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  1. Shard the Gentleman

    What Black Friday deals did you score?

    Anxiety is too much for me, especially on such a crazy, surrounded by stampeders who lose their humanity in exchange for the chance to partake in exaggerated consumerism. The sales are NOT as big as people think they are. They change the comparison by making the "Original" price higher than it actually was.
  2. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I'll also wait, so that it won't be too overwhelming
  3. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    ~Tassel~ "Woah!" Tassel did a quick jump back as the Gym leader released his first Pokémon- a Butterfree! Gastly would be unexpected, but ghost types are weak to Psychic abilities... While Growlithe has a type advantage, the gym leader would expect fire types to battle against bug types. I guess I have no choice... "Okay, Growlithe! Use Ember!" Growlithe jumped forward, and let out a quick bark before sending out a set of flying flames towards the enemy Butterfree in an attempt to utilize the weakness against fire type moves. Growlithe, I know you don't have a lot of battle experience... but you're more cut out for this than Gastly. I believe in you! We can do this together! And in case Butterfree uses some sort of poisonous attack... Tassel fingered a bulge in his pocket that he knew was a single antidote- but he only had one... Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
  4. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    ~Tassel Brooks, Hyssop Gym~ Typhus... the bug type leader. Maybe, Tassel thought, maybe I'm not quite ready to take him on... but it's better to find out now than to wait and dillydally. He walked up to whom he assumed was the leader, standing at the other end of the rather large building. To his sides, he noticed that there was starting to gather quite an audience, with even more people walking in behind him. Tassel gulped... this was really it. This was his first battle. "Typhus, I would like to challenge you to a Pokémon battle!"
  5. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zidane, Prima Vista/Lunar Subterrane~ "Of course it has a name!" Zidane excitedly spoke, maybe a bit too loudly. "This is the Prima Vista! Base of Operations for the Tantalus Theater Troupe. Did I mention I'm an actor?" Zidane bowed before her, winking as he rose back up. He looked over towards Chrono, who seemed a bit distracted, staring out the window. "Yo, Chrono. You're doing really well for your first time flying an airship. Think you could land one just as easy?" He pointed out the front window, towards a clearing in the darkened area. "Try landing there." ~Hope Estheim, Besaid Island~ Hope stopped apologizing once he realized that he was somewhere he couldn't recognize as either Pulse, or Cocoon. The boy spoke back to him, mentioning that he was lost. "I guess.. I guess I'm lost too, heh..." He rubbed the back of his head a bit awkwardly, but quickly reinstated his confidence. "So, you guys don't know where you are either? I'm gonna guess that you were also minding your own business, when you suddenly appeared here?" Hope was finding it easier and easier to accept the strange happenings of his life.
  6. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    Ill post yomorrow, sorry for being late
  7. Why is your profile header staring into my soul? I demand answers

  8. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    OOOF Sorry, didn't realize I messed up THAT bad I remember going through a bunch of places on the map and wasn't sure where to drop Hope. So sorry!
  9. Shard the Gentleman

    What's your favorite Pooh minigame?

    I liked Veggie Panic a lot.
  10. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I believe we are heading to Lunar Subterrane. Hope just appeared above your character on Besaid
  11. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    Just so everyone knows, the RP is up!
  12. "You're glued to the screen" says the parent, pretending they don't make kids watch T.V. to make this quiet down.

  13. Shard the Gentleman

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    ~Tassel Brooks, Hyssop Town~ There was a lake not too far from Hyssop- it was a place that Tassel's mother took him often. Natural beauty alone would've been enough, but the Pokémon here being as friendly as they were certainly didn't hurt. There was a specific little Melotic in the lake that came to shore when Tassel would arrive- one that Tassel refused to capture. This Melotic deserves the freedom and openness of this lake. "Hey there!" Tassel would always greet. Today was the same, although a bit different. "Today, I've decided to become a Pokémon trainer. I may not be coming back here as often anymore- but I promise I'll always visit when I am in Hyssop." He threw a handful of purple puffins into the water for Melotic to enjoy. Growlithe and Gastly both seemed to be antsy about the journey ahead, although with different causes. Growlithe seemed excited, and ready to take on the challenge, while Gastly was more nervous than anything. Today, though, both did their best to enjoy the last view of the lake they would see in awhile- although Growlithe could never resist rolling around in the tall grass close to Tassel. That's what got him in trouble when Tassel and Growlithe first met. Do I think I can take the Hyssop Town Gym...? With just two Pokémon, Tassel wasn't too sure what all he could handle. First form Pokémon, even. Still, if he didn't try... Tassel double checked to make sure he was stocked up on potions and antidotes. He picked up his bag, nodded to his Pokémon, and started back towards town- which was a rather small but beautiful town. There was a field to the west of Hyssop that was where many of the trainers began their journey- a place Tassel chose not to go when he came of age. He may be starting late... but at least he is starting. He reached the doors of the gym- not quite prepared to see what lied ahead, he took a deep breath, and thrust the doors open.
  14. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Zidane, Prima Vista~ "Hell yeah!" Zidane was extremely thrilled to fly the ship of the Tantalas Troupe- Baku wouldn't let anyone but himself and Marcus operate it. It was slower than the Invincible, but the size of the ship made it feel faster and more navigable. "To the Crystal Wall!" Zidane pulled on a level, elevating the ship 10... 20... 100 feet above the ground, zipping off towards the goal. "Someone, open a window! I wanna feel the wind!" Zidane was ecstatic. Dagger would no doubt enjoy this with him- while Rusty would just get on his case about being careless with their lives. Drawing closer to the wall, Zidane pointed to Chrono. "Yo, take the wheel! See how it feels. It's set to automatically avoid walls, so don't be afraid about crashing." ~Hope Estheim, Besaid Island~ Why is it always portals...? Hope wasn't brave, but he wasn't a coward- he was willing to face anything he needed to in order to achieve his goals- but he would never get rid of the fright that passing through a portal would give him. Sazh was again in the pilots seat, heading into this portal that hopefully would lead to the Orphan's Cradle. Were they flying right into Barthandalus' trap? Maybe. But what else could be done? Passing through the portal, the ship was enveloped in a bright light... "Woah!!!" He found himself falling towards some sort of sandy beach... but he couldn't control his trajectory! It was too late! He was crashing into some boy with a giant sword, face first? "Ugh... I'm so sorry!" Hope hardly gave himself a moment before rushing off of the person he so rudely fell onto. "This wasn't supposed to happen... where did everyone go??"
  15. Shard the Gentleman

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I hate asking, but was Hope approveD?