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  1. I hope you're right about David and Jesse, Yes I remember Hayden was being treated for PPD back in 2017 so I was okay Alyson voicing her in 0.2 scenes. I just really hate that she wasn't asked, like the very least they could've done was ask.... She voiced the character in Two main numbered titles but they couldn't ask? In my opinion that was disrespectful.
  2. First off I'm calm, I was calm when I gave my opinion key word being MY opinion? So I would thank you not to patronize me. Second Hayden Panettiere has voiced Kairi in almost EVERY appearance she's had in the series minus Chain of memories and the more recent 0.2 appearances. They very well could and should have asked her back in my opinion. Alyson is an amazing actress and her Kairi voice is very similar to Haydens portrayal but for me and loads of other like minded fans she is NOT our Kairi. Oh and by the way there are ways to get your point across without being derogatory, If they would recast Kairi why in the world wouldn't I be concerned about Riku and Roxas being recasted? It definitely could happen and it doesn't make myself or anyone else for that matter "stupid" for seeing that possibility. You need to calm down and stop trying to police our opinions.
  3. Love Alyson Stoner to the moon and back but No. Unfortunately I cannot get excited about this when Disney and SquareEnix completely blindsided and disrespected Hayden Panettiere. They never even asked the woman if she was willing to come back for KHIII that is NEVER okay. Now I'm starting to worry about David Gallagher and Jesse McCartney. Neither of them have been confirmed to reprise their roles as Riku, Ventus and Roxas respectfully for KHIII.
  4. Has anyone else's friend list completely vanished after this update?

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

       Yeah, it's because of the new follow system  

  5. Really bummed that Hayden Panettiere wasn't even asked to reprise her role as Kairi in KH3. I love Alyson Stoner don't get me wrong but Kairi is Hayden's role and has been since the first installment. Just doesn't seem fair.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Did she stay she wasn't asked about it? Or this is assumption for the trailer's voice?

    3. itsDON


      She stated it on twitter.

    4. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Oh jeez! I love her Kairi work :v

  6. Thank you KH13 team so much for the constant updates and all of the effort you guys put into delivering news and information for us fans during this event and in general. You are appreciated
  7. I am honestly in tears from the new snippet of song we got from The kingdom hearts 3 trailer and the fact that Utada is back!

    1. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Many people say it's kinda way different than the other two tracks, but it's not tho. I'm sure they comment this thinking about the intro, which will surely have a Remix version of Don't Think Twice while the ending will be this sad version which will take us down the floor in tears since it will be all over

    2. itsDON


      Yrah but its not ALL over just this saga in the series will come to a close. There will be another Kingdom Hearts title in the distant future lol.

    3. KeybladeMasterBalo


      I know but it's still some kind of "Ending", of a cycle you may call it but a true ending at that.

  8. I don't want a lot for Christmas there is just one thing I need. I just want a real release date in 2018 for KH3

    1. VisitJoan


      I see what you did there.

  9. Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side.

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    2. Keyblade101


      And I paid a visit. Well, it's possible I missed it it seemed different yet exactly the same.

    3. itsDON


      Till further noticed I'm in=between,from where I'm standing my grass is green. :)

    4. Keyblade101


      Someone once told me the grass is much greener, on the other side.... :)

  10. I wonder if anything will be shown at D23 Japan in February? Good to know that we will be "possibly" getting news in June though.
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