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  1. I definitely would love to see a game following Luxu, or even just a game bridging the gap of what Luxu was doing between Union Cross and Birth by Sleep. Honestly, though, I'm much more interested in a game exploring the world of Yozora. Either one would make me very happy, though!
  2. Much like everyone else so far in this topic, I am not a PC gamer, but if I were I would probably just start with the first entry and play through the entire series.
  3. I haven't even see the movie yet and already I'm certain that it would be a fantastic fit for a world in Kingdom Hearts. It would be awesome for sure!
  4. Man, I had such good times with BBS on PSP. Enjoy!
  5. Moana for sure. It would be a great fit and she would make an awesome party member. I think Zootopia would be a decent choice as well. The city is just so big, I would love to be able to explore it. Not interested in seeing the live action Alice in Wonderland in KH, to be honest. I think I'm good with the animated one. And I actually hated Ralph Breaks the Internet, so no thank you.
  6. Thunder. It's awesome for level/munny grinding once you've picked up thundaga, especially in KH1.
  7. I'm kind of relieved, to be honest. I Uninstalled the game a few months back because I'd gotten tired of constantly having to wait for new updates and I found that the gameplay was just so boring and repetitive, so I've been following the updates on Youtube. Now that it's ending, maybe we'll get a console port. Probably not, but it would be cool.
  8. Darn it! Now I can't use Kingdom Hearts as my main reason for choosing console gaming over PC gaming, lol.
  9. I'm super excited to see what happens with my man Lea, and also Isa. Now that Isa is whole again, I've been wondering if he will also end up being worthy of a keyblade.
  10. My first choice would have to be The Great Mouse Detective, since that's one of my favourite disney movies. And I think the clock tower showdown would be pretty cool in KH. However, I have to admit that The Black Cauldron would probably be a better fit for the series. And the film has gotten a lot better with age. Although Gurgi is still insanely annoying.
  11. Maybe. Time will tell. Regardless I would like it if Demyx were from Quadratum.
  12. In both. If it's not the same voices then it's a freakish coincidence.
  13. I guess even "unofficially confirmed" is premature, but in the ending of the Limit Cut, when YOzora wakes up in the car, the driver's voice is Luxord's voice. Could be a coincidence, but it seems deliberate.
  14. I actually do like the idea of Demyx being from Quadratum, and since he's the member immediately before Luxord who has basically been unofficially confirmed as being from Quadratum, I definitely think it's possible. I have heard the theories that Demyx is the MoM, but I'm hoping that this isn't the case. HOnestly though, one of my favourite things about the KH series is how good it is at subverting my expectations. Usually I'm really good at predicting stories and events, but there have only been a handful of instances with the KH series wherein my theories were actually correct. So honestly, I'm not entirely confident in any of my Demyx theories yet.
  15. Balthier and Fran from FFXII. I think they would have an interesting dynamic with the main cast and I just love those two. I also wouldn't mind seeing Cecil or Kain from FFIV. Or Kefka from FFVI. To be honest though, if we could get some characters from games other than FFVII, FFVIII and FFX and X-2, that alone would satisfy me. I'm sick of only seeing characters from those entries. But my top choices are the ones mentioned above.
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