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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I would image that it's a huge process that requires massive power and for what reason would the other worlds require it? The presence of hearts in inanimate objects is a particular concept that became of interest to Xehanort after the Pinocchio experience in the original game which was a marvel to him and is what opened up the man-made vessel possibility. The developer explanation, however, I presume is to avoid the conflict of human interaction with the Toy trio. Turning flesh and bone into plastic is somewhat breaking a wall in even KH's reality.
  2. If one considers Tim Burton's live action sequel of sorts, Wonderland didn't cease to exist, illustrated by Alice's ability to leave and return to the human world conscious and soiled from the rabbit hole. She merely THOUGHT it was a dream. In the animated film and original Lewis Carroll novel, it's more or less Schrodinger's cat. While we do see her in these adaptions, escape via awakening from a slumber, perhaps dreaming is just one way into Wonderland. It could be a Narnia/Coraline concept, in that it appears to youths in need of escape in whatever form is convenient. Think about it, in the animated film and the novel Alice finds Wonderland while bored out of her mind studying and in the Tim Burton version she finds it while running in conflict from an arranged engagement.
  3. The heroes of Kingdom Hearts have a trend of coming in trios. Which is your favorite?
  4. Sounds good. I'm just gonna finish off the first season to reach the same area as you both but we can still discuss one episode at a time.
  5. Wednesday is fine by me though I feel as though I need to finish off the season to level myself with you two.
  6. Precisely. For clarification, I'm not hating on Jonathon, I know he's a good guy and I quite like him, it was just difficult to sympathize with him in that particular scene as the photos as already stated didn't represent his character in a good light. Particularly in the sense that he justified himself by claiming to have been searching for Will. I found I was unable to argue with Tommy (or was it Steve?) that those photos of a private residence with no grounds to suspect the owners of involvement in a kidnapping and two young women in said private residence, one in a state of undress did not support that claim, not to mention were illegal. It, unfortunately, sounded like the desperate excuse of a creeper. Obviously he did start out searching for Will but once he came across Steve's house the objective clearly changed. As for the destruction of the camera, we wouldn't be having this argument if the jerk group had been a celebrity's security team and Jonathon's character had been a paparazzi, as that action would have been entirely condoned. I feel this is not much different in terms of the raw action in itself but can see how there was a sense of kicking Jonathon while he was down embedded into it considering that Will's disappearance was a public crisis. I could, however, employ the same argument @WakelessDream did regarding Steve's attitude toward's Barb's disappearance; that these were just teenage boys who saw only a creeper not a distressed older brother and eldest son. Additionally, the difference from Steve's dismissal of Barb was that Barb is someone their own age who disappeared from his house while Will is just some kid their class has probably barely ever seen. Hell, look at...what's his name, the one Mike calls "mouth breather", Tyson? He and his asshole friend laughed at Will's memorial assembly and Will is their classmate. So if his own classmates can be so dismissive, that's twice as much so for teenagers. I felt for Nancy as well, and for Barb that no one cares half as much about her as Will. So far Nancy is just about the most relatable character on the show and I'm glad she now has Jonathon on her side.
  7. I concur that Steve's "friends" are the core assholes but I was referring to his caring more about getting in trouble with his father for the booze than not just someone who went missing at his house but that it was his girlfriend's friend. As for the group destroying Jonathon's camera and photographs, I'm on the fence as to whether or not that counts as asinine as the photographs did make Jonathon look like a stalker/creeper.
  8. I never entertained that it could be Will. It just didn't add up with Joyce's communication with the lights and I stand by that the boys didn't get a good view which it turns out was intentional. What did surprise me though was that it wasn't a real body at all but a stuffed doll. I've never seen that before. Usually when a death is falsified a real, identical body is used. This comes off as pretty stupid actually. Of course, a mother is gonna request to see distinguishing markers such as birthmark and someone at the precinct was gonna find it suspicious that the regular coroner was excused in favor of someone in on the scam. It might be just at the beginning but I'm thinking Nancy/Jonathon could be shippable. Steve was such an asshole about Barb!
  9. Seriously? I'm the only one still progressing at the designated pace? This seems to be quite unfairly out of balance now as we're all at different points and it puts me far behind even though I did watch episode 4 last night.
  10. The boys did not have a clear angle, I didn't get the sense that they were able make out enough of the corpse's features to be able to determine for certain that it was Will. it came across as an assumption to me but you're right the anguish was so real. At the same time though, as you've pointed out, to have all that build up with Joyce and the lights for Will to be declared dead doesn't add up and that it was something else communicating with her seems like a stretch as it's so random. I don't scare by fiction unless it's something with realistic prospect such as 'I am Legend'. Part of me wants to go ahead but then I'd have a difficult time keeping quiet.
  11. I concur, that Barb is probably dead. It's possible she was the corpse found in the lake, since we don't get a good view of it and she had a short haircut I believe. It couldn't possibly be Will, he told Joyce he was alive. Unless that wasn't Will communicating with Joyce. Then again the corpse seemed a bit small to be Barb. It's a head scratcher. If it's not either Will or Barb, who could it be? On another note, I'm liking the Eleven flashbacks, I'm interested in finding out exactly what she is.
  12. Agreed but from a still living state as he literally told Joyce through the one blink for 'yes', two blinks for 'no' system. Is episode 3 our latest? Under this assumption that's how far I went last night but want to be certain before I comment on it.
  13. I apologize, I'm afraid I fell a bit behind purely due to forgetfulness. I've just finished the second episode and am now starting the third. I've gotta say I'm confused. The whole thing with the Joyce and the lights and Barb. Are Will and Barb in some other dimension?
  14. Next Monday or Tuesday is better for me as well. As our bathroom is under renovations and currently entirely gutted I've been having to shower at my aunt's house this week. My shower days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I go over to my aunt's for my shower at around 3:15 PST after she's off work. Then I'm having dinner with my friends at 5:30-5:45 PST.
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