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  1. How fast can you get through it? Or will you prolong it?
  2. Ventus_

    Ventus Atlantica.jpg

    Ventus in merman form in Atlantica. I did this a few years ago when I was still a new recruit in the SM team and had originally shared it here as a thread in the Creative Media forum because at the time I hadn't known about the gallery. I've decided to add it now.
  3. Which one's your favorite? I dig Highwind lvl 8. myself because of the badass gothic look. Shoots well too. Answer: I counted 40 on this list
  4. But he wasn't. He introduces himself to Ephemer and Skuld as Ventus.
  5. Ventus_

    Roxas Q and A

    This ^ Ventus's heart is not what made Sora a wielder in the first place despite the irony of his being officially chosen by the Kingdom Key over Riku after he makes the same declaration made by Ventus against Vanitas, "My friends are my power". Ventus's heart gave him the ability to dual wield because he's essentially two wielders in one. Ergo if (I'm so hopeful I almost said 'when') Ventus is revived, Sora will merely lose his ability to dual wield. He'll still be a wielder of his own keyblade. It's the same deal with Roxas. I believe what made him an anomaly and able to co-exist with Sora was that Roxas possessed his own heart which means he'd always wielded from his own heart, not Sora's and thus will be able to continue to once revived as a real person.
  6. Which FFXV character would you want most in Kh3?
  7. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Perhaps it won't but rather will progress to their rebooting their non-Pixar CGIs such as Frozen and Wreck-it-Ralph. What's got me is their priorities when it comes to sequels. While Googling Dumbo II a similar search suggestion I was drawn to was Zootopia 2. From what I've gathered, IMDB suggests that a plot outline and even cast choices have been mapped out and the film is in high demand but there are no plans in the near future to actually make it. Yet Wreck-it-Ralph, Maleficent, Frozen and possibly the live action Jungle Book got/are getting sequels.
  8. Have you fought them all? Answer: We counted 27.
  9. Ventus_

    Who do you think killed Strelitzia?

    I just got caught up and thought it rather suspicious that just after Strelitzia's slain, Laurium joins the union leaders in her place and is vauge in his reasoning for being late.
  10. I'd go with Tumblr because it's a pain in the ass sometimes and I never got into it. It'd be nice to remove it from social media work. I know Facebook sucks in a lot of ways and if 'The Social Media' was at all accurate Marc Zuckerburg is a selfish prick but I kinda need Facebook to communicate with my friends and family.
  11. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Wow, I had no idea there was an abandoned Dumbo sequel. Interesting because Tim Burton is currently making a live-action remake which actually looks pretty damn good.
  12. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Yeah and The Lion King is my favorite Disney film but from what I've gathered so far, I'm not impressed by the remake.
  13. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Now that would be bitchin'!
  14. Ventus_

    Is Rebooting Pirates Of The Caribbean A Bad Idea?

    Well I wasn't a fan of the original series and believe that reboots, in general, are a waste of time and resources but planning a reboot literally right after it's original is complete is a new level of ridiculous even for a reboot!