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  1. This is just a gentle reminder to everyone to please ensure that any spoilers you post are hidden in a spoiler tag. Thanks, guys!
  2. I just got my copy like an hour ago, but thanks to playing the demo I'm already on day three of week one. Game is amazing so far; combat is fabulous and super fun, not to mention addicting! And the new characters are great! Totally worth the day one purchase!
  3. YES. THIS! Every time I tried playing it on the TV it quickly devolved into frustrated yelling. Especially against the bosses! Which is such a shame because TWEWY was one of the best games on the DS and I was so stoked to be able to play it on my TV.
  4. Love it! The new combat system is amazing and a huge relief as I found that the original system didn't translate to the Switch as well as I'd hoped with Final Remix. Super excited for the full game! I would like subtitles during the cutscenes, though.
  5. Intrigued is the word I would use for my reaction to the ending. I mean, it still had Nomura's complicated, convoluted fingerprints all over it, and yet it still works so well!
  6. Normally the PS4 is my main system, but I have The World Ends With You: Final Remix for Switch, and I want to keep the games on the same system, so I'll be picking it up for Switch.
  7. I could definitely see us getting a teaser or something, but I dont' want to put all my eggs in that basket because I've been disappointed with not seeing something at E3 before. And I've got a TON of anticipation for E3 this year because most of the games I'm waiting for have received next to no info since their announcements, sooo I'm a little on edge. That being said, though, we haven't gotten a new KH game announcement in quite a while, so I think they're due to give us some news.
  8. I definitely would love to see a game following Luxu, or even just a game bridging the gap of what Luxu was doing between Union Cross and Birth by Sleep. Honestly, though, I'm much more interested in a game exploring the world of Yozora. Either one would make me very happy, though!
  9. Much like everyone else so far in this topic, I am not a PC gamer, but if I were I would probably just start with the first entry and play through the entire series.
  10. I haven't even see the movie yet and already I'm certain that it would be a fantastic fit for a world in Kingdom Hearts. It would be awesome for sure!
  11. Man, I had such good times with BBS on PSP. Enjoy!
  12. Moana for sure. It would be a great fit and she would make an awesome party member. I think Zootopia would be a decent choice as well. The city is just so big, I would love to be able to explore it. Not interested in seeing the live action Alice in Wonderland in KH, to be honest. I think I'm good with the animated one. And I actually hated Ralph Breaks the Internet, so no thank you.
  13. Thunder. It's awesome for level/munny grinding once you've picked up thundaga, especially in KH1.
  14. I'm kind of relieved, to be honest. I Uninstalled the game a few months back because I'd gotten tired of constantly having to wait for new updates and I found that the gameplay was just so boring and repetitive, so I've been following the updates on Youtube. Now that it's ending, maybe we'll get a console port. Probably not, but it would be cool.
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