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  1. I've wanted Kim Possible for ages now. I think Kim would be such a great party member, and a boss fight with Shego would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Alternatively I could see Kim appearing as a kind of "agent" character of sorts, someone who travels form world to world under another's orders (Ansem the Wise's, perhaps?) to investigate strange happenings and stuff. Of the options given this is my top choice. Gargoyles would also be pretty awesome; it would be cool to see Sora and his friends turn into gargoyles, and it would be even cooler to be able to fly rather than just glide. Aside from that I've never really watched the show much so I don't know much about who the boss would be or anything, but this would still be a cool world. Gravity Falls is one of my all-time favourite shows, and it would fit pretty well into Kingdom Hearts. Bill Cipher would be a pretty awesome boss and so would his army of monsters. The only issue I have is that none of the characters would work well as a party member,except for maybe Ford, but depending on which period of time the world would take place he might not be present. And to be honest I've never cared for Phineas and Ferb, sooooo no thanks.
  2. Thanks for your interest in the Datascape! I'm happy to tell you that any member is welcome to edit and add any pages they'd like to any of the datascape sections. So if you'd like to contribute to characters and worlds you can head on over and start adding pages whenever you'd like. Enjoy!
  3. I think they would all be good except Frankenweenie; I don't really see that one in Kingdom Hearts. But if I had to pick one I would choose The Princess and the Frog. I've aways felt that Dr. Facilier would be a very natural user of the Heartless (I mean, he is known as the Shadow Man, after all), and the Louisiana bayou would be an interesting and unique setting. Running around New Orleans would aso be really cool.
  4. I would definitely be on board with this. I found it odd that they said that Data Greeting was created partly so that people could recreate their favourite scenes from pst games in the series and yet half the characters are missing, and there aren't that many locations. Fingers crossed that they have plans for this.
  5. Well, I finally got around to playing ReMind, and since I posted a review when I finished Kingdom Hearts III last year (found here if you're interested), I figured I should do one up for the Re Mind DLC. As it's harder for me to separate the non-spoilers and the spoilers, I am issuing a spoiler warning here for anyone who hasn't finished yet. So, what did I think of Re Mind? ..... Weeeeeell to be honest this was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad by any means, just kind of... underwhelming. Also, before I dive in here, I’d like to paste my usual disclaimer that this is just my opinion and not intended to be forceful or aggressive. So without further ado, let's get started. On the whole, the DLC was good, but not great. Was it worth the money? Yeah. Will I replay the DLC? Absolutely. Are there issues? Oh yeah. But all in all, I enjoyed the experience. Thanks for reading, and may your heart be your guiding key.
  6. Interesting. Now I'm excited just to see the menu screen of Re:Mind! I'm also intrigued that a new title wil be coming "surprisingly soon". One day left!
  7. To celebrate the release of Re:Mind next week, I made an Axel/Lea plushie. I know Lea technically doesn't have the marks under his eyes anymore, but it felt wrong to exclude them. Similar to the KH2 gloves I made earlier this week, no pattern was used and I'm very pleased with how he turned out. The only issue I encountered was with the zipper on the coat. Turns out it was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be. Regardless, I'm very happy with this little guy.
  8. Thanks! I'm actually working on another KH project right now. I'll be sure to post it once it's done. Crochet's actually super easy once you get the hang of it. I actually taught myself by picking up a "How to Crochet" kit in Walmart. You can also get kits at Michaels.
  9. Hey guys! The impending Re:Mind release has me itching to do some Kingdom Hearts crafting, so I made myself a pair of sora's gloves from KH2! I actually started these last year and forgot about them until yesterday when I was going through my crafting drawers and found these in my work-in-progress drawer, so I decided to finish them. They're crocheted free-hand, no pattern used. A little bigger than I expected, but I love the final result regardless and I figured I would share!
  10. I definitely think we'll be seeing Ava again. I had a theory back when I first played KHIII that she was the nameless Star in the Final World, but after thinking about it I feel like it might be Skuld or Strelitzia instead. However, Ava might also have been Lea and Isa's friend from Ansem's experiments. Either way, I dont think we've seen the last of Ava.
  11. Huh. Y'know that's actually a really interesting theory! I went into this thread prepared to give my two cents that I thought it would be Yozora, but you made a very good point! Sorra probably doesn't have the power of the keyblade anymore. That being said though, it could be that the boss will be Yozora and we'll be playing as Riku. After all, in the KHIII secret ending, Yozora is looking down on Riku from the top of the building. But I do love your theory! You may very well have something there.
  12. I would actually rather have Star Wars remain separate from Kingdom Hearts, but if they were to include it I would have to support the inclusion of the original trilogy. A lightsaber keyblade would be awesome!
  13. Normally I would say the new playable characters, but the only new playable character revealed in the latest trailer was Kairi and honestly I don't really care about playing as Kairi, so i chose the reveal of Yozora. However, I will say that since we'll get to play as Kairi, I'm hoping that they're making every Guardian of Light playable in the DLC. GIVE ME PLAYABLE LEA, ALREADY!
  14. Gotta go with Keyblade Transformations here. Not only are they awesome, but they make the gameplay WAY more fun! Don't get me wrong, I love all the mechanics listed, and they're all fun to use, but I absolutely loved the keyblade transformations.
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