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  1. I have to say The Jungle Book just because it's been cut from the series multiple times (it was pretty far along in development when it got cut from Birth By Sleep). I also think they could do some interesting things with the world, and a boss fight with Shere Khan would be pretty cool. That being said, though, I would also like to see The Sword in the Stone make an appearance as a world, rather than just one character appearing in a world original to the Kingdom Hearts series.
  2. A rhythm game? Awwwww! Oh, well. I guess it was only a matter of time before I skipped an entry. Hope everyone else enjoys it, though. I will say though that the Kairi section of the trailer looks super intriguing! I'll be keeping an eye on that for sure.
  3. Lol same here. If any of them are Luxu, I would bet it's Bragi. Luxu went by Braig in BBS, and if you rearrange the letters in Bragi, you get Braig. Could be a coincidence, but it seems intentional to me.
  4. Honestly since all the handheld gaming consoles have since been discontinued, I think we should expect to see at least one more mobile game in the KH series. Games on home consoles probably take a lot more time than on handhelds, so if they want to keep doing handheld entries, mobile is the only way to do it. They could do it on the Switch I guess, though.
  5. Do we have a release date yet? It feels like we're getting pretty close to launch, but then again I might just be getting desperate for a new KH experience.
  6. I wonder if this is going to be the menu screen. It really reminds me of the menu image for Unchained X.
  7. While it would have been nice if at least one of these was a character we've seen already ( like a younger Yensid, or something), I am way more intrigued by this game now. I figured they would be all new characters, and I'm excited to learn more about them!
  8. Probably Pocahontas, although I would also like to see Max Goof make an appearance in the series so that Goofy can have a genuine family member for a change.
  9. I have heard the theory that Brain is an ancestor of Eraqus, but I've always figured that Eraqus was a descendant of Ava since she wasn't present in the Keyblade Graveyard at the end of KHIII. I thought maybe Ava's mission was to have a child in order to ensure that a blue blood would be present during Sora's time.
  10. I still don't believe this one. Until I get an official announcement from Disney and/or Square Enix, it just doesn't seem plausible to me. It would be cool, though.
  11. Hey, guys. So my recent playthrough of Kingdom Hearts III has sprouted a few theories and new questions in my mind about the future of the series as well as the identities of certain characters. Now, one character who I am desperate to learn more about is Brain. During this playthrough I had a kind of crazy thought, but I do think it's possible: could Brain be Yozora's true identity? I know this probably seems pretty flimsy, but hear me out. Of all the new Union Leaders introduced in Unchained X, Brain is the only one whose fate we know nothing about. Ventus somehow got transported many years into the future, Ephemer's physical body perished and his heart remained in the Keyblade Graveyard, Lauriam returned as a Nobody (along with Elrena), and while this isn't confirmed, it has been heavily implied that Skuld was the test subject whom Lea and Isa befriended in the basement of Ansem's castle in Radiant Garden. So what happened to Brain? When we look at the scene near the end of the Limit Cut episode just before the Yozora boss fight, Yozora says "This isn't what I really look like." This is further reinforced by Sora's conversation with the Nameless Star in the Final World, who says "He's been changed beyond recognition, his heart replaced with another's." Sora confirms in the Limit Cut that she was referring to Yozora, but this indicates that Yozora is not his true identity. I realize this theory is pretty flimsy as it's just speculation at this point, but this is the most convincing explanation I've come up with so far for Brain's mysterious absence in the main series. What do you guys think?
  12. I agree completely. I'm surprised no one has ever asked the question before, to be completely honest. I really hope the series explains this one because I reeeeeally wanna know.
  13. I honestly think Sora would be a great villain. As we've seen, light and darkness exist within everyone, which means that Sora being overcome by the darkness isn't totally out of the question. Riku is a great example of what can happen when someone puts their faith in the dark rather than the light.
  14. Yeah, the labyrinth. When you travel through it, there are what appear to be doorways along the walls. There are no actual doors in them, but I can't help but wonder if they used to be entrances to homes or something. I think the holy land theory is more likely though, as the labyrinth easily could have been some kind of temple for prayer and/or worshipping the light and whatnot. This mystery is going to bother me for the foreseeable future, lol.
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