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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. @Firaga13 I got one franc as change today instead of ten pence
  2. And neither is connah It's too bad few people gave him the chance to see past that though
  3. :tifashrug: Because I know you're not a bad guy You just have stubborn opinions on things I like :gandalfwhite:
  4. Five months ago I could have said the same thing for you Otti and you could have said the same for me Just saying
  5. :gandalfwhite: he's quite rude on twitter yeah, not so much on discord
  6. While I don't mind talking about this I think the mods would rather not
  7. One of those warnings was kinda bs And he never lit a match and run away I do that
  8. This server in general That's not what he did He never set a fire and left
  9. @Zawzif i really dislike detective Bobby > Also someone called DCCONNAH :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: :gandalfwhite: He's not really a bad guy, but twitter pisses him off He's actually quite reasonable on most things once he gets past his reactionary tendencies
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