the 13th darkness confirmed.

  5. Yessie Maltese

    ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

    Yeah. Thank you! QwQ
  6. Yessie Maltese

    ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

    Made some new pics!
  7. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zaruka, Besaid Island~ "Right." Zaruka nods as she follows him. She then looking at Johnny, wondering what's on his mind. (Mr. Mercer sure been thinking a lot. I wonder what is it?) her mind got interrupted when she started to feel hungry, frowned as she covered her stomach. (aww, i forgot to eat lunch... Hold on. Can i still use my magic in this place?) Zaruka tried to summon some food and yet, her magic still work. An Apple appeared on her hand. (well, i can still use it. I better get another one for him.) she thought as she summoned another apple for Johnny. She tugged his shirt to get his attention. ~Xing, Midgar~ "Alright. Hmm... Let's try that way. Maybe there's the exit." He said as he pointed another alley. Xing headed over there while leading the way. (i hope...)
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  9. Yessie Maltese

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    "Oh my gosh.... Is Tiki a dragon type?! How's that even possible?!" Leaf was very shocked as she saw a dragon who is happen to be Tiki. How come a little girl can transform into a dragon type pokemon? Is she even a pokemon or a human at all? The trainer had so many questions to ask. "How many worlds is there?! There's No way a human can ever transform into a Pokemon!" She then stopped and realized something. (well, besides Bill with that machine of his if i remember correctly.) She thought.
  10. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zaruka, Besaid Island~ "I'm not sure." She replied. Zaruka thought of something as she closes her eyes. She then got an idea and looks at him. "How about we team up? Thought it will be much easier to find anyone." She doesn't understand why both of them were brought here. Could it be the brides' doing? Although, it doesn't make any sense that her and Johnny don't appeared to live the same hometown, or the same world. As for now, she needs to find a way to leave the island and then find a way back home. ~Xing, Midgar~ Xing nodded to the girl. "Alright. I don't know who brought me here either." He said. So far, it seems Emeralda doesn't speak normally but at least, she understand what he said. "We gonna have to get out of here first. The place is empty. Like Really, i couldn't find anyone besides you." He wonders if someone must send him here. But for what purpose? Are they the only ones? Or there's more people in this unknown land?
  11. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    Sorry for the wait. I'll see if i have enough to post today.
  12. Yessie Maltese

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Yeah pretty much. XD except Kirby. He is Sakurai's little baby. one scene i find it sad is when Sonic slows down to tried to save Pikachu.
  13. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zaruka, Besaid Island~ She looked where he pointed at and thought about it. It does seem a little off to be there. "I'm Zaruka Long. Just call me Zaruka." She shook his hand. "From what i seen so far, i couldn't found anyone nor animals on this island. The place is completely empty." She said. ~Xing, Midgar~ Xing got off guard as the green-haired Woman approached in front of him after jumping down. He felt quite uncomfortable when she stares at him. "Umm, it's very nice to meet you, Emeralda. But unfortunately, no, i never heard of them and never seen them either." He explained. He scratches his head as he chuckles nervously. The girl seems very strange to him. "My name's Xing Long. Just Xing is fine."
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