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  1. Since Gravity Falls is my favourite of the shows listed, that would be my number one choice. However, judgin by some of the comments here, Alex Hirsch's dislike for the series makes its inclusion unlikely. My second choice would be Star vs. The Forces of Evil, because Star Butterfly would be an absolutely awesome part memeber, and I would love to explore Mewni.
  2. I suspect we won't be seeing anything more of KH4 in 2022, but if they do decide to do another announcement for it, I suspect it won't be until either The Game Awards or Jump Festa.
  3. I didn't even make it to Yozora. Couldn't get past the Data bosses. And I was playing on standard...
  4. I love how they included the Caterpillar in Wonderland in some forgotten, non-canon game, but we still haven't seen him in the main titles featuring Wonderland.
  5. Yeah, i know about that. Didn't learn about it till after i made my comment. Not super thrilled, but i guess it was only a matter of time.
  6. I love the idea of playing as Yozora sometimes. He's a pretty awesome character. I also like the idea of this entry having a darker tone, as Sora has done a lot of growing up and it would be nice to see the game grow with him. I also completely agree that they should keep the properties used to just original Disney rather than purchased properties. Unfortunately, there's a theory that Star Wars will be appearing in this entry, and unfortunately the evidence is pretty hard to refute right now. In the announcement trailer, you can make out what appears to be an AT-ST foot in the forest section, indicating that the forest in question is actually the Forest Moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi. I'm really hoping this turns out to be untrue, but at this point I could see it happening.
  7. I think they'll aim for 2024, so that'ts what I voted for, but I expect it to be delayed into 2025.
  8. Agreed. With everything you just said. In the end, I absolutely hated playing Union Cross, not because of its story, which was actually amazing, but the gameplay was HORRID! This new game actually looks like it will be fun to play. And yeah, I was expecting to see at least a couple of non-numbered titles before KHIV was announced. Hopefully this will be a continuing trend. In terms of worlds, I'm hoping for Princess and the Frog, Encanto, Zootopia and Raya and the Last Dragon. Coco would be really cool too, but I'm not sure how they would be able to incorporate that in a believable way. Also, if they could keep the MCU and Star Wars out of KH, that would be preferred.
  9. I think there will definitely be a new game announced. While it would like it to be KH IV, I imagine it's more likely to be a game to bridge the gap between KHIII and IV. That being said, though, I think the bridge game will be in the realm of Verum Rex, and we will play as Yozora, learning who he is, what his world is like, how the Nameless Star ended up in the Final World, etc. I'm also reeeeally hoping for a Union Cross port to consoles, because the story was so interesting, but it got so hard to play.
  10. An interesting list to be sure, and not too different from the one I did a while back. I like the idea of the flower in Tangled being one of the drops of light that remained from the War that ended the Age of Fairytales, and it makes me even more upset now that they just lazily copied and pasted the movie plot with minor changes and called it a day. Normally I would include my own list in this comment, but I actually did my own list shortly after the release of KHIII, found here if anyone is interested. A very well thought-out list, and perfectly respectable opinions.
  11. Definitely 358/2 Days. It was supposed to be fully remade for 1.5 HD Remix, but they decided not to do a full remake for some reason. Probably budget reasons and time constraints. Regardless, I would love to play the game in full HD. I suppose Coded fits in this category as well, and I would definitely play a remake of it as well, but i would rather see Days remade first.
  12. While I would really prefer that the MCU not appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, I think Phase 1 would be the best fit. I think if they were to try and introduce any of the later phases, there would be just too much to cram in.
  13. People may find this weird, But I have to choose Kingdom Hearts III. I just loved how everything came together and there were so many great moments. Plus the gameplay and combat was just awesome.
  14. Can't argue with you there. Since Sora is the main character he's the only one allowed to do anything of consequence in the series.
  15. Yeah, but if it wasn't for Terra, Riku may never have been a Keyblade Wielder. Plus, they have a lot in common in that they both struggled with the darkness. It would have been kind of poetic if Riku had been the one to save Terra.
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