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  1. What I meant by "the film's plot was so misused" is that it had the potential for a brilliant incorporation into the main plot but were utterly lazy with it and yes, Swiss-cheesing it was another part of that. For example, the flower could have been made of one of the last drops of light that was fought over in the Keyblade War or because Mother Gothal hid it to keep it to herself, it's a fragment that was never known of. Mother Gothal being centuries old could have been alive for the KW and served the organization with her intel. They did vaguely establish that Rapunzel had a connection to the 7 hearts but didn't follow through with it. One of quite a few holes Instead, the entire goal of the world was just to get Rapunzel to the festival to see the lanterns which had no significance whatsoever to the main plot, wasn't something Sora and Co. really needed to be there to assist with, other than defeat Mother Gothal they did nothing but observe the film plot and I wasn't clear on what Marluxia was doing there. The satchel in the boat was just one of the Swiss-cheese holes. There was also how Sora suddenly knew that Rapunzel had found out that she was the lost princess but was surprised to hear her call Flynn by his birth name, Eugene. There also seemed to be no purpose to Marluxia putting the trio to sleep. It hindered absolutely nothing as I recall and it made no sense that shaking and yelling failed to lift the spell but a horse lick succeeded. I concur with you about the thugs being removed. That created the biggest of the holes as in two instances their roles seem to have been given to thin air. 1 . Flynn being set up to appear to be ditching Rapunzel with the crown. 2 . Mother Gothel using her film line: "Let's go quick before they come to". Even considering that most players have seen the film, this was horribly in-cohesive and senseless.
  2. I played the GBA and I found it difficult at times to see where I was aiming during a battle particularly when there were multiple foes as in a random heartless battle so I while I'm not a fan of this installment at all I disagree that it's better on GBA. I was a bit more comfortable with it on PS3 in 1.5.
  3. As has already been stated here multiple times the film did quite poorly. From the sound of it, it might possibly be Disney's greatest failure. It has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 9% which is the lowest rating I've seen since The Host with a critic statement: "A would-be franchise-starter that will anger fans of the source material and leave newcomers befuddled, Artemis Fowl is frustratingly flightless." Critics also called it not entertaining enough and the execution poor. Peter Debruge of Variety said the film feels "tortuously long at just 93 minutes" and that "we get a movie with a loosely defined hero, an even vaguer villain and a whole lot of things flying at the screen, in service of one of those endings that suggests we've just watched the origin story for a character we'll never hear from again." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemis_Fowl_(film) I'm not familiar with this franchise myself, I recall roughly in 6th grade trying to read the first book but failed to get into it and while my family watched the film over the weekend, I admit I got distracted with a Pokemon fan game I was playing for a good chunk of it. I did find what I did catch interesting enough to consider giving the books another go. I did somewhat want to watch the film again as well just to get a better idea of the plot but now I'm wondering if that's possible. I can safely assess, however, that with this terrible reception, there is no chance KH will touch it.
  4. Yes since the issue has been resolved I'm outta here, I don't even use this channel and have notifications turned off.
  5. I'm honestly not sure if there is a ping for the team as a whole.
  6. The specific members of the forum moderation team are taggable such as myself and Wakeless, they are listed on the right.
  7. Not all the staff here are involved with forum moderation.
  8. Great. In the future @Inçendyne you should tag members of the KH13 forum moderation team for an issue like this, which I am among.
  9. This issue has been handled though?
  10. It doesn't have to be a deleted area necessarily, it could just be what it is, a view meant to establish the existence of the Snuggly Duckling for the tie in with secret tunnel opening in the forest. What would have been the point of being able to visit the Snuggly Duckling? Though it wouldn't have hurt either considering the entire Kingdom of Corona world was pointless because of how the film's plot was so misused, something I'm forever salty about.
  11. Kim Possible FTW. 1. I've never seen Gargoyles or Gravity Falls and don't care for Phineas and Ferb. 2. Kim Possible lends itself well to the KHverse with some very in depth plot lines and a verity of boss battle options; Drakken, Shego, MonkeyFist, DNAmy etc. Kim Possible herself or perhaps Rufus would also make a great summons.
  12. I feel the predators going savage concept of Zootopia has such great potential as KH material. Perhaps the whole Tefiti's (sp?) heart thing in Moana as well.
  13. I would image that it's a huge process that requires massive power and for what reason would the other worlds require it? The presence of hearts in inanimate objects is a particular concept that became of interest to Xehanort after the Pinocchio experience in the original game which was a marvel to him and is what opened up the man-made vessel possibility. The developer explanation, however, I presume is to avoid the conflict of human interaction with the Toy trio. Turning flesh and bone into plastic is somewhat breaking a wall in even KH's reality.
  14. If one considers Tim Burton's live action sequel of sorts, Wonderland didn't cease to exist, illustrated by Alice's ability to leave and return to the human world conscious and soiled from the rabbit hole. She merely THOUGHT it was a dream. In the animated film and original Lewis Carroll novel, it's more or less Schrodinger's cat. While we do see her in these adaptions, escape via awakening from a slumber, perhaps dreaming is just one way into Wonderland. It could be a Narnia/Coraline concept, in that it appears to youths in need of escape in whatever form is convenient. Think about it, in the animated film and the novel Alice finds Wonderland while bored out of her mind studying and in the Tim Burton version she finds it while running in conflict from an arranged engagement.
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