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  1. Very cool! I like how you named the lesser quality files with the reason it was generated that way. The little comments are cool as well, seems like you have some Aqua favoritism Not that I blame you at all. I'll keep a copy downloaded, thanks for creating and sharing this
  2. I can't wait to give it a try. Depending on how heavily micro transactions are required to progress I may not be playing it too long. But regardless, I'm excited to get more KH lore and content. And as much as I love getting more KH content I do hope they shift away from the mobile market a bit. I thought KHUx was fun for it's time and It's cool that they're trying out a GPS based game. But I feel like anything else coming out after this will have less of a pass for innovative gameplay and just feel like a blatant cash grab.
  3. I feel like it'd be in the latter half of 2024 if anything. Ideally I'd like them to hold off on footage till we get within a year or 2 before the release of the game. I felt one thing KH3's announcement to release window suffered from was an over-abundance of trailers over a long period of time. Too much of the game was shown to us prior to the games release. Which led to some subverted expectations and added to the divide of opinions towards the game.
  4. I agree with FadedSparkle. I wouldn't want any DLC either as I'd like the game to come as a complete package. Though I am a little more lenient towards free DLC since it gives the publishers a chance to amend something lackluster about the game. I think Sonic Frontiers is a good example of how free DLC can enhance the game and amend flawed story delivery. I would've liked Re:Mind to have been something like that too instead of being half the cost of the base game.
  5. Scala ad Caelum would be my pick alongside Daybreak Town by proxy. I really liked Daybreak Town and I'm excited to see how integral Scala is to the story going forward. If I had to pick a runner up, It'd be Radiant Garden.
  6. Will definitely be giving this a watch in the near future. I've been listening to your Piano Covers on Spotify for years. Whether it be Kingdom Hearts or some other game/anime it's always a treat to listen to. So I know this will be as well. Thank you for sharing! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  7. Woah... this is amazing! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into making this. It really is a treat to have all of these quotes nicely compiled like this
  8. I'm indifferent about it. It looks okay but nothing really stands out to make me want to pick it up at full price. I'll likely pick it up when it falls under $30 later this year or next year.
  9. As much as I'd love to have other customization features and alternate cutscenes I feel like the co-op option would be my pick. It would be a fun and effective way to interact with other KH fans. I have fond memories with local co-op so I would image online co-op would be handled just as well. So long as they don't follow suit of microtransaction hell I'd love to see some online features. Probably not in KH4 though, it'd be more fitting in an unnumbered entry as I wouldn't want them to divert too much attention to it as it could muddy other aspects of the game.
  10. I love the way this turned out, might have to pick it up later on. Interesting choice in enemy cards as well. I'm surprised they didn't use more Organization members aside from Roxas and Axel. I know Roxas has a card in the game but I feel like his presence is very minute in comparison to other potential candidates for the card.
  11. I've been eyeing these music boxes for a while now. Really happy to see Kingdom Hearts added to the mix. I feel like they'd make great gifts, plus I'd love to have one or two for myself. Glad I never caved and purchased one from Etsy. The Etsy ones are nice but these look much nicer. Right now I'm looking to get: FF8 - Love Grows FFX - Zanarkand KH1 - Traverse Town I'd kill to have any rendition of Dearly Beloved on one of these music boxes, but Traverse Town will have to hold me over for now.
  12. From the little we know about Yozora so far I think he's a pretty cool character. I don't really have any strong opinions on him yet because of how he's been presented so far. I feel like Nomura was just channeling his longing to create Versus XIII into him with everything that was surrounding him. If anything I'd want Yozora to be fleshed out as his own unique character and become a prominent character in the story going forward.
  13. I love both Drive Forms and Form Changes but my pick would have to be Drive Forms. I like that you had to work to recharge the drive gauge and would have to use it a little more strategically since it would be a while before you could use it again. Form changing in itself is very cool. It encouraged me branch out and use keyblades I otherwise wouldn't have. But I felt like it was too easy to change into those forms to the point where it didn't feel as special as Drive Forms.
  14. Yeah I'd have to agree with Frank and Destiny, it's likely the controller. If you were playing on Ps5 I would've said try updating the controller firmware or connecting a Ps4 controller to the Ps5 and see if the issue persists. I feel like analog sticks tend to be one of the biggest points of failure. Back in the Ps3 days when I would press R3 on one of my controllers it would occasionally hit the Square and X buttons. And of course we know about the infamous joycon drift on the switch lol Did that Canned Air fix destiny mentioned work for you if you tried it?
  15. I feel like Tink was the only one that was truly viable. The rest of them were only ever summoned if I wanted to spice things up a bit
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