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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. "Really?" Kolm asked incredulously, not realizing that he was pouring his drink onto the ground by holding his goblet sideways. "I mean, that's–I didn't know that could happen. I am very glad that you survived. I suppose you feel that you owe it to them, then, for saving you?" Finally the dampness seeping into his knees from the spilt drink caught his attention, to which he haphazardly brushed at as he placed his goblet firmly down on the patio table in front of them. For some reason it really caught Kolm by surprise to hear that Galla had brushed with death briefly before her arrival. How did it save her? There was much he wanted to know, but he didn't wish to test the necromancer's patience. "Might I get you another drink?" Kolm offered in the silence, hoping to take both of their minds off of Galla's prior circumstances. ------- A soft smile and encouraging nods came from Rhiannon as she listened, both to Hektor and Reksis about the worlds that they came from. "That sounds like a lovely place," she said in agreement to Hektor, once he'd finished his tale. "But why the long face? You can go back home every now and again, you know, even though you're employed here at the Haven. You're not a prisoner." She hesitated as the words left her tongue, though she quickly disengaged and turned toward Reksis and Ghost. "As for you both, it seems that you've faced a fair amount of hardships before arriving here, what with having to live with never seeing a real home" she said. "I won't pretend to understand the terminology that you just used, though a homeworld that is barely more than a mere legend is sad. I'm sorry." When Reksis apologized Rhiannon waved her hand freely. "Oh, no, no, you're fine! You didn't interrupt me at all. It is great to learn more about you two. I like to know my comrades." Shortly thereafter Hektor returned the question toward Rhiannon, something that she wasn't expecting and, briefly, panic flooded her heart. "Oh . . . my homeworld?" What did she say? She bit her lip and turned her head down. "Sadly, I . . . don't remember much. It was very green, warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Not as technologically advanced as it is here in the Haven, but more so than some of the worlds that our friends came from. I remember going to school. It was very ordinary, but then I suppose everyone here feels that where they were raised felt ordinary." Thankfully Rhiannon was saved from having to pursue the conversation and filter her words, as a robotic maid came with her tea. Her fingers slid around the warm handle as her gaze bore into the table in front of her. Yes, the explanation she gave would suffice. She couldn't elaborate on The Calamity, which would take away friends and family members at random, hand-picking those who seemed to be special. Nor could she describe her father's project, or what was becoming of her homeworld as they spoke.
  2. No problem at all concerning the sages. I hadn't realized that they were already developed as greatly as they were when I suggested that they be the Foretellers. I just thought that might be a nice way to blend everything together and give a strong foundation to the new threat. However, it isn't necessary that they're connected. Something that is not connected, in KH, might be nice for a change. Out of all the sages, I think I favor Lawanda and Dow, with Twyla being a close third, but I don't mind waiting to hear what others would be fond of for controlling. I completely agree with @Vaude and think one-week sounds reasonable. Also, @rikunobodyxiii that is awesome that VI came to mind for you as well. It is a great game, perhaps my favorite FF of all time. We could always go with a FF game that you're more familiar with, though; I'm easy.
  3. I too am sorry for the late response, though I am definitely still in. I had actually overlooked your questions to the group earlier. I love the idea of the sages, and I would be very interested in playing one, if divvying out the sages is what you decide upon. Here's a random thought: could the sages be Heartless of the six Foretellers (Gulla, Ava, Luxu, Aced, Ira, and Invi)? As for Organization members, I am feeling that their reappearance might be too redundant (I'm one of those weird ones that feel they should not have reappeared after KH2), though I am fine with it if that is what you would like to do, or if the majority is in favor of them resurfacing. Personally I could see myself controlling either Xigbar or Vexen, but I"m flexible here as well (just don't give me Lexeaus. XD) In terms of worlds, I like the idea of a blend of Disney, original, and Final Fantasy worlds. I'm a huge FF fan, so @rikunobodyxiii's of a Final Fantasy world really piqued my interest. I would be open to almost any game, though I am most partial to Final Fantasys VI, IX, and IV. Personally, I think IX or X would be the best host for a Kingdom Hearts world (For IX, Garnet's mother, the queen, could be seeking hearts for herself, being fully consumed by darkness and desiring KH. Garnet could be a princess of heart, potentially, and the gang teams up with Tantalus. There's a lot of possibilities.) In terms of Disney worlds, I think it would be fun to explore those which we haven't seen in any of the games. I'd be up for a Moana world, and I would also really love to see Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and possibly Pocahontas.
  4. Name: Mirai Juniperus Nickname: Sometimes called "Miri" Race: Human Age: 27 Height: 5' 7" Personality: Stubborn yet kind. Mirai likes to be perfect and follow the rules, and expects everyone else should, too. She tends to hold an air of superiority over others, and is quick to give bullies a dose of their own medicine. Despite this fact, however, Mirai has a big heart, and goes out of her way to perform acts of kindness to those in need. Or if she feels like it. Appearance: Tall and elegant are two words to properly describe this Keyblade wielder. Mirai has jade-green hair that frames her face, with sideswept bangs that often fall into her eyes. Her hair is short on the sides and slightly longer in the back, though reaches no longer than the base of her spine. Her eyes are a brilliant shade of green, wide and full of mystery. With skin the shade of a sun-kissed tan, she wears an elaborate outfit featuring many belts (thanks, Nomura), and a white X pattern across her chest, with a tiered skirt that is merely a few inches long on one side, and full-length to her ankle on the other. History: Mirai lives in a remnant world, having survived the Keyblade War and being scattered to a world where there was still light, as per Master Ava's orders within her Dandelion faction. It was difficult, as Mirai lost many friends and family members from the great conflict in vying for the light. It became her great ambition to protect the worlds and never allow them to fall to darkness again, and to not let any suffer the way that she and countless others had that fated day. Having once served Mirai aspires to become a Keyblade Master, leading apprentices of her own and teaching them the ways of the light and how to safeguard it. However, the path ahead has not been easy, and friends have been near impossible for her to come upon. Often Mirai keeps to herself, untrusting and unwilling to open her heart. Keyblades: Zephry's Kiss – A Keyblade passed down to Mirai from her grandfather when he used to be a Dandelion. This Keyblade has a whimsical appearance, in hues of green, white, and a hint of blue, with swirls that reminisce wind gusting amongst the trees. Vines ensnare the dark-green hilt, and, if one pays close enough attention, it smells of juniper. Mirror Mirror – A Keyblade that Mirai acquired in the Dwarf Woodlands, this Keyblade features a bluebird keychain and dark diamonds along the hilt. The blade extends and is pointed, with shard-like ends that appear to be fragments of a mirror.
  5. I think you have a very valid point in your concern about characters slowing down the plot. Sadly it is a situation that I see all too commonly, though I think this will be a problem even if you separate people. If there are, say, two people per group, all it takes is for 2-3 people to take 2+ weeks to post and each group is halted. It might better the odds to have everyone together, because at least then you might be able to work around the people that you are waiting on. Another thought is to have some policy in place for the average post. Say that you would like posts within a certain timeframe (for this example, say 1 week), and after that characters may move on without them. In my experience it keeps things fair whilst also giving a sense of urgency to keep regular posts. I hope this helps some. I have my sheet partially done. I'm just trying to finish the history and personality sections.
  6. Hmm, depending on what you have in mind for the RP, I do not think we would need to have separate threads, as that would really divide our characters tremendously. Again, I am not really certain what you have in mind, though the way that we normally role-play on this site is generally a post every 3-7 days (sometimes longer between posts), ranging anywhere from five lines to four paragraphs or so. I am concerned that separating us would make things very stagnant, as there's some RPs where everyone doesn't post for a full 3-4 weeks or so. Of course, you are the GM and you should host the RP in a manner that you deem fit. I just wanted to offer a bit of insight on what I've found in this RP section, as I know that we're a little different from some RP'ing sites.
  7. I will see if I can throw together a character sheet for this as well, though I am wondering how fast-paced of a role-play that you have in mind (trying to figure out if this will fit my schedule or if it will be too fast-paced for me)? I will likely create a character from the post Keyblade-War era, perhaps a member from one of the unions.
  8. I would honestly love to see Inside Out in Kingdom Hearts. I could see the themes really fitting in with the series, and I'd be curious to see how they incorporate light and darkness in with the emotions (would Anger be consumed by darkness?).
  9. Well, folks, this is it. It's hard for me to believe it, but we are finally in the epilogue and the closure of the RP. It is three weeks since the events of Isopolis, and it is during the coronation of Prince Jynn. Feel free to insert your character(s) however you wish, filling in what happened after Isopolis, if you desire, or skipping right to the present day. You can even write *after* these events, if you wish. I'm thinking that this scene will be brief. Your characters also do not need to be present for the coronation. They could have gone their own separate ways after Isopolis. It is entirely up to you. This has been amazing, you guys. Thank you so much for being involved with this and participating!
  10. Elia sniffled, looking up into Henry's brave, determined face. Her smile was infectious? It delighted her to hear this, and yet it tore at her heart painfully. "Henry . . . why . . . ." The raven-haired fairy fell to her knees, gripping the ground as sobs shook her entire form. Many were grieving, whilst others simultaneously rejoiced at the return of their precious sacrifices. Everyth watched in horror as Henry gave himself up. She extended a hand, its wrinkles fading before her very eyes. Youth flooded through her body, her spine straightening as her white locks turned dark once more. "Henry," she whispered, unable to make it to his side before he was gone. A tear rolled down her cheek as she watched the Source of All Life fade from existence, and Henry with it. Carefully she brought a hand to her chest, chin lowering. "You've taught me how to be human again. You have shown me courage, compassion, love. And you have even saved me from death, at the cost of your own. Thank you . . . Henry." The human princess let out a yelp at about this moment, the weight of a person crashing down and bowling her over. In a tangle of auburn hair and limbs, Athena found herself looking face-to-face with her beloved knight, whom she squeezed with all of her might. "ARTHUR!" she returned, as though the two were in a squeaking match. "You're here! You're alive! Oh, I'm so sorry. In my sacrifice I had to give up ever seeing you again! I made you vanish . . . didn't I?" Clearly, she was clueless about Arthur's own sacrifice, giving up his humanity so that the rest f the world may be saved. Meanwhile, Yevgeni stared down, incredulous, as Nergal begged for forgiveness from the others. "I wouldn't go that far," he drawled, shaking his head. "We're the villains. They're going to execute us, lock us away, or worse, banish us to the depths of Isopolis and the torments within. We do not get happy endings. They won't forget our crimes that easily, nor should they." The blond noticed Aqua fold her arms, seeming exasperated by everything that went on that day. He couldn't help but laugh. "Someone who looks how I feel," he said, before offering her a smile. "Come, you're going to have to seek apprenticeship from someone else after all of this. Your mentor has failed, and I do not think we will be able to practice our magic like we once had. I am sorry." A frown furrowed his brow, as though recollection suddenly hit him. "But I realize that I owe you something. Wasn't there something that you sought from me, before we arrived here in Isopolis? I do not know what will become of me, but seek me out and I will do what I can to help you." ----------------------- As the warden of Isopolis, Soren would know how to guide them to safety, out of the depths of the Forbidden Shrine and back on to the island whence they came. They would find that the halls which they once crossed had changed, everything anew and foreboding. And yet, it somehow had an order to it, which Soren would show them through with ease. At last, adventurers, it is over. To get here you have had to endure hardships and suffering, and yet despite that some of you have found love, joy, warmth, and friendship. Life isn't about the destination, it is the journey, and how you embark on that journey is what brings that life meaning. You have accomplished the impossible, the restoration of the human world, and have erected a new era of unity and peace between the human world and that of the fey. It has been a long journey, and the road to recovery will be longer even still, but in allowing your hearts to guide you, you will surely find your way home. ~*~Epilogue~*~ It was a momentous occasion. The halls were decorated with great splendor, and Kilkis Seres was flooded with tourists. Today was the day that Jynn Venas, the crown prince of Kilkis Seres and son of Shiva de la Alexandria, was being coronated and officially recognized as the true king. Three weeks had passed since the events in Isopolis, and everyone was processing it in their own way. Elia stood meekly among the crowds of people, though her normal warmth and joy was not present that day. She would smile when people would comment on her dress, or try to praise her heroic deeds on that fated day. However, it was a false smile, as no joy spread through her heart. She could not celebrate when she was grieving the loss of a friend. A hero. A warrior, who sacrificed himself so that his comrades could be whole once again. Earlier, she had wished upon Rufus, asking him to restore Henry. The djinni had done his utmost, and yet Henry was nowhere to be found. Athena stood alongside Arthur, wherever he may be, grasping his hand tightly and offering him a warm smile. "Imagine this being you one day," she said playfully. "That is, if you succeed in receiving my father's blessing . . . !" Other faces, too, were present at the coronation, one being Everyth Castanova, who stood silently on the sidelines, as well as King Alderon, who was exchanging jokes with Draksis, if he were there, and Alastor, if he were listening. Yevgeni Malachite was not present, though his whereabouts were not known by the majority, nor did the majority care.
  11. Kolm blinked several times, surprised at Galla's invitation to sit with her. From what he'd seen of the necromancer up till that point, she'd only shunned people away. The short dark-haired youth complied, taking a seat alongside Galla and leaned forward, propping his forearms along his knees. He considered her question thoughtfully, as though trying to recall how he'd arrived in Haven in the first place. It felt like so long ago, but really it had only been earlier that day. "Well, it was nightfall," he told her. "I had just booked my current room for the next week and had gone to bed with a headache. I had the strangest dream of a voice, a calling, and I found myself sprawled on the floor in my room in the Haven, violently ill until Lukkel helped me." He shook his head and gave a dry laugh. "I know, it sounds silly, doesn't it? Well, how about you, Galla? Do you remember when you first got here?" A moment's silence lingered between them, before he added carefully, cautiously: "Have you . . . ever met any of the folks in charge of the place? Have you ever wanted to?" Call him obsessed, Kolm couldn't stop thinking about the higher-ups since they arrived, and Winona's remarks on them had only driven his curiosity further. (Will post for Rhi after Scrap and/or Kuni posts)
  12. I've heard the possibility that Demyx's Somebody name could be Demy, though I personally am more partial to Myde. As for Luxord, yeah, I completely agree with @Fates Chance XIII and think Ludor is the most probable name.
  13. For me it was mostly the time travel aspect that made me dislike DDD. I felt like the plot started to get a little wonky with this game in general. I also didn't care for Flowmotion, or the Dream Eaters. There was a lot about this game that just felt kind of blah to me. There was nothing particularly interesting about the storyline until the very end, and even that, as I mentioned, introduced time travel which I am not a fan of in the KH series. I did, however, really enjoy some of the new worlds, and I didn't hate this game by any means. It's just one of my least favorite in the franchise, if I were to choose one.
  14. I've never played Talisman, but I think I need this board game to add to my Legend of Zelda Clue and Nintendo Monopoly. I'm a hoarder of collectible board games.
  15. I recently purchased a wig from Arda Wigs and am going to try styling it myself. They look high quality and I've heard great things about them. Beyond that, I would recommend Etsy. I have seen some great ones on there, and while they're a little pricy I like the fact that it is supporting a person as opposed to a Chinese corporation. Good luck on your cosplay.
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