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  1. It's cool so I guess tomorrow I'm going to recap everything and see,what happens
  2. Sure I thought this thing died are we still going guys?
  3. gotta quit 'em all! Roléplaying!

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      It is! But so slow right now! WHY!? Why must you turtle around KH13!

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      hey SkyReaper Have You Checked UP My Post??

  4. As the third Rattata began to charge towards at Squirtle, Charmander got in the way and Scratched it. The Pokémon fell back and the other two decided to use their Tail Whip attack. Wagging there tails Squirtle and Charmander's defense fell a little. Alice and Bulbasaur were the farthest ahead on Route 1, about half way through when a Pidgey was in front of them in a patch of tall grass.
  5. As Delcan entered Route one he saw two boys off in the distance, due to the tall grass he was unable to see the burnt ground or the Rattata gang confronting them. He did however see another trainer on the ground passed out, Shin, laying there for,some unknown reason. Mean while, Satchel and Fernis was confronted by a gang of Rattata. Satchel told Squirtle to Scratch the leader of the pack. While doing what Squirtle was told, it's target tried jumping out of the way. The leader Rattata was scraved on its side, the wild Pokémon landed from it's evasive jump and immediately countered with a tackle. Following it's leader another Rattata copied it's movements and also tackled the Squirtle.
  6. Right this sucks but is probably,finals stuff
  7. As Satchel began to dash off after his confrontation with Fernis a small pack of Rattata jumped out of the remaining tall grass on to the burnt, stomped on ground. "Rat-I-tat!" one cried out and the others followed. Seemed like the one in the ffront was the leader and in fact a little bigger, it must of been the strongest. It seemed that the stronger the Pokémon the bigger it seems to be. (In a battle you will post a command I will actually use the actual formula to determine if you hit/miss and how damage. We will say the leader Rattata is the Lvl 5 like everyone else's Pokémon so far. Charmander only knows Scratch and Growl, Squirtle knows Scratch and Tail whip, Bulbasaur knows tackle and growl. I will calculate experience and let you know when you level up or acquire a New attack. After you say a ccommand I will use the formula and then say what happens all the way up to your next command. Battle do not have to be one on one unless it's a official gym battle match.)
  8. When Declan walked in ue was greeted by Prof. Oak. "Why, hello there. I was wondering when you were going to be here." he said reaching over to a lonely pokeball on a table next to him. "This is BBulbasaur. Sorry but since you were late you didn't have much of a choice." he handed the Pokémon over to the young,new,trainer. "Everyone headed of to try and,retrieve a package for me in the next town. Who ever was to bring it back first would receive a gift." Oak tried to catches to boy up to date on the goal of his fellow trainers. "Of course this is not mandatory."
  9. Accepted, sign ups are now closed.
  10. As the new trainers took their new friends they chose a life as a Pokémon trainer. They all headed out towards the next town in search for Prof. Oak's mysterious 'package'. With the town surrounded by large fences around the east and west and a sea to the south this only leaves The only exit and entrance into town, north towards route 1. (You all can choose the nature of your beginner but I'll choose all the rest. From here on, your adventure will begin you all can journey together or separate. Be as descriptive as possible and do what ever you wish. You do not have to follow The story and the path. Create your own journey. I will decide what you run into and give every detail you need just be creative and enjoy the journey you have now stepped into.)
  11. Are you joining? If so you'll just be late to the lab.
  12. As the four future trainers entered the lab. They waited for the Pokémon professor, Prof. Oak. He eventually entered and smiled. "Hello kids. I am glad you we're able to make it here." He walked around the children and stood next to a,table them pulled on a string that triggered a llight shining on 6 pokéballs. "Here are two of 3 Pokémon, Bulbasaur, the grass type Pokémon. This seed Pokémon highest stat is special power and is strong against rock and ground type Pokémon like this next one, Squirtle. Squirtle is a water turtle Pokémon with a high defense. This Pokémon is weak against electric and strong against fire, like my final Pokémon. Charmander and fire lizard Pokémon with high strength and is strong against bug and grass type which brings us back to Bulbasaur." the Prof. Stepped a little back as the trainers chose thier starter Pokémon, Prof. Oak began to ask a favor. "In the next town, a man has package for me. I was wondering one of you could get it and bring it back to me. Who ever can do this first can have a gift."
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