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  1. Oh boy, the timing of this did not work well for me XD Well damn Wakeless! Now I gotta eat my words on my last topic if I wanna be in with a chance, it's great you guys are doing this again by the way, I appreciated the KH3 one a lot too
  2. This must be the third leaving post I've made by now, but the first serious one it seems. I've had a real clean break from KH13 for about 4 months or so now, which might seem like nothing to many of you but it's certainly an achievement for me. I missed out on my Five Years anniversary, and I didn't mind at all, which is weird because it was something I could look forward to, and had been looking forward to for a while now. Growth I guess. Its a measure of how far KH13 and I have come that I didn't even consider posting this in the Random section (which doesn't even exist anymore but that's besides the point). I feel like I owe it to people who I never got a chance to talk to learn why I left, nobody deserves to be ghosted on. Simply: the site and discord server, but moreso the server at this point, were simply becoming a burden on me than a fun time pass. And I came to KH13 to get away from my burdens, not add to them. I'm not gonna sit here and name names, by this point, everyone knows where they stand, and it's regrettable it ended this way, but I don't want my last post here to be all sad and shit. Not when that's never how I conducted myself here, and that's certainly not how I want to be remembered. Because God, we had some crazy good times on this site. Bad times too but... When I look back, they don't matter as much to me anymore. It's crazy how many people I ended up knowing, and how many I still talk to to this day. Like, I can't even go around name checking everyone, not at all, because I definitely will miss out on people, but I remember the first day I posted here, I got swept up into the mad fun we used to have here. A girl posts one status about missing a chocolate box and all of a sudden, I get 26 comments of replies and @Weedanortasking me where the weed is at, like I ever knew I always felt included in everything man, it was great. I will never ever forget that time KH13 periscoped the D23 event and it ended that there was nothing shown there *anyway*, plus not to mention, the stream glitched out and everyone had to turn their head 90° to the right to even see anything properly. Or the times when members would have their statuses counting down for when the site would inevitably crash on major events, and who can forget "It is time to summon Hitler", and the "Member summarises the event" memes that went round after yet another salt inducing closed theatre KH event. Boi, we had it fought back then, going through droughts and then finally getting a drop of news, and then droughts again where people would legitimately discuss 0.2 "leaks", said leaks being a photoshopped rock. Yep, a rock. And man, I miss coming back from school and spending hours making stupid memes and posts in the Random section, honestly I think the majority of my posts are from there, and I do regret it at all, and if I wasn't in Random I'd be in the chatroom getting up to all sorts of mischief, it was even funner when there was an event happening, and it would get overloaded. I miss how busy KH13 would be, how everyone kinda had their own bubbles, it felt a little like a town in a way, some people stayed only in the rp or creative section, others were general discussion extraordinaires, you had the KH theorists and the KH realists squaring up in the KH3 section, you had some people who would only stay in Forum Games and never really go to Random because Random was WEIRD man, and you could freak newbies out xD. And you had your statuses, those were great, especially colonising the oldest ones. Ohhh and who can forget the April Fools prank, an oldie but a goodie for sure, and man, I won't forget the run up to the 2016 election and how it all went down in KH13, that was something else. Its weird and a little sad to see how subdued it is now, and it's kinda ironic in a way that when KH13 finally changed in a way that would appeal to all of its older members, too much had happened to get those members back. It was great times man, and I hope that's how people will remember me, your pokemon tournament organiser, your resident funny salt mine, your meme connoisseur. And if you don't, that's fine, but I just wanted to drop by and reminisce a little before I leave.
  3. Screenshot_280.png.01a524b722542b61581a7ba0101895bd.pngYou have been visited by ugly leon, He will only leave and be replaced by kh2 leon if you write thank mr. nomura 5 times

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good


  4. Well anyway, I did say I would leave after memetition and I have revealed it now
  5. The best jokes are worth effort
  6. > It's also why go through so much effort for a joke @GoldenDrummer730#4323 that's probably the silliest thing I ever read
  7. There was nothing nefarious planned either
  8. With the full intention of revealing it
  9. We used Rox for like what, 3 hours total
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