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  1. I agree, Way to the Dawn was without a doubt the most iconic of his weapons and it's sad to see the downgrade in KH3. I'm all for him moving forward and getting a new Keyblade in 3 but I do feel like the Braveheart was a bit of a letdown. It felt like a lot more of a mature Keyblade, but divorced all feeling of fantasy in my opinion. I hope he gets something more memorable in future installments.
  2. Personally wouldn't buy one for myself, I have a few Funkos but I'm not into them to the point where I'd want more. I do like the KH1 cover art and the pose that they chose for this one though. Would likely buy as a gift for a friend if I were to buy this one-day.
  3. A Keyblade with smaller keyblade keychains attatched to them, Keyblade-ception xD Would likely provide a significant damage increase too :P
  4. Void Gear would be my pick without a doubt. It has as very sleek monochromatic design and is a viable for practical usage with it's high strength and decent magic.
  5. I like the fact that the keyblade has it's own little keychain on the end The one I have is missing that little detail
  6. It's a tie between 2.5 and 2.8/3/Ux for me, but I'd lean slightly more towards 2.8/3/Ux for my vote. Hopefully we get them all one day. Spotify is missing some of my favorite tracks like Dark Impetus and L'impeto Oscuro. But I guess there's always local files for those lol I love the way the 358/2 days DS renditions of tracks like Lazy Afternoons and Sacred Moon sounds over their KH2 counterparts, but they're all good in their own rights, just personal preference. Likely wouldn't see them on spotify but thought it was worth mentioning.
  7. Yeah it makes it really easy to hop back in to play Ps3. I still use mine frequently (slim model), hope I can find a Fat Ps3 in the wild sometime too
  8. Nice find! Definitely consider replacing the thermal paste if you decide to use it. Is it the backwards compatible Ps2 version?
  9. Spider-man would be my pick without a doubt. I've always been a pretty big fan of spidey and the fanservice/nostalgia definitely appealed to me. It wasn't anything too spectacular, but still enjoyable. Out of the others on the list, I've seen Thor: Love and Thunder and Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness. Both felt like they were full of potential, but ultimately fell flat in my opinion. I feel like the MCU has degraded in quality with Phase 4. With the previous phases I can recall moments that I'll look back on fondly. For this phase, I don't see that happening lol
  10. Sorry about that, it was pretty much the only one from this gen I've actually fully completed Final Fantasy VIIR was good from what I've played, I didn't get too far, but I've been enjoying it. I'd love to see VIII get similar graphical treatment one day.
  11. This is really cool to see! I had a few friends who didn't touch the KHUx/KHDR story because they didn't like the 2D mobile game style or it didn't hold their attention. This could be the project that brings in a bigger audience to this story
  12. I'd probably go with The Suite Life Movie, it was like a fever dream but it's nostalgic lmao. Radio Rebel, Lemonade Mouth, and Let It Shine were pretty good as well. A little into the early 2010s is when I stopped watching the originals so I don't have input on a lot of them. Now if this was the 2000's originals I'd have a very hard choice I watched almost all of them I've heard nothing but good things about Descendants but I've never watched it, I should probably get around to watching it one day.
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