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  1. hey do you role play? if so want to do a sora x oc role play? 

  2. hey do you role play by any change? looking for someone to do a roxas x oc role play if you want 

    1. TheKingdomGamer


      No, unfortunately I do not.

  3. hey do you rp?

  4. Name: alison hikasri( len twin sister) Age: 13 Sex: feamle Appearance: long black hair. green eyes. green ven over a purple shirt.black jeans and blue shoes Personality: kind. caring. keep her twin down when he gets mad, calm. know how to use her net navie in battle, never lose her calm Navi: megagirl exe Specialty: like her twin megaman Gender: female Discription: looks like megaman but with long hair and her outfit is aqua more color. Persona: caring. loveing. helping her friends when needs. never back down from a battle, calm most of the time. Bio: alison got her net navi to hwer birthday from her dad. ali was with her brother all the time on his advensher and in battles and never left his side. when megaman and megagirl were delete in battle it broke ali and she had lock herself in her room and didn't come out untill her twin had to drag her out and help her get them back. when megaman got his beast form for the first time megagirl had to use her own form to get somesense to her brother.
  5. hey guys looking for new peple to meet and rp with. any sora.roxas or ven out there who want to date my oc girls? please let me know 

  6. niki1537

    role play

    hey guys looking for sora, kairi and a riku to role play the first game. please let me know if any want to join in
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