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  1. I've been around this site for Four Years... wow.

  2. KairiKeybasH

    What is your New Year Resolution for 2019?

    Working on my own Cartoon.
  3. For me The Bouncer, Also what the heck is even Brave Fencer Musashi?
  4. I find it ironic now because of the artbook for odyessy has a "Bowsette".
  5. KairiKeybasH

    Underrated Media

    I Would recommend one "Underrated" movie. Brave Story - Based on the Novel of the same name, although the dark theme was toned down for the younger views, it still keeps "the dark undertone" which I won't spoil or read the novel keeps the darker tone.
  6. That Top Ten is awful. First things first. Number 1: Nintendo would refuse to be bought by Disney, if refused to be bought by Microsoft. Number 2: This is complicated to explain. But there's like this whole copyright thing Number 3: I don't see people asking for Riku or Roxas. Number 4: The Rules, Sora is STILL a Videogame Character, he started in a videogame, he was created in effort to make a new protagonist for the game. Number 5: The Keyblade would have a extensive moveset Magic Commands, etc, it's not like Cloud had an extensive moveset, despite having the buster sword. Number 6: Since Ultimate made some few changes to the Final Smashes, they can come up with other options, I don't think they would pull a Shulk or a Megaman. Number 7: It's like saying Mario will be a frog suit or Tanooki suit variant. Number 8: Crossover Shipping exists in all fandoms, Heck even me has shipped Sora with: -Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon -Arkayna Goodfey from Mysticons -And Serena from Pokémon XY. This isn't exclusive to Smash Bros, as for bad fanart in Smash last time I checked people draw amazing fanart of smash bros. Number 9: Hater alert, Hater alert, we got a Hater. Number 10: Don't compare the two towns, as for the stage thing, it could work, it could like that Lumiouse stage from Pokémon XY The Creator of the Top Ten is probably hates Kingdom Hearts with a burning passion and the arguements are so poor and weak. Yeah you know what? Argue about a videogame character that hasn't been in a Nintendo console.
  7. KairiKeybasH

    New Game at E3 - Sea of Solitude

    I kinda want to play that, the art style just makes me want to buy it.
  8. Nah i have seen some locals in my town who are fans, even i'm friends with one girl who is a fan of the series, but it's not as popluar in mexico in general.
  9. KairiKeybasH

    Does Anyone Out There Still Make KH AMVs?

    I've been considering to do an AMV but eh... I want to go back to doing some silly edits and stuff.
  10. #TeamEevee I really need a Switch now... There's so many games I want to play in there.
  11. KairiKeybasH

    Sora vs Pit DEATH BATTLE

    Sora vs Pit my boys fighting ahh! I feel bad for Pit though... he didren't stood a chance, I guess.
  12. The Dark Curse just Vanitas like for the lolz.
  13. Oops wrong characters and setting. I saw the Miitopia Incorrect Quotes about this and I had to do it.
  14. KairiKeybasH

    Gamefreak teases the Pokémon RPG

    Are we truely getting that Game Freak Console Pokémon RPG game they promised decades ago?
  15. KairiKeybasH

    Spyro The Dragon HD Trilogy Leaked

    I find it ironic who's developing the games now: Toys for Bob, remember when everyone send death threats to them for bringing Skylanders to the world? And now praise this remaster?