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    About the spoilers of Kingdom Hearts III.

    It is unfortunate that the game has been leaked, but the mod team will do everything we can to ensure that all discussion of KH3 spoilers will remain in this sub-forum so as not to spoil the gaming experience for everyone anticipating it.
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    The Haven (RP)

    So Pang and this lich had a history, and potentially a romantic one at that. That would indeed make things difficult for Pang, and Kolm already was feeling sorry for the Zouyou. He gripped his mace tighter in his hands, expression stony. So it seemed that those disappearing from Haven didn't merely vanish from existence, but instead became monsters or the like thereof? This did not seem like a very good result to Kolm, making him even more determined to ensure that he wasn't among those who "disappeared." "A fate almost worse than death, wouldn't you say?" Kolm uttered darkly, though did not press on. "Regardless, I will aid Pang in his pursuit of the lich. I . . . think he will need it." With that, the cold mage followed closely behind the tiger. He didn't doubt in his ability to do the right thing when the time came, though he did want to lend his aid, should it become strained if he had to finish business. After all, how could he really expect him to utterly end the life of the one he cared about? Having few people that he'd ever once cared for himself, Kolm could hardly relate, though he did have at least enough sense to understand that it would not be easy. He watched the situation unfold with the waves, and Pang inquiring as to who could lend a hand. "I may not be a water mage," Kolm responded, "but I can see what I can do about halting the water's progress." He rose his staff high, invoking an incantation as light-blue runes encircled the top of it. A bright light began to glow forth, spreading out from Kolm's body and projecting in the place where he pointed: the waves that threatened them all. (I don't know if it would be too OP for Kolm to freeze the water briefly, but that is what he is intending to do. I will let you @Vaude decide if it worked). ------------- Rhiannon looked astonished as the triffids failed to penetrate the barrier that Hektor cast upon the pair. "This is incredible," she murmured, bringing a hand to the gray bubble around her. "Will this spell last long? Will it drain you?" The gentleman suggested regrouping with the others, to which Rhiannon nodded in response. "That would seem like a good idea. Either way, this won't be a matter of a simple picking-through-the-forest-for-herbs any longer." The blonde took the initiative and strode back the way that she had come, long braid cascading over her back and brushing her silver suit of armor. "How did things go between you and the others?" she asked as they tread through the forest, keeping a wary eye on the path ahead and the triffids behind them. "Any success in finding anything?" The backs of Hogarth and Reksis loomed into view, their footsteps announcing their arrival. She was preparing to inform them that they had encountered triffids, but from the looks of things it seemed that the two men had already seen them firsthand. "We're not going to be able to keep them at bay," Rhiannon digressed. "What do you all say about heading back? We have some herbs at least, don't we?"
  3. Mystics Apprentice

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    --Vivi -- Cornelia – The black mage knelt alongside Luna as she cried out, confusion written all over his expressionless face. He rested a gloved hand on her shoulder. "Hey, are you alright, Luna?" he questioned. "Who is this Cosmos . . . and Chaos? I've never heard of them." He lifted his head to steal a quick glance at a staircase leading up to a hall above. "Why don't we find some place for Luna to rest?" He shot the question in the direction of Marle, hoping that the Guardia Princess would know what to do in this particular situation, as Vivi was rather clueless on how to properly console her. –Janus – North of Ultimecia's Castle– Janus shuddered at Jaina's touch. Empathy . . . . Something that he hadn't felt in so long, and something that he partially didn't know how to respond to. Was it dangerous to allow her in like this? Should he so willingly trust her? He bit his lip and nodded, gaze falling to the fireside. "I am very sorry," he said hoarsely. "It is terrible that humans have to be so selfish. I . . . hope that you find Johnny again. It sounds that you both need each other." The blue=haired mage shivered, though not from the cold. He hated to think of where he would return to when this was all over. The Mystics? He preferred not. Chances were that he would be alone. Again. At least he was growing partially used to it. Their meal of rabbit was devoured all too quickly, and, though it was considered impolite, Janus licked the remains of the rabbit grease off his fingers, not wanting any of the scarce meal to go to waste. HIs gaze shifted toward the sky. "Would you like to rest, or continue on?" he asked his companion. (I am not sure what time it is, so I don't know if I should suggest that they rest for the night yet or not.)
  4. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    Elia Cabret –The One-Winged Angel Fairy – "You're . . . so sweet, Prince Jynn," Elia croaked, white lips held in a slight smile. She was certain that this would be the end for her. While she could live with the loss of a wing, the blood loss was far more critical and problematic. It caught her by surprise, however, when the prince placed his armor on her. She felt a strange sensation course through her body and, while she could not say that she felt better, her mind became more clear. She noticed Henry's hand along her forehead, the dreadnaught towering over her with a look of concern. Relief coursed through her as he focused his energy to calm her, or was it his presence? She could not be certain which. "Henry," she said, voice soft. No other words could come to her as her hand searched for his, eventually gripping it once she found it. His hand felt so strong, so secure, especially when it was around her small, soft frail one. He soon left her side to return to the fight, but not before bestowing his healing upon her. The wounds had closed and already she felt considerably better. Weakened, but better. She would live, and that was a start. Elia eventually rose to sitting, glancing over to Alicia who had remained at her side while the men went off to fight. "You can go to him, if you want," Elia assured her. "I can hold my own . . . . I will be all right now, thanks to all of you." Yevgeni Malachite – Facing Rabs– The elf took note of Alastor's remark and greatly desired to retort, and likely would have if Rabiyu weren't ready to teach him his final lesson. She prepared her spell fast and expertly, leaving Yevgeni little time to react. Yev kicked off the ground and rose into the air, though mere avoidance likely was not going to be enough to abstain from critical damage. Thankfully he would not have to find out when she became frozen in place. Or so he thought. It was then that Rabiyu cried out that she would still do everything in her power to stop them, and began to gather energy once more. Yevgeni drew his rapier and brought it up vertically before him, the blade starting to glow as he ran two fingers along it. "Enough of your madness!" he cried, before letting out a shockwave of holy light magic in Rabiyu's direction. If that was not enough to deter her spell casting, he started to charge her, sword extended and ready to pierce her as he jabbed it rapidly in a flurry of strikes aiming for her torso. He did not want to harm her, though he came to the conclusion that if he did not stop her, she would ultimately end up destroying herself. Alderon Niles - VS Mariel - The angel's words made Alderon falter, even if they were difficult to discern. " . . . False?" The word felt odd as it rolled off his tongue and rang in his ears. What struck the king as odd is that he knew it to be true, and yet this truth angered him. His allies, meanwhile, were being thrashed by Ahriman, Jynn in particular being his favorite target. A fraction of him wanted to help, but a greater part of him did not particularly care. "How dare you defy His holiness!" Alderon roared, despite his heart yearning for him not to. Mariel struck him down at about that moment, sending Alderon crashing down on the hard surface. He brought a knee to his chest to give Mariel a hearty kick in the torso (think Ganondorf-style kick), before bounding to his feet and sheathing his claymore to retrieve his magical weapon, a sword possessing magical properties that had been bequeathed to him by Lord Raiden himself–before he'd gone mad. "I will teach you"–Alderon struck the ground, and lightning danced off his blade and flooded the ground, causing electricity to spring up in several places around the angel–"to be subservient to Lord Ahriman!"
  5. Mystics Apprentice

    The Haven (RP)

    Hektor's sudden appearance made Rhiannon jump. In an instant Hektor would find the tip of Rhiannon's spear at his throat, expression fierce until she took note that it was him. Sheepishly she lowered her spear to the ground, cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "Hektor," she started. "Please don't sneak up on people like that. I could've pierced you before I managed to get a good look at you." Rhiannon shifted, gaze falling upon the bush as the triffids emerged. "Oh no," she murmured darkly under her breath. "This could get ugly very fast." The annoying little things proceeded to launch an attack at Hektor and Rhiannon, the latter spearing one clean through before glancing back over her shoulder. "They are dangerous in numbers," she explained to her companion. "We ought to retreat before they can consume us. What say you?" ----------- Kolm felt rather confused during the exchange between the chief of the Aquafolk and Pang. A frown furrowed his brow. "I am with you all the way," Kolm responded to Pang's request for assistance. "Though I am afraid that I did not fully follow the conversation. This woman . . . . She was like us previously, and you knew her? Will this, ah, complicate things for you to encounter her?" These words would perhaps be ill-received, and likely shouldn't have been spoken at all, but Kolm often said things in poor taste and did not know when to quell his tongue. (I am sorry for the shorter posts. I am quite tired but I wanted to get something in here since it had been a while.)
  6. Mystics Apprentice

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    --Janus -- North of Ultimecia's Tower-- The mage wolfed down his portion of rabbit while Jaina spoke, wiping the grease from his mouth with the back of his hand. "It seems that this Johnny individual means a great deal to you," he said, voice somber. "I am sure that he is concerned for your well-being. I wonder if he is out searching for you as we speak." At Jaina's question the youth leaned back to lie in the grass, folding his hands behind his head as he gazed up at the canopy of trees and the darkening sky. "My home world . . . . It is a little difficult to explain. The world that I grew up in was covered in ice, being locked in everlasting winter throughout the land. My home was upon a continent in the sky, with waterfalls and greenery everywhere. It was beautiful." A sigh escaped his lips as he thought back to his home. Home. Schala. How he missed them dearly. Janus turned his face away from Jaina to conceal his tears. He didn't elaborate on the fact that he hadn't arrived here from his home, nor that he hadn't seen his home in well over a year. (Since Vivi is interacting with Luna I am not sure how to proceed without Twilight Roxas)
  7. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    Elia Cabret The fairy remained limp in Jynn's arms, her eyelids parting slightly to take in the prince's visage. Her pallid lips curved up into a smile. "It's okay," she murmured weakly, bringing up a hand to Jynn's cheek. "Prince Jynn, you must live. Kilkis Seres needs you, as do the remaining humans. What would happen if you were to die? You must . . . lead the people. All I wanted was to help–" The effort of talking was becoming too much for her. The throbbing within her back intensified, causing her face to scrunch up in pain. She was not dead, though blood began to soak through her white mage's robes and onto the prince. Yevgeni Malachite The elf's eyes narrowed at Rabs' words. "No, while I will not pretend to know what has remained in your heart, I knew you. This"–he gestured a hand toward Ahriman, toward the destruction–"is not you. The Lady Eliltari of the North, the fair and noble Judge, would not desire such destruction and the demise of life. I . . . " At this Yevgeni faltered, emerald eyes shifting nervously away from his fellow elf. "I will admit that I do not know every desire, every facet of your being. Admittedly, I do not even know you as well as I wish that I did. But I know that you want what is best, and deep down you know that this is not it!" Yevgeni laughed at the mention of his precious apprentice, his gaze temporarily flickering over toward Aqua. "Neither her nor you could destroy me even if you wished it. It is with a heavy heart that I will have to fight you, but I will do what I must. It is what you would truly want, Eli." Alderon Niles The fist met Alderon's gut with considerable force, knocking the wind out of the human king and sending him reeling. He stumbled back, jabbing his claymore into the stone as he gasped for breath. Several ribs were broken from the impact, though he gritted his teeth and ignored the pain. "Why do you fight for humanity anyway?" he asked the ex-Guardian Angel. "After all, we have committed so many atrocities to your fellow angels and inflicted so much harm. The chances that this will occur again in history? About nine out of ten, and yet you would defy the god standing before you to preserve us? How pitiful!" Lysander's work continued to twist the king's mind. While a part of him yearned, screamed for him to change his course, he could not break himself free of its charm. He struck his sword into the ground, its electrical properties cascading through the granite and creating a fissure. Raw lightning licked through the new crevice and danced toward Mariel. While she was hopefully distracted, Alderon came charging again, this time intending to cleave the angel in two from a stroke above her head.
  8. Mystics Apprentice

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    --Janus -- North of Ultimecia's Tower-- The blue-haired youth didn't care to admit it, but he was rather grateful that Jaina did the honors of skinning the rabbit. Growing up as a royal, Janus had little experience in hunting and the grizzly task of preparing the meat, so the less that he had to dirty his hands, the better. He sat by the fire and rubbed his hands together, before bringing them up to the dancing flames to warm them. "So, what was your home world like?" he asked, eyeing the meat as it roasted over the fire. His stomach growled; never did he recall a small piece of rabbit flesh looking so good. --Vivi -- Cornelia Castle-- When the black mage paused he noticed that Luna seemed deep in thought. He tilted his head, the top of his canvas hat drooping to the side. "Are you okay there, Miss Luna?" he inquired, searching her face carefully. His voice echoed throughout the palace chambers, in a sense that caused chills to run down Vivi's spine. He didn't much like traipsing through an abandoned castle. "I wonder why no one is here," Vivi questioned aloud. "Do you suppose anyone will end up coming back while we are here?"
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    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I'm sorry; I will try to post tonight.
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    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    Perhaps. Only time (and the other players' actions) will tell!
  11. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    Alderon – Pursuing Mariel "Stop, Angel!" Alderon threw his claymore out before the ex-Guardian Angel and, if it met with her claws like he intended, he would thrust her back. The confused human king stood with his feet shoulder-width apart, massive claymore before him with his gaze lowered to the ground. "You must turn away now. I do not wish to harm you, but I must do as I must." Which means what, exactly? Alderon inwardly quizzed, though he did not give a moment's longer pause as he slashed vertically at Mariel. Yevgeni Malachite The elf stood to the side as he watched the barrage of attacks collide with the newfound god–a blend of Odin and his former friend, Nergal. While he thought that surely he would fall amidst the sheer amount of attacks, the powerful being rose, unlike that of what he once was and instead an entire creature anew. Emerald eyes narrowed as he began to leap into action, though only a string of words caused him to pause in his steps: "Stahdim Zii do Yol, fahraal dii faan. Dunaak gol ko oblaan yem ahrk al daar wo hind zey aax!" The blond turned his head to notice Rabiyu fighting, though what she was fighting caused his heart to leap up into his throat. With speed he didn't know that he had, Yev darted over to the group, standing between Typhon and the hexagon of light that threatened to shatter the bug. He conjured a shield of light which shattered upon impact. Why he was saving the cyph, he honestly didn't know, except for his desire to honor the truce that he swore to Prince Jynn and the others. His gaze met with Rabiyu's, the woman's eyes unrecognizable to him. "Lady Eliltari," he uttered, voice strained. "It would seem that you, too, have been bewitched. I must beg of you, think about what you are doing. This is not you. Something has tampered with your mind." Elia Cabret The fairy watched the scene, and horror struck her as Nergodin prepared the orbs for her friends. Her eyes darted to the heir to the throne. "Prince Jynn!" she cried out, flinging herself to shove him out of harm's way. Still hasted, her movement was swift and she succeeded in getting the prince out of the range of fire, but the fairy was not so lucky. Lightning sizzled around her, and a searing pain burned into the flesh on her back and her left wing. Before their eyes the wing shriveled and partly disintegrated, and Elia let out a piercing cry of pain. She collapsed on Jynn, her petite form shuddering violently as the stub of her lost wing twitched. Elia's eyes fluttered closed as her breathing grew shallower.
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    The Haven (RP)

    "Is it bothersome?" Kolm asked shortly after Henry's elemental shift. "To be immune to weather changes, I mean? I have an affinity toward the cold, and while many think it must be a blessing I rather view it as a curse. I would like to feel what others feel, and be the same as everyone else. I would imagine you, also, must feel much the same." That, or perhaps I am the only one desirous to be normal, Kolm thought to himself, though he didn't have long to throw himself a pity party as they approached the village–and the undead who occupied it. Bracing his mace, Kolm drew a step forward, though he still resided far from the gates and the undead that threatened it. It seemed that wind magic was favored among the Aquafolk, though he wasn't certain if it would be very effective against the undead. "Thankfully there is plenty of water around us that I can manipulate," Kolm murmured, waving a hand over the waterberry-covered water. The water froze under his hand, rising from the body in the form of rather large icicles. With a rotation of Kolm's wrist the icicles' sharp ends pointed in the direction of their enemy, and in throwing his arm they shot forth. One of the undead, not expecting the assault, received icicles stabbing into its back. It let out a hissing growl and spun around, its attention now upon him. It darted toward Kolm with impressive speed for an undead, swinging its weapon precariously in an attempt to sever his head from his neck. Kolm met the attack with his mace, shoving the undead back and turning the breeze from one of the wind spells behind them (from an Aquafolk) into that of an icy gust. He swung his mace into the undead's gut before sending more icicles to rain upon his foe. It was a power struggle, the undead simply not wanting to fall, though with a well-timed strike of the mace, Kolm managed to knock its head off as it rolled down the hill and stopped with a dull thud against the wooden gate. There was little time to celebrate this victory, however, as two more of the undead began to approach him. He braced his mace like a baseball bat, determination fierce in his aqua-blue eyes. ------------- Rhiannon smiled at Hektor the gentleman as he offered to aid her later. "I would very much like that," was her response, before he was off with Reksis. The young woman began to then wander alone, through the overgrowth and deeper into the forest. The blonde hummed to herself, crouching down on her knees to inspect the plants growing on the forest floor. Things were more overgrown than she had remembered from her last trip out into the Elysian Forest, and yet strangely more barren of medicinal herbs. Just as she thought that she'd come across some more whitenectar but instead found simple honeysuckle, she heard something rustle in the thick brush behind her. Rhiannon rose, her braid falling silently against her back. "Hektor, Reksis? Is that you guys?"
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    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I'm in a similar boat with Vivi. I don't want @twilight_roxas to get left behind. Has anyone been in touch with him?
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    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    (Sorry for the delay; I got caught up in the holidays and other stuff) –Janus Zeal – North of Ultimecia's castle – Janus wasn't sure if Jaina's comment was a joke or meant to be serious. A frown furrowed his brow. "I am not from this land and thus cannot tell if the berries or mushrooms here are safe for consumption. There is some bark that is edible, but again these plants are foreign to me." He stopped at a bush, its red berries ripe and beautiful. He sniffed at it, frowned, and continued moving forward. They had not even chanced upon some animals for hunting. Perhaps food wouldn't come readily to them. A deep meow broke the silence surrounding them, causing Janus to turn around to the source of the sound. Alfador came padding over, his jaw gaping open with something furry protruding from it. He dropped his "gift" at the feet of his master: a small rabbit that had met the end of its days. The blue-haired youth hesitated, considering it for a moment before picking Alfador up and scratching behind the pink cat's ears. "Well . . . that was useful. Do you know how to skin a rabbit?" Without awaiting a response, Janus began to collect some dry branches, placed them neatly in a pile, before snapping his fingers. Flames encircled his thumb and index finger, growing in radius and intensity as the moments passed. He flicked his wrist, and the flames leapt from his hand and onto the targeted broken branches, where the flames thrived. (I'm hesitant to continue on with Vivi without @twilight_roxas?)