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  1. Dayuuuuuuuuum, This site changed way to much.

  2. It does blow my mind as to why the KH fans and FF fans tend to be divided and toxic at times.
  3. Are you on Steam?

    1. Taeyeon
    2. Xiro


      What's ur ID/name/thing

  4. Halo 5, short campaign and lack luster Halo multiplayer. Good shooter, but lost it touch. Mainly enjoyable with a bunch of friends.
  5. <3/uploads/emoticons/oishii-heart.png" alt="
    1. xoblivionx13


      YES, I'M ALIVE.

    2. Taeyeon


      *hugz, hugz*

    3. xoblivionx13


      There there, I didn't die.

  6. Yea my fault, I was trying hard to look for the SAO forum, even tried googling it hah... Things slightly changed around since the last time I was more active on here.
  7. Welcome! Hope you like it here.
  8. Surprised we Don't have a SAO movie topic considering the recent trailer from anime expo and the amount of fans here, here's the new trailer and artwork. Coming out in theaters in the U.S during spring of next year. Link to Website - http://sao-movie.net/us/trailer/
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