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  1. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    By the way @Nero Kunivas and @Vaude, I have purposely left Elia's time arrow up for your interpretation in terms of its effectiveness. The length of time that it takes to destroy Ahriman is entirely up to you; the party could defeat Ahriman by other means before then, or the party could also lose before his demise. Though with the end eminent, I figured this may be plausible (plus, I wanted to make the time mage useful somehow, since she no longer has the ability to heal ) Hmm, yes, that does make things rather limited for Mariel . . . . The most that I could suggest would be teamwork. Working in tandem with another player to do combos that would wreak more havoc on Ahriman would be useful, since she could still work with the basics but potentially be aided by another. Given the short duration of time that Mariel has been in the RP, you have done an incredible job with her character development and giving her connections to other characters. Considering there is such a large cast and there was so much to consider you have done beautifully at integrating yourself, so many kudos are in order there. I do believe that @Elrandir is still cooking up a sequel, so hopefully we will get to see even more of Mariel in the near future!
  2. Mystics Apprentice

    Leaks: A Warning

    I definitely think avoiding YouTube is a great idea (unless you clean your cache and don't view anything KH-related, which would probably work). However, even once KH3 releases there will still be spoilers aplenty to watch out for, even if it isn't leaked material. We still won't be in the clear once the game is out, so best if we're careful until we actually complete the game. It's crazy how it's so difficult to abstain from getting spoiled when you least expect to be.
  3. Mystics Apprentice

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    –Janus Zeal– There was no way that he was going to let the kind woman carry him. He would rather walk on needles than have to suffer that kind of humiliation. "I can walk," he retorted, perhaps a little too sharply. The trees had been thinning for a while, though now a rocky terrain loomed into view. Cliffs at least fifty feet high towered over the two, seeming quite steep at first glance. Janus was not even certain if anyone could climb them if they wanted to. He turned to glance over at Jaina. "Well, what do we do? I could try to fly over them," he said. "Or we could go around." He was curious about what was on the other side, though said curiosity was also mixed with apprehension. Thankfully they had yet to meet an adversary that they had to draw their blades against, though he did wonder if that time would soon come up on those cliffs. –Vivi– It indeed was a lot for the black mage to take in. He brought a gloved hand to his chin, considering the tale that Zest unfolded. "So you are saying that we have been summoned," Vivi surmised. "To fight and win another war?" This didn't sound all too pleasing to him. Did they have no say in the matter? He was not much of a fan of conflict, and now he found himself being thrust into it with no way home. At least, however, he knew what he was doing here, and had a sense of direction. The mage smoothed his hands over his balloon patched pants. "So . . . when do we meet Materia?" An innocent question, with likely a very complex response.
  4. Mystics Apprentice

    The Haven (RP)

    The raven-haired mage wasted no time in wrapping his arm hastily with the bandage, gaze shifting to the remaining patrician who spoke in his direction, addressing his blood magic. A frown furrowed his brow. "Perhaps I will bestow my uniqueness on you!" With a cry, Kolm charged toward Hurst with uneven footing, mace held over his shoulder like a baseball bat. He swung in a similar fashion, aiming to strike the patrician's head. Releasing one hand from the handle of his mace he extended a palm upon Hurst's right shoulder., and a runic sphere spread out imbued with ice magic. If successful, Hurst would find ice seeping into his very bones, spreading across his shoulder and down his arm, but spreading no further. The strike was not meant to be lethal, but it would hopefully affect the mobility of his right arm. -------- Just as Rhiannon discussed their leave, Hogarth found them and voiced the same, to which Rhi responded with a smile. "That sounds just fine. We will be right there." She turned to Hektor. "Thank you for your help, and for the conversation. I don't know what it is about you, but I find you so . . . easy to talk to." It was true; she did, in comparison to many of the others in Haven. This was going to be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because she could finally find someone to relate to once again, and yet a curse because she had to fear revealing too much. Was that why Roderick had to die? Had she revealed too much to him? She just hoped that befriending Hektor wasn't foolish; she would hate to endanger him. She came up alongside Hogarth, glancing out in the direction that Reksis had gone. She hoped that he hadn't gotten lost.
  5. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    –Yevgeni Malachite– The elf's gaze flickered up toward Aura's somber face, expression softening. "I am doing everything in my power to save him," Yevgeni responded, focusing his attention back on the fey once more. While the bleeding had stopped, he was certain that Helios would still be weakened due to what already was lost, something that he could not replenish with his low-tier healing spells alone. The spriggan was quick to rise, which Yevgeni halted by moving his hands from Helios' neck and, gripping him by the shoulders, attempting to force him back down. "No, you have received enough damage for one day," he smarted off. "There may still be some internal bleeding that I am not detecting. As much as you want Ahriman gone like the next person, you will have to wait it out on the sidelines, lest you receive anymore harm and"–he jerked his head toward Aura, who helped him sit as Yev released him–"break this poor girl's heart." Not that he would know anything about requited love and heartbreaks, though it seemed in poor taste to do to Aura. The elf rose, glancing toward Rabs and Sifrei. Color was drawn from his face, though he seemed otherwise well. "What is your take on this?" he asked Rabiyu. "Forgive me for being blunt, but we are fighting a losing battle. We are getting weaker, while he only rises in power." Yevgeni glanced down at his gloved hands, clenching them tightly into fists before him. "It saddens me to say that this is all because of me. I brought us all here, and made Nergal feel obliged to aid me. Now he's gone, became . . . this"–he gestured toward the false god and shook his head–"why is it when I only try to make things better, things only magnify for the worse? Am I cursed?" --Elia Cabret-- A wide smile radiated upon the raven-haired fairy's face, and she couldn't help but do a fist pump in excitement. "All right, score!" she cried out, just before Ahriman really started to get angry. Her eyes widened as he unleashed his fury upon her, faster than she could possibly defend herself from. Her dear friend Aqua really saved her life, for if it weren't for the protective barrier that she cast, she would have perished on the spot. She threw her arms up in front of her face to defend herself, only to be surprised that she was still alive. The barrier shattered upon all beams falling upon it, sending a flurry of golden shards to float around her like dandelion fluff. Slowly the fairy lowered her arms, looking around for the person who cast the shield. A wave of fear washed over her when she saw Aqua on the ground, seemingly unconscious. "NOOO! AQUA!" Elia screamed, darting over toward her unless Ahriman had another say on the matter. She reached her and dragged the elf onto her lap, placing a dirt-stained hand on Aqua's pallid cheek. "You have to be okay! Stay with us!" She gently rocked her back and forth, stifling back a sob that threatened to well in her chest. So much defeat. So much death. She couldn't take it anymore. Life was just too cruel of a mistress. --Athena Niles--To be Queen The king of Sondon was still down. It was plausible that he had received more than simply a broken nose from the granite faceplant that he'd endured from Ahriman tossing him. Athena bit her lip. It did no good for her to sit alongside her father to watch and wait, not when everyone was getting hurt all around her. She brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead. "Goodbye, Father." With that the princess rose, a look of determination contorting her facial features into something menacing. She broke out into a sprint, leaping onto ruined marble structures that had once been buildings until she found a rooftop. Landing on it catlike, she regained her posture and charged forth toward the god, unsheathing her sword and leaping toward Ahriman's back. She attempted to land on him, wrapping her legs around his massive neck as she tried to jab her steel sword at the base of his spine. She may not be fey nor have any magic, but a severed head should still kill a god just as successfully without it. (she will liiiiikely get tossed on her head, too, like her father before her, but it was worth a shot!)
  6. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    No, I am really glad that you brought this up, and I appreciate it immensely. I do want everyone to feel like they are apart of this story, and my fear is that someone is going to get left out. I have been fearful for Mariel especially, since I know that she joined late and I have not incorporated her into the main story as I would have liked. I was partially trying to help engage Mariel with Alderon a bit, but I know it is not enough. I am sorry for not doing a better job here. Every bit from every character helps immensely, so your contributions indeed mean something! If it helps, all of my attacks have been nullified as well, so you are not alone. I am hoping that the rest of the story rolls out with a bang, and that it is an experience that everyone can look back on fondly and smile. This is a rough patch, admittedly, and I'm looking back and seeing ways that I could've made this better. Speaking up is indeed better than bearing with it silently, so I thank you again for bringing this up. I'm glad that you're hanging in there, and if I can help work on some way to better utilize Mariel's abilities with you, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do!
  7. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    I am very sorry; admittedly I thought that this battle was going to end quite a while ago and is lasting a bit longer than I anticipated. I think a huge part of it is because some of us are slow in getting our posts out, dragging things out longer. I will see what I can do. Overall, I was hoping to making this experience more enjoyable for everyone and I think most everyone has been disappointed in some way, shape, or form. It has been a learning experience for me as a host, that is for certain, and I will try to make better on it in the future. Thanks for bearing with me, folks, as well as sharing your feedback. It really means a lot that you both are sticking through this and working with it despite the odds. I'll do what I can to make this right by everyone.
  8. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    --Yevgeni Malachite – Isopolis His attacks were getting him nowhere with the self-proclaimed god. Like everything else that Yevgeni launched at Ahriman, his magic was negated, only this time it was more costly–no one else could cast powerful magic either. And it didn't seem like it would be returning anytime soon. The elf let out a ragged sigh, the energy expended from his usage of Holy taking its toll on him. From his battle alongside Nergal, followed by the battle against Nergal, and now this, his magic stores were nearly depleted, his energy spent. Stealing a glance at his fellow comrades indicated that everyone else was feeling similar. Would they truly fail at stopping Ahriman? Not long was Yevgeni able to consider this, as Ahriman sent out his beams, one of which was headed in his direction. He quickly threw out a deflective shield made from holy light. The beam bounded against it, and projected back in Ahriman's direction, albeit weaker than when he had been the recipient. There was no time that he could spare to intercept with the others, however. Not even King Alderon, who could not defend himself. It seemed like they were fighting a losing battle, and the elf couldn't help but feel defeated. He noticed the broken spriggan only several feet from himself, whom he skirted over toward and placed a hand on his neck. A green aura encircled his hand and poured forth from his palm, penetrating Helios' wound and slowly spiraling around him. He would not be able to erase the damage that had been done, but he at least hoped to save Helios' life. An attempt to atone for the many that he had already taken. --Elia Cabret, Athena, and Alderon Niles -- Releasing Arrow of Fate-- Elia was alongside Alderon, treating his broken nose when the blast came hurtling down on them. It was fast, and powerful. Elia leapt up and thrust both hands in front of her, amber flames assuming the shape of a clock pouring forth from her palms. The beam stopped, hovering a mere foot from her open hands, responding to her time magic placed upon it. While time was stopped, she grasped Alderon's arm and pulled with all of her might, hoping to get him out of the line of fire while her magic was holding the beam in place. A set of stronger arms aided her, and together they had Alderon several yards away before the blast struck the ground, sending carved marble sky-high to land in a heap around them. Elia glanced over to see the human princess panting hard, auburn locks falling untidily over her shoulder. "Thanks," Elia said. "Without you, I would've been a goner." "No, thank you," Athena insisted. "Without your aid, my father would've been killed. I am truly grateful." The two looked over at the deranged god, wreaking havoc everywhere he trod. He seemed careless now. Reckless. It seemed to matter not what happened to them, so long as they all perished. A tear rolled down Athena's cheek as her gaze turned to the purple mad god. "It's useless; we're done for. There is no way that we can stand up to something of that ferocity." Elia's expression matched Athena's, sans the tear. She took a heavy step forward, single wing drooped at her side. Her raven locks framed her face as she turned her face up to Ahriman. "It's not over yet," she said, all joy and playfulness gone from her voice. Her gaze was hard, as though something within the kind, bubbly fairy snapped. "He has taken too much from us, and we won't let him get away with this. He will pay!" With that, Elia sprung forward, running since her flight had been snatched from her. She ran up a broken pillar, kicked off of a frail wall, and hovered in midair using Stopga. Timing an arrow and taking careful aim toward Ahriman's armpit, she let an arrow fly. This arrow was unlike the others, however. Imbued in it was time magic, haste of sorts, but not of the kind to be smiled upon. If this arrow met its mark, it would induce rapid speed, or in this specific case: rapid decay. It might take minutes, or hours, or even a day, but in time Ahriman would decay inside, and, eventually, disintegrate.
  9. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    I am going to attempt it right now. But don't wait on me. Feel free to post what you've got going and I'll work with it when I'm able.
  10. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    That sounds good, though Aqua doesn't have to faint. It is up to you.
  11. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    That would be fine. So long as it's destructible or has a time limit I'm good with it.
  12. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld Sign-ups and Discussion [CLOSED]

    A couple of friendly reminders that I wanted to go over real quick in terms of this final fight: 1. I have noticed a bit of auto-hitting as of late, which I know can be rather hard to avoid with so much going on. Instead of saying that hits land, it would be best to state something along the lines of "assuming the arrow hit its target," or "should this be effective, blank blank happens." You can also go on to explain it would be nigh impossible to avoid, but you cannot declare an attack to actually land on your opponent unless they give the go-ahead. 2. This is the final fight and there are a lot of buffs, which is fine, and I expect everyone to exploit their abilities as much as possible. However, please try to keep your attacks within reason; your abilities alone should not rival the final boss. As such, I would expect the boss to not be invincible and skirt all damage (which so far hasn't happened, but I'm just throwing that out there). For the most part all has been well, and with this new dragon blight in effect I think this will take care of any previous issues, though just try to make sure your attacks aren't coming across as overpowered. 3. I don't think I have seen this happen yet, but since it's been on my mind I wanted to voice it: make sure that you aren't posting twice in one turn. One turn essentially would be you versus the enemy (multiple attacks in the same post are okay, just don't do back-to-back posts before your opponent can respond). Make sure that your opponent responds before attacking again. This may be obvious and go without saying, but like I said I just thought of it and wanted to mention it. Everyone's doing great! I can see the end is nigh. Keep up the great work! And, of course, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to give them voice.
  13. Mystics Apprentice

    What is Your Favorite KH Couple?

    Aqua and Terra will probably always be my favorite pairing. Their interactions are just so cute in BBS, plus they are among the older cast where pairings, to me, are more enjoyable to consider. I do very much enjoy Xion and Roxas, though.
  14. Mystics Apprentice

    Overworld RP

    Yevgeni Malachite -- Casting Holy Again the elf's attacks seemed meaningless to Ahriman, who treated them as though they were child's play before moving on to the others. He was tired of being cast aside, he was tired of being useless. With the buff received from Rufus' wish, Yevgeni was going to tap into magics that he hadn't used since the Great War, standing alongside his father during his hour of peril. "Stand aside!" Yevgeni cried out, throwing his arms wide. "Anyone surrounding Ahriman will be in the line of fire!" He tried to warn his fellow comrades, but he wasn't going to wait on those whose ears were deaf from his warning. Helios was the one that he feared for the most, as he was directly pinning Ahriman down, though the spriggan must've known the dangers that awaited him from such a stance. Helios wanted them to give it their all–which was precisely what Yev was going to do. Slamming his palms together, a green aura consumed him, expanding rapidly in diameter. A roar sounded, causing Yevgeni's ears to throb as white light began to emerge before him. It grew and grew, until it eventually was about ten times Ahriman's size. Shoving his hands with great effort, the blond unleashed his spell, sending the holy energy in Ahriman's direction. Its rays of light exuded the most potent of holy magic, purifying whatever it touched and scorching it to nothingness. It roared toward Ahriman, and ultimately Helios, at a rapid pace. Its size would make it massively hard to dodge, and its potency would also make it immensely difficult to block. Alderon Niles -- KO The king was brusquely grabbed by the breastplate and thrown face-first onto the marble stone. His nose cracked, crimson staining the ruined marble below him. His head throbbed, and sadly the human king lost consciousness. Athena Niles -- Joining the fray "Father!" the princess cried as she watched Ahriman toss Alderon like a rag doll. Her father fell with a dull thud, and did not rise again. She could see blood pooling underneath him. She started to move toward him, when Elia, the one-winged fairy, threw an arm out in front of her and shook her head. "I will go see to him," said the fairy. "I cannot do much on the battlefield in my condition anyway. Go do what you can! I will help your father to the best of my ability." Athena was reluctant to leave her father's life in the hands of the small, frail Elia, but she complied. "Thank you," the auburn-haired princess murmured, before darting alongside Aura and Rabiyu to provide whatever support that she could. She arrived moments after the clones' destruction, unsheathing her sword and bearing it in front of her. She wanted to charge up toward Ahriman but thought better of it; Yevgeni's massive ball of light began hurtling toward the god, and there was no way that she wanted to be in the line of fire.
  15. Mystics Apprentice

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    I apologize for not posting for a while. I will admit that my interest has been waning in this RP. I will try to roll a post out soon. I need to figure out what to do with Janus.